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She stopped, jerking her hands back a bit. Even though he had tried to kill her, she was curious as to what his last words would be.

Well first off, Alanna knew that she would not be able to defeat Rhath. She knew that for her, he was much too good of a fighter. She knew that Rhath was completely correct in his words, she was way to weak. But all she had hoped to accomplish was delaying Rhath until Lamonor could come back around. That had been her strategy.

Alanna found shivers running up and down her back as she heard a familiar yet somewhat creep voice. It was Lamonor allright, but his voice was void of emotion. She did not dare turn around, never turn your back on a creature which had just wanted to kill you.

Her face turned into an expression of shock and pain as she felt her wrist being squeezed. She let go of the rapier, letting it clank against the ground. It was painful. But Alanna could not figure out why Lamonor did not end Rhath right there and then.

Lamonor let go of her wrist, and Alanna held it in her other hand, still feeling where the claws had squeezed into her hand. It made her feel a bit off balanced.

She jumped a bit as the sword on the ground zoomed to Lamonor.

And again, with that cold, emotionless voice. Alanna could hear Lamonor just turn around and start walking. What was even going on??

Alanna finally dared to turn around. She was still alive. But looking at Lamonor, she could feel her whole body sending shivers across the skin. She did not see a dragon, no majestic looking beast. Instead, there was some weird, dangerous, hybrid creature ahead of her.

Alanna followed, limping slighlty. SHe wasn't bleeding anymore, but there were many spots where her blood had dried into a crusty red/black stain. She still did not understand what was going on, it all felt weird.

But at the same time, weirdly, it felt somewhat familiar.

Alanna shook her head, she was having the weirdest of thoughts and feelings today. Was there something inside her that had begunto urge her on? That could not be, there was no way there was another creature inside her.

[+purple "Why?"] She asked this quietly, as if asking herself that question. But no doubt, it was loud enough for Lamonor to hear it.
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[h3 [center Lamonor - Rhath]]
The winged figure watched in silence, yellow eyes shifting towards the girl as she suddenly appeared. His tail slowly swayed one way, then the other. Clawed feet dug into the rock as he remained on the ledge.
Rhath coughed a bit, though was still grinning. His gaze shifted towards Alanna as she approached. His lips curled back, showing bloody fangs, [#8b0000 [i [b "Rather adorable how easily you think you have beaten me girly. Couldn't step in until ugly over yonder decided to play around with me."]]]
As if on cue, the figure had disappeared from the ledge he had been sitting on, only to be found right behind Alanna. His yellow eyes shifted down to her. Unlike before, his cold eyes were almost emotionless.
[b [i "Hellbeasts aren't so easily defeated, as Rhath has just stated."]]
The male that was Lamonor, suddenly moved, taking Alanna's wrist in a powerful clawed hand. He then proceeded to squeeze, hard, causing her to drop the weapon. Once it was let go, he released his grip, moving his clawed hand to the side, the weapon instantly leaping into it's master's grip.
Lamonor turned, starting to walk away, [b [i "Come human. Let us get those wounds healed."]]
Lamonor's nature had completely changed. Becoming a cold, and almost cruel manner. He never even offered the girl a helping hand, simply turning and walking away.

As for Rhath, the male stood up. He swiftly started to limp in the opposite direction, away from what had recently happened. The demonic male crawled out of the crater, quickly disappearing into the trees.
It was certainly not going to be the last time they would see or hear from Rhath.
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She really did not like what Rhath had said about where she should be from, it irked her that he thought her name was someone's who was from a 'brothel or such'.

But it wasn't that bad, considering that the other option would have even bigger consequences. She was not going to give away the fact that she was of royal blood, a princess. Rhath was obviously some sort of megalomaniac, and she could not even imagine what he'd do if he found out that she was a princess.

Less likely than not he'd probably kill her anyways, but who what these crazy people, or creatures, thought.

