The Psycho, the Girl, and the Ancient

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Roleplay Responses

"The hell was That?",she asks as she looked around then coughed
  amyumino / 247d 9h 24m 53s
The girls head bounced a little on the table, and eventually her body caught her head as it fell
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 247d 21h 5m 33s
She coughed add she finished the dishes then felt a slight tremor
  amyumino / 248d 6h 25m 4s
She smiled and looked around, but decided to place her head on the counter by the sink
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 6h 26m 54s
She went to help her then rubbed a hand through her hair
  amyumino / 248d 6h 29m 13s
After a bit, the girl picked up the dirty dishes and went to wash them
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 6h 33m 28s
She rubbed Hey shoulder as she ate get good then coughed some
  amyumino / 248d 6h 38m 34s
Cynthia put her head back on, and went back to eating
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 6h 43m 58s
She went back to eating as well then felt the wind blow on her face.
  amyumino / 248d 6h 46m 44s
The two soon went back inside and resumed their eating
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 6h 48m 22s
She itched her neck and reloaded the shotgun as she coughed some
  amyumino / 248d 6h 53m 26s
The dullahan popped open the break action shotguns and reloaded them for future use
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 7h 36m 57s
She shot the last one, blood splattering on her face
  amyumino / 248d 7h 39m 27s
Two of the creatures rushed at Cynthia, but she nailed both of them with a double barreled shot to their heads
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 248d 7h 48m 47s
She seen a creature run at her then shot at it and cocked the gun
  amyumino / 248d 7h 53m 33s

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