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[center [size15 [google-font] [Satisfy Yuki fell a sleep crying. It didn't take long for Kirwa serum to do it's magic. He was back to normal. If you could call that normal. Yuki had a tears still in his eyes. Kirwa snap a photo and sent it to Tanji. He thought about saying something heartless but he decided against it.

Yuki heart ached, he didn't want to wake up not after what had just happen. Yuki had never been in a relationship that ended so quickly. All he could do was lay there silently and do nothing. The was nothing he could do.

Yuki had no idea what was going on a round him. He woke up he said up slowly. He looked around the room. He was in Kirwa lab. Sitting next to him was Kirwa who seem to be reading a book. He reach for his pocket to see that his photo wasn't there. There wasn't going to be a message from Tanji. Not now, not ever. He pulled his knee to his chested and sniffle.

[+Hotpink "Make me forget..."] he said dryly. [+hotpink " I don't want to remember....I want to forget it all."] he said as he looked over at Kirwa who seem to have a strange look on his face.
Yuki had no idea that Kirwa sent a Tanji a photo of him crying in his sleep.
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[center [size15 [google-font] [Indie+Flower Kirwa just snarled at the male last comment. Like he would let anyone touch him in that sort of way. He didn't ever desire to touch anyone else in that way. He only like causing pain with out pleasure. It was the thing he enjoy the most watching someone shiver in fear then scream in pure and utter agony.

Kirwa slipped out the door shortly after Tanji. What a pain in the ass these fucking humans were. He didn't understand how Yuki could tolerate them so easily. He sighed softly he looked at Yuki who seem to be crying. He would soon put an end to Yuki pitiful tears. Kirwa smiled as he approached a shiny black sedan. He unlocked the car doors and threw Yuki and his own back in the back seats.

He then got in the drivers side door. He pick Yuki up by his scruff and place him in the passengers seat. After fiddling around the center console he pulled out a pair of dark sunglasses. It had gotten rather hot and sunny. He slipped the glasses on then started the car. He back out of the parking space then zip out of the parking lot.

It didn't really take long for them to get to his lab. He pretty much own the whole apartment complex. Thanks to his parents, he decide it would be best to bring more money in and his parents wanted him to be social so he let a few people rent out some of the room. It was mostly the staff that made sure his apartment was clean and kept in top shape.

Once they got to the tall shinny building. Kirwa open the door after using card to get in. Once inside he walked to a room that only a few had access to. He used another key to get in. He walked to the elevator then went down. His lab was unground, hidden under layer of soil and concrete. Perfect place for murder. His lab was very clean not spec of blood to be found. Once in side he sat Yuki down on a testing table the room was filled with bottles and books. There was even a fancy look sofa despite all the claw marks.

Kirwa mixed a few things then filled a syringe with pinkish fluid. Yuki cry out when he was pierced by the sharp needle. [#a0e4c5 "It shouldn't be long"] he said as he set Yuki on the sofa. Yuki curled up, in tight ball.
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Pinging and buzzing with messages, Akihisa was delighted at all of the servants that ran to his aid in his "time of need." Looking through the selection of both men and boys, he picked and chose who he was to give attention to. Most were offering rewards such as vacations, gifts and money, and some were just too cute to deny. Sending back a variation of replies based off of the personality types of the different receivers, Akihisa played his own, self made dating game as he hoped to find company for that night.

Kicking his legs in joy as his eyes stayed locked on to his phone, chatting up more than three boys at once, his mood suddenly shifted at the sight of a text from his brother. ][google-font]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsfhsodsdf][b [#c94040 Tanji ♥♥]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _sdjfbhodfuss] Meet me at the convenience store, I'll buy you
[#FFFFFF _sdjfbhodfuss] what ever if you make it quick.]

[center The offer wasn't quite as good as any of the offers he was getting from his playboys, but he loved his brother much more than attention from strange men. Getting up like an obedient dog, Akihisa made his exit from the class and escaped the campus, meeting Tanji at their favorite 7-11 beside the school in just under 10 minutes.