He was much taller than her, so Rhath had the height advantage. He was also a better fighter than her, but she only needed to stave off his attacks until Lamonor could get back in. When Lamonor got back in, then she'd be able to kill Rhath with Lamonor.

But until that moment, she'd have to hold on to her dear life.

As Rhath sprung at her, Alanna instinctively narrowing her body profile and darting out the rapier. Rhath nearly hit the blade, but managed to avoid it, but just so.

And then, Alanna heard his voice talking behind her. She didn't have time to do anything before she found herself kicked forward.

The impact against the ground was hard, and painful. It had felt like that punch to the stomach, but even worse. She felt soreness where her body had impacted the hard ground, as well as her vision heavily slurring and a ringing in her ears. All motions seemed to be slowed down.

That was it. There was no escaping her fate now. She was dead.

But death never came. She found herself still alive. Sure the world still rung while looking a bit slurred, but she wasn't dead.

And then came a terrifying thud as the ground shook. Alanna could feel the ground violently shaking as something nearby created a crater in the ground.

Alanna sat still. Something had happened, but what had happened she did not know. As her vision and hearing cleared up, she looked around. She could neither spot Rhath nor Lamonor.

She stood up, somewhat shakily. Grabbing the rapier, she limped her way over to the crater. It was a pretty bad limp, aside from her legs, arms, and face covered in a multitude of scratches. She could feel in some sports where her warm, red blood had come out onto her somewhat cold, white skin. She was in a wreck of a state, but something just compelled her to go closer.

Walking up to the crater, she saw Rhath lying in it. HE lay in a pitiful manner, somehow still barely alive and twitching.

Alanna walked up close to him, and she could see his head turning slowly towards her. Walking up so her feet could almost touch his body, Alanna raised the rapier tip pointed downwards, and held it with both her hands. She looked Rhath into his eyes, a look of determination in her eyes.

Alanna plunged the blade downwards, hoping to end this accursed beast once and for all.
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[h3 [center Lamonor - Rhath]]
He observed the girl. Orange red eyes watched as she picked up Lamonor's fallen weapon. Rhath's lips remained curled back in a grin, fangs showing.
[#8b0000 [i [b "So the girly's name is 'Alanna'. Name sounds like you belong in a brothel or the such. Heh, funny..."]]]
Rhath moved, his form continuing to tower over Alanna. The male's eyes glinted, almost deranged, [#8b0000 [i [b "This'll be fun. Still quite curious what color is gonna spill from your head. Most often the usual is red. But I've had a few with different colors."]]]
Then just as a few moments ago, Rhath launched himself at Alanna. It was clear with his movements, that he was not at all human. His body twisted as the rapier nearly struck him. The male stepped backwards, the sharpened edge slicing air.
Rhath once again was on the move. He was a blur, appearing right behind Alanna, [#8b0000 [i [b "Try again girly."]]]
Then with a well placed kick to Alanna's ass, he sent her sprawling forwards. Much like he had done to Lamonor, Rhath was hovering over her, a clawed hand reaching downwards to grab her by her hair. As his claws neared her head, the dark male suddenly paused.
His head turned, to only be met with a claws wrapping around his throat, and being sent flying backwards. Once again, a change had occurred. A tall, pale male stood now in front of Alanna. Tattered wings were on his shoulders, eyes devoid and cold.
Rhath coughed, blood leaking from the corners of his mouth. Yet as he looked towards the other male, a vicious grin was on his face.
[#8b0000 [i [b "Well woulda look at that, finally decided to let your 'uglier side' show now did ya?"]]]
The figure with wings was completely silent. Instead, he made not a sound. The male seemingly disappeared, then reappeared behind Rhath, bearing down upon him with wickedly curved claws. Despite the tattered looking wings, they appeared to be fully functional. The figure started to rise with Rhath in tow.
His wings beat the air, lifting him quickly and higher. Rhath was struggling, but as they rose higher, the air became heavier and harder to breath. Once reaching that height, the winged figure released his grip, whipping around, slamming his tail on Rhath, sending him crashing downwards into the ground.
Rocks flew upwards as Rhath descended into a crater made from his impact. The other male watched in silence, his wings flapping as he started to lower. His yellow gaze never left the pit. The breeze picked up, hair parting slightly, the shimmer of a gemstone embedded in the winged figure's forehead.
Appeared all attention was on the crater, waiting quietly.
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Looking around, Alanna could not spot Lamonor. There was no sign of the maginificent, grey scaled dragon. Had something happened while she had been making up her mind in spouting a bit of poetry?

