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Character A's mom was a bit of a hoe and doesnt know who the father of her child is. Character A has grown up not really knowing or caring. That is til she turns 17 and finds out she is like candy for demons, a good luck charm if they can bed her, sweet blood if the drink her, and will bear the most powerful demon in the world if a demon has a child with her. It's all demons for themselves to try to win Character A's heart, kidnap her, bribe her, etc. Character B is a demon who may be in it for himself as a lowly half demon, or he may do it to spite his clan, or to use A's blood to save his mother. We'll find out more as the plot continues!

Plot twist! Character A has a twin!

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So she went by Ana instead of Anastasia. He smiled politely, [b "Nice to meet you, Ana."] he was realizing he still had a ways to go before he learned how normal teenagers spoke.

He listened to Ana's side of the conversation as she spoke with her sister and raised an eyebrow when she lied about what had really happened. When she finally got off the phone he looked at her, [b "Your sister?"] he asked curiously. He needed to find out more about her though he didn't think he'd have the time.

When the car drove up to them, he stood and watched as she interacted with her friend. He nodded to the two of them, [b "I'm just glad she's alright."] he answered. He waited for them to leave before walking down the sidewalk again.

He quickly headed back to the apartment before plopping down on the couch. He knew now for a fact that Haruto was right and Ana was the demon fruit and he knew he'd have to do better at looking out for her. He'd have to question the crow more when he got home.

Nate picked up Ana's file curiously and began leafing through it, trying to learn what he could about her. She was smart and she had a sister in the same grade. Did that make them twins or just really close in age? He found out she was on the lacrosse team but, he didn't know what lacrosse was.

He frowned to himself and sighed, [b "I need to find out more about this world.."]
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Zandria laughed a bit when he rolled his eyes at her comebacks. For some reason she enjoyed teasing him, maybe because he was her teacher and didn't just ignore her sass like the one before had.

Once she got off the phone with Ana, she quickly texted her the address of where she was at, [b "Well my sister and her friends should be here soon."] she mumbled. She wondered where they had gone and why they were still out so late. If they didn't get home soon they'd be snatched away by the search party their mother sent out for them.

She smirked at his comment, [b "I didn't need a protector to begin with. I would have been able to handle it if I absolutely had to."] she said smugly. Zandria was the one who'd broken the nose of the bully who'd been mean to her sister when they were in middle school after all. She'd been suspended for it but it was worth it.

She looked up when the car drove up and quickly stood up, [b "Thanks for keeping me company, Mr. Haruto."] she said before pausing and blushing at his comment. She shook her head and got into the car, [b "Thanks, Jay."] she said and turned to look at her sister in the backseat, she opened her mouth to ask what they had been doing all night only realize that her sister looked shaken, [b "What happened to you??"] without giving her sister enough time to answer she turned to Jay, since Kimiko was not in any shape to be scolded, [b "What happened to her??"]

Any fear she'd had left of the guy who'd attacked her was replaced with worry for her sister. Zandria was sure her arm might be tender the next few days, if not bruised, but she wasn't worried about it. It wasn't the first time she'd been grabbed by a creepy stranger, but it was the first time he'd tried to drag her away and had to rely on a teacher to save her.
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Haruto rolled his eyes at both of Zandria’s sassy comebacks. It was interesting to hear how her mother was protective of her daughter. He did wonder why Zandria worried her mother more though. Haruto hadn’t had time to meet the other sister and learn her personality, but Zandria didn’t seem to be too troublesome either.

Haruto was thinking about just offering to walk Zandria home when she finally got a hold of her sister. Glancing around the crowd at the club, Haruto was starting to notice a few faces that looked familiar. That wasn’t a good sign. For a moment, Haruto feared he might have seen his brother in the crowd but it was just his imagination.