[b "[#85C1E9 Hi Tan-Tan, where you lonely without me?]"] letting out a feminine giggle the small boy gave his brother a sort of curtsy as he approached him. Looking up at the taller man, he knew something was off. His eyes were more dead than usual, and his hands and face were red with fiery. [b "[#85C1E9 Did everything go to shit?]"] batting his eyelashes Akihisa watched as his brother agreed silently with a nod.

[b "[#85C1E9 Hm.. oh well! You can get someone better!]"] giggling to the thought of him getting a new boy, or even a girl to test the waters, Akihisa clung to Tanji's lanky arm as he tried to calm his nerves. [b "[#85C1E9 Now lets get some frosties!]"]
  〔단〕 / Gengar / 287d 12h 23m 23s
[center [b "[#A4D8A2 ..Yuki is right here]" ] flicking his eyes down immediately at the cat in the mans arms, he looked over it. It was small and frightened, it had a resemblance to Yuki in fur color and timid personality, it wasn't impossible for him to have been a cat, but if he was it implied that his significant other lived in dishonesty. Even if that were the case, Tanji wasn't going to quickly believe the one man who had it out for him, it would be a suicide mission if that were the case.

Hearing the other boy bark an order to look through the stalls himself, Tanji's body leaned back, relaxing against the door as he shook his head. [b "[#c94040 Alright, crazy, if Yuki is actually that cat in your arms prove it to me.]"] rolling his eyes at the sight of the two practically cuddling each other in front of his eyes, he had prepared himself for this moment for a long time. He knew in a world where mythical creatures roamed freely the possibility one would sneak their way into his life was high, but he was hoping if that were the case he would find out sooner than he actually did.

[b "[#A4D8A2 You had to of known that sooner of later he was going to find out you weren't human...]"]

[b "[#c94040 Hm?]" ]

The dynamics of the relationship turned upside down in just a few moments as he watched the man in front of him change at a rapid speed. His arms becoming what looked like a mangled mess, covered in what he could only assume to be wounds. Taking in the sight for sore eyes, Tanji exhaled heavily as he watched Kirwa's face. It was obvious he was holding back his anger and his temper was only rising. Though Tanji wasn't afraid of him, he also wasn't willing to get in a fight with a mutant over someone who had lied to his face for a year.

[b "[#c94040 I don't fight for liars, or monsters. Keep jerking each other off, cat boys, cya. ]"] shaking his head he let out a laugh of both anger and disappointment. He was angry he had been lied to for so long, and disappointed that he had actually loved someone of his breed. Pulling open the bathroom door, Tanji slipped out of the bathroom with no other words, not even looking back for a second.
  〔폭탄〕 / Gengar / 287d 12h 24m 11s
[center [size15 [google-font] [Satisfy Yuki felt his heart sink as he heard Tanji voice. Hearing what he said almost made him want to cry more. Maybe things wouldn't of been this messy if he had just told Tanji what he was. This was all his fault. He looked down towards the floor. He became quiet restless when the two began there quarrel usual. Yuki sunk into Kirwa as he tried his hardest to hide himself way. He never wanted Tanji to see him like this.

This was the one secret that he never told Tanji about. He didn't want him to know that he wasn't human. Tanji didn't like he date anyone that wasn't human. Yuki didn't really understand why but he didn't question it. Yuki was lucky, he was able to hide most of his animal features. Kirwa was much better at it than he was.

Yuki whimpered, he just wanted to leave. He wanted so badly for this day to just be over. He looked at Kirwa who was still taunting Tanji when Kirwa spoke to him. He shivered looking up at him Kirwa was right he would of found out sooner or later but he didn't want him to find out like this.
  Nameless / Surikizu / 294d 21h 48m 54s
[center [size15 [google-font] [Indie+Flower Kirwa wasn't expecting Tanji himself to confront him. He figured that his annoying brother would. Whatever! He would still make this a fun and painful night. Kirwa just smiled faintly as Tanji demand him get Yuki out of the stall. He ignored some of Tanji rude comments. It was clear that Tanji wouldn't understand Kirwa and Yuki relationship.

