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If it wasn't for something glinting on Lamonor's head, most likely the gemstone, Alanna wouldn't have been able to spot him in the darkness. The sun had set sufficiently enough for a light darkness to start covering the world, and with it came the pre-chills of the night.

And yes, Yeseo had mentioned her brother Cernos. Just the mention of Rhath had sent Yeseo on a very emotional roller coaster through which Yeseo had to take time off to recover from it.

Another piece of a puzzle which Alanna had no clue about. All this information, Cernos living among humans to study them for example, didn't really make sense by themselves, made a bit of sense if paired with other information, but would only really make sense when pieced together with all the other bits of information.

Until then, Alanna would have no idea how the puzzle even partially looked like.

And yes, it was getting late which meant time to be getting home. Her parents had probably gotten extremely worried about her while she had been out here this whole time, not even thinking about her parents while fightning a hellbeast, learning that dragons did indeed exist, learning that dragons could switch between their dragon and human forms, being healed by a herbalist dragonelle, all the while staying out later then she had ever been out before.

[+purple "Yea.... I suppose that's right. My parents are going to be extremely worried."]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 5d 19h 6m 43s
[h3 [center Lamonor]]
The male's face was completely expressionless. His hair seemingly moved ever so slightly as a slight breeze swept through the area. A sliver of a gleam was seen as the gemstone glimmered ever so slightly beneath the mass of black hair. His long tail was curled on the ground behind him, the tip twitching ever so slightly.
[b [i "Yeseo, despite being the runt, really does try her best. In all honesty, I feel she outshines her other siblings. Oh, she more than likely mentioned her one brother, Cernos."]]
Lamonor's arms moved, coming to cross in front of his chest. Though there was still no sign of expression whatsoever on his features. His tattered black wings seemingly twitched behind him, but remained mostly folded, as best they could, against his back.
[b [i "Not many are sure what happened to him. Though he always had a fondness for humans. Cernos often lived among them, studying them,"]] he said. Though, the way Lamonor spoke, it was as if he knew this 'Cernos', probably knew more than he was letting on really. But it was difficult to tell.
[b [i "Rhath is a cruel, bloodthirsty hellbeast. You more than likely heard a great deal about him. Either way, I suppose we should get you back to your home Miss Alanna."]]
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 14d 1h 50m 36s
A single question, that had been Xanthos' answer. A single question, nothing more and nothing less. Alanna did not answer the question, maintaining a silence which answered yes.

The silence, it continued to drag on, was interrupted by a soft breeze. It lazily moved through some trees, a quiet swish as the tree branches bent with the wind.

But Xanthos still did not answer. But looking up at him, Alanna noticed he was thinking something. Or so she thought.

What surprised Alanna was that even though it had been cold, the air around Xanthos began to warm up. Not only that, his voice also deepened as he said his final say on this subject.

Even with Xanthos' wisdom, it seemed that he also didn't know the answer to her question. It sounded somewhat similar to what Lamonor had said to her, especially that last bit about "in due time".

For some reason, the fact that Xanthos had turned into a dragon hadn't thrown her off not a single bit. It seemed she was slowly becoming used to this crazy world of dragons.

With nothing else to keep her waiting, Alanna stepped forwards and walked to Lamonor.

She ran into Lamonor at the spot where he had left himself. Alanna could not understand whether he was concerned or not; she decided that he was being concerned, and that his current form did not allow him to speak with emotion.