He listened as Zandria got thru to her sister, requesting a ride from her. He smiled at Zandria once she was off the phone, [b “Looks like you’re not going to need a protector for much longer.”] Haruto explained, grabbing out a fizzy fruit drink from his bag from the store. He opened it and started sipping on it, shocked by the flavor and bubbliness of it all. It was nothing like the tea of the demon world. It wasn’t half bad though either.

Haruto stood guard of Zandria for maybe 10 minutes or so before a car pulled up. [b “They must not have been too far away,”] Haruto commented to Zandria. He kicked himself for not working in some more conversation during the wait for the car, but it was fine. He had plenty of other times to get to know the girl more later. [b “Be safe for the rest of the night, don’t make your teacher into a shining knight now, it doesn’t suite me.”] Haruto teased before letting the girl get into the car and walking himself home for the evening.
  Haruto / WingedEyeliner / 3d 2h 40m 9s
Anastasia’s heart fell as the boy agreed it was probably all just a dream. She really had to be crazy, wasn’t she? She didn’t want to hear him confirm her fears but at the same time she didn’t want to feel so alone or out of it either. She forced a smile though, nodding in agreement that it all had to just be a dream.

The guy introduced himself as Nate Ryuu. So formal for just meeting once in the night. [b “I’m Ana.”] She replied, not wanting to give out anymore information than was necessary to a practical stranger on the street. She looked around waiting for Jay to come get her. All she wanted was to go home and get some rest. It was much more wild of a night than she expected.

Nate pointed out that her phone was ringing. [b “Oh, yea I’ll get that.”] Ana picked up her phone as the screen flashed signaling there was a phone call. It was her sister calling, which wasn’t very good at all.

[b “Hello?”] Ana asked cautiously into the phone. She knew she was much too late returning home, her sister was probably calling to warn her that their mom was on the hunt for her.

[b “No, I just didn’t feel well. I was out getting some air, that’s all. Jay and Kimiko are out getting the car for me right now. I’m probably dehydrated or something.”] Ana made up a false story just to put her sister’s worrying mind at ease. She was shocked hearing that Zandria needed a ride herself.

[b “Yea, when Jay gets here, I’ll have him come get you.”] Ana didn’t want her sister learning what area of town Ana had been in, so it was better to just have Jay go to her sister. [b “Text me your address?”] Once her sister agreed, Ana hung up the phone. Almost as if on que, Jay pulled up the car and got out. He walked over to Ana relieved. Ana jumped up to her feet and hugged Jay, feeling safe with him there. Jay hugged her back, shocked by the sudden affection.

[+red “You must have had a scare there to be hugging me that tight,”] Jay commented lightly, smiling a little bit before Ana let go of him. Jay glanced to Nate, the stranger who had called him. [+red “Thanks for taking care of her.”]

Ana nodded in agreement her thanks for Nate taking care of her. She looked at Jay, [b “Can we pick up Zandria before we head back?”] Jay nodded before opening the door to let Ana inside. Ana waved a quick good bye to Nate and got into the car. She pulled her sweater back on and hugged an exhausted Kimiko in the backseat with her. The group drove off to go find Zandria.
  Ana / WingedEyeliner / 3d 2h 58m 6s
He hung up the phone and placed it back in her pocket when her friend said he'd be coming to get her now.

His violet eyes caught hers when she finally woke up and he sighed in relief, [b "Thank god you're awake, you really had me worried there for a bit."] he admitted.

He paused as she began mentioning the nightmare demon. He couldn't exactly explain to her that he understood what she saw and that she wasn't dreaming so he just chose not to say anything. It was easier that way for now. Besides, Anastasia had had a rough night already without adding the existence of demons to that. He knew from experience as a child that nightmare demons turned made you live your worst nightmares until they sucked you dry. Of course, he'd managed to get away with help too.

[b "It seemed like it was a bad dream. Try to relax. Your friends are coming to get you soon."] he reassured her. [b "My name is Nate Ryuu by the way."] he said with a small smile, trying to lighten the atmosphere just a tad and distract her from the shock and shakiness from the demon. In the future, he'd have to do better at protecting her.