Yuki was already out of the stall. Soon or later Tanji would understand. Yuki was never human to begin with. [#a0e4c5 "Your even more stupid than you look...Yuki is right here...but you don't believe so why don't you hurry up and check all the stalls."] he said as watched Tanji closely. Did Tanji really think that he could keep him trapped in here forever? Tanji had no idea who he was dealing with.

Kirwa looked down at Yuki who was shaking in his arms. He just roll his eyes and let out sigh of annoyance. [#a0e4c5 "You had to of known that sooner of later he was going to find out you weren't human..."] he said dryly as he looked down at the cat in his arms. The snow white cat bent his ears back and he tried his hard to hide himself in Kirwa large arms.

Kirwa stay silently as his blue eyes watched Tanji slowly. He was doing his best to control his temper. His arms started to fill with bright red marks that almost looked like cuts. They weren't cuts at all. Kirwa reflection in the mirror started to change shape. Instead of a human like creature being display a large cat appeared in the mirror. Perhaps now Tanji would start getting the hint.
  Kirwa / Surikizu / 294d 22h 35m 53s
[center Vrr. Vrr.

His phone vibrated in his hand, lighting up with another message from his brother. This one wasn't a teasing or persuasive message, but rather a informative one. [i "[#85C1E9 Yuki crying, Kirwa chased. Check the science wing bathrooms, u might not like what u see.]"] Staring at his screen his emotions stayed calm, although disdain for his significant other and his antics were growing higher as the prospects of his day declined, but Tanji remained mostly calm as he thought about the nearing end. What was he to do if Kirwa was Yuki's better match? It wasn't for him to interfere with.

Running his slender fingers through his long strawberry blonde hair Tanji thought over his options. Let it go? Confrontation? Ignore? Boil? it felt like there were endless solutions to his problem, but of course he couldn't just let go of Yuki, no matter how upset he made him. Standing from his seat he announced his exit to the bathroom to his friends, a couple of them making jokes about not jerking off in the bathroom as he left. Leaving his stuff behind, he only intended on it being a quick meeting. This thoughts were that if he saw Kirwa and Yuki together, he'd shove Yuki out of his lift to avoid the complications of both love and attachment.

Reaching the mens bathroom door, he stood there in silence as he heard a mans voice inside [b "[#A4D8A2 .. I will make everything all better!]" ] Kirwa's voice chimed, the tone of his voice spiking a feeling of anger in Tanji as he swung open the bathroom door. His eyes immediately met with.. one boy? Yuki was no where to be found, only his delinquent of a friend and a small kitten in his arms. Brushing it off, Tanji assumed Yuki was crying in a stall and Kirwa wasn't crazy enough to be talking to himself. [b "[#c94040 Yeah? How do you plan to make this all better? You going to suck Yuki off until he loves you? ]"] folding his arms over his chest he leaned against the door, holding it shut so that no one could come in or come out. [b "[#c94040 Why don't you coax him out of the stall? Maybe he'll get to see what he's wanted this whole time.]"] laughing to himself he shoved his hand into his pocket, pulling out a small hair tie which he flashed at Kirwa.

[b "[#c94040 Or maybe I'll call him and find out what stall he's in and drag him out myself.]"] shaking his head both of his hands brushed through his hair, pulling it back as he worked to put it up and away for the time being. [b "[#c94040 Are you sure Yuki is worth this?]"]
  〔폭탄〕 / Gengar / 299d 3h 29m 35s

Retracting is hand as a stinging sensation bombarded his skin he exhaled heavily in anger as the feminine man stomped off. [b "[#85C1E9 Ehh, what the heck dude!]"] twisting his body to follow the boy with his eyes and voice he released a choke of pain as something else knocked into the back of his head. Turning once more he looked up to see the malicious man who'd caused his second new found pain, the delinquent that only raised hell for what felt like everyone.Puffing out his bottom lip his eyebrows furrowed as he watched both leave the room, one after another. It was no secret Kirwa was taking this chance to be Yuki's night in shining armor, which made it even easier to cause more trouble in paradise.