Turning her head, she was momentarily blinding by the sun being reflected off something metallic. Upon closer examination, the metallic object was the blade of a sword; rapier, to be more accurate.

But that did not help explain where Lamonor had gone.

Continuing to try and discern the event she had missed, she noticed another detail which hadn't been there before.

The trees. There had been a patch of trees standing tall and proud, now lying on the ground. It was evident that a body had impacted against the trees, and the trees had caved in under the pressure of the body.

Alanna took a deep breath, picking up the fallen rapier. Personally, she felt unsure of what she was even doing, but something inside her urged her on.

The other guy popped back up, the one who had threatened to kill her. Well, he was both right and wrong about the 'mumbo jumbo' stopping him. It wouldn't stop him from killing her long term, but for the while it had stopped him from killing her.

Alanna did not know what had begun to possess her. She should've been out of this place long ago, but something compelled her to stay. The fire inside begun to build up, as if dying fireplace had crackled back into life.

Looking back at this Rhath, she smirked, even letting out a little chuckle. [+purple "Wanting to know me name, eh?] Alanna drew the rapier along her hand, feeling it, acquainting herself with how the weapon felt. [+purple "I suppose I'll humour ya. Me name's Alanna, and we'll see who's skulls is cracked by the end of this."]
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[h3 [center Lamonor - Rhath]]
Rhath grinned, showing fangs that belonged to no man. He suddenly sprung from where he had been standing, earth cracking beneath him from where the male had launched himself. The darker male's arms moved, nails turning into vicious claws, aimed to take hold of Alanna.
A gray blur appeared, a large tail swinging from nowhere. The tail slammed hard into the attacking Rhath, sending him flying backwards. Now standing before the girl, was another tall looking male. His hair matched the scales of the dragon that had once been hovering over her. As the air swept through, long bangs were pushed aside, revealing the gemstone in the new male's forehead, glowing brightly.
[b "You can be so predictable Rhath...typical brute class."]
The man moved his hand to his side, taking hold of a hilt, unsheathing a rapier. His yellow eyes shown brightly, the blue flecks becoming more prominent. The pupils were thin slits, nearly lost in the vast yellow. He moved into a stance, the point of his blade aimed to where the attacker had been sent flying.
Though just as soon Rhath had been tossed, the male was once again barreling forward. The other covered ground swiftly, becoming a blur. Even as Rhath came speeding towards him, the gray haired male seemed completely relaxed. He appeared to be waiting.
The black form of Rhath suddenly appeared right in front of the other, clawed hands clasped making a club, swinging it downwards towards the gray male's head. The gray haired individual nimbly side-stepped as the blow slammed into the ground, creating a powerful shockwave. In response, a tail once again appeared, wrapping around Rhath's body. The dark male was swung around several times, then was attempted to be thrown back again.
However, Rhath seemed to catch on, instead grabbing hold of the tail that had once wrapped around him. The male's eyes lit up, once again grinning, showing fangs.
[#8b0000 [i [b "Talking about being 'predictable' Lamonor, hellbeast got your tail."]]]
The gray haired male's eyes widened. What should've been Rhath being tossed, he instead found himself in that place. Lamonor felt his feet yanked off the ground, dropping his weapon. Rhath appeared to be enjoying the moment, swinging the dragon around just as he had done to him just a few moments earlier. Finally Rhath swung Lamonor several times, then let him fly off, crashing into several trees, causing them to crack and fall. He followed swiftly, soon on top of Lamonor. Rhath reached downwards, grabbing hold of the other by his hair, yanking him upwards.
Though the male paused, finally turning and hearing the girl. His eyes glowed brightly, the dark grin still on his face. His grasp remained on the dragon.
[#8b0000 [i [b "How cute, girly thinks some fancy 'mumbo jumbo' is gonna stop me."]]]
Rhath dropped Lamonor turning his full attention to Alanna. The male easily towered over her, [#8b0000 [i [b "Though I'll humor you before I crack open your skull; What's your name girly?"]]]

