The Psycho, the Girl, and the Ancient

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She cocked the gun and growled as she looked around, her ears ringing
  amyumino / 174d 8h 11m 32s
The dullahan readied her gun, ready to fire at will if they managed to break through
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 174d 9h 32m 43s
She looked around as she heard the creatures banging on the door
  amyumino / 174d 9h 54m 8s
When she grabbed a reinforcement barrier, she shoved it into the doorframe, and raised it, making sure they couldn’t get into the door
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 174d 10h 51m 22s
She had a Winchester sawed off shotgun with a slide handle pump then looked around as she growled slightly
  Amyumino / 174d 14h 26m 24s
She started to shred the creatures like fat bags of meat with the machine gun
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 174d 14h 28m 35s
She shot a creature and told Elise to go hide then cocked the gun, a shotgun shell flying from the slot.
  Amyumino / 174d 14h 35m 53s
She popped off the empty magazine clip and put a new box of ammunition on the SAW machine gun
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 174d 14h 42m 21s
She chocked her shotgun and looked around as she heard noises coming from everywhere
  Amyumino / 174d 14h 43m 20s
She sighed and placed her head back in place, making sure her gun was ready
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 174d 14h 46m 36s
"Ah",she says as she looked around then rubbed the back of her head
  amyumino / 174d 14h 51m 21s
“They’re a group of elite soldiers that are sent for hostage recovery or taking a hostage that was an enemy soldier
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 175d 1h 43m 36s
She tilted her head in confusion then coughed some as she looked around
  amyumino / 175d 10h 49m 13s
“What is this, the Rainbow Six?” She asked, being honest
  Cynthia B Hedd / DoomGuy123 / 175d 12h 30m 22s
She cocked Her gun and let down some window shields then Looked around
  Amyumino / 177d 4h 22m 42s

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