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“Your going back to work pregnant?” He asked worriedly, “You look beautiful in everything baby girl, please don’t start thinking you look fat because you don’t, your varying our child, you look perfect.” He kissed her and ran a hand across her bump before smiling

“Promise me if your back to work that you will be careful and you won’t try to do everything just because you think you can and you cant because your pregnant.” Kane said worried. He was always worried about her, not a second went by that he wasn’t worried about Alexandria and the baby. “People magazine called I saw, what was that about?” He asked, as her manager she knew these kinds of things. “The baby again? Another offer for the first pictures and first announcement for her name? When will these people quit? I mean yes she’s going to be the most perfect baby on this planet but can’t we have a little bit of privacy?” He asked her sighing.
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[b "I'm so excited for the beach! But all I have are bikini's... Can we go shopping?"] she asked. She nodded when he mentioned training a dog on a tour bus. It would be a very difficult task for sure. [b "I love you."] she said.

She smiled up at Kane. [b "I figured we all three needed a good breakfast to start the day."] she explained. [b "Definitly wouldn't let Momma Brown miss that show. Anytime you need a ride or anything like that, just call. I'll get it all taken care of, I promise."] she said. [b "Sometimes being Kane Brown's Fiancé and Manager has its perks."]

Later on, Kane's Mom was headed back home to Georgia and Alexandria was doing some last minute packing. [b "I really have no idea what I'm going to wear to your shows. I look so fat."] she said as she looked through her clothes. She needed new maternity clothes or just to have this baby already. She was starting to became one of those cranky pregnant women. [b "Oh... So I go back to work officially when we get back to Nashville."]
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"Yep we go to Alabama and I play on the beach, it'll be fun. Yep, Rambo has been on the bus before hes just never been around another dog so I am not sure we could train a puppy on the bus with him but if you happen to find one you want, show me and we can go look and consider it." He said kissing her. He knew the Alabama show was for a humane society and there would be adoptable dogs and cats there.

The next morning he wandered downstairs and he smiled, 'I slept better than I have in a long time sweetheart. Thank you for making breakfast it smells amazing." He took his plate and kissed her cheek and smiled to his mom, "You heading out momma?" He asked and she nodded, 'Back to Georgia, but I hope I'll see you at the Atlanta show." Kane nodded, 'Yep your pass is already on the list and I don't think Alexandria would let you miss that one." He said taking a bite of the french toast, 'This is amazing babe."
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Alexandria just lauhed. [b "I'm sure she'll get a fair share of craziness from the both of us. Lord help her boyfriends."] she said [b "They piss her off or something, they better watch out."] She snuggled closer to Kane and nodded. [b "North Carolina will be fun.. Did I see that we go to Alabama too? I thought I seen it but I can't remember."] she said. [b "I wouldn't mind having another dog now.. But it would be way to hard having Rambo plus one on the tour bus. I wonder how he'll do? Has he ever gone with you before? "]

The next morning, Alexandria was the first one up. So she and Rambo headed downstairs to cook breakfast. Once everyone was awake, she was going to pack up what clothes she had left here to take on tour with her. She was really excited to watch Kane preform again.

[b "Good morning babe. How'd you sleep?"] she asked, seeing Kane walk into the kitchen. [b "I hope you're hungry."]
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"I'm surprised you didn't say shes going to get her crazy from her daddy." Kane said smiling, "But I can't wait... I'd already do anything for our little girl but tomorrow we are on to North Carolina for two shows and then Virginia." He muttered holding her. "Rambo is coming with us and maybe when Gabby is one we can get him a friend. I don't want to be trying to potty train a puppy and changing diapers at the same time. Unless thats inevitable. I just want it to be easier on you."

The next morning Kane woke up late but to the smell of french toast, his favorite breakfast, coming from the kitchen. He assumed his mother had done it but he rolled over to realize that Alexandria and Rambo were gone. "Darlin'?" Kane asked coming down the stairs wearing just his sweats that he usually wore. Seeing her and his mother he smiled, "Morning baby, morning mom." His mother smiled, "I'm heading hometot Georgia when you kids head out."
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Alexandria looked up as Kane walked into the bedroom. She couldn't help but smile. [b "I missed both of you so much.. I shouldn't have ever left."] she said softly. [b "Mhm."] She blushed as she felt Kane's lips on hers. [b "So where are we going tomorrow?"] she asked about the tour. She walked as Rambo moved closer to her belly. [b "Maybe once the tour is over, we could think about getting another dog? Friend for Rambo or something?"]