Lamonor remained laying in place. He felt claws dig into his skull, but was released. The dragon's vision swam, trying to recollect where he was, what had happened. He felt something warm running down the side of his head, blood.
His vision suddenly snapped back into focus as he heard Alanna. Her words, those words...
The dragon felt something stir in him. A part of him he usually kept buried. It was for the best to keep it hidden...only calling upon it when he absolutely needed it.
But Alanna's chant was seemingly calling to it. No, nonono, he didn't need it just yet...
Lamonor remained in place, struggling to keep it back. His gaze shifted to the girl, awaiting to see if she could answer Rhath, and perhaps maybe the outcome of what were to happen. Though the dragon was still ready to try and jump back into the fray.
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Alanna never got to hear what Lamonor had wanted to say.

Instead of hearing what Lamonor had wanted to say, she was treated to quite the sight.

Lamonor stood up to his full size, even swinging his wings upwards with enough force to create a somewhat strong breeze. The wings created a sort of umbrella, everything located under falling under the shadow of the closed wings.

What happened next, it involved plenty of heat. Alanna could not see where the heat had come from, but all of a sudden the air around had warmed up quite considerably. So much that her skin had felt somewhat uncomfortable, and it became somewhat hard to breathe.

The heated air dissipated as Lamonor opened his wings up, cool air flowing in and replacing the heated air.

Lamonor hissed, obviously extremely angry at what had just occurred. Alanna, on the other hand, was slightly jarred. Especially when a voice from somewhere stated that it had wanted to see her bleed from her head. That, that was the most frightening bit.

Lamonor's wings slided back, but the rest of his body was tense. His yellow orbed eyes grew into deathly slit as he looked out into the distance. As he gazed forwards, Lamonor unveiled his sharp fangs, which to Alanna seemed comforting for some reason.

Alanna followed Lamonor's gaze, trying to see what he was seeing. As his voice rumbled in an angry tone, she finally saw who had wanted to kill her.

She was confused. The person who had tried to kill her, they appeared human. But even though appeared human, they looked like a very evil one. Some weird red marking below their right eye, and both of their eyes were glowing in a somewhat unnatural colour. Their chest, there were so many weird looking designs in the same red colour as below the right eye.

Aside from hearing that the other person's/creature's name was Rath, Alanna had no idea who they were. Obviously they had some history between Lamonor and whoever this 'Acerbus' fellow was, a very violent history.

Alanna looked at Lamonor with a bit of surprise, she did not know that he could talk in her mind.

What Lamonor proposed was sensible, run and leave the fighting to someone who knew how to do it. There was no point in risking her own life with something that she had no idea how to fight.

But even though the legs wanted to run, the mind was of a different idea. A part of it awakened. A part which had been asleep for who knew how long, as if it were a beast slowly awakening. Alanna could feel her head pounding a bit, making her feel less afraid.

