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Thomas looked to Kane and then to Willow, "Rough break up?" Kane sighed, "You could say that." Thomas nodded, "Well this is a writers retreat and I've never heard better songs that what you two wrote together." He said looking to Kane. Kane nodded, "If she will write with me again, sure... if not thats the first thing on my list of worries... shes seeing someone else and I'm just the man she left behind. "
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 18h 3m 40s
Terrible idea.

Awful idea.

The list went on in her head. She didn't even reply. She didn't even know how people thought she and Simon was seeing each other. They were writing together and it was almost done.

"Hi," Willow said before smiling to Lauren. Grabbing her book she walked out the door. She had taken to the docks and her books, sometimes writing.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 18h 6m 31s
Kane looked to her, "Hi Willow." He muttered not even calling her his usual darlin'... was he seeing someone... maybe. Kane looked to Thomas and smiled, "Nice to see you again man." he said hugging the man in a sort of Bro hug as a couple of the little girls ran up to him and hugged his legs screaming Uncle Kane, "Theres my princesses." he muttered smiling at them.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 18h 15m 35s
It was odd, the sickness was a little better and then it was worse. Just two weeks and she was beginning to form a grim picture.

Willow enjoyed seeing and exploring more, the stories was interesting as well as sights had been amazing. She made it a day early and spent that with Lauren and Thomas. the girls adored her and she liked them.

Hearing one of his trucks, she sighed, this would be drama. And soon it might get more complicated.

"You need to explain the sighting with Simon. It's been in some circles even if he's not someone you're with," Lauren said trying to be supportive.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 18h 17m 47s
Kane sighed, 'Bye Willow." He knew he had messed up and she was sick and that worried him even more. He knew he couldn't go after her... he couldn't stand to see her upset like that so he just went back to his hotel with Rambo... tempted to start drinking again but he didn't. Rambo laid his head on Kane's leg in bed while he thought about everything that went wrong with them.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 18h 38m 26s
"I feel terrible but need to get ready soon. At least I won't need o be driving," Willow sighed before looking to Kane raising both eyebrows. "why would you even ask that? Has that ever been a problem? No, never. What it is...right now is that I told you I'm not ready and you want me to be your date."

Willow rose almost too quickly, grasping the table she steadied herself before turning around. "I'll see you next week. Goodbye, Kane."
  Willow / Faust / 4d 18h 43m 36s
Kane nodded, "We will see where it goes." When she asked him to excuse her he got worried. "Darlin' are you alright?" he asked her when she came back to the table. He had finished his breakfast and paid their bill, he was just worried that she wasn't okay. His hand touched hers for a moment and he held it. "Is this because of the bad publicity? Everyone talking about you not wanting to be with a black man?" He asked.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 19h 2m 27s
"A good time does sound lovely. Three inquisitive kids, lake and I've missed those ribs," Willow gave into a soft chuckle before growing thoughtful. "That's...I don't know. Let's see in a few months, yeah?"

This was a lot more stressful than she was prepared for. Despite the tea and toast she felt he stomach turned. "Excuse me."

Dashing to the bathroom she did the morning ritual. Even she knew what was possibly happening here.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 19h 4m 35s
Kane sighed, "No I want to go with you... I want to be there and have a good time and write... I was invited to a writing retreat in a few months. I want you to with me please... even as a date." He wanted something, anything with her. He would do what he had to do and pray that she felt something else for him. Anything because what they were doing was killing him.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 19h 19m 54s
"I would love for you to come. Getting a genuine friendship back without all of the extra pressure," Willow said, taking some of the tea. It helped with her stomach.

Looking to him she sighed, just barely able to do so. "Maybe we shouldn't be in the same area if it's hard. I don't want it to be but I'm not ready yet for that ."

Eating the toast like her life depended on it.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 19h 23m 59s
Kane smiled, "I can be there then... if thats okay with you." He muttered looked up at her, his eyes meeting hers. "I've been asked to bring Rambo... the kids love him and I'll admit, they're pretty cool themselves..." A look of sadness flashed across his face but he composed himself quickly. "I'm sorry I can't do this." He said looking at the ground, "I love you and either I'm going to love you with everything I have or I'm going to wallow in my own pity because I can't do this half way."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 19h 43m 25s
"Thanks," Willow said glancing through it before placing it to the side. It was interesting to know her she had little to do with that in the last few months. She was expanding the writing to other genre's and artists.

Taking some of the nausea medicine and nibbling on the toast she couldn't help but wonder what to talk about. "So, I'll be at the lake house next weekend. The oldest is already asking me to read Harry Potter."
  Willow / Faust / 4d 19h 50m 27s
"Name the place and I'll be there." Kane texted her back as he laid in bed. He missed her. "Think of me while your up there?" he asked throwing a little flirting into the mix. "Oh I have something for you by the way. From the label." When he met up with her he held up a bag, "Things from the label like a sweatshirt, a mug, its for helping write a number 1...your plaque is at my place still in the box... remember I told you that you got a package."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 20h 10m 55s
It wasn't a relaxing evening. She spent the rest of the night sick and then passed out. Thank Goodness there was delivery. Some ginger tea and she was up at four in the morning working on the musical.

'I owe you breakfast. This morning work?'

She sent despite the fact that she knew this was hard and painful for both of them.

' We are going up the coast for the writing soon.'
  Willow / Faust / 4d 20h 14m 22s
"I'll be fine just spending time with you." Kane muttered and kissed her forehead gently, "Call me Willow... it was good seeing you again." He turned to leave, "Come on Rambo we will see her later." Rambo whined in protest but followed Kane as they walked back towards his hotel. He had missed her and this pain he was feeling was deep in his soul.He needed her.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 20h 31m 57s

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