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Kane chuckled, "My ears... I guess she does." he said looking down at the baby girl in her arms... she had his eyes too but he didn't say it out loud... he loved that little girl already. "Let daddy hold her for a moment." He said taking the little girl and smiling wide, tears threating the corners of his eyes. "Shes perfect... so perfect... I don't know how something this perfect is half of me."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 15h 22m 46s
It started to get bad around Christmas. She was three weeks shy of the time and was loathing pregnancy at this time. As a matter of fact after Christmas at Nana's with her family and his mom, just as people were preparing to go back home she felt the sharp labor.

All while her morning shower and persisted for some hours. On December 27th, after nine hours of labor Elyse was born.

Holding Elyse was both the most amazing moment of her life but also the most tiring moment. "She has your ears..." Savannah said tiredly, but happily.
  Savannah / faust / 1d 17h 13m 27s
"I love you more, I am just going to attempt to put Elyse's crib together." He said kissing her and rubbing his hand across her baby bump. "We have to call my momma later, she misses us." He knew his mother was mostly excited about the baby but he couldn't help but love her even more for it. She couldn't wait to be a grandma even though the baby girl wasn't due for 2 more months.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 17h 44m 5s
"Your birthday in our new house. Thanksgiving will be at Nana's...we can get a tree, too," Savannah said in excitement. It was not often she was home for the holidays and if she was it was an awkward family affair. Kissing him happily she gave a wide smile.

"I'm going to go take a nap now...I love you," she smiled to Kane. While Savannah could sleep she was going to sleep.
  faust / 1d 18h 8m 2s
"Our home... I never had a home before you... I mean I had my mom but she... shes not home. She was always working... with you... this is my first real home." He muttered kissing her seriously. Soon they were home and Kane was more than happy about that... they needed to relax and get the house together before the baby comes. He was so worried about everything.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 18h 27m 37s
"Um...two months? It can't be soon enough," Savannah mumbled before she chuckled. Once dressed in his shirt and pajama bottoms she kissed him softly. Savannah was sure that she was a monster half the time or whiny, she really was trying.

"Let's get some rest and go home tomorrow," Savannah suggested. "Our home...I never get tired of hearing that."
  Savannah / faust / 2d 19h 37m 56s
Kane smiled, "I know it will darlin'... I'm just a worry wort." He said kissing her gently on the lips. "Hows our princess doing in there? How long until your due date?" He asked seriously. His hands rubbing the sides of her belly. The little girl kicked his hand hard, "Damn shes got some strong kicks." He planted a kiss on her belly with a smile. He loved his girls.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 19h 46m 56s
"My mom told me 'children are pain '," Savannah said unamused, using her mom's Russian accent easily. "There's a whole lot more...I'm getting a little scared. But it goes away...I guess."

Savannah was happily ignorant when it came to this. She immediately went to take off the dress when they got into the hotel room. "It's going to be okay," she kissed him softly.
  Savannah / faust / 2d 19h 51m 7s
"The sex part I knew... your doctor already told us about that at your last appointment but I didn't know it would hurt you to go to the bathroom, I'm already sorry for that... I never wanted to hurt you." He said kissing her and putting her feet into his lap to rub them. He was an award winning country artist now and he didn't want to get drunk of high like most... he wanted to spend time with his fiance.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 20h 15m 37s
Savannah nodded, feeling easier at this point, though she was still tired and in pain. It wasn't going to ruin her last night of true freedom before there was the baby, adjustment, wedding and returning back to work. The afterparty was fun and the women were surprisingly supportive. The advice was a little scary though.

"So...apparantly...we're going to need to add some extra items to the list for the hospital. Oh God...did you know we probably won't be able to have sex for two months after she's born? Or it's going to hurt to pee," Savannah leaned back in the seat. Taking off the heels she made a happy sound.
  Savannah / Faust / 4d 18h 6m 19s
"Okay but if you need anything, you tell me." he said kissing her back. Kane couldn't help but be worried about her. The press were going insane for them... an engagement announcement and a pregnant belly to snap pictures of... they didn't know where to start. Kane led her back to their seats and he won everything he was nominated for that very night.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 18h 55m 29s
"They didn't have me? Even if my stomach is overtaking everything? It's fine. Just Braxton Hicks," Savannah kissed him softly taking off the short heels. "It's fine, we can stay, and for the after party too. I want to meet Old Dominion...I'm actually a fan."

Savannah kissed him again. Her was a good partner, she didn't like to bow out early no matter what.
  Savannah / Faust / 4d 18h 59m 31s
Backstage Kane sat down beside her. "The stage hand told me you almost doubled over... are you okay? The baby okay?" he stopped himself from saying our princess while other people were around. "Do you want to go home? We can go home... if I win anything else it will just get shipped home like that one will anyway." He said seriously. If she was in pain he wanted her to be comfortable.
  polkadotrocker / 4d 19h 9m 42s
Savannah was preparing with a lot of mental mojo before a Braxton Hicks. Sucking in a breath she moved against the side for a moment letting it happen. People asked if she was okay and she nodded before it cleared. On the second cue she came out along with him singing ignoring the kicking in her stomach.

This would be a spectacle, she was sure there would be comments but that was okay. She was here for him. After it was over she sat down wishing she could go home.
  Savannah / Faust / 4d 19h 43m 34s
Kane was on the opposite side of the stage waiting for his cue. He blew a kiss to her and mouthed, "I love you." When the music started he walked out and started to sing. The crowd roared to life. When it was time for her to sing Kane looked back to where she was supposed to walk out... he was so nervous that she would get nervous and run... she looked great in her dress too.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 4d 20h 37m 31s

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