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Yuuto shifted through the papers on his desk until Spencer knocked and entered the room. He looked up at her and smiled kindly when he saw her, [b "Good Morning, Spencer."] he said, [b "How did you sleep?"]

He wasn't used to dealing with humans so he didn't know what was accepted as manners for them but he hoped she was comfortable enough.

Yuuto looked her over for a moment before he realized she hadn't had anything more than what she wore right now and suddenly stood, [b "We need to get some clothes for you, don't we?"] he smiled at her, [b "There's a shop just down the street from here, they usually keep up with various styles so you're welcome to pick what you like."] he said as he gently led her from the room and out of the Inn.

[b "So are you comfortable enough so far? If there's anything you need, don't be afraid to ask."] Until he managed to find a door out of the twilight zone he needed to make sure Spencer was taken care of here. And that was only if he did manage to find a door out.


Kenzie nodded when Octavia told her than her fiance had gotten what he deserved. She was glad for that because Octavia hadn't deserved what happened to her.

She blushed slightly when she explained what the witches did under the full moon and shook her head slightly, there was no way she could ever imagine doing something like that but she could understand, in some sense, why the witches enjoyed it, maybe.

She yawned just as Octavia announced that she'd let her get some sleep and blushed again, she smiled at her, [b "Thank you, Octavia. Talking to you has helped me calm down since being here."] she was glad the ghost girl was so friendly. If Zero had friends like her then maybe he wasn't so bad? She still missed and worried about Spencer though.

As the ghost turned to leave, Kenzie lied down on the bed and curled up under the blankets. In seconds she was fast asleep on the bed Zero let her borrow.
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Spencer awoke in the tub, shivering slightly from the now freezing water, [b "O-One second!"] She called from the bathroom to whomever was knocking on the door. The red haired girl quickly climbed from the tub and wiped the water off with a towel. As she shivered she pulled on the clothes she had on before, and the only pair of clothes she had with her in fact....[i 'I guess my bag got left back in that house...'] She thought as she opened the bathroom door and walked over to her room door.

[b "Sorry about that."] She said as she opened the door and was greeted with food and a note. She smiled and thanked the person before closing the door behind them and walked over to the bed. She sat down on the bed and began to eat her breakfast. It was pretty good food, for a place with supernatural creatures.

After she was done eating the girl pushed her wet hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear as she read the note telling her to come to Yuuto's office. She stood up and exited her room, closing the door behind her. Once out she glanced around and asked the person who brought the food to her room where Yuuto's office would be.

She followed behind the person to his office. Once there she knocked on the door and peeked inside, [b "H-Hey. Good morning."] Spencer said with a small smile as she stepped into the room, still shivering slightly.

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[+red "It's alright, it happened a while ago. He got what he deserved in the end."] The ghost girl said, though there was a sort of a longing look in her eyes. She sighed slightly, pushing all those feelings away before tucking her black hair behind her ear and watching as the girl repositioned herself on the bed. This was a pretty nice conversation. She liked hearing about the human world and how things have changed..and she was positive Kenzie was interested in her world. Perhaps this was the start of a great new friendship.

[+red "Well, it's pretty stereotypical. They like the dance around naked, holding hands, just being free and wild under the light of the beautiful moon. It's pretty magical, but also sort of embarrassing if you're not open to just looking at naked people."] Octavia said with a small giggle. This human girl had a lot to learn...and Octavia was super interested in spilling everything. After all, the only real friend she had here was Zero. Maybe now she would have two.

[b "Well, I should let you get to bed."] The black haired girl said with a smile on her face as she streched slightly, for pretty much no reason. It was just a habbit from being human she still had. The girl placed her feet back on the ground, [+red "If you ever wanna talk, just find me! Maybe I'll take ya to look around sometime. We can watch the witches on a full moon."] She said, only teasing about that last part before gliding out of the room and passing straight through the closed door. Once inside her own room she just read books all night and thought. After all, ghosts can't sleep.
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Yuuto dug through his books for any mention of the door but found none. After a few hours for fruitless search, he gave up and lied back on his bed. After letting his mind wander over other ways he could possibly help Spencer, he fell asleep.

