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[h3 [center Lamonor]]
Large, yellow eyes with flecks of blue slowly opened in the darkness. The grayish beast slowly lifted his head with a yawn, showing rows of sharp fangs. The spine along his back was completely flat, showing his relaxed mood.
Lamonor, as was the name this dragon went by, slowly stood. His wings remained folded neatly against his sides as he stood to his fullest. The large dragon seemingly stretched, then started to move. Claws clicked on the hard rock, scales scraping lightly against the stone in the cave he called home. Lamonor was one of few dragons who did not call the massive Mount Draconis a permeant home, preferring a more solitude life away from the hustle and bustle of the mountain the Dragon King resided. Besides, unlike many, Lamonor didn't really mind the humans, even occasionally helping a few.
He soon reached the entrance of his gave, overlooking a small cliff to the outside world. The dragon's head lifted, forked tongue flicking out of his muzzle, testing the air. His eyes seemingly narrowed, pupils becoming thin slits. The spine along his back rose ever so slightly, but still remained mostly relaxed.
[b "Hm, these visions I have had...they have been blurry...hard to understand...then again I am no true prophet..."] he mumbled under his breath.
Lamonor released a sigh, smoke rising from his nostrils. His throat felt dry, thirsty. The dragon crouched low, wings flaring open. With a leap upwards, he was soon airborne. The beast circled once overhead, then quickly took off, his wings thrusting him forward.
It didn't take him too long before he soon came upon the small stream that ran through his territory. Once again Lamonor started to circle downwards. His back legs settled down, soon followed by his front. The large dragon slowly walked towards the running water, coming to sit down on his haunches.
He then proceeded to lean his head downwards, forked tongue flicking in and out, lapping up the cool water. Lamonor seemed unaware that he could very well be receiving a visitor, and quite soon.
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 2y 106d 5h 21m 24s
The punch to the stomach came as an extremely unpleasant surprise. Alanna had managed to block his sword with hers, the two of them trying to push harder to open the opponent up to deliver a blow. She had expected him to try and push her sword out of the way.

She had expected wrong.

The punch to the stomach, even though it had not been that hard, knocked the air out of her lungs. Not only was she left breathless, Alanna felt uncomfortable pain. Her sword fell with a clatter against the stone floor, her body followed her sword shortly.

Alanna fell on her knees, clutching the area around her stomach while groaning quietly. If this had been an assassin, a duel, or a battlefield, she would have died.

Instead, the person who had punched her in the stomach stepped back, lowering his sword. He watched her with silence, waiting for Alanna to stand back up. He felt somewhat sorry for pulling of such a move, but it was his job to teach her how to fight effectively.

Alanna slowly stood back up, somewhat shakily. Breathing had become a somewhat difficult, as with each breathe there was a small amount of pain accompanying it.

She reached down to pick up the wooden training sword, still hugging her stomach with one hand. Alanna gripped it by the handle, raising it up into the air as she pried her other hand away from the stomach and to the hand grip of the sword. She settled into the proper stance, but she was still shaking. Each breathe still hurt, and the shock from the punch still hadn't left her.

[b "Enough for today"]. Alanna relaxed, letting out a heavy sigh. She let the tip of the wooden sword rest against the ground as she slightly used it as a support. [b "You're doing well for your 6th training session. We'll make a fighter out of you yet."] Alanna managed to crack a small smile, even laughing a bit, which caused him to laugh as well.

Being a princess was not easy, but practicing sword fighting made it much easier. It was a sort of stress reliever from the day to day politics that occupied the castle.

After washing up, Alanna decided to take a ride on a horse. Saddling up a roan mare, Alanna rode it out.
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