He looked at her when her phone rang and raised an eyebrow, [b "Is that your friends calling again? I told them where they could find you so they shouldn't have any trouble."]
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Zandria grinned playfully when Haruto claimed the music was too loud for his tastes and shrugged, [b "Maybe you are old enough to be a teacher after all."] she teased. She couldn't really say she blamed him for that though.

She glanced at the bag and nodded, [b "That makes sense. I guess you're one of those helpless guys who don't know how to cook for yourself then?"] she asked, teasing again.

She nodded as he led her away from the crowd, [b "Really? My mom isn't exactly strict more protective. She's a lot easier on my sister than she is on me though."] she said with a shrug. Of course, Zandria gave her reason to worry more since she was always sneaking out or getting into trouble.

She checked her phone again only to chew her lip slightly when Ana never answered her message so she decided it might be the best idea to call her and see what was going on. It wasn't unlike Ana to ignore a text but this was actually important.

Once she found a clean and empty bench, she sat on it, motioning Haruto over with her. SHe wasn't sure she wanted his company but it was better than being alone and risking another creep coming after her again. [b "Come on, Ana. Pick up."] when she finally heard her sister pick up she sighed in relief, [b "I was beginning to think you were hurt or something. Is something going on? Are you guys still out?"] she asked. When she got her sister's answer she nodded, [b "Do you mind asking Jay to drop by and get me? Alex and Rika are staying longer and mom is going to kill me. Or you can tell me where you are and I can just head that way?"] It didn't matter to her. She kinda wanted to get away from this place with the creepy attacker guy from earlier.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 7d 19h 3m 25s
Haruto smirked as the man left Zandria alone. Haruto released his grip on the man and changede his eyes again to a normal eye color typical for a human. His pride dropped as fast as Zandria did to the street. What was wrong with her? Has she loss use of her legs? Haruto nodded, understanding that the fright of the attempted attack was overwhelming to her. He was thankful he stepped in when he did.

Haruto smiled as Zandria’s face loss the fear and switched over to confusion instead. She asked him why he was even there. [b “It wasn’t for the music, that’s for sure.”] Haruto commented. [b “Much too loud for my taste.”] Haruto motioned to the bag of convenience store food he had bought no more than 10 minutes ago.

[b “I was hungry, went out to get some snacks.”] Haruto explained. Zandria got up again to her feet, but Haruto was concerned on if she was ready to be standing on her own or not. At least thru this whole experience Zandria hadn’t truly been exposed to the world of demons yet. Was that a good thing or a bad thing though? Could be good since then Haruto could introduce her whatever way he wanted to. Or bad because she might reject it completely when she learns about it.

Haruto nodded as the girl explained that she had to get home before a curfew. [b “I know curfews all too well.”] Haruto commented sympathetically. [b “Had the whole time I was growing up. Very strict household.”] Haruto mentioned. That wasn’t even half the story but enough to get the conversation comfortable hopefully.

[b “Let’s move you out of the crowd then if someone is going to come pick you up.”] Haruto offered, putting his hand on Zandria’s back lightly to help guide her thru the crowd. [b “Best I stay with you til someone gets you. I’d hate for that creep to come back after you.”]
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The nightmare demon cried out in pain from being grabbed. It let go of its leech like teeth from Ana’s neck. It was already swelling in size and getting a bit less smoke like, thus more powerful from the blood it had ingested. However, it didn’t take much more than light to kill a nightmare demon. It was a very unequal match for it to be facing against a dragon demon. All it took was a bit of fire and the demon lost all chances of hiding in the shadows. It dissolved into powder that blew away in a small gust of wind crossing thru the alley way.

Jay on the other side of the phone line was relieved to hear a voice. After all the strange noises he had heard, hissing and such, he had been deeply concerned for Ana’s safety.