A few hours later he was woken up by banging on his bedroom door. Grumbling, he climbed out of his bed and slammed the door open before glaring at the front desk man at his door, [b "What do you want?"] he growled, groggily.

[+blue "Some of the guests are complaining about your hiding a human in the inn without giving them the chance to see her. Others are wanting to buy her off of you."]

Yuuto sighed, [b "She's a guest just as they are. They are to leave her be. No one is to enter her room without my approval first. If anyone tries to harm her, they'll have to answer to me."] he threatened before closing the door and turning to get dressed and ready for the day.

He walked out and began giving his orders to the employees of the inn. Then he had breakfast delivered to Spencer's room where he left a note telling her to meet him in his office and a room attendant would tell her where to find it.


Kenzie blinked and then glanced at her lap, [b "I'm sorry that happened to you, Octavia. You didn't deserve that."] she said. At least it seemed like she had come to terms with what had happened with her and was happy in the twilight Zone.

She grabbed a pillow from the bed and moved to lay on her stomach, facing Octavia so she could still speak to her. But her conversation was helping her relax and taking away most of her fear about ending up here. Of course she still missed her home and her life, and worried about Spencer's safety.

[b "What do the witches do?"] she asked curiously as she laid her chin on the pillow, looking up at her. Maybe if she couldn't figure out away home she could get used to this place? She'd still ahve to get back in touch with Spencer though. She didn't want to leave her friend alone in the hands of a demon.
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Spencer only nodded to him when he said he was gonna figure out a way to get her home, [b "Goodnight."] She said, as she ate the food he brought her. After eating the girl placed the plate on the bedside dresser and laid back down, pulling the covers over her again and curling up. She quickly fell to sleep.

[i [b "N-No!!]] The girl screamed as she ran from creatures, evil creatures in a nightmare she was happening. She was stopped in her tracks when she bumped into someone. She looked up with a horrified look on her face, it was Yuuto. She asked him for help, and in this dream he simply evil smirk spreading upon his face before reaching for her and that's when Spencer woke up.

She woke up with a gasp and quickly looked around the room. It had been a few hours since she fell asleep. The girl let out a small sigh of relief when she realized it was a dream. Spencer crawled out of bed and glanced around the room. She walked over to what she assumed would be the bathroom and opened the door. She went inside and looked at the tub that was in it. Perhaps a bath would help her relax? The girl began to pull off her clothes after she began to fill the tub with warm water. She crawled into the bathtub and leaned back, a small relaxed sigh leaving her lips, [b "This is better..."]

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After sitting for a while in the library the vampire streched and stood up, a sigh leaving his lips. He walked out of the library and began walking to his room, he'd had to take care of this when day broke. Zero walked into his room and instantly passed out once hitting his bed.
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[+red "It was quite a long time ago. My fiance...he well...killed me."] The ghost stated with a small sigh, [+red "When you die, you get a door once you're finished with your business.. and my business was figuring out how I died..."] The girl said, trying to give as much information as she could as to what this place was.

[+red "Oh, honey...there are witches, ghosts, vampires, demons, dwarves, mermaids, skeletons, werewolfs..."] She began to trail off as she listed them off before picking up, [+red "Well...basically anything you can think of in a supernatural way...but there's more to twilight zone then just this area. There's other cities. It's a rather big world, just like yours."] She stated with a smile, [+red "Ooo, you should see what the witches like to do during a full moon."] The girl said with a giggle.
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Yuuto watched her for a moment after handing her the food, [b "I hope you like it. Most demons don't different tastes than humans, at least not by much."]

He watched her hide under the blanket for a moment and turned back to the door, [b "I'm going to see what I can find about getting you home. Get some rest and I'll see you in the morning. Maybe we can see about looking for your friend tomorrow."] he said as he turned to close the door behind him, [b "Goodnight, Spencer."]

He turned to walk out of the room and down the hall toward his room. He kept some books on lore about the door and other creatures n the Twilight Zone so maybe he'd find something but he doubted it'd be that simple. He'd at least try for the night before he passed out for the night.

