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“No I’m not okay.” Kane said leaning into Kenna. “She wants me to believe everything is okay suddenly?! Like a baby will fix this mess? I can’t.” Kane said putting his head in his hands. “She’s insane. Kenna have you seen how she acts? Like a ticking time bomb about to explode.” Kane was at the end of his rope. “It’s just a matter of who’s going to explode first me or her.”
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 5d 18h 31m 48s
Kenna would have backed away only Taya blew past her. Kenna looked to him, but it wasn't awkward looking for her. "I'm sorry didn't mean to eavesdrop. I was about to leave and needed the info," Kenna said placing a hand in her pocket. "Are you okay?"

She listened to him at this point and liked him, even if he was famous. If there wasn't that element it would be fun. And her mind was circling. Wow.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 18h 41m 22s
"This can't be happening Taya.... just go home okay... I can't do this right now." Kane said obviously fed up with her screaming and whining. "Please go home." He said looking to her seriously and Taya shook her head, "I'm pregnant Kane. We need to talk about this." She said holding up three positive pregnancy tests. "My career is over because of this and your telling me to just go home." This did it. "YES I SAID GO HOME TAYA!" Kane screamed.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 19h 1m 56s
Kenna just shook her head muttering an obscenity before continuing with her day. It was shed off just like that. A super model jealous of her had to be something.

There was not much time in the other days as the decorations and her part was being done. This time it was more of her speciality. On Friday she was on her way to find him and ask about when and where.

He was good looking and nice but also famous and nice. She stopped at the sounds of fighting.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 19h 9m 47s
"Paternity tests... if I have a baby its his." Taya questioned and Karen looked at Kenna questioningly. Kane walked up just then seeing Taya very upset, "Babe whats wrong?" He asked her pushing her hair out of her face. Taya started to fake cry into his chest and Kane looked at Kenna apologetically and mouthed, "I'm sorry." Kane was always apologizing for her.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 19h 33m 28s
They were all buddies and knew this, and as hard as they could friends were hard to advise. "You gotta be good to yourself too. Not just her. Kenna though...She would be something..."

She should have learned to walk away but hadn't. "You're the one that's in it for the money. I hope there's paternity tests and a prenup..." Kenna stopped before seeing Karen.

Groaning she continued leaving her behind.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 19h 35m 51s
"No Man but its been three years.. I asked her to marry me last year." Kane said sighing and walking with Kenny. "Shes talking about buying a house in California and kids and I'm throwing up white flags. I surrender... I'm out... but I can't break her heart." Kane sighed. He was too soft for his own good.

Taya looked at her, "Hes not just a toy... your teasing him. I'm engaged to him!"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 19h 46m 43s
"Thanks. I mean she does not have any interest in the artists which is a good sign," Kenny said hopefully. "Are you sure you're still happy in the relationship? There's a lot of other people out there for you."

Kenna was unaware of this only that there was something new to try. While working there was Taya that was only two inches taller than herself.

"You can't have him," she hissed.

"You can have the pictures and fame...I'm good, thanks..." Kenna muttered not even stopping to continue the conversation.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 19h 51m 19s
Kane chuckled, "Nah Taya isn't the outdoors type." Taya was walking back to the trailer as he spoke. "Yeah super model.. more like mood swing models... shes driving me insane Kenny." Kane muttered and waited until both the girls had left. "I'll do what I can man... I never was a good wing man." Kane muttered. Kenny nodded, "No but I helped you get Taya so you owe me."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 20h 2m 43s
Being an avid people watcher and former bar tender, it was obvious to Kenna. He seemed a genuinely nice guy, too. Opposite of her type but in the last two days she talked more with Kane and liked him enough.

"I almost feel outnumbered here in many ways," Kenna gave that smirk. "She doesn't like the outdoors, does she? We even have restaurants that we say belong to super models."

She did eat smaller portions but it was two extra meals. "I should get back. See you, Kenny, Kane."

After she walked away, Kenny looked to Kane. "I need your help with her, Kane. I can't do this alone."
  Kenna / faust / 5d 20h 5m 36s
Kane chuckled, "We're not far from my place, I have trucks, land... mud... we can do that." He said smiling. Taya didn't trail far behind him... she was a model and gorgeous but even though Kane didn't see it, she only seemed to want him for what and who he was... but not for him. Kane kissed her cheek gently, "We're all gonna hang out on Saturday at the house." Taya nodded, "I'll be out of town on a shoot." Kane nodded and Kenny spoke, he was the drummer, "I'll make sure hes alright Tay."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 20h 31m 28s
"No problem. This is a great charity," Kenna nodded with that same smile. She didn't miss the look Taya gave her and was not phased. she instead smirked going back to the older woman.

Somehow Kenna was the in between the performers. She didn't know who they were and didn't normally fan girl.

Somehow she was roped in a causal conversation with one of the guys . And there was trucks mentioned. He motioned over for Kane to come over.

"She's never been in a truck, or four wheeling. What do you think? Saturday show this city slicker what we do?" He grinned.

"Wow, city slicker...I am always willing to try something new," Kenna took the silent challenge.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 20h 35m 12s
Kane nodded, "Thank you Darlin'... and if Taya tells you anything... ignore it. She seems to think shes the boss." He said waving to the blonde. "Like I said disregard anything she says.... you need answers you ask me." He muttered putting the numbers in his pocket and in his phone. "We will be seeing a lot of each other this week I suppose. Lots of press is coming tomorrow."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 20h 59m 22s
"Just had to ask," Kenna mused as she stop up. So far she liked him without even hearing his music. "Different is usually better, the variety of life...thanks for the time."

Looking to the girlfriend she gave a nod. "Very nice...anyway...This is Karen's number and if you can't reach her this is my temporary number. Can't wait to hear you."

Kenna gave him a bright smile before starting to walk away.
  Kenna / faust / 5d 21h 11m 53s
Kane answered the questions she threw at him and chuckled hearing her ask if he was really a country singer. "Yeah darlin'... grew up on country music... Northwest Georgia.... I've always sang country.... I know I don't look like your typical country singer but its what I do." He saw his girlfriend wave towards them as she entered his trailer. She was beautiful, blonde hair, and brown eyes.... they had been together 3 years now.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 21h 28m 21s

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