Unlocking his phone as fast as he can, his fingers went to work as he informed his brother of the new events that just unfolded in front of his eyes.
[#FFFFFF ijhdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsddsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsfhsodsdf][b [#85C1E9 You]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdasd] Yuki crying, Kirwa chased. Check the science wing
[#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsasd] bathrooms, u might not like what u see. (´;д;)]

Looking down at his hand he rolled his eyes at the site of three very visible scratch marks, it looked like he'd gotten scuffed up by a cat. But instead it was just an emotional college student. Akihisa wasn't offended by the scratches, instead, he decided to use the wounds to his advantage. Holding up his hand neck to his cheek he puffed out his cheeks and make a pouty face, snapping several pictures in different positions as he tried to get the best one. Only a few moments after his photo shoot, he was quick to start picking and choosing different men from his contacts to include in a mass messaging service. Messaging them all the photo individually, he sent the same picture and attached message.
[#FFFFFF ijhdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsddsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsfhsodsdf][b [#85C1E9 You]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdasd] People are always so mean to me! (´;ω;`)]

Only several seconds passed before the array of responses started to flood is inbox. The array of sympathetic and opportunistic men took their chance to offer him love, kindness and even materials. It truly was a blessing to have had such a small mishap happen so early in the day.
  〔단〕 / Gengar / 299d 3h 31m 16s
[center [size20 [google-font] [Indie+Flower Kirwa just sighed letting out a hot ragged breath. He didn't understand why Yuki even brother with humans. They were disgusting creatures. Judging by the way Yuki was acting it seem that the stress was just to much for him to handle. It seemed like he was already quarreling with Tanji that little brat of a brother of his had only made things worse. Kirwa sighed as he stood up he grabbed Yuki backpack after putting his book away. When he grabbed Yuki bag he made sure to accidentally smack Akishisa in the face with it. [#a0e4c5 "Oops I forgot you were there..."] he said drily. He stared at Akihisa who probably hadn't even noticed that his hand was sliced open.

Kirwa quickly slipped out of the room. He smirked as he had stepped into the hall. If that didn't egg the males on, then nothing probably would of. It was easy manipulating people. Surely that brat was going to follow after him. Probably demand an apology. An apology that he would never get.

Kirwa made sure to walk slowly, he already knew where Yuki had run off too. He was probably in the old bathroom that no seem to use. It was just down the stair and around a couple of corners. Kirwa had a plan playing out in his mind. Why not have a little fun with that asshole's brother. Surely that would be fun right?

Kirwa smiled a crooked smile as he walked down the stairs. The stairs that let out a small creaking sound as he stepped on them. Kirwa smiled she made it too the bathroom. He pushed the heavy wooden door open. He looked around the room until he came across a closed stall. [#a0e4c5 "Yuki are you in there"] he said. He piercing blue eyes trailed back to the door that was surely going to burst open? Surely Akihisa has some pride, if not he so badly wanted to catch Yuk doing something so he could report it to his brother.

Kirwa set his and Yuki's bag down on the counter. [#a0e4c5 "Come here Yuki I promise I will make everything all better!"] he said boldly. Surely Akihisa heard him. When he open the door all he would see is a snow white cat curled in his arms. Kirwa had made sure to grab Yuki phone. It was most likely going to be useful to him later.
  Kirwa / Surikizu / 300d 22h 57m 53s
[center [size20 [google-font] [Satisfy Between the texts from Tanji and Akihisa snarky attitude Yuki seem to lose his temper. It didn't happen very often but when it did it was rather difficult to get him to stay sable. His amber colors dilated slightly until they became small slits. His eyes were very cat like. While thinking of something heartless to say he heard that bipolar brat offer him crackers.

Out of anger he slap the male hand way from him. Yuki didn't seem to realize his claws were out. Not only did he slap the boys had he also left four long scratches across it. His animalistic instincts were picking up as anger and agony flooded his mind.

