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[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
A sudden snort came from Xanthos. The snort soon turned into a chuckle, then full-on laughter. His tail uncurled from the leg of the chair, swaying left and right in rapid movements. The male's laughter lasted for a minute or so before quieting down to a snicker.
His yellow eyes landed on Alanna, a grin on his face, appearing even more so strange with his exposed jaws and fangs which gave no expression. So it appeared that only half of his face was able to show the grin.
His lashing tail slowed down to a twitch now and then. Xanthos' arms moved, crossing his chest. The male soon replied to her questions.
[#b22222 "Don't you think we have tried? You think we've just been sitting back on our asses while that hellbeast goes around killing smaller dragons, destroying nests of old and new dragonelles? Trust me, we have, and not everyone has come back from their encounter with Rhath. The few who did, well, they all say the same thing; [i 'Nearly impenetrable hide...resistant to our breath...'], and so on..."]
Xanthos sighed, the smile disappearing. A small stream of smoke escaped his mouth, eyes closing. He opened dull yellow eyes again. The male stared directly towards the rock floor. His tail ceased its movements, coming to a stand-still.
[#b22222 "The most we've done is give him some twisted enjoyment at our suffering..."]
The sudden sound of movement and claws clicking on rock came from the tunnel leading into the cavern. Soon, a gray, scaly head appeared. A frown appeared on the dragonelle's muzzle as she looked towards Alanna.
[#4682b4 "S-s-sorry you have t-to see me l-l-like this...I-I-I know I shouldn't b-be...b-b-but you can kinda s-see why I don't r-really fit in..."]
The dragonelle soon fully entered. Yeseo was indeed quite small compared to most dragons. Though, still a decent size when compared to a human. Yeseo came around, sitting down on her haunches nearby the girl. The frown still remained on the beast's muzzle.
[#4682b4 "A-are you feeling a-a-alright? Your w-wounds feel b-b-better?"]
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 2y 101d 14h 10m 10s
A complete transformation overcame Yeseo. The eyes simply exploded in size, fear and terror rooted inside her eyes. Yeseo's appearance turned into a frozen image of a gasping fish, even scales appearing on Yeseo's skin to make her appear more fish like.

And then Yeseo ran off. Alanna hadn't even had the time to turn around before Yeseo was out of this cavern.

Even though one question had been answered, that answer and its effects had given to even more unanswered questions. This day had started off weirdly, but it had gone down into something which Alanna would have never imagined would be possible.

At the same time, Alanna felt sorry. She had not wanted to cause Yeseo to act this way, all Alanna had wanted was to have maybe one or two questions answered.

Alanna turned to look at Xanthos as he began to speak.

What Xanthos said, it did not help to improve the situation. Not only did Rhath enjoy killing humans, he also enjoyed killing small dragons. But if Rhath was such a menace, then why did no one bother to kill?

Another question, another question left unanswered.

Alanna sat in silence, repeating everything Xanthos had said. This whole thing was less of a mess than when it had begun, but it still seemed as if it were a big mess.

[+purple "If Rhath is such a threat, then why not kill? Lamonor created such a perfect opportunity for that, but then let him leave. Why?"]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 106d 19h 3m 21s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
As Alanna uttered the name 'Rhath', Yeseo's shivering stopped quite suddenly. Her eyes were completely wide now, terror and fear evident. The female's mouth opened, but no words came out, giving her the appearance of a fish out of water, trying to find air for her lungs.
The skin along Yeseo's arms seemingly rippled as grayish scales started to appear. Her tail remained tightly curled between her legs. Yeseo suddenly stood, her chair squeaking softly as it scrapped against the rock floor due to her movement. Yeseo walked quickly, her voice barely audible.
[#4682b4 [i "I-I-If you will e-excuse me..."]]
She soon disappeared down the tunnel of earlier. From where she went, there was seemingly the sound of scales scraping, and claws clicking on rock. The noise of something which sounded like unfurling wings.