[+purple "Everything went well with me. As to Yeseo, apperently there is quite the history there, and quite the history as it concerns Rhath."]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 21d 22h 31m 10s
[h3 [center Xanthos]]
The male had his hands in his pockets as he continued along. His boots made a soft echo as he walked, tail trailing behind him.
As he came to the main cavern, Xanthos' yellow eyes wandered towards the tunnel nearby. His gaze narrowed, glowing ever so slightly in dimness of the cave. He remained still for several moments, as if listening intently for something. Though, once seeming satisfied, did Xanthos start to move again.
His eyes shifted to the side as he noticed Alanna soon catch up, walking in pace with him. Xanthos was quiet, other than the echo from their feet treading on stone. Though the girl soon broke the silence, asking him a question. He listened, raising an eyebrow.
[#b22222 "So you felt 'something' huh?"]
It wasn't long before the outside world once again greeted them. Xanthos continued along, though soon came to stop once seemingly a decent distance from the rocks where Yeseo called home. A soft breeze started to blow through. The area around Xanthos seemed grow hotter. The male's yellow eyes started to glow brightly.
His gaze wandered back to the girl. As Xanthos spoke, his voice deepened, sounding nothing like before.
[#b22222 "Unfortunately, there is little I can offer to answer your question. However, perhaps in due time you will learn what it is that has 'awakened' within you."]
The male's form suddenly burst into flames, growing even larger. Moments passed, and the flames died down, revealing a massive red dragon. Xanthos now stood in his full glory, his size making it clear why he had shifted to his human form in order to just fit inside Yeseo's cave. The beast's head turned, showing exposed bone, a tattered griff with boney spines. Smoke escaped his nostrils, yellow eyes glowing brightly now. His wings unfolded from his sides, flapping a few times, stretching.
[#b22222 "Farewell human."]
Then without another word, the red dragon sprung upwards. Powerful wings beat the air, thrusting him into the sky. He circled once, then took off, soon becoming nothing more than a speck in the sky.
[h3 [center Lamonor]]
He hadn't moved a muscle. Tattered black wings folded back, revealing Lamonor, still in his nightmare form. Cold eyes turned, looking towards Alanna as she approached. His tail uncurled from around the rock he was sitting upon. Slowly he stood, his wings folding against his back.
[b [i "It is good to see that Yeseo still excels at her craft."]]
Lamonor tried to put some emotion in his voice, but it was honestly difficult to tell. He could be sincerely concerned, but the tone of his voice didn't sound as such.
[b [i "I hope you were treated well?"]]
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 28d 11h 35m 3s
At least there was one thing that both of them could wholeheartedly agree upon, that there were too many bloody mysteries.

During this whole time, she had completely forgot that someone had existed; Alanna had completely forgot about Lamonor. That wasn't the best way to treat someone who had rescued you from life threatening situation,and then had pointed to a place where there was someone who could heal the wounds inflicted in the fight.

Yes, Xanthos was right. It would be best that she returned quickly, for the night sometimes held even worse surprises than the day.

But as she began to follow Xanthos out of the cave, Alanna was still bothered by that one question that she had asked Lamonor. Would Xanthos have a better answer?

Unless she asked now, she would never find out.

Alanna ran up to Xanthos, walking besides him for a few seconds in silence before asking what was on her mind. [+purple "When Lamonor and I, Lamonor doing most of the fightning, were fighting, I felt something awake inside me.. I know it probably sounds crazy, but considering all the crazy things I've seen it and felt today, but it's something I have never felt before.. I was wondering if you could offer any insight."]

And after receiving Xanthos' answer, Alanna walked off to where Lamonor had been waiting this entire time for her. Alanna hadn't forgotten to of course say her goodbye and thanks to Xanthos.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 32d 3h 25m 37s
[h3 [center Xanthos]]
Xanthos seemingly gave a half-hearted chuckle. His tail slowly swayed one way, then the other. The male's eyes remained a dull yellow, pupils mostly round in a calm state.
[#b22222 "Too many mysterious if you ask me."]
He partially turned his head, eyes gazing towards the girl. A forked tongue slipped out of his mouth, testing the air. Xanthos' pupils seemed to narrow, if only for a second, before becoming more round once again. He sensed that something was either bothering the girl, or perhaps personal thoughts of her own which had surfaced in her mind. Either way, it was none of his business.
So, Xanthos rolled his shoulders back, yellow eyes shifting back to the tunnel. The tall male started to move, walking past Alanna. Though, he paused, glancing back towards her.
[#b22222 "It is getting late in the day. Night will soon come. It would be best if you returned to your home human. I'm sure Lamonor is still patiently waiting for you nearby somewhere."]
Then once again Xanthos started to walk. His red tail trailed behind him as he slowly made his way to the exit.
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 34d 11h 33m 39s
This little exchange had a big impact. Yeseo had calmed down enough, or so Alanna thought, to turn back into her human with a tail form.

