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Thank goodness for Kane. She breathed a sound of relief, knowing that in this light it would be obvious. Maybe just to her. it was just Nana that was just not responding.

Instead she gave a small laugh. "How do you think your daddy came around? I never would have married that man, my first husband. That's what you did then. You aren't marrying him just because of the baby are you?"

That was a new story Savannah let a breathe out relaxing against Kane. "No, it's not...I love him."
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 1h 46m 26s
Kane wrapped his arms around Savannah protectively and said, “Savannah is 16 weeks pregnant...were having a baby.” His mother was shocked but smiled and tears ran down her cheeks, “My Baby is having a baby...oh my gosh.” Kane looked at Savannah’s grandmother and then to was obvious her grandmother would tell her father. If he even cared to know.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 2h 35m 11s
"Dad won't be here. He's working on a project, it's just Nana here. That's the way it's usually been," Savannah gave a half smile. After time with him she knew that was not how it was supposed to work.

The last time they had been in this room it had been to introduce Kane and his mom to Nana. Now she was four months pregnant. Savannah was happy it was with him, the rest felt like she failed.

nana knew something was up when she did not hug her. "My dear...either you're pregnant o wrecked something expensive. Which one is it?"

Savannah could actually fee herself turn a little red. "Um..." She couldn't find the words only looked to Kane for a second.
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 3h 32m 58s
Kane waved to his mother who was waiting at the door. She amhasnt noticed Savannah yet as she was behind Kane. “Momma, I think we need to get everyone together to talk to them.” He knew her father might lose it. For one they weren’t married and another thing Kane was biracial and they had a family name to uphold. He didn’t know how this would go, all he knew was he was scared to death about it.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 4h 18m 36s
"That doesn't seem such a good way. Just walk in and let this belly do the talking. Isn't my belly supposed to be more uniform anyway?" Savannah asked. Almost in response there was a fluttering.

Savannah adjusted her shirt but felt as if her bump was huge. "If you say so. Can we full a nurse?" Savannah asked taking his hand. Entering the code she opened the gate before looking to him not letting go of his hand.
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 17h 41m 49s
"Baby... relax... they'll know and we will tell them and they're out families they will love our baby." he said toying with her engagement ring as they parked and he touched her stomach gently. Getting out of the car Kane came to her side opening her door, "Deep breath darlin'... we can do this." He kissed her gently and looked to the door where his mother was standing.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 18h 4m 41s
"That's the craving or those girl scout cookies...The coconut ones...." Savannah shrugged. Cheese, Greek and girl scout cookies. That was it though she couldn't stand the smell of Turkey. "I know they will. I've seen it before."

They were okay with it and the adjustments was made for more breaks. Two weeks later there was the definite bump. It was a pain to cover that up for filming. A week and a half of time off.

The drive to South Carolina was something else. She wore something lose not that it was helping. "Kane, they're going to know before we say anything. Just like at this thing..."
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 18h 9m 54s
Kane chuckled, "I was just seeing what you would say but it does fit you." He said kissing her. "Greek huh... well I don't think I've ever had greek food so this should be an adventure." He muttered taking her hand so they could go to set and let the director and crew know about baby Brown. Kane wasn't nervous but he sensed that Savannah was. "Hey they're going to be okay with it baby."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 18h 40m 56s
"Baby Momma?" Savannah laughed finding it amusing before pausing on that thought. "Well, alright then, baby daddy. Greek food and something with cheese... no pickles with ice cream. Not that it's not good."

That just sounded weird she couldn't do the baby daddy. Try as she might it was just weird. "Yeah, I can't say baby daddy...That just sounds weird."
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 18h 53m 34s
“I’ll go with you so the blow isn’t too hard to them...I mean we’re havign a baby honey..” He said kissing her. “Then after we can get some lunch...anything baby momma wants she gets.” He said testing the waters with the nickname...he knew he might be pushing it. If she started teasing him calling. Him daddy he might just lose it and want to marry her right then and there.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 19h 19m 35s
"We'll be back in Charleston in two weeks, we can plan then," Savannah smiled. She already knew where just the when and how was another story. As was where they would live. "I'm so happy for have you as a mother in law though."

After the call she sighed, "that was hard. But it's time to get back to the set and tell them the news. I'm tired already."
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 19h 27m 15s
"Why such a long wait?" his mother asked and continued, "Why not in a couple months?" Kane sighed, "Momma its all up to what Savannah wants and I think she wants time to find the perfect dress and to pick a location and all of that stuff." Kane kissed Savannah's cheek. His mother sighed and said, "I know I'm just excited, my baby is getting married! Its exciting!"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 19h 44m 13s
Savannah never even thought of where they would live. She thought once this movie was over, they'd date then go from there. "I, uh, don't know..something we will need to talk about."

It almost felt as if the future was in a snowball being shaken. The phone call was a welcomed distraction. "We are...I'd imagine the wedding will be....six or so months away."

it was not the most romantic way, but it was we happening.
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 19h 47m 25s
"I love it... where were you thinking of wanting to live... I mean I haven't bought a house yet and now that we're having a baby and everything... I want you to help pick out our home." He said as his phone rang, it was his mother. He answered and put her on speaker, "hey momma..." His mom squealed, 'YOU AND SAVANNAH ARE GETTING MARRIED!" Kane chuckled, "Mom your on speaker and Sav is right here." His mother squealed again, "When are ya'll coming back here?"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 20h 19m 19s
it didn't take long to fall asleep that night, the dreams were weird as hell, too. After picking out an engagement ring. One would think that she'd go for big but didn't. That would be the wedding ring. Without any words she just took a picture of her and the ring with the simple caption of 'yes!'.

"Oh, while we were filming in rural Virginia, I found some stuff you'd like. For when we get a house," Savannah said pulling a long box out of the bottom of the bag. Inside was some old fishing items that would have been used in his grandpa's store.
  Savannah / Faust / 12d 20h 21m 22s

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