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"It never occurred to me that we have the same phobia. Only handle it differently....Wow...I'm not leaving you," Kenna said before smiling to him. Kissing him she settled down next to him. Cuddling into him she closed her eyes contently. She'd book the tickets and get this done, train since flying made her queasy at the best of times.

"I'll get an ice and heat pack for you and some light breakfast," she said kissing his cheek.
  Kenna / Turadh / 10d 12h 55m 21s
"Promise you'll call me everyday, as much as you can, I know you haven't even left yet and I already miss you." He muttered kissing her. "And be careful, you aren't replaceable and your carrying precious cargo." he said patting her bump. "Just promise you'll come back to me and that you'll call." Kane's insecurity of her leaving him was coming out now....everyone left him.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 14h 13m 21s
"Are you kidding? The plane would make something bad happen, the train would hurt. Your mom will be here and I could use some me time before my body becomes huge and everything hurts," Kenna said walking with him to the bed. She kissed him back and smiled. "Four days, that's all I'll need."

Four days and hopefully it wouldn't all go to hell. She was sure that she would be dragged on a maternity clothes shopping trip. Trish always wanted to do something like that.
  Kenna / Turadh / 10d 14h 15m 49s
Kane kissed her, "Are you sure you don't want me to go..? I can go.. I'll be alright. I can go I just move a little slower than I used to." He knew if her family was racist at all that it would just cause problems with them seeing him. At least they didn't know that their baby was mixed without seeing him but they would see that ring on her finger.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 14h 25m 12s
"We're going to have a total role reversal. I'll be the one that gives examples of tough situations and while you are the one doing words of encouragement," Kenna mused dryly before nodding.

"Of course, I will. I had a good step dad for twelve years and I...I'll set up the flight and call. Any more time and these damn hormones are going to take over."

It would be hard to go back alone, alone and knowing her old life.
  Kenna / Turadh / 10d 14h 29m 2s
Kane looked to her worried, "I can't go.. " He intertwined his fingers with hers, "Promise you'll come back to me... I love you." he said bringing her hand to his lips and kissing the back of it. "I don't think I could live without you anymore, and I can't wait for baby Brown, your going to be the best mom... I swear and our baby is already spoiled."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 14h 51m 48s
It looked strange, there was some flat then this somewhat rounded rectangle that stuck out four inches. She touched his hand as he placed a hand on her stomach.

"I'm still not sure, Kane. About becoming a mom. I...am thinking I need to go with Trish and try to talk to Jenny. Or at least step dad. Maybe even find my birth father," she said. Though admitting defeat was rather difficult.

He wouldn't be able to travel but Trish has been pushing for years.
  Kenna / Turadh / 10d 14h 56m 1s
He nodded, "I'm going to take my shirt off and get in bed, I won't move all day I promise." He smiled at her touching her bump, "You look beautiful you know." He muttered. He loved her and even though he hadn't known it that night, that girl had changed him for the better. He was happy, married, and going to be a father soon. Something he never thought would happen.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 16h 1m 23s
"Remember the last time we had pizza and I threw up all night? It's going to hurt you too. We're stuck with the same horrible, bland diet that I am. I got some flatbread and we can make something with that tonight," Kenna said pulling out some clothes.

Looking to the full mirror she ran a hand over the bump knowing it was closer to five months and it looked like it.

"Take it slow, okay?" She said looking to him carefully.
  Kenna / Turadh / 10d 16h 5m 38s
Kane nodded and kissed her, "Thank you baby, maybe today should be an order pizza day and have netflix in bed?" He asked smiling. He knew he shouldn't even be up and trying to do things but he was stubborn and didn't want his pregnant wife overworking herself so he tried to do things on his own. He sighed slowly walking back to bed and holding his side while he did.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 16h 29m 4s
Slowly getting up she gave a soft sound and kissed his cheek. "We're a miserable pair right now...at least we have each other. Maybe you should go lay down, I'll get us some food and juice."

Kissing him again she gave a smiled to him. SHe knew the routine by now. Ice and heat, also the medicine, it was only a few days it would take a few days for it to work.
  Kenna / Turadh / 11d 15h 44m 28s
Kane nodded, 'Thanks honey." He was moving slow and hurting today so he wouldn't be able to do much. He might be healed up by the time she had the baby, he hoped he was. He still wanted to be able to hold his child for the first time. He didn't even know if his medicine was working or how long he would live if it wasn't but he was praying that it was working.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 11d 16h 6m 50s
"Its in the drawer. I kept bumping into it last night," Kenna rolled over. Last night had been plagued by heart burn. It wasn't pleasant and she knew that it would just be for a few more months. The first one pregnancy was the worse she was told.

"Top one to the right," Kenna rolled over giving a small sound. She'd need to get up in order to get some stuff done anyway.
  Kenna / Turadh / 11d 16h 14m 38s
Kane chuckled and kissed her lips, “That doesn’t sound boring that sounds great, I love you.” The next morning Kane was in more pain than he should have been and his incision was a little red. He winced getting up, “Babe...do you have my medicine?” He asked looking around on the bathroom counter for it. Not finding it. He was desperate for this to be over. He hated it.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 12d 15h 10m 49s
Coming back that night, mostly more warn out than Rambo. Usually it was Rambo she almost had to carry back in the last few months. Now it was her that was worn out. His mom was already in her area, taking a well needed break.

Cuddling into him she closed her eyes. "How about a medium warm bath...and early bed? I mean. We're bound to get boring soon."
  Kenna / Turadh / 12d 15h 45m 58s

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