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Kane kissed her cheek, "Good night darlin'. Nah I'm alright on the couch, I have blankets." He took a quick shower and changed into some pjs before passing out on the couch and waking up the next morning to Brooke staring at him and poking his shoulder trying to wake him up. The little girl loved him. "Hey Brookie." He said smiling to her, "Have you had breakfast?" he asked getting up and not seeing Kenna or Trish around.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 18h 12m 18s
"You're that confident that we can get it all back?" Kenna asked. Taking this in as much as she could. It had been a stressful few months and this was comforting. "Thank you. It's time for some sleep though."

It was hard to not to just fall back in right now. Sitting up she smiled to him. "Good night, Kane. let me know if it gets too cold for you guys, okay?"
  Kenna / Faust / 16d 18h 15m 9s
Kane held Kenna, "I will wait as long as you want me to Kenna, I love you and I always have. Friendship and more..." He wrapped his arms around her, "Kenna I will be by your side and help all I can. Anything you or Trish or Brooke need consider it done. I know you can't lose her just like I can't lose you. Brooke needs Trish and God forbid something happens, she needs you too."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 18h 33m 52s
"You have no idea how bad I want to do's been a while, it's you...but I also like discovering a friendship without it being complicated. Right now everything is complicated and threadbare," Kenna sighed. She was seeing more of herself in her.

"Which means....I don't want her too. She's the good, patient one that gives direction. I was just trying to help," she said sadly. She closed her eyes tiredly. This was what she needed. "She can't leave me, I need her."
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 13h 36m 13s
"What lines." Kane muttered holding her, "A girls day on Thursday for both of you... and Brooke and I can have a movie day and play games, it'll be fun." He held her and said, "You know... she acts more like you everytime I see her and your there in her eyes... " Only someone who knew Kenna on the level that Kane did would pick out those things in the little girl... how much she looked like her own mother.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 14h 57m 30s
"Thank you. I should take her out to do something special with just the two of us. I should get her laid," Kenna tried to crack a smile. Despite herself she settled into him. Just having someone there in this moment was wonderful.

For a moment she kissed him back melting into that kiss before she pulled away. "Blurring the lines a little early on?" She asked before she rested her head into his shoulder. While taking him to her bed sounded amazing she just couldn't.
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 15h 44s
Kane nodded, "I'm completely free on Thursday so I will just plan on watching Brooke all day and you don't have to worry." He took her hand and pulled her to him, "Kenna... I know its hard for you but relax." He said as he had his hands on her waist. He leaned in to kiss her, his lips meeting hers again, if he could have saw fireworks, he would have.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 15h 18m 55s
Not even her pride could fight that, Kenna smiled to him softly and nodded.

"Thanks, just let me know the time, if I don't have a meeting I'll go," Kenna said before finishing her drink. It didn't do anything for her, just tasted good. "She loves just about everyone. There's an appointment on Thrusday, another...I don't know exactly what. Can you watch her then?"
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 15h 22m 0s
"You don't have to do it alone, let me help with what Trish needs and I can watch Brooke, I'm just going to be here alone after the shoot tomorrow, doing nothing. The least I can do is clean up or help with something that you need me to help with. If watching Brooke helps then I can handle that, make her something to eat. I am an adult and she seems to love me." he said smiling.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 15h 28m 39s
"Guess it depends on the time. I'm sorry...I know we have only so much time here. But there's what you need to do and want me to come with, Trish's appointments, watching Brooke, work..." Kenna groaned leaning her head back. "I just want to go back to the bar, do some games of pool and have fun."

IT wasn't like her to have this much and it was wearing her out. Taking a drink she closed her eyes looking tired.
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 15h 36m 32s
Kane sat down beside her and picked up the beer, 'Thank you..." He muttered holding it up and looking to her, "Long day today... whats your plans for tomorrow? I have that photo shoot and I'd really like you to be there. I mean its for my first album and your important to me and I'd like to share that with you. I missed too much.. you missed too much. Time to catch up."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 15h 41m 48s
"Do my best...that's what you two have in common. For those you care deeply about you put everything ahead of yourself, that's a good foundation," Trish smiled. "Go enjoy yourself."

Brooke cuddled with her and was asleep shortly after. Toddlers were supposed to sleep in their own bed but this was a different situation.

Kenna was out on the porch enjoying the cold. It was stained a dark red, with some chairs and those lights hanging over the edge. There would be plants once it warmed up.

There was a beer there and she had one of those canned marguiritas just with her feet up staring out at the houses and lights.
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 15h 45m 36s
"This isn't going to beat you Trish... but thank you for saying that but I... I can't have kids." He said helping her to her bed room and when Kenna spoke he nodded, "I'll be out there in a moment, is Brooke in bed?" When she nodded he looked to Trish who eyed him, "You think about others before yourself, thats rare..." Kane sighed, "You fight this Trish, promise."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 15h 57m 21s
"You haven't done anything. Our family has a history of leaving, hurting others and's not pretty. Kenna will be loyal and a good mom if this beats me, and you'll be an amazing dad," Trish smiled. "Do you mind helping me to bed?"

Kenna finished and got the books out for Trish to read to her. Seeing Trish and Kane she smiled but knew something was wrong.

"Thanks for helping. I think I'm going to head to the back porch," Kenna said turning around to go downstairs.
  Kenna / Faust / 17d 16h 2m 40s
"I hope Kenna and I work." Kane said under his breath but he knew Trish caught it. He saw her getting a little dizzy and said, 'Why don't you sit down, Kenna has Brooke and you don't need to be doing much else." He was worried about Trish, he didn't know her well but he knew her well enough to know she needed to stay around for her daughter. "Listen.... I love Kenna and... I'll do anything to get back what we had."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 17d 16h 14m 36s

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