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Soon the cheetah returned to the finish line, not a scratch on his EX-Gear or on himself. “You know, I might try to find a pair of skate gear...those would be best for me on this track.” He said, and he held his EX-Gear under his arm.
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 14h 47m 25s
"He's not half bad, I guess. Although...rebounding off the wall could cause damage to his EX-Gear, or make him ram into another racer when the actual thing begins. Moving quickly is great for straight paths and extremely light turning, but not for the tighter curves." The female said out loud to herself, watching Max practice.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 14h 49m 41s
The cheetah took a few steps back, and then he rushed forward, tossing his board in front of him, and when he landed on it, it took off with a burst of speed, and every tight turn that happened, he would rebound off of the wall if he had to, or he leaned hard to the side so that he wouldn’t run directly into the wall. “Let’s go!” He told himself, pushing himself to go as fast as he could possibly go
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 14h 53m 44s
Kaarina simply shrugged, sitting down on the metal hull as she looked towards the cheetah preparing to go for a practice run. She wanted to get back to doing research, or racing, rather than having small talk about racing. Maybe she could go to her lab and create a new board after the race that would occur here...yeah, that would definitely fulfill her urges.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 14h 55m 54s
The cheetah looked a bit interested about the skate gear. “That’s interesting...I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to see a pair yet...” he said, looking at her. “And I will say that racing is never fun without things getting wild.” He told her, looking around the area. “I might have a go around the track before the races start...I could use the practice beforehand.” He said, and he got himself ready at the starting line
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 14h 58m 43s
"Well...by now, you surely know that a few new sets of EX-Gear have hit the market. For example, Skate Gear is basically a normal board but modded into footwear for maximum maneuverability. That came out about a year ago and it's pretty nice for tracks with a lot of tight turns." Kaarina said, before hearing his next question. "I dunno. But they're always pretty wild, gotta admit." She answered.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 15h 9m 1s
He nodded and smiled a bit. “Nice to meet you Kaarina, and yes, it’s the X-2 Tribolt...been practicing with it for years.” He said, smiling more, and he soon started to talk to her about the upcoming races. “How crazy do you think it’ll get?”
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 15h 13m 3s
The female nodded in understanding, seeing that he was at a decent skill level when she took a look at his EX-Gear. "Ah, I remember that one. It's hard to control, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very reliable. What was the name of its model again? I do believe it's the X-2 Tribolt, from what I've studied." She had rambled, before hearing Max introduce himself and ask for her name. "You can just call me Kaarina." The hedgehog told him.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 15h 52m 38s
He smiled a bit. “Awesome. I actually was hoping to get a checkup for my EX-Gear before the race. I haven’t gotten it tuned up for a while...” he said, hoping she would be okay with doing so. “My name is Max. Any what’s your name?” He asked politely
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 16h 37s
"Hm?" Kaarina mumbled as she turned towards the male, noticing him. "Oh, hello! And thanks...I'm kind of a head mechanic and scientist in the entire industry, so I know how the gear works both inside and out." She explained, pulling out a card that she kept in her left glove. On it, there was an official license for both research and construction of EX-Gear.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 16h 3m 9s
The cheetah looked at her, smiling as if he was going to ask a special question, but all he did was watch, and after a little longer, he finally grabbed his EX-Gear and came towards her. “I must say that I’ve never seen someone that good with an EX-Gear...” he said, hoping he wouldn’t startle her
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 16h 6m 16s
One the girl finished her lap around Thunder Deck, she braked to a halt and hopped right off of her board, grabbing it when it turned off. [i Another successful run, I'd say. Then again, I do know all of the tracks by heart since my job revolves around this kind of thing.] She thought to herself, not noticing the nearby cheetah.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 16h 9m 12s
He looked amazed, not seeing anyone who could do that before, and he leaned his hover board against the wall for a while, watching the female while she was in sight. [i I’ve never seen someone like tat before, especially one that’s purple...] he thought
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 16h 11m 36s
The blur that had sped past the male was a hedgehog with rather wild hair, and some kind of lab coat except with a style all on its own. She stood upon a hoverboard that matched the colors of her body and outfit, drifting around corners and doing tricks in midair like it all came naturally to her.
  Kaarina / AskTheStaff / 162d 16h 13m 48s
Max had been waiting for a long time to take part in an EX-Gear race, and now he was about to go see now was the first time he would have been to one of the tracks that was a part of a Grand Prix. [i I hope that I can get a chance to practice a few laps before the race...] he said, and when he arrived at the Thunder Deck, he spotted a purple, black, and white blur fly past on the track. “What the...?” He said, confused
  Max the Cheetah / DoomGuy123 / 162d 16h 34m 20s

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