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There was that line gone and she didn't feel bad about that at all. Walking besides him she wrapped her arm around his waist happily. Once they were all inside ahe kissed him.

"I'm going to shower and change, then I'll be down to help with breakfast," Brie said happily, considering it had felt like a while. Kissing his cheek she went upstairs to do all that.
  Brielle / Faust / 3h 39m 7s
Kane chuckled, “Well that’s good after what we just did.” He said kissing her. He wasn’t one for kids...well he had never been around them so he really didn’t know. All he knew about kids was that when he did Meet and greets there were a lot of them and he picked them up and took pictures with them. If it was up to him and having one, he wasn’t sure that was for him.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 3h 57m 27s
"No, I'm on birth control...the one that goes in the fun place..." Brie gave a small laugh. She had an idea for some parts of a song, or rather, trade out some of his lines and place those in.

It was interesting to be talking about this now. She did gather her towel, she wrapped it around her body picking up her clothes. Two short weeks and they were close to this point.
  Brielle / Faust / 15h 14s
Kane nodded, "Birth Control.. we can get that." He said kissing her again. Condoms were the obvious choice but Kane bring single didn't have those. "When we go to the store we get condoms." He said kissing her neck again. Friends or more, he didn't know but did it matter right now? He didn't think so. Getting out of the pool he picked up his shorts, not bothering to put them on. "Shopping in twenty?"
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 15h 9m 28s
Brie gave a soft sound when he kissed her neck. He had this magic touch, and she was caught up. Moving a hand through his hair she wasn't sure where this would go but it was amazing.

Of all the times there was words for songs coming to her head. "I really hope so...and yes...I would like to and have birth control."

Her mom would not let her take anything to chance and right now would be the worst time for a child.
  Brielle / Faust / 15h 15m 36s
"I'll forget about it if you will." Kane said kissing her again, his hand pushing on the hem of her swim suit bottoms. This was his house... private property...if they wanted to do the dirty in his pool then they could. Kane held her, "You are really amazing." he said kissing her neck, not caring they were in the pool and their swimsuits weren't anymore.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 15h 33m 26s
"That you did," Brie mused keeping her mouth by his, wrapping her legs around his waist. They were getting into this rather heavy and she didn't mind, worse case scenario it'd blow up in their face.

"Maybe that line never really existed," she said and kissed him again knowing this would be an invite. Being impulsive was not something she usually did but this was that.
  Brielle / Faust / 15h 35m 3s
"You could make that look sexy." He muttered but was cut off by her lips on his again, he kissed her back, Swimming with her to the side of the pool as they kissed and using the wall to hold her up, his hands on her waist. "I was the one to say I love you too... but this friends line keeps blurring more and more and I don't want it to stop." He muttered.
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 15h 50m 27s
It was likely the moment catching up with her but she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him back. They were terrible at this, weren't they?Obvious attraction, friends already, and he was being so supportive.

"Yes, we kind of are. You did ask me out on the first day though," she chuckled and nodded. "That's the plan, for now, until I have to go for the Men in Black look."

Not sure what was overcoming her she moved again and kissed him again deeper this time.
  Brielle / Faust / 15h 54m 35s
Kane chuckled and splashed her back before diving under the water and coming up in front of her close before kissing her gently. "We're really good at blurring that friends line aren't we." He has his hands on her waist under the water, "So we're going shopping today and I'm going to take you to where I bought those glasses maybe find normal colored ones or a color you at least like other than the orange... I like orange."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 16h 37m 23s
"Other than the drool that was all over my hair, he's adorable," Brie said taking the ball. It ended up being a game of catch for fifteen minutes before he went to lay down on the side.

Looking sideways at him she splashed him playfully giving a wide smile. It had been hard to have fun recently other than the concert and this was fun.

Rambo didn't seem interested anymore.
  Brielle / Faust / 23h 25m 27s
Kane nodded, “I had the shades put in so I could do just this l. The sun is so bright sometimes and makes the water hot so putting the shades up helps and it keeps it cool in here and Rambo likes to swim even though he’s a fat tub.” He said tossing the ball again for the bulldog. “He’s 8 years old, I’ve had him his whole life, got him from a shelter when he was 8 weeks old.”
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 27s
Swimming to the edge of the pool she pushed the wet strands out of her face.

"Hey, sorry if I woke you up. I'm not used to dogs," Brie gave a smile before swimming back out again. Rambo plopped a ball down by her. Throwing the ball she looked to him.

Content in her bikini and the good weather, the low light was perfect. "This light doesn't hurt so's pretty out here."
  Brielle / Faust / 1d 26m 22s
Kane woke up to Rambo scrwatching on the door and found her note. Changing into his swim trunks quickly he walked outside, letting Rambo out as the bulldog jumped into the pool. Kane smiled seeing her, “Mornign swim...I like it. I do this sometimes too.” He muttered taking the steps down into the pool. “It’s refreshing and really wakes you up in the mornings.”
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 47m 1s
Brie gave a small chuckle, seeing Rambo already making himself comfortable on her bed. "Alright, I'll do that," she said noting the look he gave her.

There was that obvious physical attraction, there.

At least five in the morning Rambo woke her up to go potty. The light was perfect and it didn't hurt her eyes. Grabbing a towel and changing into a bathing suit placing an oversized tee shirt on.

Once Rambo was done with his business she left a note on his fridge that she was swimming she stepped out.

Rambo scratched on the door whining the moment she stepped out.
  Brielle / Faust / 1d 1h 6m 17s

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