Xanthos watched Yeseo as she took off, disappearing. His yellow eyes shifted back to Alanna. The male slowly closed his eyes, exhaling a cloud of smoke.
He opened his yellow gaze again. His voice was low as he spoke, [#b22222 "Yea, that's him. Yeseo is deathly afraid him."]
Xanthos shifted a bit in his chair. His tail twitched ever so slightly, then snaked around, curling around a chair leg. The male seemingly leaned over, resting on his legs. The flickering light made him seem slightly eerie, but then who wouldn't feel unease at the sight of pure white bone exposed on part of another's face.
[#b22222 "Rhath is a constant threat to young dragons. Even the smaller dragons, like Yeseo, are not safe from him. That hellbeast has been hunting the young and small dragons for sport. As of recently, it seems he has set his eyes on Yeseo."]
The male shifted his weight a bit, yellow eyes glowing ever so slightly. The black pupils in his eyes were slightly rounder, [#b22222 "She has told only me so far that she feels that she is being watched when she goes out to gather her herbs and whatever else it is she gathers. I'm one of several Dragon Lords, so I cannot constantly be around here, but I try to keep an eye out on her. Yeseo was the runt of the clutch when she hatched, so she's a lot smaller and even her scales aren't as strong as most dragons."]
[#b22222 "And of course hardly anyone is going to listen to a little thing like Yeseo and believe her,"] Xanthos seemingly sighed as he continued, [#b22222 "I've known her for quite awhile now. She's the one who's been keeping my jaw from completely rotting away or breaking."]
He absentmindedly lifted a hand, running his fingers across the exposed bone.
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 2y 108d 14h 1m 45s
It had been interesting to see how easily Yeseo managed to multitask with both her hands and feet. The way her arms moved while the tail, as if it had its own mind, closed a jar was so smooth and elegant. Alanna wished she could do that as well, as it would so useful in some of the things she did.

Another thing of interest to note was Yeseo's reaction to when she had said Lamonor's name. Even though it was small, Yeseo had frowned for sure. Was Yeseo afraid of Lamonor?

For Alanna, it seemed as if everyone she had run into had some sort of history with the rest of everyone whom she had run into. But what the history that interconnected them, no one told her. For now, it would have to remain a mystery.

Yeseo directed her to rub the salve on her wounds, which would both speed up the healing of the wounds and prevent infections.

Alanna took some of the salve, and began to spread it out on her legs. It stung a bit, but this wasn't really pain that she couldn't bare. The problem was that the stingy feeling kept going due to the number of open wounds on her legs.

As she began to work on her right arm, Alanna heard Yeseo talking about Lamonor's brother having a jealousy streak. So Lamonor had a brother, a somewhat problematic problem.

Never mind the brother being problematic, it now seemed as if it were a very important problem. Acerbus, Lamonor's brother, had a habit of preying on humans. Alanna hoped she did not run into Acerbus, or she'd end up dead.

What hellbeast was Yeseo talking about? Whatever it was, it definitely put fear into Yeseo. Her tail went and tucked in between her legs, as that of a dog when it was afraid. Yeseo's eyes contracted into thin slits. What had the hellbeast managed to do that made Yeseo this afraid?

Xanthos stepped in once more, vowing to protect Yeseo from the hellbeast.