[+red “Hello? Oh thank god you found her, I’ll come get her right away.”] Jay felt awful as he started driving thru the city to pick up the poor birthday girl. Jay hung up the phone and used his phone to navigate towards the address sent to him. Kimiko at this point was more concerned for Ana than she was in pain due to her alcohol induced stomach ache. The two both shared sighs of relief to know that their friend was alright.

Anastasia in her own little dream world was relieved when the night mares stopped. She was yanked out of sleeping when tapped on her cheek. Ana’s eyes struggle to open for a few moments. They burned from crying and her neck hurt too. Ana’s eyes went wide as all of her memories flooded back to her. [b “There was a thing- a cloud of smoke. It had teeth- and yellow eyes. I swear to god I saw it!”] Ana said, jumping up to her feet and looking around to make sure the area was safe.

She stumbled from getting up too quickly and grabbed onto the stranger’s shoulder for a moment of balance. She groaned, feeling groggy and exhausted. She then realized who she was holding onto for support. [b “You’re that guy from earlier….”] Ana said, trying to piece her memories back together. Her mind was racing but at least her heart had calmed down. The area seemed safe, no smoke creature now tormenting her.

Ana touched her head, feeling her mind heavy and not like herself. [b “Oh god….”] Ana muttered before sitting back down again in the chair. She felt really sick all of a sudden. Thankfully she didn’t throw up, it was just her body rejecting the influence of the nightmare demon.

She rubbed her face and checked her breathing, trying to use equal deep breaths to calm herself down. Ana glanced over to the boy next to her. [b “You didn’t see that thing, did you? The smoke thing? You’ve gotta think I’m crazy.”] Ana asked, doubt of herself was in her own voice. Maybe she was crazy. The pain in Ana’s neck reminded her otherwise. She touched her neck and felt blood as well as numerous little wounds in a circle. [b “It had to be real. I’ve got marks from it. It’s not like a dog did this to me, right?”] Ana looked at the guy desperately, hoping for confirmation that she wasn’t crazy. She slumped back and slouched in the bench, her heart breaking as she feared her own sanity was fleeting. She glanced up to the night sky, not even wanting to hear what the guy was going to tell her. That she was insane.

Ana glanced towards the guy, awaiting his answer, a small broken smile coming across her lips. [b “I must have had some really strong drinks to be thinking any of that was real right? I think I just had a bad dream.”] She assured the guy, not wanting to hear that she was crazy. She was trying to cover up her insanity by putting it all on just a dream and some strong drinks. [b “Thanks for waking me up, it was a wicked dream I was having.”]
  Ana / WingedEyeliner / 9d 19h 5m 20s
Ignatius nodded politely when she refused his offer to help. At least he knew she wasn't completely gullible but it made things a little more difficult for him. He knew there were demons around, waiting for a chance to get to her.

He smiled, [b "Well if you're sure. Just be careful, it's late after all."] he warned, trying to remain friendly about it though.

He watched her walk across the street, obviously trying to avoid him and he couldn't say he blamed her. He remained where he was until she was no longer in his sight and went to follow the direction she took.

When he finally spotted her in an alleyway, a nightmare demon had already gotten a hold of her. [b "Shit."] he swore. He'd gotten to her too late.

Nightmare demons weren't that hard to beat but it had already sank it's teeth into a demon fruit, meaning, this would make things harder for him. He took to his demon form, growling, [b "Let her go, lowlife."] he said as he grabbed hold of it with his claws. He carefully pulled it from Ana, trying not to cause her more injury.

She was unconscious so at least she didn't have to see him in his demon form. He didn't look that different but with horns, fangs, claws, and fire, it'd be sure to terrify the girl.

He used a small amount of fire to kill the creature or at least wound it enough that it ran away. Hopefully it wouldn't have the sense to come back when a stronger demon was nearby but, it did manage to draw the first blood from the fruit. Once it was gone, he took his human form again and finally noticed the phone lying beside her. He picked up and held it to his ear, [b "Hey, are you this girl's friend? I just found her passed out on the sidewalk."] he gave the guy on the phone the address of their location and told him he'd wait with her until he could come get her.

