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Mackenzie simply nodded. [b “It’s not like I’m gonna let you go by yourself..”] she said. [b “I had an offer from Vanderbilt... Maybe we could look into that. I’m sure that if I end up picking that school, then my parents aren’t gonna wanna let me live in the dorms. So they would probably pay for an apartment or a house or something...”] she said.

[b “I’m gonna look for a summer job when we get back. That way I can help contribute too.”] she said [b “We just have a lot to figure out.”]

She looked up at him when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. [b “I love you so much... That’s not true baby. Even if I wasn’t in the picture, someone somewhere would’ve convinced you to try and sing..”] she explained [b “Lets go out for dinner to celebrate! My treat! I gotta spoil my man for winning.”]
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"You... you'd go with me?" He asked surprised. He knew she wanted to go to college and her college she had chosen wasn't in Nashville... he wasn't even sure he was ready for Nashville. He looked down at the card in her hand and the envelope of cash in his own hand. "I don't have the savings to move right now... lets see where this goes with calling that executive and maybe soon."

Kane was never one to think about the future like that, he didn't have the money to move even if they wanted to go. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. "Without you I would never have written that song... you really think its good?" He asked her again. he was so unsure of himself.

He needed food and a hard drink or his nerves from the contest were going to get the best of him... he didn't know what was wrong.
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Alexandria was grinning from ear to ear as she stood beside Kane. She knew that his dreams were finally turning to reality. They were moving to Nashville at some point, and she truly believed that Kane would be the next big one.

She squealed and began jumping up and down when she heard the Judge say that Kane was the winner. [b “Baby! You won! Goo!”] she said as she pushed him toward the stage, he seemed like he was frozen in place. [b “I’m so proud of you!!”] she said.

After Kane had walked back down beside her, she just wrapped her arms around him as she continued to jump and down. [b “I told you! I told you that you would win!”] she said as she leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b “Baby I’m so proud of you!”] she said. She held his hand as they began walking back to the hotel. [b “Soooo when’re we moving then?”]
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Kane was nervous and handed her the card so he didn’t lose it. “Babe am I good enough for Sony? Like hell what am I doing?” He asked overwhelmed. He had the best fiancé anyone could ask for but the thought of being a country singer frightened him even though it was exactly what he wanted.

The judges spoke and a man walked up on the stage. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts, he spoke, “the winner is...KANE BROWN!” Kane was shocked and wasn’t sure they had said his name until he felt his girlfriend nudging him forward. He had beaten out professionals and he was just an 18 year old kid from Georgia with a dream.

Walking up onstage he held up the prize envelope with the money in it and thanked the judges and everyone there including his girlfriend. He was in a daze...he had never won anything in his life.
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[b “wo!”] she screamed as Kane finished the song. She ran over to the side stage, waiting on him to walk down. She practically jumped up into his arms. [b “Kane. Baby. That was- you were- AHMAZING!”] she squealed.

She had her arm wrapped around his waist when someone in a pink button up walked up to them. He was smiling as he stuck out in hand to shake Kane’s. She stayed quiet, but watched the scene that played out in front of her. She wanted to squeal and jump up and down when Paine handed Kane his business card.

She looked at Kane when the man was gone. [b “Kane! He was from Sony Music - Nashville!”] she screamed. [b “Baby. He wants you to call him on Monday! Oh my gosh.”] She continued to have her arm around Kane’s lower waist as they stood to the side of the stage, it seemed like the judges were debating.
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Kane was expecting people to Boo him but when he was finished there was a roar of applause. Kane smiled and waved to everyone before he went offstage and found her arms. He was shaking he was so nervous even thought he had done it. A man approached them, he was wearing a pink polo shirt but looked like he didn’t belong at a beach club. “I’m Markus Paine...I work for Sony Nashville and Id like to talk to you, Call me on Monday, you have a future in country music.”

Kane was stunned but took the card and stuttered, “Thank You.” He had always dreamed he would sing as a career but someone that important liking him and thinking he was good was something else. He looked at Lex and asked, “What just happened baby?” He didn’t want to let go of her...he was too scared and the judges were debating the winner.
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Alexandria grinned and just shook her head. [b “If you loose, then we’ll go back to the hotel, and mope around for a bit! But no. Listen to me, Kane. That isn’t going to happen. You’ve got this!”] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “Kane. You have a voice like I don’t know what. You just need to relax. Breathe. It’ll be okay.”]

Once Kane was on the stage, her nerves were shot. She was so nervous for him. She knew that he would do great, that wasn’t the issue. But what if they judges didn’t like him for whatever reason? What if the music executives didn’t either?

She just cheered and danced around as Kane’s song played out. She still couldn’t believe that Kane had wrote that song for her. It was just amazing. She couldn’t wait to let her Mother listen to it when they went back. She would love it too
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If he won this contest there was a cash prize of one thousand dollars and there were executives from Nashville watching the contestants in this competition. Kane took a deep breath, "What if I lose Lex? What if I lose and make a fool of myself up there? I mean I'm not a professional." he muttered. There were professionals in this competition and the woman had told him when he signed up that he was the last entry.

