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She smiled and chuckled a bit. “I may not have much experience with the game, but I do learn fast...” She said, and she pulled out a king from her pocket. “I also found this well made hand carved king in a shop, so I decided to get it...” she said, and she noted that it looked like Neo Metal Sonic. “It looks like you...” She said, handing it to him
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 6h 52m 17s
"If you really wish to do so, then of course we can. However, I have a large amount of skill and experience in chess." Metal warned the female, crossing his arms a bit as he turned fully towards her now.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 6h 55m 27s
She smiled a little. “I guess it is...but it’s not wrong...” she said, sighing a little bit, then she looked at him. “Speaking of chess...maybe we could play a game of chess later...” she suggested, and she looked around the zone.
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 6h 57m 14s
The metallic being simply nodded and looked out over the zone again, taking in some more of the sights before he looked back towards Breezie. "How ironic that you talk about being pawns when I just gave the analogy about chess and the lives on Mobius." He told her.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 7h 2m 40s
“I’m j done being used like a pawn by others...wouldn’t you agree?” She asked, and she put the locket back in her shirt, and she looked at Neo Metal Sonic with a sincere look on her face, meaning she wanted to find someone worth her time
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 10h 2m 59s
"'re not scrap." Metal had replied, running a metallic hand across his forehead for a second as he thought. He heard her words, and the end sounded a bit odd, but he didn't pay much attention to it. Afterwards, the mechanical hedgehog noticed the locket. [i I do believe she has had that for a long time. Why would she only be removing the picture of Sonic now, when it has been so long since she had feelings for him?] He pondered to himself.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 10h 24m 28s
She sighed at him. “You don’t know how much that made me feel like a piece of scrap...” she said, and looked away, then she nodded to his comment. “You’re right about that...he doesn’t know how to keep his ego out of the way, and he keeps making crummy copies of you to deal with the freedom fighters...but nothing compares to you...” she said, and she looked at a gold locket, and upon opening it, she removed the picture of Sonic and closed it.
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 18h 29m 5s
Metal let out a robotic sigh and glanced towards the female again. "I do not see how you getting [i 'dumped'] has any relation to the subject you have brought up. Also, I do not believe Ivo Robotnik will be taking over Mobius anytime soon. He is too foolish." The mechanical hedgehog said.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 20h 36m 40s
She smiled, knowing that he had studied them for years. “I see...but what is it you want to do with your life? You can’t only sit here and do nothing while the world is threatened by evil...” she said, and she sighed. “And it didn’t help that I was dumped for a princess years ago either...” she muttered under her breath.
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 20h 40m 37s
"I already have watched them, and know how things work. Their lives are all linked like a complex game of chess. The common citizens are the pawns, simple and occasionally significant when the situation that occurs is just right. They can be promoted to states of power, and depending on that role, they can either function as the towers or knights. The freedom fighters would be classified into those areas, for their protection and armed forces, for example. Then you have the bishops, who are basically the wise Mobians. The ones who are high in power and advise the ones even higher in power. Above them come the king and queen...the leaders of Mobian society and government. While complex, it is simple once you finally comprehend how it all links together." Metal Sonic told the female.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 20h 49m 53s
She took her hand off his shoulder plate, and she sighed. “Maybe we can just watch them...after all, it is nice to just see what they can do to each other...and besides...I don’t have much of anything better to do...” she said, smiling a little bit.
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 20h 54m 35s
The mechanical being wasn't all that comfortable with Breezie's hand on his shoulder plating, but he tried not to show it. "I don't see the need to do a job other people already do well enough. And besides...I never said I wanted to help anybody. I'm no good guy. But I'm not a bad one either." He explained.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 20h 57m 49s
“I understand...that’s why I stopped helping Eggman and began to work in the entertainment business...” she said, smiling and placed a hand on his shoulder plating. “Maybe we can do things to help the how the freedom fighters do...but in a peaceful way...” she said
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 22h 35m 26s
Metal simply nodded again. "I became...tired of trying to win over Sonic. His friends always find a way to help him be the victor. If it was a one on one battle, no chaos emeralds, no sneaky tricks...I know I would win. But...the fighting has made me too weary to want to anymore." He told the female.
  Neo Metal Sonic / AskTheStaff / 261d 22h 42m 19s
“There has been a lot of problems between me and Eggman, especially about his idea of taking over the world, so I cut off all contact with him and began to cause trouble for payback for using me...” she told her long lost friend, smiling as she spoke to him, and she sighed a bit.
  Breeze The Hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 261d 22h 47m 3s

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