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The tavern was filled with people in armour, some looking unused and some dented so much that the origional shape was undistingishable. Our first notable character sat in the dimly lit counter, slouched slightly over, a lage glass of mead. His name, Allistor Lionheart. His cheeks were flushed and if he spoke his words would slur. Even in his intoxication his nerves were going haywire.
[+red "This isn't working."] He mumbled to himself as he emptied the contents of his glass and stood up to leave.
[b "You gonna pay for that?'] The barkeep angrily asked. The boy looked at him and raised a brow before producing a small pouch and throwing it onto the counter.
[+red "That should be enough."] The boy quickly left before the man could dig into the bag and see that it was filled with only beans. Running into a nearby alleyway he smirked to himself. He was only in town for a little while, so his reputation was not a priority. The festival would be starting the next day and was projected to last only a week. The boy sighed as he walked into the inn he had decided to stay in. There were countless knights roaming around here as well, all waiting for the big tournament to become the knight for the queen herself.
Allistor walked into his room and layed down, his head spinning. He was terrified. With his lack of actual experience in battle how did he think he could pull through this tournament? He was strong and well learned in many fighting tactics and styles. He had spared with many of the best knights and fighters in his village. Theoretically he was a very strong opponent for any of the men competing, but the fact that he'd never been up against someone as strong as the men he would soon face was terrifying to him. If he was gonna do well these next few days then he needed to rest up as much as he could and lay off the alcohol. It would be a rough couple days. The man decided to rest, flopping onto his side. He soon fell into a wonderful, alcohol induced sleep.
Around noon the next day the trumpets sounded, signaling the beginning of the tournament. All of the competitors were gathered into many large tents outside of the arena. Allistor sat near the back of the tent, observing the others as they chatted.
[B "All competitors to the arena!"] A loud voice rang through the air. All of the men stood up at once. At the mouth of the tent stood a large man with his hair covering half of his face. The Queens Guard insignia burned bright on his chest plate in the sun. He ushered the men out of the tent and into the arena, and Allistor soon noticed that he followed. Looking around he noticed many of the others who had gathered had the same symbols embossed into the chest plates of the armor. His hands became sweaty. These men had already made Queens Guard, an already elite group of knights with much more combat experience, how was he going to beat them. He was quickly shakes out of his thoughts by a elegantly dressed man stepping onto a platform. His voice rang above all others.
[I "Ladies and gents please can I have your attention? The festival must commence." ]The crowd went quiet. All eyes were on the man as he began. [I "we are here today to find the bravest, strongest knight in the kingdom to serve our fair ruler, Queen Elizabeth. There is to be no killing or permanently damaging of a competitor or a civilian. Dark magic of any kind is strictly prohibited unless given permission from the magical council. Any item that is designed to enhance physical or magical ability must be limited to one single device. That means if you were planning to rely on the strength of an excess amount of these items. You must discard them or leave the battle. There will be many rounds designed to eliminate as many people as necessary until we are left with only ten players who will compete for the prize. Healers will be on standby in case of emergency. Do your best. Even if you don't get the prize you still have the chance of being noticed by the leaders of lesser knight divisions. Now we will commence the festival.
To begin there will be a race. Use your abilities to cross the finish line. However there is a catch. There are many obstacles to be found in the race, that could remove you from the fray. If you are made immobile for longer than thirty seconds then you are out." ] the man smiled and nodded his head. Suddenly the ground shook below them and lifted above the stadium. Those who were at the edges either stumbled off and fell to the empty hole below, or they came inward, hording the knights all together. The field began to form a track terrifying hight above the ground. The men all stood at the beginning of the track and murmuring broke out.
[I Be careful not to fall off , or you are obviously out of the race. Don't be afraid to use your ability to knock someone off the track. Beware of your surroundings and good luck knights. 3...2...1...BEGIN!] the man cried. Everyone began sprinting around the track, some pushing others, some falling off the sides. Many of the men had used some kind of power, others sheer brute force, to attempt to get ahead of everybody. Allistor had no magical ability but he did have brute force, so he shoved and shoulder checked people in his way. He stayed close enough to the side he could shove others off, but not close enough that he could easily be shoved off. As he passed a larger man, clad head to toe in armor he felt his shoulder being bumped with enough force to cause him to lose valence. The other knight was attempting to shove him over the side. Well two could play at that game and he shoved back, forcing the other man off balance and ran ahead. He hadn't realized he had gotten so close to the front of the horde until he glanced over his shoulder and saw he was one of the many in the lead. When he finally passed the finishing he was sweating and panting heavily. This was going to be a hard battle but he at least advanced to the next round.
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