Yuki quickly stood up and ran out of the room. Leaving most of his things behind. He quickly ran to a bathroom that most people didn't bother to use since they had put in brand new ones. He slammed the stall door shut and started to cry. Tears felt on his screen as he thought of what to say back to Tanji. When he finally did figure out what to say it was to late.

No matter how many time he hit the screen on his phone to send the message it wouldn't move. He was screwed, here he was out in public looking like nothing more than a stray cat. His soft and white fluffy paws were useless in when it came to human technology. Yuki flatted his ears against his head and started to cry more. Things were just not going right today. He should of just stay home.

Yuki glance at the dim screening staring at what Tanji had said. He needed to clam himself down but that seem impossible with all his emotions running wilded. Without Kirwa serum, he was probably going to be stuck like this for a long time. Yuki sighed as he laid on the floor he curled himself up into a tight ball.
  Nameless / Surikizu / 300d 23h 6m 1s

Plopping down in his chair he swung his bag onto the the table with a big thump. Folding his arms over the bag, he buried his chin his his arms as his eyes watched the two beside him.

In the beginning Akihisa liked Yuki, he seemed sweet and innocent, a possible husband candidate for his brother. But as the months passed, his brother demeanor changed from happy and carefree to constantly on edge about some dumb college boy. It was annoying to watch his brother waste his time with a guy who obviously had other priorities. If Yuki was so in love with this Kirwa guy, what did he get out of being with his brother?

Twisting his mouth into a fake smile as Yuki suggested Kirwa wasn't that mean, Akihisa nodded his head in a childish way. [i [#85C1E9 What's so harmless about the guy you're cheating on my brother with? Haha]] rolling his eyes internally he pulled his phone out of his pocket, ignoring the several messages that plagued his home screen only to contact his brother with a maliciously suggestive message Looking up at Yuki, Akihisa decided to play both sides of the field at once in hopes to cause more tension, after all, Kirwa might even help more than he's aware of in the end.

[b "[#85C1E9 You sure do have a way of making big brother mad, you must enjoy getting a rise out of him.]"] releasing a soft laugh with his statement, his legs kicked slowly underneath the table as he continued. [b "[#85C1E9 Though, I think he loves getting his heart broke, gives him a reason to drink until he passes out.]"] slanting his lips into sort of a frown, Akihisa shrugged his shoulders in response to himself.

[b "[#85C1E9 Just don't kill him, kay?]"] reverting back to his cheeky wide smile, he threw up a peace sign as he went back to his soft personality. [b "[#85C1E9 You want some crackers?]"] unzipping his back he whipped out a plastic baggie of animal crackers, offering some to both of the boys he shared a table with.
  〔단〕 / Gengar / 308d 10h 53m 28s
[center [b "She told me because I didn't buy her anything for her birthday I ain't "worth shit." Like, bitch! We been dating for 2 weeks.. you don't deserve shit."] A collective laugh filled the corner of the room as the group of boys congregated and talked about their girlfriends. It was a weekly thing, all of them had the opportunity to vent about whatever "bullshit" their significant other put them through. While some of the boys were able to hold down a relationship, most cycled through the thousands of college girls presented to them daily. Tanji was one of the few that were able to keep a "girl" around, but he rarely shared information about his relationship with his version of genderbent Yuki. He already knew their advice, [b "just drop that bitch!"]

[i sometimes he seriously considered it. ]

The feeling of his phone vibrating in his pocket snapped him back into his reality, the one where he was struggling with his boyfriend. His head played a game of toss as he tried to decide whether or not he should check the message. Yes, no, yes, no. He flopped back and forth with the two options for a few moments as his friends obnoxiously chattered about their explicit adventures before finally landing on "if it's Yuki leave him on read."]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsfhsodsdf][b [#85C1E9 Akihisa ]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _sdjfbhodfuss] replace b4 ur replaced big brother! ]