Yuuto sighed and lied back after a couple hours of searching trying to think of other places to look or if he should just give up. He did only promise that he'd help.


Kenzie nodded slowly, she wasn't sure she should trust Octavia's judgment of Zero since she wasn't human, well human anymore. But she'd at least give the vampire guy the benefit of the doubt. She watched her float for a bit before leaning back on her elbows.

She shrugged, [b "I guess it's the same as it's always been? I don't know what it was like last time you saw it. I'm really just a student though so I don't know much about the world yet."] she said with a smile but laughed when she asked if men were still pigs and nodded, [b "That is a fact that will never change. Is it not the case here too??"] she asked curiously.

Kenzie sighed and wondered how Spencer was fairing with this world, [b "So humans don't end up here often? I went into a creepy old house and ended up here with my friend."] she mumbled, [b "So what exactly is this place anyway? What kind of creatures are here? So far I've met a vampire, a demon, and a ghost."] she said looking up at her.
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A small tint of pink spread on her cheeks when he patted her head, [b "Yeah, that's fine.."] The girl mumbled in reply to him saying he'd answer her questions later. She looked to the ground with her emerald green eyes. This was gonna be a pretty long couple of days. Or however long she was gonna be stuck there anyways...She hated to admit it but she wondered about she was going to miss out on learning things, having a normal life if she was stuck there forever..finding love when it came..if she got stuck there forever.

The now frustrated girl huffed and rolled over on her stomach and muffled out an [b "Okay..."] When he said he was gonna get her some food. Her voice was muffled by the bed. If only she hadn't of been curious about that old stupid house. She just haaaad to take the dare! The back of her eyes began to slightly sting as she held back her tears. She pulled the covers on the bed up and over her head and body and laid there.

Once Yuuto came back she quickly wiped away the stray tears that had rolled down her cheeks while she was hidden under the covers, [b "Thank you.."] She said meekly as she peeked out of the covers not fully showing her face. She sat up and grabbed the food from him and began to slowly eat it, [i 'I wonder how Kenzie's doing....'] She thought as she ate the food, her eyes locked to the covers. As rebellious and fiery as the girl may normally be she also over thought things quite a bit.

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Zero let out a sigh as he closed the door behind him and went into the rather large library he had in his home, looking for any books of some kind about the door. Of course he was going to pretend to try, or perhaps try just a little bit to give the human girl hope. After about an hour or so about searching he gave up and just sat around in the library for a bit, letting his roommate butter up his pretty unknowingly.
Octavia grinned at the girl, [+red "Nah, really he's not bad once you get to know him. He likes to come off all bad and mighty but you'll get used to it."] She said with a shrug. On the other hand, perhaps Zero just never showed his true side about the ghost girl before, [+red "Well now that it's just us girls..,"] She said as she floated a bit up in the air and sat criss cross, [+red "What's the human world like now?"] She asked, curiously. It'd been a very long time since she had been there. Of course she expected Kenzie to have questions about the twilight zone, and she was willing to answer them all as long as she got to ask some questions too.

[+red "Are men still pigs?"] She asked with a chuckle following, [+red "I guess that's just a man thing. Well, for most of them anyway."] She tucked a long strand of black hair behind her ear and listened to what the girl had to say in reply. This would be fun to have someone around to talk to. Octavia doesn't really get along with many people here.
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Yuuto watched her process everything he'd told her and then shrugged at her question, [b "That I'm a demon? It's easier for you to see it. It just takes too long to explain it all, especially since I don't know what you don't know."] He assumed she didn't know anything about their world or demons so he'd have trouble explaining it all in one night.

He sighed, [b "I'll answer your questions later."] he said and patted her head lightly. He stood and stretched a bit, he paused when she asked why he was helping her but shrugged again, [b "I'm still figuring that out myself actually. Let me go get your food."] he said and turned to walk out of the room leaving her time to relax and rest for a moment.

He made sure to get her food like they had in the human world and nothing like what he was used to. Of course, he was only going on rumors of what humans ate.

Once it was ready he carried it back to the room and had some servants/guards standing by her door, [b "Here you go. I hope you like it."]