Then he carefully lifted her up and carried her out of the alley and to a bench on the sidewalk. He gently tapped her cheek, trying to wake her up, [b "Hey, you okay?"] he asked concerned. Part of him felt guilty for her getting attacked because he hadn't been close enough to stop the demon from getting her to begin with.
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Zandria tried to pry his hand over her mouth, or scream, or anything but nothing worked. Suddenly he was still and didn't seem to be paying as much attention to her. Then she heard someone speaking.

She tried to twist around to get a better look at whoever it was who'd come to help her but she couldn't see his face. Her attacker let her go suddenly and turned to walk back down the street, away from whoever it was who'd helped...

Zandria sighed and sank to her knees in relief, [b "Thank you so much...You have no idea how scary that was..."] she muttered before looking up at her savior only to frown and tilt her head to the side, [b "Mr. Takashi?"] she asked. What in the world was her teacher doing here.

[b "What are you doing out here?"] she said as she moved to stand, [b "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're here. I just don't understand why."]

She was grateful to him but she couldn't hide her confusion or surprise at seeing him there. She brushed the dust and dirt from her jacket and skirt as she glanced back up at him. She wondered if this mean she'd have to behave better in his class now that he's saved her life.

Grabbing her phone from a jacket pocket, she checked the time and swore under her breath, [b "Damn. Mom's going to kill me. It's past curfew."] she said running a hand through her hair and glancing back toward the door. She wasn't sure she'd be able to get back inside to let her friends know she had to go so she settled for sending them a quick text with the heads up that she'd be leaving before her mother sent a search party out for her.

[b "Maybe I should see if Ana will get Jay to come pick me up..."] she mumbled before texting her sister to see where she was.
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Haruto watched as Nate ran off in his demon form to chase after the wrong twin. It was taking candy from a baby, much too easy to follow his roommate. Though his roommate had been a bit snippy, Haruto was just happy to have him gone. He watched as Zandria exited the house a while after her sister.

Haruto switched into his demon form, letting his wings be free again from the human form. He took off, trailing from high in the sky to make sure she was safe. Also to make sure that no other demons were trying to get a claim on the demon fruit before him. He watched from a roof top, watching to see who entered and excited the club that Zandria had entered. Even though he was across the street, he could hear the music pounding from inside the club. It was muffled from the bricks of the building but still loud enough to hear.

It seemed like a safe night, Haruto wanted to head home and get some sleep. He also needed to do a bit more research for his teaching position. Leaving his demon fruit untended would be a fools choice though. He waited and eventually left the roof top to hang out on the street below. He looked at the shops that were still open. Most of the area was bars and restaurants besides the club itself, but there were a few shops to glance at despite that. They seemed like 24 hour markets, selling miscellaneous snacks and supplies humans might need to make it thru the night.

Haruto shook his head as he bought a few snacks to try, wanting to explore what human food tasted like. He exited the convenience store and saw Zandria outside on the street now. It was only for a moment due to how many people were crowding around the entrance and how short she was compared to the guys towering around her. Another move in the crowd allowed a momentary opening to check on zandria from across the street. He saw another person stepping up to the girl and from what Haruto could read of the situation, the guy didn’t seem to have good intentions.

Haruto crossed the street in a stroll but it quickly turned into a faster slightly more anxious pace, he forced his way thru the crowd of the club to get to her. Was it another demon grabbing her? Haruto couldn’t tell. No one else seemed to see the person, so it was likely a demon or humans had no sense of protecting one another.