[center Just glancing over the message, Tanji turned his phone face down with an exhale of disappointment. He didn't mind texts from his brother, but the contents of the message suggested something Tanji wasn't sure he was ready to admit to himself. Before he could even think of a response to the first message, his device vibrated once more with another. ]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsfhsodsdf][b [#85C1E9 Akihisa ]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _sdjfbhodfuss] i can break up with him 4 u! ♥♥ ]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsddsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsfhsodsdf][b [#c94040 You]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdasd] Unnecessary. Don't stick your nose
[#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdssdsdasd]where it doesn't belong. ]

[center Swiping out of his texts with Akihisa, his eyes lingered on the square labeled "Yuki" as he thought about what he should say to him. It wasn't his responsibility to pick up the pieces all the time, and this time he wasn't. He was going to shove Yuki's nose in the mess whether he liked it or not. ]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsddsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsfhsodsdf][b [#c94040 You]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdsdasd] I hope he makes you happy. ]
[#FFFFFF ijhdsdsdsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsddsdsdssdsdsdsdsdsdsdsfhsodsdf][b [#c94040 You]]
[IBM+Plex+Mono [#FFFFFF _fsdsdsdsdsdasd] Just make sure to invite me to the wedding. ✿
  〔폭탄〕 / Gengar / 308d 10h 54m 16s
[center [size20 [google-font] [Satisfy Yuki was use to Kirwa not really answering him but when he did it brought a small to his face. Something must of been on Kirwa mind. Normally he stay silent until they started working. Yuki smiled softly then his smiled faded when he heard Kirwa say that Tanji was here. Normally Tanji would at least text him and tell him to come out into the hall. There was nothing, his phone was blank and empty.

[+HotPink "So it seems"] he said softly as he closed his eyes. He sat there silently waited for class to start, but there was still another five minutes before it did. He was ready for this day to just be over. The feeling of discomfort continued. When he seen Tanji little brother walking into the room. Yuki almost missed what Kirwa said [+HotPink "Oh sure Kirwa it's seems like I'm going to be free after all..."] he said softly.

Nervous pit filled his stomach. He knew that Tanji was pissed at him. Why did it matter? If he was friends with Kirwa or not... He known Kirwa lot longer, on top of that they were just friends. There was no way in hell that Kirwa would even bother to look at him that way. Yuki knew how Kirwa felt about love. It was all fake to him. Why did it piss Tanji off so bad. It wasn't like they just sat there and trash talked him all day. It wasn't like Kirwa was going to change his mind. He love Tanji, now he was starting to think it was a mistake.

Yuki could feel these over whelming emotion starting to build up in his chest. He closed his eyes and let out a staggering breath. When Akihisa enter the room he smiled warmly at him. [+hotpink "Good morning Aki-Chan] he said sweetly, as he tried his hardest to hide what he was really feeling.

[+Hotpink "Do you want to come sit with us?"] he said smiling. He glance over at Kirwa who seemed to be glaring at him now. He just smiled polite as he looked way. [+HotPink "Don't worry Kiwra not as mean as he looks"] he said softly. Until he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder that caused him to gasp.
  Nameless / Surikizu / 312d 18h 46m 59s
[center [size20 [google-font] [Indie+Flower Kirwa didn't even bother to look up from his book that he was reading. He knew Yuki was their he could hear his small light footed steps. It was a sound that he had grown rather use to over the years. Him and Yuki had been friends for at least three years now. For him that was the longest time he had ever had someone as friend.

Kirwa of corse said good morning to Yuki judging by the way he was act it seem the two of them must of gotten in to a fight. Kirwa didn't see why he bother with that fucking asshole. Kirwa piercing blue eyes shot from the page when he heard that ragged sounding voice that seemed to echo in his mind. Tanji was here, so was his annoying little no life brother.[#a0e4c5 "Seem like your "Boyfriend" is here Yuki"] he said dryly as he turn the page.

He went back to reading instantly, it wasn't like he had anything to say to Tanji or Yuki for that matter. Love to him was impractical, it wasn't real. It was fake, just like everyone else in world. Nothing seemed to satisfy Kirwa , only thing that brought joy to his face was watching someone in agonizing pain.