[+purple "Uh, this hellbeast. His name wouldn't happen to be Rhath..??"]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 111d 23h 45m 14s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Yeseo's tail snaked around, curling around the lid of a jar, then lifting it and returning it to cover the jar it had been settled upon. As she multi-tasked with her tail her soft eyes looked towards Alanna.
A small frown appeared on her face as she heard the name [i 'Lamonor']. She seemingly gave a soft sigh. The draconic woman set the other jar she had been stirring on the table near Alanna.
[#4682b4 "Just r-rub that salve on a-a-any wounds. It'll s-speed up the h-h-healing process. Should a-also keep away any infections."]
Yeseo soon pulled out a chair near where Alanna was allowed to work with what the woman had set out for her. Her tail curled around her side as she sat, curling around the leg of the chair. Yeseo used a pale hand to remove some of her hair from her face, tucking it behind an ear. Once she finished, she folded her hands neatly in her lap.
[#4682b4 "Lamonor's b-b-brother has always h-had a 'jealousy' streak s-s-so to speak."]
A sudden huff sounded from nearby. Xanthos had paused in what he had been doing. He had returned to his chair, but his red tail was lashing back and forth. The male's voice was a low growl.
[#b22222 "Not sure 'jealousy' is the right word there. Acerbus would rather see Lamonor dead."]
Xanthos' yellow eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits, [#b22222 "Acerbus has been exiled from the Dragon Kingdom for a reason."]
Yeseo has glanced towards the male. She seemingly gave a small nod at his response, her voice remaining soft, [#4682b4 "Y-Yes, often preying on h-h-humans for his own s-sick pleasures...b-b-but it's that hellbeast I-I-I worry about..."]
The draconic woman seemingly started to shiver. Her tail uncurled from the chair, instead seemingly tucking between her legs. The female's eyes showed a hidden terror. The pupils that had once been round and calm, narrowed into nearly invisible slits.
Xanthos glanced over to the short woman. His once lashing tail had slowed down, finishing with a final sweep to the side. The male exhaled loudly, a black cloud of smoke escaping his mouth. His once sharp eyes had seemingly dimmed down ever so slightly.
[#b22222 "You know I'll take care of that bastard if he even so much as tries to get near you Yeseo."]
  Dragoncita / 2y 113d 14h 5m 5s
It stung. Each time the cold, wet rag passed over an open wound, the fabric of the rag and some excess water would enter the wound. This caused pain, but it wasn't as bad as being thrown and then hitting the ground hard.

Alanna heard movement, and automatically looked around to see what it was.

Nothing of interest had happened. Xanthos had merely walked over to Yeseo, helping her by reaching out and grabbing a jar from one of the higher shelves.

It was a bit weird that even though Yeseo was being extremely helpful, she acted a bit shy and worried. Had there been some event that had impacted Yeseo in some way?

By the time Yeseo had come back with three jars, Alanna had managed to clean up most of the blood off her skin. There were a few spots of blood here and there on her legs, but it wouldn't that be too much of a bother.

Dipping the rag into the bowl of water once more, and then out and onto her legs. As she rubbed her legs again, Yeseo offered to some roots to chew to help dull the pain felt. Alanna did not take up on the offer for the pain wasn't bad.

When Yeseo began to comment about how she had found her place, Alanna looked upwards at Yeseo. [+purple "I did not find it. I ran into Lamonor, then someone tried to kill me and there was a fight. And then Lamonor sent me here. Simply put it, I've seen some things I've never seen before. And felt something.."] Alanna dropped off, still uncomfortable with not understanding what she had felt. This trouble could be seen within Alanna's eyes.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 115d 20h 48m 44s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Yeseo made her way, walking down the walls of shelves. She paused at a shelf. Her hand traced along the wall as her eyes narrowed. Her gaze shifted upwards towards a higher shelf which she appeared to be too short to reach. A frown came to her face, though it wasn't long before a shadow appeared behind her.
The draconic woman ducked, flinching ever so slightly as an arm reached upwards. Xanthos had suddenly appeared behind, reaching down another small jar she had been looking at. He lifted it downwards towards Yeseo.
[#b22222 "Here."]
Yeseo quickly recomposed herself. She used a hand to seemingly smooth out her clothes. The female uttered a soft thank you to the taller male, who nodded, and once again returned to his place at the other end of the table. Her eyes watched him for several moments again, then she soon returned back to Alanna.
She set down at least 3 jars down on the table near where the girl sat. Yeseo's tail flicked to the side a bit. She took one of the jars, opening it, then pulling out what appeared to be the roots of a plant. In another, there appeared to be a salve, then for the third it appeared to be a fine, silvery dust.
The draconic female's gentle eyes flitted back to Alanna, [#4682b4 "If you a-are in any pain, j-j-just chew one of those r-roots. They'll dull any pain you are f-f-feeling."]
Yeseo turned for a moment, using delicate fingers to take several pinches of the silver dust, sprinkling it into the salve. She didn't glance over as she then took what appeared to be a wooden spoon, stirring the dust into the mixture. The female's tail flicked to the side.
[#4682b4 "Though I-I-I am a bit curious on how you f-found my little spot here. Then a-a-again, these outer villages c-come to me from time to t-t-time."]
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 2y 116d 14h 58m 21s
The two of them had walked a short distance before coming up on a large cavern. Right smack in the middle of the cavern was a table with numerous tools spread out evenly across the table. Along the walls of the cavern hung some sort of lantern, many of them, which helped illuminate the cavern very well. In the cavern walls were shelves carved into the rocks, which held things from jars to other numerous things.