But even though Yeseo had calmed down, she had not calmed down all the way. Her tail was still tucked in between her legs, her eyes began to sparkle a bit which meant tears would soon fall, and she kept biting her lips.

Oh great, not again. As soon as one thing happened, the after affects was more unknown knowledge. Now Yeseo told about her brother who had mysteriously disappeared. From one unknown to the next, how many more unknowns would she be running into today?

It's not that Alanna did not feel sorry for Yeseo. Alanna understood the pain of losing someone close to you, especially if the one was a family member. It's just in one day she had run into so many mysterious unknowns than she had in the past few years.

Xanthos walked up to Yeseo, and allowed her to cry into him. Alanna could only stand there and watch as Yeseo trembled and cried into Xanthos. It made her feel uncomfortable, as if she were watching something which she was not supposed to see.

And then Xanthos led Yeseo away before returning shortly.

Alanna listened to Xanthos, that's all she could do really. Listen and learn that Yeseo's brother was Cernos who had disappeared and never returned, and that Xanthos was afraid to tell Yeseo that Cernos might as well be dead.

[+purple "From one mysterious thing to the next... Never would have believed there would be so many mysteries.."] Alanna did have a personal mystery, but she didn't feel quite comfortable telling it to Xanthos, even though in her eyes it was possible to see she was mulling over her personal mystery.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 41d 20h 39m 8s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
The dragonelle's copper eyes remained fixated on the girl as she released her hold, backing away. Yeseo sat in place, then her form shimmered, shrinking downwards. Once again, she stood in her human form, tail tucked between her legs, copper eyes swirling to grayish blue, pupils round.
The short woman was seemingly biting her lip. Her round eyes shined, as if she was trying to keep from letting the tears she feared were going to fall.
[#4682b4 "M-My eldest b-b-brother often said t-the same thing to m-m-me...he w-was really the only o-o-one to a-actually care...about m-me..."]
Yeseo raised a hand upwards, wiping away the wetness from her eyes. She seemingly made a soft sound, but it was difficult to tell. It was almost like a sad whimper.
[#4682b4 "I-I-I wish...w-w-wish I knew where he went...I..."]
[#b22222 "Enough Yeseo,"] his voice suddenly cut through. Xanthos' voice was stern, but seemed to also hold concern.
He started to approach, easily towering over both the females. The red-haired male soon stood behind Yeseo. Xanthos lightly wrapped his arms around her.
Seemingly unable to contain it any longer, Yeseo turned around, burying her face into the male's chest. Her body was trembling uncontrollably as she sobbed quietly into Xanthos' body.
As for Xanthos, he seemingly sighed softly. He held the woman close to his body, then suddenly lifted her off the ground. His voice was quiet as Yeseo remained with her head buried.
[#b22222 "C'mon, you've had a long day and your tired."]
The red-haired male then disappeared, tail trailing behind him. He was gone for several moments, but soon returned to where Alanna still stood. Xanthos sighed again, reaching a hand backwards, rubbing the back of his neck.
[#b22222 "Poor thing always gets so emotional when it comes to her one brother. Yeseo and him were pretty close, since Cernos was the one to protect her. Whatever happened to him, no one really knows..."]
Xanthos' dull yellow eyes stared at a stone wall. His tail slowly swayed one way, then the other, [#b22222 "She keeps hoping he'll return...but all honesty, I think Cernos is dead...yet I cannot even think of telling her it, since no one actually knows where or what happened to him..."]
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 42d 18h 24m 28s
Alanna knew that her gesture had surprised Yeseo. Yeseo hadn't even attempted to hide the body going somewhat rigid, or the words that came stuttering out.

