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How Lauren and the kids slept through that was remarkable. Willow couldn't really sleep, and was still up early, this time she had her day bag. Leaving a note for Lauren she left just at sunrise.

There wasn't much time to do what she was going to do. There was still a whole other coast for her to explore and she had possibly two to three months to do so.

"Do you know where Willow went? Her note said she had some urgent meeting with the production team," Lauren asked in the morning.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 16h 17m 56s
“Night Willow.” He muttered looking to her. He was still holding the pregnancy test and tried to hide t when Thomas walked up but he saw it, “Wow.” He muttered and Kane nodded, “Yeah wow...I can’t help but not know what to say .” Kane went to his room and slammed the door, the woman he loved was pregnant with his child but she hated him now and he didn’t know what to do.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 4d 16h 27m 7s
" aren't the one you can't keep a meal down, smell tomatoes without being sick, and wicked mood swings. I am. And it's possibly literally driving me mad," Willow hissed. In this case, she wouldn't keep it quiet. There was so much emotions and shock.

"I didn't want you out of my life. I wanted to try and be friends again, but there was that date part and all or nothing. Well, now...we will have a part of each other's life and what I wanted..."

She couldn't even finish the sentence. "Good night, Kane."
  Willow / Faust / 4d 16h 30m 44s
"I was told you were dating." kane yelled back and then he saw the test, "Wait what?" He asked taking it out of her hand and looked to her worried, "Willow... we're... you.. we..." he couldn't form a sentence but he was trying. "This thing? Is that what your calling our baby?" Kane asked her worried. "You act like I asked for this. Like I wanted to break up, that was you if you remember..."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 16h 42m 55s
"You've done enough," Willow somehow managed to say. Now there was just outright anger. She stood up and went to the door opening it. "Assuming I was dating when I told you I wouldn't. And now...we are bound for a long time."

She held up the rest to him looking both sad and furious. "Now you get your wish. Is that better now? I'm going to go throw up then hope this thing will let me eat."
  Willow / Faust / 4d 16h 45m 47s
Kane was in his room when he heard crying... he didn't realize he was across the hall from Willow. He knocked on the door, 'Is everything okay in there? Do you need something? I don't know whos room this is but if I can help just let me know." Kane was a nice guy and he had never done anything to Willow... just how it ended was killing him because he loved her so much.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 16h 56m 2s
The test was right there. Waiting for her and she couldn't confine in anyone, she hated this. As much as she loved him they didn't have that solid foundation to go back to.

Watching him she knew she had to just go. This was too much, they wouldn't get past this and she was all nerves.

"I'm heading off to bed, good night," Willow said to Lauren and Rhett to test.

Positive...of course.

Tell him or just go off, and figure something out? She didn't know what to do. Instead she just cried. This was a bloody nightmare.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 17h 1m 39s
Kane sighed, "Then shes just ignoring me because she hates me. Good to know." he ended up sitting on the dock writing with his acoustic guitar. She didn't want to be around him then he didn't want to be around her no matter how much it hurt. He sighed getting up, he was frustrated and it was driving him crazy. He pushed into the house, past Willow ignoring her.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 17h 10m 58s
"Kane, she told me she's not seeing him. Theyre writing together and like to work at coffee houses," Lauren said to him confused. "Someone reported that they were but she says she's not going to date for a while."

It shouldn't have been amusing to Thomas but it was. "Have faith."

Willow did return in time for the girls bedtime story, and she read Harry Potter to them before settling down on the porch with some water and crackers. Cracking open a book she sighed. This was insanity.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 17h 16m 25s
Thomas nodded, "We're having a movie night later for everyone, hurry back." Kane helped everyone clean up and watched her leave and when she was gone Thomas asked, 'how long have you been broken up?" Kane sighed, 'Three months... shes seeing someone... I'm talking to someone but its not the same... nothing is the same without her. Shes the girl that you lose and regret it."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 17h 26m 43s
Willow couldn't even state why she was so angry. She just was, and it was getting bothersome. Everything seemed to be gravitating towards that possibility.

With dinner served she mostly ate the salad and bread not having much of an appetite. At the end she excused herself going for her keys. "I need to make a run. I'll be back a bit later."

She might as well find out. Right?
  Willow / Faust / 4d 17h 28m 10s
Kane smiled, "It smells amazing in here." He said looking around, "Anything I can do to help girls?" He asked looking to them. He was always polite. Lauren nodded, "There are plates on the counter if you could put them on the table." Kane nodded, "That I can do." He wasn't talking directly to Willow but he wanted to. He wasn't going to make this worse.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 17h 37m 27s
"You said it was a weekend off with light writing. You people aren't very good about light words," Willow frowned. "I'll try it. And he needs to learn to listen to what I say."

Willow tried not to snap but it happened. She shook her head before going to help Lauren and with dinner. The smells like as both good but the tomatoes wasn't amazing.

Helping set dinner with one of the girls she answered questions about England and the tame words, her manner calm again.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 17h 40m 13s
Kane was playing princess tea party with the little girls in the living room and Thomas spoke, "I'll be with both of you... I promise you I won't leave you alone with him unless you ask me to. He is here to write just like you. He told me you have a boyfriend so your not interested in him so I understand that." He was just trying to be nice and Kane was just doing as he asked.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 17h 49m 18s
In this case she couldn't focus on the book, instead found herself finishing the song Thomas asked for. Taking the details and messages she found it easier than the musical.

Coming back in quickly she gave him a smile. "Done. Let me know if you like it or what you want changed."

That was the main reason she was here after all, he has wanted her to write for him and she'd need the funding for the immigration lawyer and battle.

"I'll do so. Kane and I was thinking of working on a song together. The fans would love that. Would you like to help?" He asked causally.

"Maybe..." Willow answered slowly.
  Willow / Faust / 4d 17h 53m 12s

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