Kenzie nodded when he told her it was just his roommate and that she wouldn't hurt him. But when he explained that Spencer would be fine because the demon needed her made her frown. So the demon was using her for his own reasons? That didn't sound good. She wondered if she could sneak out and get her out herself one day.

She looked up at Octavia when she came into the room and blinked. She was a ghost? So ghosts were in this world too? She smiled a little bit when she was introduced and looked between the two of them. For some reason, She imagined that all of Zero's friends would be vampires like him, especially since the others around him when he found her were wanting to drink her blood too.

Kenzie sank back onto the bed as Zero told the two to get to know each other and he told Ocativa to keep her safe. She slipped her shoes off, before pulling her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She looked up at Octavia curiously. [b "He wouldn't bite me or something while I'm asleep would he?"] she asked once the door shut behind him. She was trying to figure out if she should let her guard down around him. If he was keeping her there, she figured she'd have to eventually anyway.
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Spencer listened to the information he told her, taking it all in. So Zero would keep Kenzie as a snack? The girl frowned deeply as a sigh came from her lightly pink toaned lips. She looked slightly confused when he said he was an orge demon, [b "So you're a demon..? What does an orge demon even mean..?"] The curious human girl questioned. Every since she was a child she was super interested in the supernatural. She even had a imaginary friend when she was younger...of course that was just the imagination of a very young child.

[b "I have sooo many questions, man."] She was almost forgetting where she was as they talked about all of these things. In fact, she was beginning to be her normal self. That is until he mentioned food and she snapped out of the fact that she's not in her world anymore. The girl sighed, [b "Food would be great...thanks..why are you helping me?"] She asked as she looked at him before standing up and plopping herself down on the bed. It was pretty soft..

Hopefully she would be able to talk to him more about things later. She plopped backwards on the bed and streched as a yawn escaped her lips. She hadn't even noticed how tired she was.

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The vampire sighed as the girl stood up and tried to peek around her to see who was coming inside, [b "It's just a roommate. She won't do anything to you."] He reassured her. One of his two roommates wasn't like him, she was actually a ghost. Anyone could live with a ghost though. In fact, her and Kenzie would probably get along rather well.

[i 'This pesky human and her damn 30 questions...'] It was starting to irritate Zero, [b "Nah, she'll be alright. He won't her because he needs her. Ya know, demons and their sadistic ways."] He said waving it off with a roll of his eyes, [b "Hey, Octavia! C'mere!"] He called out as he looked over his shoulder into the rest of the house. Before he could blink the ghostly girl appeared behind him.

[+red "What? I was bus–who's that??"] The girl questioned as she walked into the room, straight through Zero and stood next to Kenzie, looking at her, [+red "She's pretty. What's your name?"] The ghost girl questioned as she crossed her arms and smiled warmly at the girl. Zero piped in, [b "Her name is Kenzie. Fitting right? She's a human and she will be staying here for a while until we find out how to get her back home."] The man said to O. Octavia's face went from one of warmnness to one of shock, [+red A human?? I never thought I'd meet one in my lifetime! Er–....well, you know what I mean."] The girl said as Zero chuckled at her. He turned his attention back to Kenzie, [b "Stay here and get to know each other..keep her safe, O. I'm gonna see what I can find out about getting her home again.] He said as he turned to walk out of the room, shutting it behind him.
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Yuuto nodded, [b "I always keep my promises."] he said simply to her questioning whether he'd actually help her find her friend again. He saw no problem in reuniting the friends but getting her home would be difficult and he wasn't sure if he wanted to, yet.

Back at the inn, he listened as she explained how they ended up there, [b "You know, legends always have a bit of truth in them somewhere. Now you're here."] he said. [b "For what it's worth, I doubt he'd kill her. He'll probably keep her as a pet of sorts for a while. Human blood is hard to come by here and he'll want to make it last. It's easier to do that if she trusts him. He needs her so he'll likely protect her."] he said trying to comfort her.

He nodded when she gave him her name. He liked it and found it fitting for some reason but looked up when she asked what he was, [b "I'm a demon. Ogre demon to be exact."] he said with a shrug but nodded, [b "Yes, he's a vampire as were all his friends. I don't tend to have much to do with the kind."] he admitted.