She nodded as Kane climbed into the bed. [b "Gabriella is going to be a mommy's girl, what're you talking about?"] she said with a grin. [b "She's going to have her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger, five minutes after she's born."]

She blushed once more. [b "I hope she has a spirit like her Daddy though. Fighting for what she believes in and wants, never giving up..."] she said as she snuggled closer to him. [b "She's going to be something, that's for sure. Having Kane Brown as her daddy, we're gonna be in for it."]
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Kane wandered upstairs seeing her petting Rambo’s stomach in bed, “He missed you as much as I did. He loves you too.” Kane climbed into bed to kiss her before going to change into some sweats. Rambo refused to get out of the bed, he was lazy but he also walked up to Alexandria’s stomach and pushed his nose against it and looked up at her. As if to ask what her bump was.

“That’s your baby sister buddy.” Kane said walking back in the room. He looked to Alexandria, “He was a pup when the accident happened but he had been Rae’s best friend, actually her birthday present so I’m not worried about him being good with our princess, I can’t wait until she’s here so I can spoil her an snake her a daddy’s girl.” He said climbing into bed beside her. “Gabriella Rose Brown.” Kane said touching her bump gently, “She’s going to be gorgeous like her momma.” Kane muttered and kissed her again. He couldn’t keep his hands or lips off of her.
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Alexandria smiled when she listened to his Mother. [b "That makes me feel better, honestly. I guess I just worry about waht people think way more than I should."] she said. She watched Kane's face change through all the different emotions when his mother said 'another granddaughter'. She reached up and gently rubbed his back. [b "It's okay. I'm right here."] she said, placing a kiss on his shoulder.

She nodded to his Mother. [b "Yeah, I'm exhausted. The plane ride and then the concert wore me out."] she said. She looked down and watched Kane mess with her engagement ring. She just grinned. She was so happy that it was back on her finger; for good this time. She said goodnight to both of them before heading upstairs. She would give Kane a few minutes to speak with his mother alone.

She changed into one of Kane's baggy tee shirts and crawled into the bed, Rambo right behind her. [b "Momma's boy."] she said, as she rubbed his belly.
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His mother shook her head, "Oh don't worry about that, I was 17 when I had Kane and by the time he was 2 his father was in prison. I know sometimes things don't work out the way you want them but I am happy that you two are back together and my grandbaby is going to have a set of parents who love her. Plus I get to spoil her. I can't wait to have another grandaughter." That comment hit Kane a little harder than it should have but he spoke, "Mom... Mom loved Raelee so much and well when I told her we were having a baby she asked if she was getting a grandaughter again."

His mother looked to him, "I'm glad hes talking about that now without all the negative. Its been years Kane." Kane nodded, "I know and I'm happy again." Kane toyed with the engagement ring on Alexandria's finger as they talked. He cradled her belly and sighed, "Momma its getting late we're going to head to bed for the night, tomorrow we're taking Rambo with us."
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Alexandria just grinned as she listened to Kane. She slipped the ring back on her finger and looked up at Kane. [b "I don't plan on ever taking it off, again."] she said. She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him, snuggling close to him. [b "I cannot believe that your wrote me a song..."] she said softly. [b "I love it... I love you."]

She held Kane's hand as they walked toward the door that was in the Garage. She grinned when Rambo came running toward her. [b "Ahh! My baby boy. I missed you so much! Momma's not gonna leave again, I promise."] she said as she rubbed his belly. She stood up and smiled when she seen Kane's Mother. [b "Hi! I'm Alexandria, it's so nice to meet you too!"] she said. She beamed as the woman glanced down at the ring. [b "The plan was to become a Brown before Gabby arrived, but I think it's best that we get through one obstacle before conquering another."] she said.
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"Of course you can have your ring back." he said taking it off of his necklace and slipping it onto her finger. When he finished singing he kissed her, "Thats your song... I know I wasn't the best at showing or telling you how I feel but I'm working on that."

