Amnesia: Descent Into Madness

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Two individuals have been in a downward spiral into madness, often finding themselves in a world of nightmares that seems normal, but untold horrors wait around every corner. One girl, who was raised in the care of a drunken father, who constantly beat her as a child. The other person has had a rough life, but no one knows why they are lost in a nightmarish world. Now Pinkamena must escape with the newcomer to live to see another day


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It had been several years since Pinkamena had left as a teenager, with no one to help her and no one to comfort her besides a rag doll that was made for her by her mother, and she had already bought a nice mansion in the countryside, atop a hill. The original owner warned her that many strange things went on there, but she didn’t care, she had a roof over her head and that was fine with her. Soon she was writing in her diary. [i Dear Diary, today is a really important day for me, because I have just bought my own house in the country, a large and cozy one too...the owner said something about some strange things going on at around midnight, so he gave me an old lantern and a bag in case things get too out of hand...] she thought while writing, and soon the power went out, making her tense up, and she quickly fumbled to get the lantern lit.
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