Ink Or Sink

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Winslow, a former member of the Splatoon, watched the building from the outside, not sure whether it was a trap or if there wasn’t any type of nasty thing waiting for him for when he went inside, then he climbed up to the roof, looking for a way inside, then when he found the ventilation system, he smiled and began to make his way into the building
  Sgt Winslow / DoomGuy123 / 265d 11m 31s
The general of the Octoling forces was sitting in her quarters, on the side of a comfortable-enough looking bed. She had finished another battle only a day or two ago, and was getting the rest she oh-so deserved. It was nice to relax after conflict, especially when the conflict resulted in another victory. The building she was in was positioned in a lower area of Octo Valley, but away from normal towns and cities.
  General Allison / AskTheStaff / 265d 49m 56s

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