The Psycho, the Girl, and the Ancient

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Roleplay Responses

She set up some high frequency alarms to keep them away then sighed slightly
  amyumino / 248d 8h 37m 54s
She sighed, and soon they were making dinner inside
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 8h 52m 6s
"I dont know but I have a feeling theres more",she says
  amyumino / 248d 8h 53m 30s
“What was that thing?” Cynthia asked her, confused about it
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 9h 2m 0s
'They attack by sound',she signed as she looked at them
  amyumino / 248d 9h 3m 10s
Cynthia stayed silent, as did the others, and they watched it run off, heading into the woods
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 9h 7m 40s
She watched it as she signaled them to stay silent
  amyumino / 248d 9h 11m 58s
The creature then slowly backed away, deciding to go elsewhere
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 9h 26m 14s
She glared and stayed silent as she looked at it then looked at everybody else
  amyumino / 248d 9h 28m 26s
The tall creature approached cautiously, knowing it could be shot in a heartbeat
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 9h 46m 29s
She seen a creature and cocked the shotgun and waited for it to get closer
  amyumino / 248d 9h 54m 0s
The other two stayed together and readied their guns
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 9h 56m 12s
She listened then growled as she looked around the ranch
  amyumino / 248d 10h 1m 40s
The tow grabbed their shotguns and looked around nervously
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 10h 4m 49s
She heard a howl noise then cocked the gun and looked around
  amyumino / 248d 10h 5m 32s

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