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"I can't wait until your home, I miss you and if you need to send things back, you know the address and I'm here to get boxes. How are you feeling? Baby Brown alright in there?" he asked smiling as he talked into the phone. He was worried, anyone could hear it in his voice. He sighed, "I tossed and turned all night baby, its so hard sleeping without you, but good news is I can move around now."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 5d 18h 58m 54s
"Only I'm taking the train. I don't even know where I'm going to put all this," Kenna was really dying here. Her feet hurt and there was so much shopping here. She made a face at one of the shirts pulled up. She was supposed to look good, right?

Taking some charge she looked through a few though didn't want to be here.

"That's amazing, baby! I'm proud of you," she said with a bright smile.
  Kenna / Turadh / 5d 20h 2m 30s
Kane chuckled, “She loves you rp she wouldn’t be doing that, I’m glad you safe. I miss you. I got nominated for three American music Awards darlin’.” He was excited about that but he couldn’t really celebrate as he was still hurting. “Even Rambo misses you babe, he’s been laying on your side of the bed crying. I told him you’ll be back before he knows it. I’m surprised Trish hasn’t taken you shopping for the baby.”
  Kane 3.0 / Polkadotrocker / 6d 8h 26m 43s
The train ride was actually comfortable. It was the first time having her own private spot. She had fallen asleep after taking something for the nausea. Getting the message she responded before going back to resting.

Coming back to the city was amazing but the smell was offensive at the same time.

She greeted her cousin, but called him to tell him that she was fine. She wasn't surprised when the first thing they did was go to an old place to eat with Nate before shopping was suggested.

She called that evening while Trish was looking at maternity close.

"I'm sure I'm in hell right now. She's picking clothes out that will made this soon to be bump look amazing...I don't know how that is possible."
  Kenna / Turadh / 6d 15h 38m 37s
She was gone 33 minutes before Kane texted her again, "I miss you darlin'." He sent quickly followed by, "I love you and I hope you find what your looking for." He was trying to be supportive in this situation but he couldn't help but worry. She was his wife and she was pregnant with his child, he had a right to worry about her. His mother gave him his medicine and he winced pulling himself up, that incision was no joke.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 6d 18h 55m 33s
"I wish you were coming," Kenna admitted before leaning up and kissing him again. The idea of not falling asleep next to him, it was strange. She was fully attached to him and that idea wasn't exactly comfortable.

"I love you too," she said before grabbing her bag. She still was capable of that and so much more. There was a driver picking her up since she wasn't going to leave a car just out there or cause more trouble for them.

This was going to be the worse trip of her life.
  Kenna / Turadh / 7d 14h 19m 34s
"I love you more, and baby, promise me at least once a day. Please." He said kissing her back hard. "I love you and I miss you already." He touched her stomach gently, "I love you so much... this is so much harder to let you go than I thought it would be... maybe I thought I was stronger than I am." His mother smiled, "Kane it'll be alright, its two weeks and she will be back in your arms."
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 19h 5m 24s
Sleeping this much was out of the ordinary. The moment she woke up, she set it all up, asked Trish to find Jenny and dug out he step dad's old number. It was a huge step for her. Becoming a mom with parent issues seemed an even worse idea.

She made sure he wouldn't need anything and Tabitha would be okay, too.

"I'll text and call you when I can," she hugged him as much as she could and leaned up to kiss him deeply. "I love you."
  Kenna / Turadh / 8d 3h 12m 37s
Kane ended up falling asleep with his arm around her and the blanket pulled up over them. He was in pain but his medication seemed to be helping him. The only thing that woke him up was his phone ringing and his manager on the other end. He didn't want to answer it. He didn't have the energy to deal with Markus right now. He was tired and healing from a major surgery and worried about his wife leaving.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 19h 31m 47s
"It won't always be that way. There's already a few others that want their own make over done to their businesses. This little one is just being a huge handful," Kenna smirked. It wasn't as if she needed it, yet she had done little to earn this.

After eating she handed him the heating back that she had in her den. "That should take the swelling down. Get some rest now." She rested against him closing her eyes with a content feeling.
  Kenna / Turadh / 9d 16h 31m 3s
Kane nodded, "You have your cards right? Use anything you want on them. Its your money too and I want you to have a comfortable and safe trip." He muttered looking to her. He ate a bite and smiled, "I will eat some more later, I just can't with my stomach area right now." He felt full but another bite and he would end up throwing it up in the bathroom.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 16h 48m 36s
"Five meals a day...just like me...this is awful but it's nice not feeling alone being at the mercy of the body," Kenna said. Being pregnant so far was not pleasant but it wasn't the worse thing. IT was something in between. It'd be a while before she did this again.

"Tabitha is okay with the plans, I'll leave tomorrow and be back by Sunday. And I'm taking a train with a private area. Flying seems like hell right now."
  Kenna / Turadh / 9d 16h 58m 37s
"I know but its not the same not being with you. I'm sorry just... everyone leaves me." He muttered trying not to cry. He took a deep breath, "Thank you for the food darlin'... I needed it more than you know but I'm not sure I can eat all of this." With his surgery he was only supposed to eat small amounts for the next week and a half but it was killing him.
  Kane 3.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 17h 16m 10s
"You're welcome? There's no way in hell I'm doing this alone. I never actually liked a baby in my life," Kenna admitted. She did it with her cousin's kids to make her happy otherwise it was just a pain in the ass.

Coming back up with some pancakes, eggs and juice she sat down next to him picking at her own plate.

"It will be okay, and your mom is here for another week," she kissed his cheek.
  Kenna / Turadh / 9d 17h 20m 7s
“I love you and thank you for not leaving me. I couldn’t live without you.” He laid in bed and found a movie to watch on tv, not bothering with his phone or laptop. He didn’t have the patience for it today or anyone other than kenna. The tabloids wanted to know what was wrong with Kane Brown but no one knew. They had kept things hush hush since they found out.
  Kane 3.0 / Polkadotrocker / 9d 23h 4m 24s

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