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Kane nodded, "That sounds like a plan... I saw some disney restaurants out on that little promenade that you don't have to have a ticket to go to... a nice dinner and then relaxing with my beautiful girlfriend... and that hot tub out there on the patio." He muttered pulling her down on the bed with him and kissing her hard. He needed this and they needed the alone time.

"Are you ready for dinner?" He asked her grabbing the keys again. "Yes we will bring Baby Brown here... I want our child to get to experience everything that I didn't get to do when I was a kid but wanted to do.. like go to Disney and go on field trips that cost money like the zoo... it might not have been a huge deal but we couldn't afford the 15 dollars to go on the field trip...remember I had to stay in school that day and ya'll went... it was hell for a 7 year old to be excluded like that." He muttered sighing. "Our child will not grow up that way."
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Mackenzie dreamt of what Baby Brown would be like. How they would look like. What kind of personality they would have. Would they be sporty or into music, or maybe even be the nerd of the group, like Mackenzie would.

She groaned softly when she felt Kane kissing her awake. When she realized what was happening, she couldn’t help but smile. The first thing she seen when she opened her eyes, was Kane’s face. And man, that was just something. She had never been so in love. [b “Hungry.”] she mumbled as she fumbled around trying to find her second flip flop. [b “But I’m okay.”]

She followed Kane inside and helped with the check in process as much as should could, though most of it had to be Kane, because she was still underage. Once they were checked in and went to their room, she just grinned as she looked around. [b “Maybe in a few years, we’ll be bringing baby Brown back to Disney.”] she said. [b “Well. We have two day passes. Do you wanna wait and go tomorrow morning, and then the next day? I’m sure we reserve the room for an extra day”]
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Kane nodded and smiled watching her drift off to sleep in the passenger's seat. "I love you darlin'." he muttered and continued the drive. He didn't wake her up until they were pulling into the hotel's parking lot. "Babe we're here." he said kissing her awake after he parked. "How are you feeling? We need to check in." He muttered. He knew she had reserved it in his name since he was 18 and she wasn't yet and you had to be 18 to book a hotel room.

Checking in he carried their bags up to their room and plopped them down onto the floor before laying down on the king sized bed. "Disney?" He asked her knowing that they had two day passes and he had never been there before... in actuality this whole trip had been his first real vacation as they had never had money to do anything like this while he was growing up but his mother had always told him someday he would get to go to Disney... she was right.
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Mackenzie smiled softly after she had realized Kane mentioned a promise ring. [b “How about you just suprise me? Like normal people do.”] she said [b “I know that I want a future with you, because I love you more than anything else in the entire world, except for Baby Brown. But I don’t want our entire life to be planned out by the time I’m eighteen”] She couldn’t help but feel so safe and secure when she felt Kane’s hand on her belly. [b “I haven’t thought of any names yet... Have you?”]

She nodded when he mentioned the dog. [b “We’ll start looking as soon as we move into the apartment. I definitely want to have a dog before Baby Brown arrives. Preferably get one a few months before Baby Brown, so we can train it and everything.. I definitely want Baby Brown to have one to grow up with though.”] she said.

She yawned slightly, leaning her head over against the pillow. She was tired for some reason.
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"How about a promise ring?" He asked her seriously. "I know we're young... I'm only 18 and we're going to be parents but I promise I'll be the best dad I can be." he muttered reaching over and placing his large hand on her flat stomach. "I know its too early for the baby to be moving but I can't wait... I never thought I wanted kids until one was already on the way...have you thought about names for the baby?" He asked driving.

He had thought about names... He wanted to name a daughter, Skylar and a son, well he hadn't decided on a boys name yet but he knew that he wanted the middle name to be Alan... like his... after his grandfather. The greatest man he ever knew... he died when Kane was 15.

"Maybe in Nashville we can get a dog too... I mean I've always wanted a dog and you said we could look around. I'd want a dog to grow up with the baby." He said looking to her but continued driving his truck down the highway.
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Mackenzie just grinned and nodded. [b “Yeah yeah.”] she said. She tilted her face to meet his and blushed slightly. [b “I love you.”] she said. She couldn’t help but snort when Sophia made the gagging sound. [b “Someone is just jealous.”] she sang.

