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Kane chuckled, "Of course I'm in, Pizza and pool, You'll school me in pool for sure but in darts your going down baby girl." he said holding her around her waist. That line was almost erased at the current moment and those feelings from before were rushing back for Kane. The feel of her breath on his neck in the bed of his truck on a chilly fall night... everything.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 13d 16h 2m 52s
Easily her mistake of a few months ago would have walked away after that. It didn't occur to her that there was pictures taken by the receptionist.

"What do you think, Kenna? The normal spot?" Nate asked.

Kenna gave a grin and nodded. "Absolutely. It's just a bar but pool, and favorite place to go in the city. And it's next to a place that has New York style pizza."

Nate was already ordering the uber for them.
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 14h 48m 19s
Kane chuckled and held his hands on her waist as Nate suggested taking the party somewhere else, "What did ya'll have in mind?" Kane asked still holding her. That kiss had been mind blowing, it was obvious to him that they belonged together and now he just had to convince her of it... if that was even possible... it might actually be the hardest thing that he could ever do.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 15h 20m 2s
She only meant for this to last a minute but found herself leaning into him moving her arms around his neck. It was easy just in that moment she fell into completely for the kiss.

The last thing she expected was kissing him for longer than that, it was turning into a near make out.

Taking a physical step back she gave a chuckle. "Wow...that was..."

"Why don't we take this party somewhere fun?" Nate offered with a grin. "Not like that if you think that sounds dirty."
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 15h 25m 38s
"What rule?" He asked as his hands found her waist and he kissed her like they had in high school but this time it was more... deeper... heavier... everything that had been missing back then. Kane was leaning against the wall as they kissed, he wanted this to last forever but he knew it was only for tonight... if that... but he wanted to make the most of it.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 15h 45m 29s
"This really is because you helped me out then, get to a healthy environment and make something of myself. Not completely best choices but I could have done worse," Kenna chuckled about to step back before seeing someone out of the corner of his eye.

"Break the rule this one time?" She asked stepping towards him again enclosing the space. "Just this one time?"
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 15h 50m 45s
Kane smiled, his hands on the small of her back as she kissed his cheek, 'I'm proud of you darlin'." He muttered kissing her neck gently, that line long gone and erased. He smiled at her and let her go gently but reluctantly. He never wanted to let her go. Nate watched them, Kenna with Kane was different, more relaxed it seemed. Kane smiled to her, "I mean it I'm proud of you."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 16h 4m 27s
This was unexpected, though Luisa had asked her about what she'd do with the position if she had it. Of course Kenna hadn't taken it seriously but here she was getting this position as soon as she did paperwork.

STepping off the stage she first gave Nate a big hug. He had been her rock for a long time and the reason she was here.

Kane also got a big hug, since he had made it possible to jumpstart this life, leaning up to kiss his cheek happily. With the heels she didn't have to lean up as much.
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 16h 13m 35s
Kane smiled and clapped cheering for her, 'THATS MY GIRL!" He called out and everyone clapped for her. He was smiling wide as she was up on the small stage. He was glad he had stayed for this, she had gotten a promotion from what he understood and it was just what her self esteem needed. He looked to Nate, "It really is nice to meet you, Trish has been telling me I have to meet you since I got into town."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 16h 51m 51s
"Now I do. Then I was just a paranoid, angry girl who had everyone leave. No just paranoid who leaned to walk away first," Kenna answered honestly. It was more than she would have said before. Hearing her name mentioned she kissed his cheek before going to the podium though she hated it.

"She was nineteen and a receptionist when I heard her call a design gaudy. I challenged her to do better and when she did, I just knew...and today she's going to be a senior partner."

Kenna was so surprised that she hugged Luisa right there giving quick thanks. This was amazing news!
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 18h 51m 45s
Kane held onto her and smiled, "I would never hurt you, you know that... I might have an angry streak but its only for people who deserve it and that will never be you. I love you Kenna." He muttered knowing he had crossed a line but it was too late for that. That ship had sailed. Friends was an option but there would always be something more there.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 19h 15m 51s
"I lived in the poor area of Albany. There was two local gangs, petty ones. There was the African American one and I think Cuban. Nothing ever happened it was just scary," Kenna admitted. "So when I saw you in class, I was sketchy, but after watching you for a month I knew you were good."

She grasped his arm for a moment giving a warm smile. He was always different.. "I never wanted to offend you so I didn't say that. And I was ashamed of where I livrd."
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 19h 18m 18s
Kane smiled, "I'll stay." He muttered and looked to her, "Plus I don't think I'm trouble but we managed to get in quite a bit of trouble in high school if I remember correctly but I think I've mellowed some since then." Nate chuckled, "I heard about high school." He looked to Kenna, "Something about no one was ever enough after Kane." In Nate's defense he had had a few too many to drink.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 19h 43m 53s
"Most are from New York. They'll get bored after five minutes. It's mostly a surprise since most with your looks are trouble. Thanks, though," Kenna said giving a small chuckle. "Actually the first few days I was nervous seeing you. Just remembered the basketball courts walking home in Albany."

Glancing to her watch she looked to him, surprised at how she wanted him to stay . "Stay if you want, they're just about to do the awards. I mean...It would be nice."
  Kenna / Faust / 14d 19h 48m 15s
Kane nodded, "Shes... a lot." He said chuckling and shook Nate's hand, "Nice to meet you Nate." He handed Kenna her wallet and said, "You left this at home." Kane wasn't a bad looking guy... he had caught the attention of at least half of the room, a few men included in that. "Darlin' I should go." He said feeling out of place and not comfortable with people whispering about him.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14d 20h 17m 58s

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