At the house he unlocked the door, "Momma we're home." He said walking in with Alexandria, Rambo came running and jumped at her, "See he missed you." Kane said as his mother walked in the room. "Oh My Gosh Kane shes so much prettier than you said! Its nice to finally meet you Alexandria!" She noticed the ring on her finger and smiled, "So you asked her to marry you?" Kane nodded, "So far shes said yes, she doesn't want to get rid of me yet... I mean she is carrying my child momma." His mother laughed and said, "Yes she is and I can't wait to meet my grandaughter too."

His mother was sweet and easy to get along with, a typical southern belle.
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Alexandria glanced up at Kane when he walked back into the bedroom. [b "I missed you so much."] she said softly. [b "I'm really excited for this tour.. But I cannot wait until we're back home in Nashville and we can decorate Gabriella's nuresry."] she said. [b "We have a lot to talk about.. But we can get to all that later."] she said.

[b "Taylor mentioned that."] she said. She looked Kane directly in the eye. [b "Can I have my engagment ring back?"] she asked as she sat up in the bed, one hundred and ten percent focused on him.

Once Kane had finished singing, she was practically bawling. She was such a hormonal pregnant woman. It was awful. [b "You wrote that for me?"] she questioned. She just grinned. [b "I love you."] she said. [b "Snuggles?"]

Once they were back at the Nashville Country house, it was time for Alexandria to meet Kane's mother.. Wearing a pair of Kane's joggers and his VAN's tee shirt, because that was all she could find [b "I hope she likes me..."]
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"Momma knows, and she can't wait... she read me the riot act and told me if I didn't stop drinking I would end up like my dad so shes happy I've stopped and she can't wait to meet her grandaughter." He muttered kissing her and crawling into bed in his sweats. "Two hours to Nashville and we're spending the night at home and then we're on to Knoxville and then North Carolina."

He knew she had routed the tour but he was thankful now for the night at home and being able to bring Rambo with them. He looked to her, "I wrote you a song... well its my vows but I turned it into a song, its called Whats Mine Is Yours. Its not done yet but I'll sing it to you." He said looking to her and began to sing, "I wasn't lookin' when you caught my eye... just another town... just another night... He took in her looks, she was beautiful and her baby bump was bigger but hidden a little by his t shirt she was wearing, he loved her so much.
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Alexandria nodded and smiled softly. [b "I would love it if Rambo came with me. He could keep me company during your sound checks and all of that fun stuff."] she said. [b "You painted the nursery for me? I took all her furniture and things to Boston, they're in my apartment."] she explained. She glanced up at Kane and bit her bottom lip. [b "I missed you so much."] she said. [b "I'm never leaving you again.."]

[b "Go take a shower babe.. You kind of stink."] she said with a smirk. [b "I can't wait to get back to Nashville, even if its just for the night... Does your Momma know that I'm pregnant? I'm sure it was a shock, or will be a shock..."]

While Kane was in the shower, she changed into one of his tee shirts, as she didn't have any clothes. She would have to dig through some of the things she had left at Kane's house. She was snuggled up on the bed when Kane walked out of the bathroom.
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"hes with momma in Nashville but... we are driving back through tonight and we can pick him up.... I'm sure he would love to come with us and since its just you and me on the bus, we have room and hes a good guard dog. I want him guarding you and Baby Brown." He said telling the bus driver to stop off at their house.

Kane nodded, 'I would love it, if you would move back to Nashville. I'm going crazy there without you... I even painted Gabby's room the color you picked out because I needed something to distract myself."

The venue had ordered pizzas for them and Kane grabbed one and brought it onto the bus with them. "Theres a shower on the bus so I hope you don't mind that I take one... promise you won't leave?" He asked sitting his phone on the counter in the small kitchen area. "I texted mom that we are coming to get Rambo and shes excited to see you." He muttered looking to her, "You'll love momma."
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