Kirwa let out a small sigh as he could hear his mother words in the back of his ringing. [i "You need to be more sociable for god's sake. Your almost 28 years old, never once had a girlfriend... If you ever want to run your father company you need to become more sociable... Be fucking passionate..."] Kirwa gridded his teeth. That whole lecture his mother had given him over and over. He was tired of it. Kirwa gridded his teeth as he put his book down. [#a0e4c5 "Yuki..."] he said before stopping himself for going to far. He seen that low-lifes brother walking into the room all cheery.

He sighed softly as he rubbed the back of his neck. [#a0e4c5 "Yuki would you like to come to my place after school today? I'd like to run some more tests"] he said softly hoping that strawberry blonde wouldn't heard what he was saying.
  Kirwa / Surikizu / 312d 19h 3m 44s
[center [pic]

[b "[#85C1E9 I'm so sorry.]"] Shying away from the heavy man that stood behind him, practically breathing down his neck, Akihisa tried to make himself smaller than he was as he traveled the bus. Although he was 20, he hadn't gotten on track in life at all. At the young age of 20 he was just finally starting to embark on his college experience. He had taken a two year break from school, staying home to play video games and watch anime. Practically, be a loser. His family worried about him often, not only was he a hermit, but he was also gay.

In high school he didn't have many friends, he had a few that enjoyed things he did but they didn't stay around after school. His best friend at the time dumped him for a certain reason, a reason he would never tell anyone and hoped no one would ever find out. After being abandoned by his friends, Akihisa spent more and more time at his brothers house, Tanji, as he had better WiFi service and didn't judge him when he spent the whole day sleeping and playing video games on his laptop.

Jerking forward has the bus driver slammed on the breaks, he bumped into another person unwillingly. [b "[#85C1E9 Ah, I'm sorry.]"] his time he had bumped into a thinner man dressed in a suit who when shoved, looked back in disgust as he examined Akihisa's childlike manners and girly clothing. Looking down at his feet, the tiny boy slipped past the sardine can of people and into a crowed where he almost immediately spotted his big brother.

[b "[#85C1E9 Tan-Tan!!]"] yelling across the crowds he jumped a jew times as he waved his arms, catching his brothers attention before he quickly slid into place right in front of him. Looking up at the tall, beautiful man he made a puppy like face as he listened to his brother scold him. He knew he did it out of love, and there was no real harmful intentions in his words, but it was still embarrassing to be treated like a child in public. [b "[#85C1E9 Hey how's--]"] stopped by the feeling of a hand behind his head, he was shoved forward. Stumbling, Akihisa caught himself with a pout before scurrying off.


Arriving to school along side of his brother, he stayed close behind him as all these people waved and said hello in their direction. Although it felt a little good to be surrounded by people who like you, it felt empty having so many people make small talk but not actually get to know him outside of school. It was better than his experience in high school and that's all that mattered.

Finally reaching the wing his first class was in, he peered up at his seemingly upset brother as they approached the door. Standing just outside, he watched as his brother peered in, his face giving away that he wasn't feeling too hot about his relationship at the moment. From Tanji's side of things, Akihisa was the only person he knew that knew about his relationship was Yuki. He wasn't told out of confidence either, rather he did some investigating of his own after months of hearing conversations through the walls and unknown outings. Although, he did get to see a little more of his brother had he wished he hadn't.

[b "[#c94040 Tell you know who he can forget about tonight and to have fun with his new boyfriend.]"]

Akihisa gave a quick nod and a smile, he knew that him saying it would only make it worst but he also knew what his brother meant by it. He also felt it was a little unfair his boyfriend hung out with someone who absolutely despised him, but then again Tanji was the king of unfairness so it was well deserved in a way.

[b "[#85C1E9 No problem big brother!!]"] he announced with a smile and giggle before bancing off into class after being sent off by his brother with a thumbs up, he made his way across the desks to approach Yuki, Tanji's significant other, and the mean boy he was told to never talk to. [b "[#85C1E9 Hi Hi Yuki.~]"]
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