But then Yeseo relaxed. Her whole body went from being rigid, to being completely relaxed. This was good, since it meant that Yeseo at least somewhat appreciated this gesture.

Alanna made sure not to hug too tightly. She did not want to seem overbearing by accidentally choking her, which might have also triggered a responce from Xanthos since he was very protective of Yeseo.

Yeseo spoke up again, less shaky then before but still a light stutter persisting through the sentence. All this 'runt' calling ticked off Alanna, since the sole reason for this name calling was because of Yeseo's size difference to the rest of the dragons.

Carefully unwrapping her arms from around Yeseo, Alanna stepped back and met Yeseo's gaze. [+purple "For one, I don't think you are a runt. Sure, the rest of the dragons might call you a runt because of a physical size difference. But the impact you make as a per... I mean dragon, is bigger than they know."]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 47d 23h 34m 2s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Yeseo's body had trembled now and then, even as she sat. Her once grayish blue eyes were completely copper. The dragonelle found herself shifting her paws nervously as she waited for the answer, a soft rumble coming from her.
Though, the dragonelle was most certainly not expecting the sudden gesture. At first, her body went rigid as Alanna's arms wrapped around her neck.
[#4682b4 "W-w-what are y-you doing? I-I-I..."]
Yeseo seemed to be at a loss of words. Though as a few moments passed, her once stiff body seemed to eventually relax. The gray dragonelle's stammering trailed off as the girl held her in the light embrace around her neck.
Xanthos made not a sound. He seemingly glanced over out of the corner of his eye, but made no movement whatsoever. The male's tail seemingly twitched a bit, but that was the only sign of moving.
Yeseo seemed to have found her voice again, her voice still a bit shaky, [#4682b4 "W-why? I-I-I don't understand...I-I'm just a-a-a runt..."]
Xanthos seemingly made a snort at Yeseo's comment, but still said nothing. His yellow eyes locked onto the dragonelle's becoming a gentle, soft glow for several moments, then returning to the cold glare of earlier, looking in a different direction.
The grayish dragonelle noticed his look, but her gaze remained mostly on Alanna. Yeseo didn't make any movement, being extremely careful. It seemed, even though despite her small stature, she was worried about making one wrong move or step and hurting the one she had just helped.
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 49d 11h 39m 53s
There was one reason and one reason only why shy had asked that question. Alanna was truly ignorant to the whole situation, and all she wanted were answers to fill her ignorance upon the situation.

But the laugh that came out of Xanthos, did not make her feel as is was seeking answers. Instead, it made Alanna feel as if she were asking a completely stupid question. It was awkward to sit through Xanthos' long, and what felt to Alanna as a mocking laughter.

Even before Xanthos had stopped laughing, Alanna had partially curled up. She had tucked her chin, hugged herself, and partially tucked her legs into a sort of makeshift tail.

To be honest, she did not know what had been tried. She had only run into this hellbeast Rhath this day, and there had been no history talk. Instead there had been a fight, where there had been near killings.

And what the news seem all for the better, was that this Rhath was "nearly impenetrable". All manners of things had been tried, and not a single thing had worked.

Now that there was this piece, Alanna thought she could answer the puzzle of why Lamonor had stopped her; no sword would ever be able to penetrate Rhath's "nearly impenetrable hide".

And then there was the sound of constant clicking. Alanna turned around, curious as to what the source of those clicking sounds were.

What emerged was Yeseo, although in a somewhat different form. It wasn't a slightly different form, it was Yeseo in her dragon form. And even if she was small for a dragon, to Alanna Yeseo still seemed much much bigger.

Yeseo had no need to apologize, but the name Rhath had evidently spooked her beyond measure.

How much of a cruel person one was when even just the utterance of their name sent someone into some horror world inside their head.

