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"My favorite is actually the bread and butter pudding. Sounds disgusting but it's remarkable. Black pudding is the most disgusting thing I've eaten," Willow smiled relaxing. To her this tasted like a Monday dinner. It was comforting though. "Really? It's the same as your meatloaf."

At last she was able to eat most of that without the wanting to throw up. It might come later but she was happy.

"Then we agree on that. So, I'll set it up and after the Grand Canyon I'll meet you in Vegas."
  Willow / Faust / 2d 16h 30m 54s
Kane nodded, "No social media... phones off other than pictures for ourselves... agreed." He said shaking her hand and taking a bite of the food, "I don't care what you say, thats damn good." He smiled to her, "I mean it... I didn't know you could make these... I would have been begging you months ago to do it." He couldn't help but sneak a peek at her midsection every now and then.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 16h 37m 8s
"That's all I wanted in the first place," Willow stated simply because without elaborating on the statement. Hearing the timer go off she stood up and took out the food with the hotpads. "These are more bland, traditional British food. The pudding is called flummery, steamed fruit and cream."

Did she want him to go? She thought on that.

"Grand Canyon is for my mates and i. We made that promise a year ago. And social media, attempting to make some public scene. Just a simple road trip. We talk about the big bits when we both agree, okay?"

she held out her hand for him to shake, looking almost formidable.
  Willow / Faust / 2d 16h 39m 17s
Kane nodded and asked, "Can I go with you?" he didn't want to impose but he would feel better if she had someone with her to watch out for her. Doing those things normally was dangerous.. but doing them pregnant was a million times worse. As soon as his fans found out she would be hounded by paparazzi and she would be showing soon... they had to figure this out.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 17h 2m 13s
"It is worth trying but not before this child is born. If there's going to be something small and demanding in a while, I will have my space while I can. And still mean to travel for work and leisure after. That I won't give up either," Willow said lifting her head. There'd be a lot to work out but it was better in the open.

"I mean to do what I planned when I came here the first time. I'm going to see the Grand Canyon, desert, and then from California up to Seattle. No amount of puking or peeing is going stop me this time."
  Willow / faust / 3d 15h 26m 4s
"I won't do that Willow. I grew up without a dad and I know what thats like. I won't trade our kid off." Kane said upset that she would even suggest the idea. "We can try living together but I want to know, what are your plans that you want to get done before you can't anymore... all those questions you asked the doctor.. you have me worried darlin'. "
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 15h 32m 34s
"These hormones are going to going to drive me mad, I already feel mental," Willow held her head in her hands. Christ she just wanted to get drunk but couldn't do that either. What could she do?

"I don't know...I understand where you're coming from, I do. If we never get back together and date others...that'd be a sitcom show," Willow bit her lip though she didn't move her head. She was so tired and stressed. "I suppose we could try that. I was thinking of just trading weeks depending on the schedules."
  Willow / faust / 3d 15h 36m 16s
Kane nodded, "I don't want any of the me only seeing our kid on weekends either. I want to be involved fully. Your not in this alone. I want to be there for everything even if we aren't together. The baby cries at night, I want to get up and help. That might mean living together and not being together... would you be open to that?" He asked seriously.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 15h 52m 30s
"I wish we didn't have to. Just go out of sight and be out of their eyes," Willow sighed, tracing the design on the counter. "No ring. That will make people think what isn't true."

Her mouth set slightly thinking of what they'd do. "I played those rules and I'm done with them. So, co parenting it s then."

it wouldn't be easy but she would do jt. Not that she wanted a baby in way right now.
  Willow / Faust / 3d 18h 24m 3s
"We're having a baby and soon we will have to tell my fans or its going to be a paparazzi circus. I was going to suggest you wear your ring again but I know its not what you want so I won't ask you to do it. in 6 months a baby will be here and we will have to learn to co parent even if we aren't in a relationship." he muttered looking at her across the table.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 18h 31m 37s
Willow gave a nod, having sent off a list that she converted. Already working on the ground beef she didn't respond much else. since finding out sometimes she had energy bouts otherwise it was a sadness.

Following the instructions on the tablet she placed it in the oven and took some of the pudding she bought from the British store.
Emailing the lawyers she sat down at the stool.

"What are we going to do?" She asked seriously.
  Willow / Faust / 3d 18h 38m 45s
Kane nodded, "I can try to help, I don't know much about cooking or anything but I can try. I mean the only thing I can really cook is pasta or a grilled cheese and the occassional steak or burger but I've never made a pie." He muttered seriously. He followed her and gathered the ingredients at the store and ended up back at her place. "So are these good?"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 18h 49m 30s
"That's alright. I asked mum for her recipe for minced pies and pudding so I'll have that. It should stay down. Thank you anyway," Willow answered politely turning away from the kiss. "You never did try any of that. Would you like to help? We can figure out what we're going to do."

They would need a plan and she'd need to figure out how to stay out of sight until this...child was born.
  Willow / Faust / 3d 18h 53m 31s
"Mexican place? Tacos?" he asked kissing her. He hadn't had mexican food in so long and it sounds good and it would steer clear of the tomatoes as long as they didn't order salsa or tomatoes on anything. "Or we can go for burgers and fries, its really up to you sweetheart." Kane was a gentleman at all times with her and now that she was pregnant he was being more careful.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 19h 3m 10s
"That seems like a good idea but I can't eat much and the smell of tomatoes makes me want to throw up. Shame..." Willow sighed. She wanted real food and not throwing up.

"Suppose I'll need to speed my plans up. I'll just work on that then," she said trying to pull her mind away. She hadn't even told him what she wanted to do and would need to hurry with.
  Willow / Faust / 3d 19h 9m 45s

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