He sighed and gazed at her for a moment [b "Anyway, I'll get you some food and you're welcome to rest. I'll make sure no one bothers you."] He didn't want her to be harmed by anyone either so he'd also have to see to it that her room was protected.

Kenzie frowned at his explanation, [b "Your vampire? You [i are] a vampire-- You're your vampire-- That makes no sense--"] she complained.

She wasn't sure if she trusted his word but for now, that was all she could go on, at least until she could manage to get away from him and go find Spencer. She didn't think she wanted him near Spencer either.

Kenzie glanced at the mirror in the room as he explained all the things that didn't affect vampires and noticed when he didn't mention the stake but she kept her mouth closed about it. What if he killed her if she figured things out?

She looked up at him when he asked if she was hungry but when she heard someone else come into the house, she frowned and tried to peer around him out of the room, worried that it was another person interested in making a meal out of her. She shook her head to the food but shrugged when he asked her name, [b "Kenzie Saffire. Anyway, what about my friend? Can you tell me how to get to that inn that other guy was talking about? If I'm safer with you, then does that mean she's in danger with him? You said he was a demon right??"] all the questions came out without her realizing and she was standing and stepping closer to him as she waited for him to answer her. She just wanted to know if Spencer was okay and if she could get back to her.
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[b "N–No wait!"] Spencer said as she tried to reach for Kenzie but before she could even lift her hand they were completely out of sight. It was like the flash had just been there. The girls eyes widened, a sinking feeling beginning in her stomach. The only person she knew was gone.

When Yuuto said they'd find her Spencer looked up at him a bit through her eyelashes, [b "Really?"] Spencer didn't know if he was lying but she assumed it'd be the best bet...after all whatever happens now is out of her hands...right?

She followed after the male, keeping as close as possible so she didn't bump into anyone or anything and kept her eyes on the ground so she didn't have to see the things that stared at her as if she was an alien. Finally, they reached the Inn and Spencer began to let her curiosity get the best of her. She began glancing around and scoping the place out. Once they were inside of the room she glanced around the room walking over to things, checking them out as she spoke to the male, [b "Yuuto, huh?"] The girl slightly mumbled, slightly letting her guard down. She glanced back over at him and sat down in front of him and began eating the food that made it in the room, [b "My name is Spencer Sinclar. I got here through this old haunted house on a hill....there's been a conspiracy going around for years now, hell, even centuries now I'd assume..about people never showing back up after they entered the house.. me and Kenzie didn't believe it–"] The girl trailed off as she adverted her eyes to the ground eyeing the carpet, [b "–but here we are....and she's gone."]

The girl felt slightly useless. She couldn't stop him from taking her friend. The red haired girl chewed slightly on her lower lip before signing and looking back up at home, [b "So what are you anyways? That white haired guy...he's a vampire right?"] The curious girl questioned.

[center [pic]]

[b "I just saved you."] The smartass vampire just replied when she asked what he just did to her, [b "That wasn't me back there.. that was my vampire."] He said as he had flopped on the couch of his home.

[b "Yeah sure I'll help you get home. It might take a while to figure it out, seeing as nobody ever has...but I'll get you home.] He promised the girl, wether or not he was lying he didn't even know himself. It was a matter of her getting back home dead or alive she had to really worry about, but he wouldn't tell her that.

Once inside the room the vampire chuckled at the silly generic vampire things she named off, [b "Actually garlic does nothing but bring my vampire side out. It's actually pretty good."] He stated with a slight shrug as he leaned against the enterance of the door, [b "Also the whole cross thing...they're just ugly. They don't 'scare' us away."] He said as he ran a hand through his white hair and streched slightly. Stakes, however, that is the only way to kill a vampire. Aside from chopping his head off or something, but the less she knew about that, the better.