Alanna did not answer Yeseo's question. Instead, Alanna's eyes wandered to Yeseo's face, and gazed at it. And even though the face was a draconic one, Alanna could still see the frown as well as a well of other emotions.

ANd then looking into Yeseo's eyes, Alanna felt something. As if a string instrument was being slowly strung.

Alanna found herself walking up to Yeseo, and hugging her.
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 53d 2h 24m 16s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
A sudden snort came from Xanthos. The snort soon turned into a chuckle, then full-on laughter. His tail uncurled from the leg of the chair, swaying left and right in rapid movements. The male's laughter lasted for a minute or so before quieting down to a snicker.
His yellow eyes landed on Alanna, a grin on his face, appearing even more so strange with his exposed jaws and fangs which gave no expression. So it appeared that only half of his face was able to show the grin.
His lashing tail slowed down to a twitch now and then. Xanthos' arms moved, crossing his chest. The male soon replied to her questions.
[#b22222 "Don't you think we have tried? You think we've just been sitting back on our asses while that hellbeast goes around killing smaller dragons, destroying nests of old and new dragonelles? Trust me, we have, and not everyone has come back from their encounter with Rhath. The few who did, well, they all say the same thing; [i 'Nearly impenetrable hide...resistant to our breath...'], and so on..."]
Xanthos sighed, the smile disappearing. A small stream of smoke escaped his mouth, eyes closing. He opened dull yellow eyes again. The male stared directly towards the rock floor. His tail ceased its movements, coming to a stand-still.
[#b22222 "The most we've done is give him some twisted enjoyment at our suffering..."]
The sudden sound of movement and claws clicking on rock came from the tunnel leading into the cavern. Soon, a gray, scaly head appeared. A frown appeared on the dragonelle's muzzle as she looked towards Alanna.
[#4682b4 "S-s-sorry you have t-to see me l-l-like this...I-I-I know I shouldn't b-be...b-b-but you can kinda s-see why I don't r-really fit in..."]
The dragonelle soon fully entered. Yeseo was indeed quite small compared to most dragons. Though, still a decent size when compared to a human. Yeseo came around, sitting down on her haunches nearby the girl. The frown still remained on the beast's muzzle.
[#4682b4 "A-are you feeling a-a-alright? Your w-wounds feel b-b-better?"]
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 53d 18h 39m 13s
A complete transformation overcame Yeseo. The eyes simply exploded in size, fear and terror rooted inside her eyes. Yeseo's appearance turned into a frozen image of a gasping fish, even scales appearing on Yeseo's skin to make her appear more fish like.

And then Yeseo ran off. Alanna hadn't even had the time to turn around before Yeseo was out of this cavern.

Even though one question had been answered, that answer and its effects had given to even more unanswered questions. This day had started off weirdly, but it had gone down into something which Alanna would have never imagined would be possible.

At the same time, Alanna felt sorry. She had not wanted to cause Yeseo to act this way, all Alanna had wanted was to have maybe one or two questions answered.

Alanna turned to look at Xanthos as he began to speak.

What Xanthos said, it did not help to improve the situation. Not only did Rhath enjoy killing humans, he also enjoyed killing small dragons. But if Rhath was such a menace, then why did no one bother to kill?

Another question, another question left unanswered.

Alanna sat in silence, repeating everything Xanthos had said. This whole thing was less of a mess than when it had begun, but it still seemed as if it were a big mess.

[+purple "If Rhath is such a threat, then why not kill? Lamonor created such a perfect opportunity for that, but then let him leave. Why?"]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 58d 23h 32m 24s
[h3 [center Yeseo & Xanthos]]
As Alanna uttered the name 'Rhath', Yeseo's shivering stopped quite suddenly. Her eyes were completely wide now, terror and fear evident. The female's mouth opened, but no words came out, giving her the appearance of a fish out of water, trying to find air for her lungs.
The skin along Yeseo's arms seemingly rippled as grayish scales started to appear. Her tail remained tightly curled between her legs. Yeseo suddenly stood, her chair squeaking softly as it scrapped against the rock floor due to her movement. Yeseo walked quickly, her voice barely audible.
[#4682b4 [i "I-I-If you will e-excuse me..."]]
She soon disappeared down the tunnel of earlier. From where she went, there was seemingly the sound of scales scraping, and claws clicking on rock. The noise of something which sounded like unfurling wings.

