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When he got home, he was met by his parents, who were slightly annoyed with him because he hadn’t told them he would be out for a while. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize where I was headed, I ended up finding myself in the lower part of the city, down that way.” He said, pointing towards the part of the city where Perci was currently at. As he told his parents about his day, they nodded and he went to his room, where he soon was working on an entry for his journal about that very day
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 260d 4h 23m 49s
The female waved back and watched Raoul depart, before she soon headed inside of her own house. [i It's rather rare to see such a high-class citizen come into these parts. I wonder if he only came here because he wasn't paying attention to where he was going?] Perci asked herself mentally, before reaching into her fridge and pulling out a soda.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 260d 4h 27m 20s
She smiled and after he stood up, he bowed politely, and smiled. “Then I shall see you again tomorrow. Until then, farewell Perci.” He said kindly, and he headed home, but he felt like he was abandoning her, even though he wasn’t. [i I hope that I don’t scare her because of how polite I am...] he thought
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 260d 4h 30m 9s
Perci chuckled a bit. "Well...if you want to visit, sure!" She told him. [i I do not know why he'd feel the need to come back...unless he is trying to do something to repay me.] The bandicoot thought to herself for a moment, looking towards Raoul.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 260d 4h 32m 36s
He smiled sheepishly, and looked around, some of the other people giving him strange looks, and he felt uncomfortable. “Is there a possibility that I may be able to visit again?” He asked, hoping he would be able to do so, since he had a strange but slightly pleasant feeling from just being around her.
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 260d 4h 36m 6s
"Uhm...thanks." She replied towards the compliment, before hearing him ask about anything he could do to repay her. "It's fine, don't worry about it. Just helping somebody out." Perci smiled, honestly not knowing what the wolf could do for her even if she wanted him to do something for her.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 260d 4h 38m 6s
“Fascinating...I’ve never actually seen a bandicoot before...but I will say that you do look quite nice.” He said honestly, and he smiled a little more than before. “I’m glad I met you...otherwise I would’ve been kicking myself over the attack for a long time. Is there anything I could do to repay you for that?” He asked earnestly, hoping he could do something for the female bandicoot
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 260d 4h 40m 41s
The female listened to Raoul for a moment, before hearing him introduce himself to her and ask about her own name. "I'm Perci, nice to meet ya. I may not look like it, but I'm actually a bandicoot." She chuckled, hoping that would be sufficient to answer his question.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 260d 4h 43m 58s
He looked at her. “I...I guess you’re right...but I still feel bad...but it’s no use crying about it...” he said, his tail swishing behind him slowly as he slightly cheered up. “I’m sorry if I took up too much of your time...” he said politely, trying to be the gentleman, and she could see him rubbing his left arm. But he stopped and introduced himself. “My name is Raoul...May I ask what your name is miss?”
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 260d 12h 7m 21s
"Hey...saving your own skin isn't always the best choice, but sometimes it is. You most likely had no way to fight back, and the badniks would have caught you if you hadn't fled from the scene, based on the circumstances. It may sound a bit dreadful, but one funeral is a lot better than two. Besides, whoever your friend was would have probably wanted you to live rather than die trying to save them in vain." Perci explained calmly, as she tried to soothe the wolf.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 260d 21h 6m 57s
He sighed. “I’m too much of a coward to do anything as well...I didn’t do anything to save my friend...and he’s dead because I was afraid to get hurt saving him...” he said, blaming himself for the pain he was feeling in his heart
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 261d 3h 14m 41s
"That's...unfortunate..." She replied, closing her eyes for a few moments as she laid a hand on the male's back to comfort him a bit. "Also strange...I haven't known the badniks to attack out of nowhere for no reason." Perci noted, before thinking to herself. [i Maybe they had gone haywire? Or Eggman is up to something, on the other end. But even for him, I'm pretty sure his badniks aren't supposed to kill anyone but people like me or Sonic. Unless the Doctor actually [b did] design them to kill the townsfolk and only unleashed that function now? Hmm...strange.] The female pondered, patting Raoul on the back a bit now.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 261d 3h 58m 17s
The male nodded sadly, and cautiously made his way to the female bandicoot, and when he sat down, he sighed gently. “ happened earlier friend and I were headed to the library to find a historical document to study for a project...but apparently the badniks had other plans...they took us by surprise, but not before they killed my soon as I saw what they did to him, I ran as far as my legs could carry me, until I got to my home...but I was unable to save him...” he said, starting to get depressed again, and he buried his face in his hands
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 261d 4h 4m 6s
The bandicoot nodded in understanding towards the male's words. "Ah...that is quite an unpleasant thing to hear. Wanna come over here and talk about some stuff to make you feel a bit better?" She asked, taking a step out from where the porch was.
  Perci the Bandicoot / AskTheStaff / 261d 4h 56m 13s
He stopped and looked towards her, and she could see his tears of pain. “...No...I’m not okay...I just came from my friend’s funeral...” he said, and he sighed, but he looked at her like he was hoping to get the chance to talk to someone about it
  Raoul / DoomGuy123 / 261d 5h 1m 14s

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