[b "You'll be fine here. If you're hungry I'll get you food?"] He said as he stood up straight, staring at the girl who sunk down into the comfy bed. It was pretty comfortable, it had to be with how much he slept sometimes. His attention was slightly disturbed when he heard the front door open and close then someone walk through the house to another room and closing the door behind them once they entered it. It was his roommate. One of the guys from the bar, [b "So you want any food?"] He then just remembered he forgot to ask her name and give his own, [b "My name is Zero and you are..?"] A sly yet charming grin spreading across his lips as he tilted his head slightly, waiting for an answer from [i his] new human.
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Yuuto grinned at Spencer when it seemed she was interested in coming with him. He nodded, [b "That's right. Come with me and I'll help you."] he said.

He turned his attention back to the other girl she was with, it seemed that the two friends wanted to stick together and he was okay with that, at least until the Vampire compelled Kenzie into leaving with him.

Yuuto sighed and ran a hand through his hair slightly. He glanced at Spencer, [b "We'll find her. For now. COme with me where it's safe."] he said, glaring at everyone around still making eyes and aiming to make a meal out of Spencer.

Carefully he guided her toward the inn that he ran and had a room set up for her and food taken to her room, [b "My name is Yuuto Arima. How did you even end up in this realm?"] he asked. He knew it was a door but it wasn't too often that someone ended up there.

He sat on the floor in front of her, urging her to make herself comfortable and at home at the inn. He was curious about her too though and he did mean to keep his promise at least for the most part.

[h4 Kenzie Saffire]


Kenzie glanced back at the man he'd called a demon and then to the vampire in front of her. Before she knew it, she was doing as he told her and she didn't understand why. He'd just stared at her and told her to come with him and she did. She'd let him run, dragging her along behind him without struggling at all.

When he finally stopped, she looked up at him, frightened and demanded [b "What did you just do to me??"] she said but only frowned at him when he said she'd be safer with him, [b "But earlier you were just going to eat me..."]

She followed him into the house, glancing around curiously. As long as he wasn't trying to suck her blood, she saw no reason to be afraid, especially since he seemed to be barely on his feet as it was.

She sat on the arm of the couch beside him, glancing around the house until he spoke again, [b "You'll help me go back home?"] she asked.

Kenzie followed him to the room when he took her hand and guided her there. As she walked in, she eyed him a bit suspiciously, [b "Should I sleep with a stake by the bed or garlic around my neck or something?..."] she asked. SHe wasn't even sure she could sleep with everything going on. Actually, she still wasn't convinced she wasn't already asleep and needed to wake up. With a sigh, she slowly sank onto the bed.
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The vampire raised a brow when his hand was slapped away a small chuckle escaping his lips. Silly human. He scowled at the demon, [b "I was here first you pesky demon."] He could hear the red haired ones heart beat quicken when other people started to gather around them. His eyes darted back to Kenzie and connected his gaze with hers. Time to work some magic.

[b "You're gonna come with me..."] The vampire said almost putting her in a trance with his vampire magic. He grabbed her hand firmly and then took off, running quicker then a human could even dream about. Of course she could keep up since he had ahold of her. Once he made it a safe distance from the crowd he slowed down and looked at Kenzie, [b "You'll be safer with me then you ever will with that demon."] He said, his eyes now back to red. He pushed open the door to his rather large home and pulled her inside. It was decorated and furnished quite nicely. The drunken man sighed as he slightly stumbled over to the couch. He could still smell her blood and hear her heartbeat and it only intreaged him further. Perhaps he could just coax her into staying with him?...and perhaps from time to time he would be able to taste that sweet, sweet blood?

The thoughts alone made him smirk slightly to himself, [b "I won't do anything to you. I can help you."] He said, taking a few pointers from the demon guy. Really though at the end of the day Zero will get what he wants and what he wants is for her he can simply tare it away from her and drink her dry. Human blood is the best blood, especially from a live sorce. Luckly, he's not a human so he doesn't have to worry about those pesky problems like 'feelings' unlike some other people who live in twilight zone. So no matter how long she's around he won't get feelings...right?

The man stood up after sitting on the couch for a while and grabbed the young girls hand. He led her to a room, opened the door and slightly nudged her inside, [b "Sleep. You're probably tired."] He said calmly. Inside was a room with a huge very comfortable bed inside and other normal bedroom furniture. Even a mirror... although he didn't have a reflection.