She followed Kane out to the truck and she couldn’t help but smile when he all but lifted her up into the truck. [b “I could’ve gotten up here my self Babe. But thank you.”] she said. She quickly nodded when he mentioned the ears from Disney. [b “We have to get the ears! We have to get them and take a bunch of cute pictures. I want Baby Brown to know that mommy and daddy were really in love.. I want to document everything.”]

By the time they were on the highway, Mackenzie already had her pillow upfront and the blanket around her. Every now and again she would sneak glances over at Kane, while he was singing. She frowned when he mentioned the proposal. [b “I know you want to get married.. But I still can’t help but feel that it’s knly because of Baby Brown... Plus I’m only seventeen.”]
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"We both had a part in that darlin' but I'll take the blame." he said as his lips met hers again and he smiled as they kissed, "I love you Mac." He muttered and Sophia made a gagging noise that just made him laugh even more.

"Lets go baby." he said taking the snacks out to the truck and helping her up inside it. "Do we have sunscreen for disney? I know I want those ears they have... I know its weird but I've never been and I've always wanted those ears."

Soon they were on the road and Kane was singing along to the radio as he drove. "So... have you thought any more about marrying me?" he asked seriously. He still wanted her to be his wife... someday. "I know we haven't been dating long and no I'm not asking because of Baby Brown but I do love you and I do want to marry you." He hadn't meant to have this conversation. it just...came out. Kane reached over to hold her hand for a moment.
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Mackenzie just grinned. [b “I think it deficient hurt that you work a cut off, and you’re just so damn hot. All the girls were staring at you.”] she said. She looked over when he started talking about Nashville and questioning if they would like him or not. [b “Nashville is going to love you, just like Orange Beach did.”] she said [b “Yeah, you’re different. But I truly feel that it will only help you. Fuck what everyone else thinks.”]

Mackenzie was making sure all her electronics were in her backpack while Kane loaded their luggage up into the backseat of his truck. She had her sunglasses on, so she rolled her eyes when she heard Sophia’s voice. [b “Not that it’s any of your business. But yes. We don’t want to hit rush hour traffic.”] She felt Kane’s hand on her stomach and instantly calmed down.

She followed Kane into the kitchen. She would need more snacks so she grabbed two bags of Doritos. She seen Kane give her a funny look and she playfully rolled her eyes. [b “Thanks to you, I’m eating for two. So hush.”]
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Kane nodded, "I need a shower too... I saw the crowd babe.. I was more nervous that I would mess up than anything... what if Nashville doesn't like me? I mean I sing country music but I don't look like a country singer.... baby what if they laugh at me?" He was a worry wort and it wasn't helping him right now.

The next day the bags were in his truck for Orlando and they had eaten eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. Thanks to Lucy. "Leaving so soon?" Sophia asked them smiling. Kane's hand was resting on Mackenzie's stomach.

Kane ignored Sophia and kissed Mackenzie before grabbing a few gatorades out of the fridge and smiled to Lucy and gage, "We will be back on Tuesday and we can all go out to go carts or something." He suggested before they headed out. He knew they would need snacks for the road so he tried to make a small pile in the console of his truck. He was trying to be good and he hadn't had a drink.
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Knowing that she and Kane had only been together a little while, and he was already getting her name tattooed on his body, made her a little nervous. Yes, she was pregnant with his child, but who knew if their relationship would actually work out. She was happy that he was getting his mothers name though.

After Kane’s tattoos were finished, they decided that it was a nice night to take a walk on the beach. The sun had already set, so it was getting dark, but it wasn’t hot hardly at all. She had her arm wrapped into Kane’s as they walked down the beach. [b “I just cannot her over it. I mean, babe. Did you see how the crowd reacted to you? You were amazing up there on stage, a complete natural!”] she said. [b “I’m so proud of you.”]

[b “Once we get back to the beach house, I’ll wash some clothes and pack the bags for Orlando.”] she said [b “Will you help me straighten up the basement? I don’t wanna leave it a mess because then we have to clean it when we get back from Orlando. I need to clean out my Jeep for Gage and Lucy too.”]
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Kane smiled, "Tattoo after pizza and then we can look at the tickets and work on the hotel room... and I already have a few more songs... just didn't have the money to record them. It took gage and I six months to record Last Minute Late Night and he gets writer credits on it since he wrote all the music part of it, I just did the lyrics."