He arrived to the situation and saw the man placing a hand over Zandria’s mouth. Haruto placed a hand on the man’s shoulder, [b “Let her go, she doesn’t want to go with you.”] Haruto ordered. His charming persona from the school had faded quickly into a terrifying frustrated tone of voice. His voice sounded like his was ready to kill and defend this girl til he died. [b “Don’t start something with me.”] Haruto warned, his eyes shifted to his demon form. The rest of his body remained in human form though. In case this was a demon, his demon form eyes would be a clear warning of his status. His eyes were fading from the normal dark black of a crow and now starting to get a red glow about them. It was a clear warning on Haruto’s part. However, it might be foolish to be showing even a fraction of his demon form in front of Zandira. However, she was pulled close to that man and Haruto had approached the man from behind. It was unlikely Zandria would see his eyes turn red with warning.

[b “Don’t make me warn you again.”] Haruto whispered to the man, not wanting to start a scene in the crowd but he was willing to do so if it meant keeping the demon fruit safe.
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Her heart was racing. There was hardly anyone on the streets now that they left the club. A few people staggered along on the other side of the street. Others could be heard doing or offering less than legal activities in alleyways, as was life in downtown. Her mind didn’t stop worrying. Where was Jay? What street had they turned down onto?

Ana immediately grabbed her phone from her clutch bag to call Jay but there was no bars in this area. How bizarre, shouldn’t the city have some of the best signal? Maybe if she just wandered over a few feet she’d find signal again.

Ana felt a presence next to her and jumped a bit when he spoke. He sudden presence had spooked her. Had he come out of no where or had she just not heard him approach? Her heart was pounding, all parts of her body telling her this wasn’t a good guy. Her gut instincts were telling her to flee. But running in high heels wasn’t Ana’s forte, she didn’t want to risk breaking an ankle when she had a lacrosse tournament coming up.

The stranger sounded like he had good intentions of helping her find her friends but she watched enough crime shows on Netflix to know this was how murders and kidnappings started. Her imagination ran wild with the possibilities, episode after episode of horror filled deaths flashed by in her mind. It all reminding her what happened to people who took help from strangers alone in the city. No way was she going to accept help from him. Jay would be back for her soon. In the meantime, she needed to get herself out of this situation before this red headed stranger decided to kill her.

Ana shook her head, struggling to find her words for a moment. [b “No I didn’t get separated. I know right where I am, thank you very much.”] Ana replied, feigning confidence with a touch of attitude in her voice. Ana glanced back down to her phone, opening up a map app on her phone. With that, she walked off hoping she was going in the right direction. As soon as she could, she crossed the street to the other side to get away from the stranger.

After a few moments, well things stopped looking familiar to her. Her heart was pounding harder and harder as panic was seeping off of her. She glanced around seeing the streets were as well lit anymore. Had she somehow wandered her way out of the safe part of the city? She stepped into an alleyway to stay hidden and safe.

[b “Shit.”] Ana muttered, knowing she was in a deep world of trouble. She was out past curfew and lost in the city. She let out a deep breath and checked her phone for signal. Thankfully she finally had some bars and dialed for Jay immediately.

[+red “Ana! Thank god, where are you? Are you alright? Where are you at? I have the car, Kimiko and I will come get you.”]

[b “… … …”] The line was quiet on Ana’s end of the call. Ana was staring face to face with a smoke like creature in the alley way. It was taller than she was and had yellow eyes staring back at her. She didn’t dare speak or move. She was frozen in fear. Ana swallowed and tried to keep still but there were tears of absolute fear threatening to spill over onto her cheeks. The creature opened its mouth, revealing a couple of rows of white sharp teeth. It inhaled and licked it lips just like it had tasted something fantastic.

[+red “Ana? Ana are you there?”] Jay wondered why Anastasia wasn’t answering. She had just called him. He shushed Kimiko in the back seat of the car while she groaning in pain from a stomach ache. He turned down the music in the car to try and hear Ana better.

Jay’s voice on the line had been enough to provoke an attack from the creature Anastasia was in a faceoff with. She dropped the phone and put her hands up to cover her face as the creature rushed at her. It’s impact on her skin was cool to the touch. She felt a pain in her neck like teeth had bitten down into her skin. That’s when everything seemed to fade to black.

