The Psycho, the Girl, and the Ancient

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Roleplay Responses

“How about I make some sandwiches?” She asked politely
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 4h 52m 35s
"A little",she says as she smiled some then coughed a bit
  Amyumino / 155d 4h 53m 39s
She woke up again, looking around as she yawned. “Hungry?” She asked Amy
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 5h 37m 5s
She put her coffee cup in the kitchen and sighed as she yawned some
  Amyumino / 155d 5h 41m 18s
After a while, the two fell asleep on the floor and on the couch
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 5h 49m 8s
She watched and Laughed slightly as she drank her code
  Amyumino / 155d 6h 7m 16s
Every time someone failed on the course, the entire group would burst out laughing
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 7h 51m 40s
"Ooh",she says as she laughed as she continued to watch the show
  amyumino / 155d 7h 52m 46s
“As in how funny is it when someone fall in the water on the show ?0
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 8h 46m 17s
She told her head in confusion as she looked at her then drank some of her coffee
  Amyumino / 155d 9h 26m 28s
“So, how amusing is it when someone messes up on here?” She asked Amy
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 22h 23m 23s
She watched as she heard the ringing in her ears again then coughed
  Amyumino / 155d 22h 30m 6s
Cynthia smiled and laughed each time one failed the challenge, which Elise found funny too
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 23h 16m 3s
She ate and watched the TV with them as she stretched slightly
  Amyumino / 155d 23h 17m 13s
The girl smiled and she sat down on the couch, turning on the television, and put on her favorite show, American Ninja
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 155d 23h 23m 56s

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