[+purple "Oft I strive with wind and wave,
battle them both when under sea,
I feel out the bottom, a foreign land.
In lying still I am strong in the strife;
If I fail in that, they are stronger than I,
and wrenching me loose, soon put e to rout.
They wish to capture what I must keep.
I can master them both if my grip holds out,
If the rocks bring succor and lend support,
strength in the struggle.
Ask me my name!"]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 146d 13h 34m 13s
[h3 [center A Sudden, Unwanted Guest]]
The large dragon continued to gaze into the water of the stream. His dim eyes showed little to no life. The spine along his back was completely flat now. The dragon's form was completely relaxed as he laid in place.
One of his eyes shifted as he noticed Alanna suddenly stand up, moving closer to him. Lamonor seemingly rumbled softly, but he still showed no signs of aggression. His yellow gaze watched her every move. It seemed she was searching for some comforting words, which appeared to be evading her.
The gray dragon seemingly made a huff, his eyes returning to stare ahead. His voice was low, [b "Not much can be said. Just that we..."]
Lamonor never finished. The large dragon was up in almost an instant. Gray wings unfurled from his sides, swing downwards to create a shield around Alanna as a fiery projectile seemingly hurled from nowhere.
The gray dragon released a soft hiss. The silver gemstone in his skull shimmered, starting to glow softly.
[#8b0000 [i [b "Aaawww, and here I thought I was going to see what color of juice was in here skull."]]]
Lamonor's wings folded back. His eyes were narrowed, pupils thin slits as he glared a short distance. The gray dragon's lips curled back, showing his fangs.
His voice was a dangerous rumble, [b "Rhath...I thought I smelled your disgusting hide lurking nearby. Acerbus send you I assume?']
The way Lamonor said the name 'Acerbus', it was clear whoever the owner of the name was, was someone the gray dragon loathed and hated. Either way, the stranger, Rhath, seemingly grinned back at the large dragon.
[#8b0000 [i [b "You know him too well. Well, you know, just coming to check up on you is all, maybe try and bash your head in while I'm at it. Should've figured you'd have a human with you."]]]
Lamonor snarled, tail lashing back and forth, [b "Leave the girl out of this Rhath."]
The dragon shifted his eyes to Alanna. He allowed his thoughts to reach out to her, his voice speaking in her mind [b ~A pity our meeting had to be interrupted. If you know what is good for you, you will run. I can stall him, I have dealt with this nuisance plenty of times~].
Now the girl would have the choice, the choice to either do as the dragon said, or stay.
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Lamonor had also settled down, his front legs also crisscrossing as he lay down, still facing her.

Alanna couldn't really understand with the whole 'closing of the eyes' deal, but she wasn't him. If it was his habit, then that was his habit. It wasn't like she could say anything without being hypocritical, for she had a habit of riding long distances away.

Apparently it was not sufficient for him to just answer the question. Lamanor went a bit into the background as to why his king, King Rigeulus Dahaka, held such a bloody grudge against her own kind.

It was all due to the fact that his mate, his wife, had been killed by humans. Alanna did not know how it felt to lose such a close loved one, she had never experienced such a traumatic event. But the way Lamonor talked about it made her feel sad inside, and somewhat frustrated that someone had killed the dragon queen.

What did not make any sense to her was why someone would kill the dragon queen if she had been trying to forge peace between dragons and humans. Dragons were destructive when they wanted to be, and wasn't it better to have peace with creatures who could create such a mess? Unless there were humans who didn't want peace with dragons, but only the annihilation of them as a species.

As to her second question, Alanna found it interesting that Lamonor had some connections which enabled him to lay low. It would have been interesting to find out who were those connections, but she didn't think Lamonor would just disclose them to any stranger.

Alanna was intrigued by what amends Lamonor was referring to. Alanna sort of wanted to press the issue, but she could sense that it was somewhat uncomfortable issue for Lamonor.

She nodded her head as all this newly leaned information bounced around inside her head. She sat in silence, starring off into nothingness. All this information, it was somewhat overwhelming to intake at once.

Alanna stood up, lightly dusting herself off. She slowly approached Lamonor, and put her right hand on his upper foot, staring into those yellow orbs. She wanted to say something, but opening her mouth she said nothing. She did not know what to say. She shut her mouth, feeling somewhat awkward.

If she kept silent, then this would continue to be awkward. But what could she say?