He had a number on his pants pinned to it and when they called his name he kissed Lex on the cheek before walking up and being handed a microphone. "Hey Ya'll, well I'm Kane Brown, I'm from Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and this is an original song I wrote called, Last Minute, Late Night." He said into the mic and the crowd clapped for him as the track started. The executives stood off to the side watching.
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Alexandria grabbed her phone and sighed. [b “I should at least tell my Mother.”] she said. She kissed Kane’s cheek before she stood up and headed out to the balcony. [b “Hey Momma.”] she said. [b “No, I’m not coming home tonight.. I won’t be home until Sunday night. Kane and I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to the beach.”] she explained [b “No. I have enough money. We’ll be careful. You know Kane won’t let anything happen to me, Momma. I love you. Tell daddy goodnight for me.”] After she had gotten off the phone with her momma, she walked back into the hotel room and pulled her sweatshirt off. [b “Lets test out that hot tub.”] she said.

The next morning they were up early, as Kane’s slot was at noon. So they wanted to have time to eat a good breakfast, and it would take Alexandria a little bit to calm Kane down. [b “Baby. You can do this! You’re gonna go out there and kick ass!”]
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"Everything I do is for you... for us... our future... I can't wait to marry you darlin'." Kane said looking into her eyes, "Of course we can get ice cream, room service has a ton of flavors and they'll bring it to the room and then we can eat it in the hot tub." He said hopeful. He wanted to get in the hot tub more than anything right now and relax. Her phone buzzed on the night stand... it was his father a few times and her mother... they were worried about her... which they shouldn't have been. They both knew she was completely safe with Kane. He hadn't hurt her in four years and he wasn't going to start now.

The next day Kane was up early going over the song and making sure the contest had his track that he could sing a long to. "Baby are you sure I can do this?" he asked as as they stood on the beach in front of hundreds of people.

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Alexandria couldn’t help but grin when he said he would sing it for her. [b “I’m sure I’ll love it! Do you should just go on and plan to sing it for the contest!”] she said [b “Don’t eat my fries!”] she squealed with the biggest smirk on her face. [b “Can we get ice cream?”] she asked, batting her eyelashes.

She placed the plate over on the bedside table as she focused all her attention on Kane, when he was finished singing along with the track, she couldn’t help but grin. [b “Baby! You wrote that for me?”] she asked. That was one of the best songs that she had ever heard, and it was only the rough draft. [b “You definitely have to sing that at the contest tomorrow! You’ll for sure win if you do!”]

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “I love you so much.”] she said [b “I cannot believe that you wrote that for me.”2
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Kane looked to her, "I'll play you the song.. but you have to promise not to laugh darlin'." He muttered and kissed her, 'if you like it..... I'll do it for the contest tomorrow... or I can sing Let Me Down Easy... its up to you... remember that drum part that Gage was working on with me a couple months ago? I have the track now and its for the song I wrote for you... its nothing like what I usually do but its what I want to do... God I hope this music thing works out." He said rambling now as he got his guitar out of the case and stole a french fry from her plate and picked up his wine glass taking a sip of the wine. "I'm not a wine guy but thats pretty damn good."

He sat down in front of her and sang Let Me Down Easy for her before getting his phone and leaning the guitar up against the bed, "This is just the track so I have to sing with it... its called Last Minute Late Night."
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They walked down to one of the tacky gift shops so she could grab a cheap bikini to use for the next two days. It wasn’t anything special, but it would definitely serve the purpose.

She held his hand as they walked back to their hotel and she seen the sign. She quickly nodded at his question. [b “Kane! Representives from the music industry are gonna be there, plus one thousand dollars!”] she said. [b “What about the song you wrote for me? You still haven’t sang it for me.”] she said.

She was changing into her bikini when she heard Kane call that room service was here. She slipped back into his hoodie her body wouldn’t be on display before she walked back into the hallway. [b “Thank you!”] she said as she grabbed a twenty out of her purse and handed in to the young man. [b “You make sure to keep that now.”2
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Kane nodded and ordered the food smiling. They decided to take their walk on the beach first and get her a bikini and then come back to the room and eat. Seeing a sign at the bach cabana Kane sighed... "Your going to make me enter tomorrow aren't you?" It was a singing contest and the prize was a thousand dollars. He was good but he was nervous around anyone but her and he only knew how to play a few songs... the one he played for her graduation being one of them. He for sure wasn't prepared for it but he knew she would make him do it.

Once they were back in their room, Kane turned on the hot tub and heard room service knock on the door. Kane got the food and turned to her. "Food is here darlin' and wine..... I know how you like your wine." He muttered kissing her. They might have been young but they still knew what they liked to drink.
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Alexandria squealed as she felt Kane pulled her down on the bed. [b “Can we go walk on the beach after we eat?”] she asked. It was getting cool, so it would be hot at all. [b “We definitely needed a mini vacation. I don’t wanna go back to Georgia...”] she said. [b “Walk on the beach and then the hot tub.”]

She smiled as she watched him get up and go change. [b “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you.”] she said [b “You’re my forever.”] She was scrolling through Facebook as she heard him mention. [b “I want chicken wings and French fries!”] she said.

She curled up in the bed as Kane ordered room service. She laid there a few moments and then she sat up and walked out to the balcony. She loved the ocean. Her family used to do a beach vacation a few times a year, but then her dad couldn’t take off..
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