Xanthos watched Yeseo as she took off, disappearing. His yellow eyes shifted back to Alanna. The male slowly closed his eyes, exhaling a cloud of smoke.
He opened his yellow gaze again. His voice was low as he spoke, [#b22222 "Yea, that's him. Yeseo is deathly afraid him."]
Xanthos shifted a bit in his chair. His tail twitched ever so slightly, then snaked around, curling around a chair leg. The male seemingly leaned over, resting on his legs. The flickering light made him seem slightly eerie, but then who wouldn't feel unease at the sight of pure white bone exposed on part of another's face.
[#b22222 "Rhath is a constant threat to young dragons. Even the smaller dragons, like Yeseo, are not safe from him. That hellbeast has been hunting the young and small dragons for sport. As of recently, it seems he has set his eyes on Yeseo."]
The male shifted his weight a bit, yellow eyes glowing ever so slightly. The black pupils in his eyes were slightly rounder, [#b22222 "She has told only me so far that she feels that she is being watched when she goes out to gather her herbs and whatever else it is she gathers. I'm one of several Dragon Lords, so I cannot constantly be around here, but I try to keep an eye out on her. Yeseo was the runt of the clutch when she hatched, so she's a lot smaller and even her scales aren't as strong as most dragons."]
[#b22222 "And of course hardly anyone is going to listen to a little thing like Yeseo and believe her,"] Xanthos seemingly sighed as he continued, [#b22222 "I've known her for quite awhile now. She's the one who's been keeping my jaw from completely rotting away or breaking."]
He absentmindedly lifted a hand, running his fingers across the exposed bone.
  Yeseo / Dragoncita / 60d 18h 30m 48s
It had been interesting to see how easily Yeseo managed to multitask with both her hands and feet. The way her arms moved while the tail, as if it had its own mind, closed a jar was so smooth and elegant. Alanna wished she could do that as well, as it would so useful in some of the things she did.

Another thing of interest to note was Yeseo's reaction to when she had said Lamonor's name. Even though it was small, Yeseo had frowned for sure. Was Yeseo afraid of Lamonor?

For Alanna, it seemed as if everyone she had run into had some sort of history with the rest of everyone whom she had run into. But what the history that interconnected them, no one told her. For now, it would have to remain a mystery.

Yeseo directed her to rub the salve on her wounds, which would both speed up the healing of the wounds and prevent infections.

Alanna took some of the salve, and began to spread it out on her legs. It stung a bit, but this wasn't really pain that she couldn't bare. The problem was that the stingy feeling kept going due to the number of open wounds on her legs.

As she began to work on her right arm, Alanna heard Yeseo talking about Lamonor's brother having a jealousy streak. So Lamonor had a brother, a somewhat problematic problem.

Never mind the brother being problematic, it now seemed as if it were a very important problem. Acerbus, Lamonor's brother, had a habit of preying on humans. Alanna hoped she did not run into Acerbus, or she'd end up dead.

What hellbeast was Yeseo talking about? Whatever it was, it definitely put fear into Yeseo. Her tail went and tucked in between her legs, as that of a dog when it was afraid. Yeseo's eyes contracted into thin slits. What had the hellbeast managed to do that made Yeseo this afraid?

Xanthos stepped in once more, vowing to protect Yeseo from the hellbeast.

[+purple "Uh, this hellbeast. His name wouldn't happen to be Rhath..??"]
  Alanna / NorthernWolves / 64d 4h 14m 17s

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