[+purple "I... I don't know what to say."]
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[h3 [center Lamonor]]
The large gray dragon simply continued to observe. Lamonor seemed to notice that the girl had taken note of his sudden alert behavior. In response, the beast tried to let his body relax. The spine along his back once again flattened. The slit pupils in his eyes rounded slightly.
Once again the gray dragon became quite curious. He watched as the girl slipped down, coming to settle on the ground before him. Lamonor seemingly followed, letting his front legs slip in front of him, laying down. His tail curled around his side, wings remaining folded against his sides. Though his head remained raised off the ground, looking downwards at the girl.
Alanna asked her question, guess he would have to humor her. Once again the dragon's eyes slowly closed. The gem in his skull seemingly dimmed to a dull glow.
[b "King Rigeulus Dahaka...he has had a grudge against man for only the gods and goddesses know how long..."]
The dragon's eyes slowly opened again. His gaze dwindled down to having little to no light, [b "Though I suppose one cannot blame him for the way he feels, having your mate killed in cold-blood..."]
Lamonor shook his head, sighing softly. Small wisps of smoke rose from his nostrils as his gaze wandered to running water of the stream.
[b "The Dragon Queen wanted nothing more than peace between dragons and humans. She was the one to keep that peace. There are a few dragons, like myself, who still wish to keep said peace. The Dragon Princess has been trying to carry out her deceased mother's wish, but I can imagine how difficult it must be."]
Hearing her second question, the dragon seemingly gave a soft chuckle, [b "True, the King isn't too keen with the few of us dragons who choose to keep a peaceful coexistence. However, I have a few connections that help with me keeping a low profile so to speak."]
Lamonor's tail swayed a bit. His gaze remained fixated on the water. His voice lowered, [b "Though, I suppose there is another reason for myself to help humans...however, I do not care to discuss about that. Let us just say it is in a way to try and make amends..."]
Alanna could either continue to press the dragon, who was clearly having a storm of thoughts in his mind, or simply continue on her way...
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Alanna did not really know what to think of the dragon's reaction, except that the dragon's actions were not hostile. It had first cocked its head slightly, looking at her in what appeared to be wonderment. The yellow orbs slowly diminished until they were nothing, replaced by a grey nothingness before the yellow orbs slowly reappeared and grew back to their original size; the dragon flicked its tail ever so slightly, but Alanna did not think that it was a hostile sign.

But she could be wrong, and maybe the dragon was just sizing up his next meal. She could feel her legs wanting to sprint, but her mind contradicted what the legs wanted to do. Her sprinting away could trigger a reaction from the dragon which would end up with her dying. It was not a happy thought, but it was better to die facing what was about to kill you than turn your back in run.

At least in this case.

And then the dragon bowed, it had lowered its head and angled it downwards slightly before raising it back up to its original height. Alanna breathed out, wondering what was going to happen next.

The dragon found her name to be an intriguing name. She didn't know what was intriguing about her name, but whatever kept the dragon talking. The dragon then started to mutter something which she could not understand before his voice came back as loud as before.

Since the dragon found her name intriguing, Alanna found his name, Lamonor, to be intriguing. It sounded a bit weird, rolling of the tongue somewhat unnaturally. But maybe this was due to the difference between how the dragons named themselves and how humans named themselves.

Lamonor's eyes grew into small slits as he looked around. Alanna also began to look around, thinking that maybe he had smelled or heard something. Alanna could not spot anything, and Lamanor kept looking around for awhile.

Finally, he turned to look at her once again.

Lamonor still was curious as to why she was out here alone. But at the same time he was right as to that she should better turn around and go back home before a second dragon came in and killed her.

But, Alanna was curious to one thing.

