The Psycho, the Girl, and the Ancient

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Roleplay Responses

Cynthia’s body carefully opened the back door and they went outside, readying her shotguns for a necessary defense
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 8m 30s
Nods as she listened for the creatures and growled slightly
  amyumino / 90d 18h 14m 17s
Elise hid in a trunk near the back door, and the dullahan girl’s body came up to Amy and signed that they would have to be careful
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 23m 38s
She loaded them as well then chocked the shotgun and told Elise to go hide
  amyumino / 90d 18h 25m 8s
The girl grabbed her shotguns and loaded them silently
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 30m 32s
She signed a number of how many there were and looked at them
  amyumino / 90d 18h 34m 59s
She also grabbed a shotgun after placing her head on the table
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 36m 38s
She tiptoed to the Window and looked out it then grabbed the shotgun
  amyumino / 90d 18h 37m 48s
They all stayed silent, and they heard something outside.
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 41m 24s
She smiled as she thanked them and heard a noise then put a finger to her lips
  amyumino / 90d 18h 42m 9s
They gave her a decent helping, figuring she’d be hungry
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 18h 44m 19s
"Yes please",she says as she itched her neck, slightly glowing
  amyumino / 90d 19h 5m 9s
Soon the family was eating dinner, and they asked if Amy would like more food
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 19h 10m 10s
She said a traditional prayer in Na'vi and started to eat as she itched her neck
  amyumino / 90d 19h 18m 47s
She smiled and soon their dinner was ready, being pan fried chicken, biscuits, and mashed potatoes
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 90d 19h 26m 10s

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