What Alanna could not understand why Yeseo stuttered. Had it always been this way? Or was it because Yeseo was afraid that a human had come? Either way it would make for one awkward question as she didn't really know Yeseo at all. But then again, what better way to start knowing someone than by asking awkward questions?

As Alanna looked around, she spotted someone else. His face, what had happened to his face? The right cheek, it was completely gone to reveal only bone. In comparison to the injuries on her own body, they seemed extremely light in comparison to his injury. It just looked so unnatural.

By this time, Yeseo had confirmed whatever Xanthos, the male, was holding was indeed the ointment. Xanthos then sat some distance away from her and Yeseo.

Yeseo turned her attention to cleaning up. That would not be a problem at all.

Sitting at the table, Alanna reached for the rag and wash bowl. Pulling it closer to herself, Alanna took the rag and dipped it into the water. Letting it sit there for a few seconds, she then took it out allowing the excess water to drip off. Alanna then squeezed it, getting rid of any extra excess water before starting to wash the blood of her body.

As she repeated this process, Alanna hummed tune quietly. It wasn't any particular tune, just some free form melody that was being made up.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 118d 23h 55m 11s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Yeseo continued to lead Alanna down the tunnel. She soon rounded a corner looking into a larger cavern. In the middle appeared to be a huge table, tools, and instruments laid upon the surface. Along the walls, indents seemed to create make-shift shelves which held ingredients and other things that the small dragonelle used. Make-shift lanterns were hung in places, helping light the large cavern.
[#4682b4 "I-It's alright,"] Yeseo replied, still holding the gentle smile on her face, [#4682b4 "I c-c-can work with both. Also n-nice meeting you Alanna."]
The short woman seemed to be rather timid, but when doing her work that shy nature was pushed aside. Standing further away near one of the shelves appeared a tall male. A long, red tail snaked out from behind him, hair a deep, fiery red. He turned his head, the appearance rather shocking. The male's right side, the jaw was exposed showing white bone.
Cold yellow eyes landed upon Alanna, the pupils narrowing into thin slits. However, he said not a word. Instead, his gaze returned to Yeseo. In one of his hands, he held a small jar.
[#b22222 "This wouldn't happen to be the ointment would it? Found it on the shelf here. Looks like the stuff you usually give me."]
Yeseo pulled a chair near the large table. She stopped for a moment, glancing over to the male. The smaller draconic woman walked over, taking the offered jar, looking it over. Yeseo nodded, smiling brightly, [#4682b4 "Y-yes! That's it! T-t-thank you Xanthos! You can go over there and apply it while I help Alanna here."]
As for the one called Xanthos, the male only gave a nod, taking a seat further away. Yeseo watched him for several moments, having a tender look in her eyes, before looking back to the girl.
[#4682b4 "J-just sit here please. I-I-I need to find a few other things. T-there should be a rag and w-wash bowl on the table if you c-c-could clean up a bit."]
  Dragoncita / 2y 119d 16h 35m 41s
It felt a bit weird walking up to the cave. She been expecting cold air to be coming out of the cave, not warm air. But that was what was coming out of the cave, warm air which felt pleasant.