[OOC: I figure they can find their way back to each other eventually and it'd add something for them to be split up for a while. I have a couple of long term type of plans to go on if his rp stays strong. :) ]
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Kenzie looked at Spencer before looking around them again. None of this made any sense. She wondered if she was just dreaming. Had she fallen in the house or something?

She stifled a yelp when a man suddenly held her chin and stared at her. She scowled at him, despite being terrified of him at the same time. His eyes changed color and she slapped his hand away from her, [b "I'm sure you would know."] she said defiantly as she went to step away from him.

She looked over at Spencer when another guy showed up and put his arm around her. SHe watched him curiously but something about him seemed off. Everyone here was out to get them so what made him different?

Frowning, she stepped closer to Spencer, [b "It's up to you."] she said but she didn't know what was going to happen to her or if he was okay with her going.

When everyone else began changing about wanting to eat them or drink their blood, she shook her head. [b "How the hell do we get out of here??"] she said panicking now. Snapping at one creepy vampire something but even more, monsters took away what little courage she had. She looked up at Yuuto and frowned at him, [b "Are you actually willing to help us??"]
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Was this reality now? Her eyes feasted upon the unknowing, a world that she always was curious about... admittingly. She always was curious about vampires, werewolfs, ghosts...and here she was...standing in a town full of them.

[b "W-We asleep, right? That has to be what's happening here..."] The girl mumbled to herself as she tried to make sense of it. Something must have knocked them out when they entered the house...or what if they never entered the house and it all was just a dream? All kinds of thoughts flew through the girls mind.

Before she could even blink a white haired god was standing in front of them with red eyes and his hand on Kenzie's chin. She watched as his eyes went from the blood red to basically black, [b "Get off her!"] She declared as she was suddenly frozen in place when a hand snaked it's way around waist. The color draining from her skin and her heart pounding. She listened to words coming from Yuuto's mouth. Blood.. the white haired one was a vampire? She reached out and grabbed Kenzie's arm and slightly pulled her close to herself.

So he had an inn...and food..human food? At the mention of food her stomach growled as if on que. Spencer gulped, finally realizing how dry her mouth was from being so freaked out, [b "I don't even know you.."] the girl trailed off as she spoke to Yuuto. For some reason she felt compalled to go with him, [b "But Kenzie..."]

Everything was happening so fast. Her mind could barely take it...her breath was slightly taken away when she finally heard people—er... creatures? Speaking about her and Kenzie. They were finally starting to notice them and the commotion...and now everyone was starting to gather around. People shouting things like, [b "Let's suck them dry!"] and others saying [b "Let's eat them whole!"] The red haired girl, whom was normally fiery and wild gulped and pushed herself into Yuuto's side as if trying to hide. Of course she didn't know him, but he had a bed and food for her, right! It was the best choice, wasn't it??
  Spencer Sinclair / normalpeoplescareme / 255d 5h 29m 52s
The demon man wandered the streets out of boredom. It was a full moon and he really just wanted to get out for the night. Of course he saw the vampires out causing trouble, getting drunk on blood and looking for more but he chose not to bother with them.

Yuuto sighed as he found a quiet place to eat and drink his own alcohol, only for him, it wasn't blood but overly strong alcohol snagged from the human world. It was rare here so it made it expensive.

Once he was done trying to kill time, he headed out of the little bar only to spot two human girls standing in the street, stunned and terrified.

A grin spread across his face. This was a rare sight and of course meant that the door had been opened again. As he walked toward the two of them, a vampire snagged one of the girls.

Yuuto sighed loudly, [b "Shouldn't you be full already? You've been going around drinking everything in town."] He wrapped an arm around Spencer's waist and grinned at her almost charmingly. He could sense her fear and it'd be a shame to have her run away now. Of course it wouldn't change anything.

He turned to Spencer, [b "I run an inn in town. Why don't you come with me and I'll get you a room and something to eat?"] he asked. Of course since the girls were human, everything was going to try to get it's hands on them.
  Yuuto Arima / CrazyCasey / 255d 9h 35m 42s

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