Ana dropped to the concrete of the alleyway unconscious. A nightmare demon had it’s teeth sunken into Anastasia, attracted to her due to her being the demon fruit. It was sucking out whatever blood it could get from her. Never in a million years would a nightmare demon be so bold to attack someone while they were awake. Nightmare demons were pretty low ranking and not very powerful. They normally feed off of fear and sadness caused by nightmares. This particular nightmare demon had to be one of the strongest of its kind to not only have the ability to put a human straight to sleep but to have teeth strong enough to pierce flesh.

Ana’s world seemed blurry to her. She had no idea she was asleep and under the influence of a nightmare demon. Some of her fears started playing out in her mind’s eye. It was enough to make her scream.

[+red “Ana? Answer me. You’re freaking me out.”] Jay heard a scream and scrapping on the microphone of the cellphone on Ana’s end of the call. Jay ran his fingers through his hair. He felt sick to his stomach. He could hear one of his best friends screaming in what sounded like terror on the other end of the phone. He tore out of the parking lot and starting driving around the streets looking for Ana. He didn’t end the phone call though, just in case she could answer back and give him directions.
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Ignatius didn't care to know too much about Haruto's relationship with his family or how things were going with the crow family. It didn't have anything to do with him and as long as the crows didn't intend to cause trouble for his own clan, it would stay that way.

His interest was peaked when he mentioned the demon fruit and who it was. Curiously he looked at her file, wondering how it was he got his hands on this and why he hadn't thought of it. He looked at her photo. it was one of the two he saw this morning. He'd already figured it was one of them but to know for sure that it was Anastasia. He glanced at the address when Haruto pointed it out and nodded, [b "Thanks."] he said as he read over the other information.

He still wasn't sure if he should trust his judgment though. Even Nate knew it was one of the two so who's to say it wasn't the other one but something told him this was the one.


He hid in the darkness as he watched Anastasia exit the apartment and ride off with her friends. He growled quietly at Haruto, [b "I don't need advice from you."] he grumbled before taking his demon form and leaping onto the rooftops to follow after the vehicle. He made sure to stay well behind. The demon fruit would be able to see him in any form he took and he'd rather not scare her off.

Trailing the three to a parking garage, he silently followed them out and to the bar, they were heading to. Once there, he glanced around at all the different outfits and blinked. It was bizarre but other than that normal to him. He'd spotted a few demons blending into the crowd of humans in costumes and chose to stay mostly out of sight, making sure Anastasia couldn't spot him.

Once they finally left, he followed them outside, only taking his human form again and when he was a safe enough distance from them. He watched as Anastasia stopped in front of a window and check her reflection. He smirked, amused until she realized her friends walked off without her.

Nate stepped up to her slowly, [b "Did you get separated from your friends? Where were they heading? I'll help you find them."] he said with a smile. It wasn't safe for her to be wandering around alone. A demon wasn't as likely to approach her with her friends around but if she was alone, she was in danger and that wouldn't go well.

Standing this close to her, he knew without a doubt that she was the demon fruit and that he had to protect her from other demons looking to take her.
  Ignatius / CrazyCasey / 10d 21h 53m 43s
Zandria was relieved that her sister liked the locket she'd gotten her. She honestly wasn't sure but she wanted to get her something really nice this year.

She watched her sister dig through the closet for her present and tried to stifle her amusement that Ana had basically hidden it from herself, though she was impressed, Zandria did occasionally borrow some of her sister's clothes.

Opening the box, Zandria quickly pulled on the jacket and modeled it for her sister [b "Thanks!"] she said. She left to let Ana finish getting ready and headed to her room to get changed and ready for her own night out.
She pulled on a top that on its own left her shoulders and most of her waist and stomach bare and pulled on the jacket her sister had given her and a simple black skirt. She slipped on a pair of flats and headed out.

Zandria was supposed to meet her friends at the park since it was a short walk to the club the concert was being held in. She called out a goodbye to her mother as she closed the door behind her, making sure her mother couldn't force her to change clothes first.