Walking into the cave, Alanna walked a few stops before stopping. There was a fork up ahead, and each fork was a tunnel which led somewhere further into the cave. She didn't know which way to go, and she did not want to disturb Yeseo. It was Yeseo's cave, not hers.

Alanna looked from one tunnel to another, she thought she had just heard something coming from one of the tunnels. It had been very quiet, and it seemed that there were at least two dragons, most likely, who were muttering. But she could not be too sure.

And then there was a definite female voice talking about giving a moment. Alanna had no idea what this was supposed to mean, evidently there was some part of the conversation which she had missed.

And then the sound of footsteps began to echo. Alanna panicked a bit, her heart racing. She had no idea who would emerge from either tunnel.

It didn't look like the female with the tail wanted to kill her, which made he situation better. The eyes of the female looked a bit curious, a smooth blend of blue and copper eyes; it actually looked beautiful.

Alanna noticed the female's eyes widen as the eyes went over her body. The female was most likely trying to figure out what had happened that had led to her being covered in scratches and blood. There was an explanation, but Alanna wasn't really sure how the female would react.

The female, Alanna wasn't sure if this was Yeseo or not, asked her to follow. Alanna must have looked a somewhat unsure, for the female had turned around to offer her a reassuring smile.

And now Alanna knew with a certainty that this female was Yeseo. It was only polite to introduce herself.

Walking up to Yeseo, [+purple "My name is Alanna. And shouldn't I wait? It just looks like you're dealing with someone else as well..."]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 122d 22h 5m 6s
[h3 [center Yeseo]]
As Alanna would approach, a pleasant warmth would be felt emitting from the crevice. Once inside was a cavern, two tunnels leading in different directions. Towards one, two voices could be heard speaking.
[#b22222 "Missing something Yeseo?"]
[#4682b4 "I-I-I think I might've forgotten a-about your ointment...I'm s-s-sorry Xanthos..."]
Though the voices both grew quiet. There was a few mutterings before the feminine voice suddenly sounded again.
[#4682b4 "Y-yes! Just give me a moment!"]
There was the sound of movement. From the one tunnel, a short looking female appeared. A tail swayed behind her, eyes a gentle combination of copper and blue. As her eyes looked over Alanna, the female's gaze widened.
[#4682b4 "O-Oh! What happened? D-doesn't matter, please, follow me."]
The draconic woman then once again turned. She looked back towards Alanna. The female gave the girl a gentle, reassuring smile.
[#4682b4 "I'm Yeseo by the w-way."]
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 2y 123d 7h 21m 14s
It did not take a genius to understand that there were many things that could not be understood right away, or understand that maybe those unknown things would be revealed in the future at an appropriate time and place.

But Alanna did not feel frustrated or angry at Lamonor for saying the obvious. If an event had happened which had been normal, whatever that actually meant, then alanna would have been at least frustrated at Lamonor. But since the events which had just happened were not normal, and she was still in a state of slight shock, Alanna instead felt comforted by those words.

But then there was silence between the two of them. The only sound that could be heard were the two pairs of feet trudging along the road. Alanna felt it unnerving. But it also felt as if Lamonor was leading her somewhere with some purpose in mind. But hat the purpose was, would remain unknown.

And then he stopped.

Alanna stopped as well, looking around. Looking up, she blinked. She thought she had seen something flickering there, like some sort of light.

It was still there, flickering. Was it where Lamonor lived?

Lamonor did not live there, instead someone else lived there. Some dragonelle by the name of Yeseo lived there. A female dragon who practiced natural medicine since Yeseo wasn't a magic breed type.

Lamonor had turned around, looking at her before looking away. He walked towards her, just brushing past her as if she was not even there. Alanna shivered, the air around Lamonor had been cold. How did that even work? Was there some magic at work?

Lamonor had nothing else to say after saying what she should say to Yeseo. Lamonor just walked off into the trees hiding himself.

Well. Well. Alanna shrugged her shoulders feeling a bit hopeless. But there was nothing else to do except to go up.

It was hard to climb up. Some of the rocks were sharp, and they either cut against the wounds already there or made fresh new cuts.