Gage was his best friend. After he ate almost 5 pieces of pizza and two refills of Dr. Pepper he kissed her, "Theres a tattoo shop here on the pier." It wasn't long before they were walking in and Kane asked how much a Rose with his mother's name and Mackenzie's name in it would be... the man offered him a deal, he would finish the microphone on his arm as well as the rose for two hundred dollars. Kane just nodded, "That seems fair, Tabatha and Mackenzie need to be in the rose." He said writing down how to spell the names before wrapping his arm around her waist.
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Mackenzie looked up from her phone as she was posting some of the pictures from Kane’s performance on her Instagram page. [b “I’m not getting ahead of my self. You won studio time. Which I think means that if you write a few more songs, you can release an EP, which then will help you get signed. Baby. This is just the beginning.”] she said [b “Plus, the faster you get signed, the faster you make money, which means the more I can spoil Baby Brown.”]

She nodded as she heard him list off the plan. [b “If it doesn’t come with a hotel room, I can book one. No big deal.”] she said. She couldn’t help but laugh when he said he was so hungry. [b “Babe. When are you not hungry?”] she asked.

She smiled weakly when he mentioned his Mother. [b “She’s looking down on you right now, which that big ol’ smile. I just know it. Kane, she would be so proud of you. Just like I am.”] She blushed when Kane mentioned getting a tattoo of her name along with his mothers. [b “It’s your money. But I think that would be just fine.”]
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"Baby don't get ahead of yourself... I won one contest." he muttered taking a sip of his Dr. Pepper... "Plus we have a baby on the way to worry about." He said. She wasn't showing yet and no one knew they were expecting a baby but they would soon.

"So leave tomorrow for Orlando and spend some time there... I don't know if the tickets came with a hotel room. You have the envelope, I didn't open it." He said knowing there was 3 thousand dollars cash in it as well as two two day passes for disney and the time that he had to be in Orlando for his studio time.

Soon their pizza was brought to their table and kane grabbed a slice immediatley. "God I am so hungry." he said chuckling at himself. His face book page was blowing up but he had no idea. "I can't believe two months and we will be living in Nashville and I won a singing contest... what would my mom say if she could see me now... wait... babe would you hate me if I took some of that money and got a tattoo for the two most important women in my life... my mother and you?"
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Mackenzie just grinned as she giggled. [b “Babe. It’s a five hour drive!”] she said. [b “But we can take your truck. Cause then I can be the hot baby momma in the jacked up Chevy.”] she said. [b “How about we go down to Orlando, check it out, figure out your studio time and then plan what day we’re going to Disney. I assume that we’ll at least stay down there three nights.”]

[b “You’re on the radio!!!!”] she screamed. She couldn’t help but smile as young children and teenagers themselves walked up to Kane and asked for autographs or pictures. Kane always already reaching these people, and that was just amazing to her. [b “I know I’ve said it a billion times, but I’m so proud of you.”] she said as she leaned up and kissed his cheek.

She slid into the booth and grinned over at Kane as she took a bite of a breadstick. [b “I’m so excited to see what the future holds now. Indefinitely think you’ll be signed by the end of summer.”]
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"You and I will go to Disney tomorrow if your up for it... its only an hour drive and we can take my truck and just cruise." he said kissing her.. "Okay the money goes for the baby then... we will need things for the baby." He muttered and people stopped them on their way down the pier, congradulating him and asking for autographs and pictures. The contest had recorded Kane's live preformance and the audio was playing through the speakers down the pier. Kane stopped, "BABY THATS MY SONG!" She said smiling wide.

He held her close and kissed her before Lucy snapped a few pictures of them and texted them to Mackenzie's phone. Once they were at the pizza section of the pier he ordered a jumbo cheese pizza with pepperoni and sausage on it as well as breadsticks for her since he knew how much she liked breadsticks. Lucy and gage ordered their own since they wanted other things and were treating it as a date.

Kane got their drinks and sat down opposite her in a booth, some younger teenage girls asked for a picture with him and an autograph which he signed. It was still weird for him.
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