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"That's amazing, Kane!" Savannah rose and gave him a hug and kissed him deeply. "We are? Wow...I've actually never been nominated before. This is really awesome!"

Then it hit her that's she might not be able to travel unless she was told she could. "So, uh, when is this? I don't know how much longer I'll be able travel."

It was exciting to have this for their careers but she also didn't want to travel far.
  Savannah / Faust / 8d 22h 3m 56s
Kane nodded, "I just got the email thats why I was coming in here.... I thought we should open it together." He muttered getting out his iphone and opening his mail app before opening the email. He read it Quickly, "Kane Brown for Male Vocalist, Entertainer Of The Year, Song of The Year, and Music Video of the year with You!" He said smiling wide. "Babe we're nominated for awards!"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 22h 31m 38s
"That is our baby...who just kicked my bladder," Savannah blinked before rising to go use the bathroom. Upon returning the baby seemed restless so she went to the window seat. "A bedroom set for us. There are some baby items here, too."

There was a handsome cherry wood set but it wasn't too fancy. "So, have they announced any awards nominations yet?"
  Savannah / Faust / 8d 22h 35m 13s
Kane was only a few feet behind her and his hands immeditley found her growing bump. He felt a few nudges coming from inside her belly and smiled, "Wow... thats... thats our baby." he said with tears in his eyes before he kissed her. "I love you... now what were you asking about this bedroom? For the nursery?" He asked knowing they had to start on that soon.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 23h 14m 27s
"Oh, God I hope not. Elyse was a premie and that was terrifying. This baby can stay in there as long as it needs. Your birthday gift can be time for just the two of us before everything goes insane," Savannah chuckled. There was four year gap between each sibling and they never had been close except for Elyse.

It was lucky that Savannah was done early since she went in early. The coat she wore for filming wouldn't do much good as the bump was more dominant now.

There was barely anything in the new house but it was their house. She loved it, even if they needed a lot. "What do you think of this bedroom-" Savannah stopped in the middle of that sentence feeling a kick. "That's the first kick...Kane it's kicking..."
  Savannah / Faust / 9d 18h 11m 8s
Kane nodded, "Bank is preapproved and I will take a tiny demanding baby that is half of you and half of me anyday." he kissed her getting up and pulling a pair of jeans onto his body. "You need to eat something too.... baby needs food." Kane was already so worried about her. "Maybe the baby will be born early in October on my birthday." He said smiling.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 19h 6m 26s
"I'm going to be huge," Savannah poked the weird shaped belly. She already felt weird with this belly. "In late November there's going to be a tiny, demanding baby in a house of our own...this is weird."

Feeling her stomach grumble she slowly rose to get dressed. "Well...might as well get up...we have a busy day trying to get that house before someone else does."
  Savannah / faust / 9d 19h 9m 26s
Kane nodded, "I have a show in South Carolina on Saturday so I won't be able to go to set with you this time darlin'." He said holding her. "As soon as we slow down we will have to prepare for baby Brown... I mean only a few more weeks and we find out if this baby is a girl or a boy... honestly as long as our baby is healthy, I'd be happy with either."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 19h 53m 0s
"This is perfect. Anywhere with you is a little piece of heaven..." Savannah settled into his arms comfortably. Getting comfortable she began to fade quickly.

It wasn't easy sleep, there was several times she got up to use the bathroom. In the morning there was already breakfast but also a call from the director.

Staying in bed she groaned listening to the voicemail. "Oh...I need to go back in three days instead of more time. At least soon both our work will slow down."
  Savannah / Faust / 9d 20h 59m 3s
Kane held her in the tub... "I know we didn't plan on baby Brown.. but you and this baby are the best things to ever happen to me." He said kissing her neck. "I love you." Soon they were in bed and Kane sighed, "We're buying a house... it seems so surreal... I mean I love whats happening I just never thought I'd have a home base... since I travel so much but the house is perfect for us."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 21h 30m 38s
"It wouldn't be such a bad thing to have some worry about money. God I wished I had some worry when I was growing up," Savannah said before stripping out of her pants. "Now...there's a bathtub big enough for both of us in there. Shall we?"

Hopefully in a month they'd have the house. She was told there would be nesting happening and they had a four bedroom house they would be moving into.
  Savannah / Faust / 10d 18h 22m 18s
"I can match that so I think we are alright for money darlin'. I want to set up a college fund and a trust fund for the baby. I don't want our baby every worrying about money... this baby is the only thing I'm worried about right now." he said touching her stomach lightly before kissing her. "So... we're buying a house." He muttered seriously and smiled.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 10d 18h 45m 0s
"At least we have a girls name, maybe a boys a little later. Four weeks away from finding out the gender...just after we're done with our work," Savannah collapsed on the bed placing a hand on her stomach. "All we need to do is discuss the house."

Savannah pulled out her phone to bring up the savings accounts. "I have the money. Both Nana and dad has this trust fund I only barely touched, and then what I've earned. Other than food, clothes, and travel I haven't had to used it a lot so I just...kind of left it there. Last I checked it was like 15 million. I want to use some of that for us."
  Savannah / Faust / 11d 1h 8m 47s
"Elyse Rose Brown." Kane said smiling at her, "Rose was my Nana's name so it only seems fitting." He muttered and nodded, "It has a ring to it and I can't wait for our baby to be here so we can be a family." She didn't realize that Kane only had his momma and this would be the most real family that hes had since he was a teenager... he already was excited.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 11d 19h 37m 20s
"That smells so amazing but I can't have any seafood," Savannah lamented. The chicken was good even if she felt her stomach starting to reject it. "It's good and now it's not...I think i will just save it for tomorrow."

At the end of the dinner a middle aged woman came up and asked for a picture of Nana and Savannah. Nana already agreed before Savannah could say anything.

Savannah made sure that Nana was taken care of and talked with her for an hour before she went to bed. "If we have a girl I would like her named Elyse. She would be the first one without a Kayd at the end.
  Savannah / Faust / 11d 19h 41m 14s

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