The club holding the concert wasn't as big as some of the others, which made Zandria wish Alex had told her it was just a local group and not a big name. When Zandria pointed it out he only grinned and ran off to get a drink for himself and the girls.

It turned out better than she expected. The music was good and the girls even managed to make Alex dance despite his insistence against it. After a while, the three of them found a place to sit.

She hummed along to the music, [b "Not so bad here though I'm pretty sure you two have been drinking too much--"]

Alex frowned at her, [+red "You drank too, why doesn't it seem like it's affecting you??"]

Zandria grinned, [b "Because Rika kept stealing most of my drinks--"]

Rika pouted and made some sort of response but Zandria spotted someone watching her from the corner of the club. When he realized she'd spotted him, he just grinned at her. Something about him made her uncomfortable so she quickly excused herself [b "It's kinda hot in here. I'm going to step outside for a bit."]

She squeezed through the crowd until she outside. She pressed her back against the wall and sighed, glancing up at the sky for a moment until someone stepped in front of her.

Zandria looked but glared when she realized it was the guy from earlier, [b "I'm not interested."] she grumbled.

He ignored her and grabbed her wrist before pulling her after him. She struggled and turned to scream for help but he put a hand over her mouth. The front of the club was still crowded so she didn't understand why no one was even bothering to look or say anything.

[+blue "I'm not going to hurt you. Just come with me and you'll be fine."] He whispered to her.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 10d 22h 29m 2s
Haruto walked into the apartment, happy with his win. [b “My brother and I have family difficulties.”] Haruto mentioned casually. The issues that ran in his family were much deeper than Haruto let on. But he knew better than to let an outsider into the drama of the crow clan. No one need to know how close they were to falling apart or how at each others necks they had all been recently. There was disputes of birth rights and such. Much too complicated to go into for now.

Haruto set his bags down. [b “I know who the demon fruit is, or at least I’m pretty sure.”] Haruto bragged as he sat down in a love seat that sat across from the couch. [b “I’ve got an in at the school as well.”] Haruto pulled out one of the files he had stolen from the school before he had poisoned the teacher. He handed over Anastasia’s file to Ignatius. [b “That’s the demon fruit.”]

Now, Haruto was lying as far as he knew. He wanted to keep his own odds of wooing the demon fruit as high as possible. And Haruto believed Zandria to be the true demon fruit. Haruto had hoped that because Anastasia was around her sister so much that was why she smelled like the demon fruit all the time, so he thought most demons would fall for her actually being the real thing. Never in a million years would he have ever guessed that both were actually the demon fruit. Unknowingly, haruto was actually giving out true information when he had been intending to give out false but nearly true information.

[b “Anastasia Williams.”] Haruto said. [b “Everything matches on her, birthday and smelled like I’d expect too. Happy hunting roomie.”] Haruto stood back up looking at the time. [b “I do understand that most of the humans go out for their birthdays to celebrate. You’ve got her address, you can hurry and follow her to wherever she’s going out for the night.”]

[center [size15 ~*~*~*~]]

Haruto had tagged along just to prove his information was true. He hid in the darkness of a nearby alley way. The Williams twins lived in a rather nice apartment, 2 stories it looked like. In a less than secure neighborhood, but at least the place wasn’t crawling with demons yet. Haruto saw Anastasia exit the apartment thru the front door. He nudged Ignatius in the side. [b “That’s your girl.”] He mentioned, watching as she got into a car with her friends. [b “Better keep an eye on her, make sure that no other demon gets to her first. I already saw a couple of low life demons wandering around in the school. A few others already enrolled as students. The hunt is picking up speed quickly. Make yourself known if you wanna keep her alive and with you.”]

Haruto hoped that Ignatius would run off chasing Anastasia. That way he could stalk after Zandria if she went out that night. Ignatius would be off chasing a false lead and Haruto would be off collecting and protecting the real prize.
  Haruto / WingedEyeliner / 11d 2h 38m 29s

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