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He looked at her and slowly got up, his voice equally as gravelly as hers. “No I’m not...I’m from the deserts to the east.” He replied, looking her up and down curiously, never meeting a badger personally, but knowing what they looked like. “I am curious...are you the only one in this forest besides me?” He asked curiously
  Ajax the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 258d 20h 51m 40s
After the male spoke to her, Sticks looked back curiously. "You're not from around this forest, are ya?" She asked with her typical raspy but plenty recognizable and comprehendable voice. She continued to stare back at the male jackal, wondering what he would say to her.
  Sticks the Badger / AskTheStaff / 258d 20h 53m 59s
The male leaned back, sighing a little, and he removed what was a small handful of berries from a pouch on his belt. [i I need to stock up on more berries...] he thought, and ate a few of the berries he had left, leaving five or six left over for his meal later. After putting his remaining berries in the pouch again, he looked around himself, but when he turned around, he saw a strange badger staring right back at him. [i What a peculiar badger...] he thought, and he decided to say something. “Um...hello...?” He said in a hesitant way.
  Ajax the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 258d 20h 57m 31s
[i I swear I heard something.] Sticks thought to herself as she placed what she was carrying into a small sack and put it away in her skirt. She stood up and glanced around where she was, before taking a few steps out. When the badger saw that no one was in front of her, she turned around and looked back towards the tree.
  Sticks the Badger / AskTheStaff / 258d 21h 5m 21s
Ajax had finally gotten worn out, but he didn’t know that on the other side of the tree he was leaning against, Sticks was sitting next to it. He was panting out of exhaustion from exerting so much energy while he had ventured deep into the jungle. After a few minutes, he slumped against the trunk of the tree, resting after he put the sickle on his belt. “Looks like I’ll rest here...” he whispered to himself.
  Ajax the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 258d 21h 8m 44s
Once the female badger finally entered the deep forest and had explored it a bit, she sat down next to a somewhat distinctive tree compared to the other ones. With her, she carried a small handful of little items she had found, including some kind of shiny piece of broken metal and also some interesting-looking rocks.
  Sticks the Badger / AskTheStaff / 258d 21h 12m 54s
The jackal stood there for a moment, looking at the trees he encountered, and soon he decided to press on, heading into the jungle even more, his sickle slashing through the underbrush that was in his way. [i I’m beginning to doubt I’ll encounter another living being...] he thought, not knowing that Sticks was actually headed into the forest herself.
  Ajax the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 258d 21h 23m 47s
Among the trees, there was a decent-sized house constructed from natural materials against some kind of rock formation. Inside of it lived Sticks the Badger, and she was currently writing down some notes in her which pages were made from leaves. A few minutes later, she closed the notebook and opened up her door before walking outside into the forest.
  Sticks the Badger / AskTheStaff / 258d 21h 25m 59s
Ajax had been wandering the land for weeks, not knowing where he was going, nor why, all he cared about was finding another living soul before the week ended. “There has to be someone besides me somewhere...” he said, cutting through the thick underbrush that was in his way as he moved forward. But as he cut through the underbrush, he was met with a large cluster of trees, both horrifyingly tall and beautiful to behold. “Amazing...I’ve never seen trees this tall...” he said to himself, looking up and slightly shuddering at the thought of falling from such a height.
  Ajax the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 259d 32m 55s

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