Alanna slowly sat down, crossing her legs in a practiced and elegant manner as she sat down. [+purple "I suppose I have one question. Just like humans, I guess that you dragons have a king. If the rest of 'your kind' kill humans on site, then why don't you? And doesn't that mean your king would be mad at you?"] Alanna was not complaining that Lamonor did not want to kill her, all she wanted to know were his personal reasons for doing so.
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[h3 [center Lamonor]]
Lamonor's head slowly snaked backwards into place. His long neck arched slightly in his movements. He gazed steadily downwards at the girl, simply observing. Once again his forked tongue flicked out to test the air. His eyes watched her every move, sensing her discomfort. Well, he couldn't really blame the girl, especially when considering his size. If he so chose, the dragon could easily use two of his claws to simply flick her into the distance.
However, she had given him no reason to show any hostility whatsoever. Lamonor tilted his head to the side in an almost curious fashion. His eyes blinked slowly, the tip of his tail twitching ever so slightly. The human had bowed? Quite strange indeed. So few humans really respected the dragons anymore, so to have one suddenly preform such an act was odd. Most often humans would either try to kill said dragon, or take off running in the opposite direction. Then again it did depend on the human.
Either way, the girl had bowed, so in return, the gray dragon lowered his head slightly in a bowing motion, before straightening again. The large gem in his skull seemingly shimmered, but then dimmed down again. He was quiet as the female introduced herself, clearly trying to be respectful.
The large beast seemingly nodded, then finally replied to her, [b "Alanna, an intriguing name..."] he trailed off, muttering something under his breath, but once again spoke loud to be heard again, [b "Lamonor is the name I have gone by."]
His head shifted, eyes glancing around. The dragon's gaze narrowed, pupils thin slits. He remained like this for several moments, but returned to look towards the girl.
[b "Still quite curious that you would be out this far. Perhaps it would be wise for you to return would be a pity for such a young thing to lose her life out here."]
Lamonor was being quite sincere. He thought he had heard movement, sensed someone else, but perhaps it was just paranoia.
[b "Though, I suppose I can spare a question or two if you have any you wish to ask me."]
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 2y 151d 12h 22m 13s
The gigantic creature moved, but not its whole body. It only raised an eyebrow, as if she were some odd, curious thing that it had run into. And the question the creature asked, two to be more precise, it made it further sound as if she were some odd curiosity.

Alanna didn't like the feeling of being compared to some odd curiosity, but she wasn't about to brook an argument with the creature. One did not mess with dragons, unless you wanted to die or skilled enough to kill it before it killed you. Alanna knew that she had no dragon-killing weapons on her, all she had was in relative terms a dinky little dagger when compared to such a beast.

She did not move as the dragon began to move to her. Alanna did not want to make any motion that the dragon might think as dangerous. If she pissed of this dragon, that would mean the end of her life as well as causing unnecessary pain back at home.

As the dragon approached, Alanna noticed the smooth, silver gray gem imbedded squarely in the dragon's forehead. She quickly squashed the thought of attempting to pry the gem off. She had neither the strength or the tools necessary to do such a task.

And then the dragon stopped, its head a mere few feet away from hers. One wrong move on her part, and she'd be incinerated.

The dragon spoke once again. It said how lucky she was to run into him, and not another dragon. Even though it was some sort of relief to know that she was not in any immediate danger, it was still shocking to know that she could have promptly died and never seen again.

The dragon kept staring at her. Alanna felt a bit unnerved by this, for it seemed as if the dragon was trying to place her from somewhere. It just made her skin crawl in an uncomfortable way.

And then it asked its next question. Apparently, the dragon thought it curious that she was far away from her 'nest'. At least that meant the dragon did not know her, for if it had known her it would have known about her habit of taking long and far rides.

Alanna let out a long, deep breath. Her heart was still beating hard within her chest, but it started to slow down as the tension eased. She kept staring the dragon into its eyes, mostly yellow with some flecks of blue within those yellow orbs with slits for eyes.

She stood up to her full height, somewhat of a joke when compared to the dragon's height. She bowed respectfully to the dragon, it did not hurt to be polite. [+purple "My name is Alanna. And what is yours if I may ask?"] Alanna decided she'd leave her title of "princess" and her last name out, she was not ready to trust this dragon yet with the information that she was of royal blood. Yes the dragon had not killed her, but that did not mean it might not and try and kidnap her.

