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Kane chuckled and nodded, “I’m here fully until May, actually doing shows and press throughout the area. I never thought that this could be my job or I’d be on the radio but I owe it all to you. You got me to sing again.” He ate his pizza quickly and said, “We should get some to go and eat it later.” He knew he would get hungry later himself and maybe Brooke would too.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 20h 53m 14s
"It's such a great February day. We might be able to get those bulbs planted," Kenna smiled before laughing. "So are you going to be here in March? That's when my birthday is and Nate wants you to work with him. He thinks you work miracles."

Eating the veggie pizza and side she looked to him. "This is one of the best pizzas around. Glad you like it "
  Kenna / Faust / 7d 21h 55m 3s
“A fence would be good.” He ordered the same as Kenna but with Canadian bacon on it. “This place looks amazing.” He said looking around, lOh they have cheesecake, im getting a slice of that no matter what.” He loved cheesecake. His birthday was tomorrow as well but he wasn’t telling anyone...he never celebrated anything any more at all. He never had anyone who cares.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 22h 19m 30s
"Do you think you're up for helping with a new fence?" Kenna asked with a smile. "I actually really like working with you on these projects. This has been a lot of fun and with her."

Someday, maybe, there would be a little more to her life. She ordered her usual getting a slice for Brooke if she woke up. Looking back to Kane she gave a soft sound.
  Kenna / Faust / 7d 22h 26m 21s
“And Brooke but I want to help too.” He said leaning down and kissing her, “thank you sweetheart.” He said holding the door for her to go into the pizza place. Brooke was still asleep in her stroller but Kane knew that she would wake up soon enough to eat some pizza. Kane made sure that there was a booster seat for her on a chair before they sat down to order.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 22h 47m 1s
"As I said you'll be helping me with the house. Next week the floors are being placed in everywhere and today once Trish is home the fence," Kenna smiled. The yard was in bed shape but it was barely beginning to warm up enough to do more.

"And here is the pizza I promised. Tomorrow I'm coming. I'm taking the whole week off for the house, Trish and you."
  Kenna / Faust / 7d 22h 48m 55s
Kane sighed, “Thays good news but like I said y’all ever need anything let me know. I already feel bad not paying you to stay there since you’ve been so nice to me.” He knew the next day the therapy would start on his arm and he wasn’t looking forward to fact he was worried about it more than anything. “You’ll be with me tomorrow right?” He asked her.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 23h 2m 20s
"While she's in the hospital they're doing more tests. The good news is the cancer isn't spreading anymore. By she's going to lose a breast," Kenna grimace. " at least they haven't told me to put her orders in affair. "

Turning the corner there was the pizzeria. "I think she's going to make it though. She's already gotten so much better."

Brooke would use theme and she'd miss living with them.
  Kenna / Faust / 7d 23h 8m 29s
“Kids are faster and have a lot more energy than we do.” Kane said walking along beside her as she pushed Brooke’s stroller. Brooke was sleeping and Kane asked, “Tell me how bad Trish really is...all I know is what Brooke knows and I know that’s not as much as I should know.” Kane looked at the sleeping little girl, she looked so much like Kenna but there was a hint of someone else he didn’t know.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 23h 23m 20s
Kenna gave a nod knowing this might lead to more. They hadn't been able to resist before and gone more. She smiled to him and kissed his cheek again.

Brooke came over, grabbing both of their hands to take them over to the market.

An hour later Brooke was asleep in the stroller as they went for some good. New York Style pizza as promised. "How is a children's museum more tiring than the gym?"
  Kenna / Faust / 7d 23h 33m 33s
“I’d like the old arrangement...I was happy with that...and it’ll make my manager happy and you might be scared of becoming a mom full time but your a hell of a lot better at it than most. I mean it, you take care of Brooke by yourself most of the time. I will always be there for her too...I love that little girl as odd as it sounds...she’s just as much in my heart as she is yours.” He said watching her.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 23h 57m 1s
"A disaster. I was a disaster we were young and I was so messed up and even at our happiest, I was thinking of here and how to get that life," Kenna sighed./ "Even with her I get anxiety and need time off. Becoming a full fledged mom is still a big fear."

She wasn't used to being this honest. It felt natural.

"I mean it...if you need our old arrangement, I'm happy to. I owe you for that," she said kissing his cheek before standing up.
  Kenna / Faust / 8d 5m 54s
Kane smiled at Brooke, she was adorable and a lot more like Kenna than he knew Kenna would admit. The girl was headstrong and very stubborn. Kane felt for her knowing that Trish may not make it through her illness but he had made a promise to himself and to Brooke that he would always be around. When she was done recording he looked to her, "Imagine if we had had one when we were younger?"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 1h 8m 5s
"We're already said to be dating. Why not go with it? It's be going back to our roots," Kenna suggested. Something may come of it or at a good time break up once he was settled into the career. "What do you think?"

Brooke seemed to go between the construction zone wearing a hard hat and a doll in hand. She couldn't help but record this. That was her girl, ignoring all the lines.
  Kenna / Faust / 8d 11h 57m 2s
"They want me to date someone... don't be available... make the fans want you but not be able to have you." Kane said repeating what his manager had said. "I just can't date anyone... no one would understand this kind of baggage." he muttered and looked to her, "A male figure in her life is good enough for me... someone constant.. I didn't have a dad growing up so I know what its like too."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 12h 8m 13s

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