Alanna eventually made her way up, arriving out of breath and bleeding in a few places. She made her way slowly to the entrance of the cave. She felt unsure of what she was doing, but there wasn't like she could do anything else.

[+purple "Hello...??"]
  NorthernWolves / 2y 125d 20h 34m 43s
[h3 [center Lamonor]]
He listened quietly to her as she spoke. His tail continued slowly sway from side to side as he walked along. The dragon's yellow eyes watched her for several moments, then simply returned to glaring ahead of him.
[b [i "There are many things that you nor even I understand. Yet with time, one eventually learns. perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye, things even that you are unaware of, but will learn in due time."]]
Lamonor continued to lead onwards for some time, before finally coming to a rest. His cold eyes glared towards a rocky outcrop. A crevice could be seen, light seemingly flickering from somewhere within the rocks. He never offered Alanna a glance as he spoke again.
[b [i "The gray dragonelle Yeseo lives here. She is a healer, but unlike many others, she relies primarily on herbs and the natural world around her since she isn't exactly a healer breed."]]
The draconic male turned, facing towards the girl. His yellow eyes seemed to glare straight through her. His gaze remained on her for several moments, then finally averted elsewhere as he started to move. Lamonor brushed past Alanna, a cold aura seemingly following him.
[b [i "Simply tell her Lamonor sent you to her. Yeseo will understand."]]
The dragon then proceeded to disappear into a darker part of the trees. He settled down on a large stone. His tattered wings unfolded, seemingly creating a cloak around his form. Lamonor's tail curled around himself. Soon, only a dark form could be seen where he sat, clearly trying to hide himself.
  Dragoncita / 2y 130d 14h 52m 51s
Alanna could feel the coldness in Lamonor's voice, it even made her shiver a bit from feeling as if she herself were cold. She hoped Lamonor's voice changed with a change in his form, for hearing his cold voice forever was something she did not want to experience again.

She was also surprised that Lamonor had managed to hear her voice, for she had mumbled it right under her breath. But Lamonor was not a human, he was an entirely different breed of a creature. Maybe they just had much acuter hearing than humans, which had allowed Lamonor to pick up on her muttering.

Alanna looked up, still only being able to see the back of Lamonor. His tail kept swishing from side to side, making a small dust cloud rise and float close to the ground. His wings, they looked like shredded cheese with that tattered look. His feet, they barely made a sound against the ground.

Since Lamonor had asked a question, it was probably a good idea to not keep waiting and answer. Alanna took in a deep breath, [+purple "I just don't understand it. It felt so weird..."]. Alanna clutched her own arms, trying to feel the feeling that had urged her on. [+purple "It felt as if there was something inside of me, something only beginning to awake from a long slumber."] She shook her head, confused by this whole mess.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 2y 132d 18h 14m 17s
[h3 [center Lamonor]]
Lamonor was completely silent as he walked several feet before the girl. In the back of his mind, he was despising every moment. The male despised everything about his current form. Yet there was little he could do until his 'nightmare form' finally wore off, which was anyone's guess when it would. There were times it could last for an hour or so, to even a couple of days. Usually when it happened, Lamonor would hole up in his cave, not leaving, not even for food or water. But unfortunately, he did not have the option.
It was his responsibility now to at least make sure Alanna was taken care of, wounds healed and body checked for broken bones. He knew they were close to a healer. One who would most certainly do a better job than him, since he didn't really work in that 'field' so to speak. Especially now while stuck in this form.
Gray claws barely made a sound against the earth as he continued forward. His tail trailed behind, swaying one way, then the other. The male's tattered wings were folded against his back. The glowing gem upon his head had once again become mostly dull.
Cold yellow eyes shifted backwards. He heard her speak, muttering under her breath. Yet with his hearing, to Lamonor it sounded as if she was speaking out loud for all to hear.
[b [i "You ask 'why', 'why' what if I may ask,"]] his voice remained cold.
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 2y 133d 15h 18m 56s

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