She kept on staring back into the dragon's yellow orbs, waiting once again for the dragon's response.
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[h3 [center Lamonor]]
The dragon had his fill of the cool liquid. He slowly leaned upwards again, remaining settled on his haunches. Lamonor's tail moved, curling around his front paws. The gray beast lifted his head, the sunlight casting a slight shimmer as it reflected upon the gemstone embedded within his skull.
As gem dragon, the gemstone within his skull was what held his powers and magic. Though, if someone were to manage to carve it out, would they gain his abilities. Of course, they'd have to kill him first, which would be no easy task. Either way, his gem was a silvery gray and smooth.
His tail twitched now and then as he lost himself in thought. Though his thoughts were soon interrupted as a sudden noise brought his attention. The dragon's gaze shifted, head turning to the side. His nostrils flared, forked tongue flicking out of his muzzle. The sight he saw before him had the large beast raising an eyeridge in a questioning manner.
[b "A human this far out? And in dragon territory no less?"]
Lamonor soon found his head moving in closer to get a better look at the figure. Scales scraped against each other as he moved, the spine along his back flaring upwards slightly. Yet the dragon showed no hostility whatsoever. Most dragons would've taken advantage, swiftly moving to kill the downed human without even so much of a second thought. However, Lamonor was not like most of his kin. In fact, it was known that he had helped some humans before.
Soon his head was several feet away from the girl. His yellow eyes glowed, the flecks of blue standing out in the yellow. The dragon's nostrils flared again, breathing in deeply.
[b "Rather dangerous coming so far little one. Consider yourself lucky that you ran into me instead of one of my other kin. Not all dragons are as forgiving to the human race as I am."]
Lamonor remained looking at the girl with a raised eyeridge. There was something...about the female...he just couldn't quite put words to it...maybe it was nothing. Perhaps it was just his lack of sleep as of late.
[b "Curious that such a young thing like yourself would be allowed out of the nest so far from home."]
There were things that even Lamonor did not quite understand about humans. Hard to keep in mind the many differences, but so easy to remember the past, such as why many dragons hated humans. But he would not dwell on that.
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Even though wearing dresses was fancy and all, Alanna preferred to wear something more plain and durable when going on excursions. Aside from the fact that the clothes were likely to rip, more importantly it made her blend in more with the common folk; the best way to hide was sometimes to hide in plain sight.

She somewhat enjoyed it. People would glance at her, but then quickly turn their heads. If they had seen the princess, then the people would have gawked and stared. But the people saw what appeared to be just some messenger girl on a horse.

There was one downside to wearing such an attire however. Trying to get back into the castle was sometimes a hassle since the guards did not see a princess when looking at her, but another commoner. Invariably some heated words would be yelled out by both parties, until the commotion brought more guards down to see what the commotion was.

Getting out into the open, Alanna jerked the reigns very lightly and the horse accelerated from a trot into a full blown gallop. It was nice to once again feel the air as it breezed past her. Alanna closed her eyes and attempted to imagine the feeling of flying. This was hard to do, since she sat atop a horse, which in full gallop meant she kept moving up and down as the horse thundered along the empty fields.

With the sky being clear with a few clouds and the sun shining comfortably, Alanna decided that it would be worth to find a water source in case she became thirsty.

It took a while to find any form of water, but eventually she found some stream. The horse looked like it could also do with a drink.

But that was assuming that there were no surprises.

The horse saw the big, gray scaly creature with those yellow slits of eyes. The horse felt scared upon seeing this scary creature, neighing and rising up on its back legs.

Alanna wasn't expecting the horse to rise up on its back legs. She was in the process of dismounting when the horse had neighed and then quickly kicked its forelegs up in the air. She found herself tumbling down onto her side.

Alanna groaned as she stood up, clutching her side. Apparently it hadn't been enough for her to have been punched in the stomach, she also had to fall on her side.

As she looked up, Alanna spotted what had spooked the horse.

She was staring right into the yellow eyes of a grey scaled creature. [+purple "Shit...."] Her breaths slowed as she waited for it to make its move.
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