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Character A's mom was a bit of a hoe and doesnt know who the father of her child is. Character A has grown up not really knowing or caring. That is til she turns 17 and finds out she is like candy for demons, a good luck charm if they can bed her, sweet blood if the drink her, and will bear the most powerful demon in the world if a demon has a child with her. It's all demons for themselves to try to win Character A's heart, kidnap her, bribe her, etc. Character B is a demon who may be in it for himself as a lowly half demon, or he may do it to spite his clan, or to use A's blood to save his mother. We'll find out more as the plot continues!

Plot twist! Character A has a twin!

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Ignatius was up almost as soon as the sun came up. He took the time to dress and try to look as much like a normal human as he could manage. He planned to spend the day looking for a part-time job to make it at least appear as if he were in need of the money like most people. His research before coming to the human world told him that people paid rent for apartments and young people went to school for years to get a career.

He strolled down the street with his hands in his pockets until he found a cafe, the drink, coffee smelled good and he found that he wanted to try it. Haruto had brought a few snacks home but he didn't get to try everything in the human world yet. He sat at the counter ordering a coffee. Curiously he glanced around he saw pictures of the waitresses on the wall and blinked when he realized that Ana was one of them. He then went about getting a chance to speak to the manager who he used his powers on to charm her into hiring him as a waiter. At least this way he could stay closer to Ana without it seeming weird. Curiously, he wondered if he should try to enroll himself in the school as a student too but, that part seemed to be more difficult. He might have to ask Haruto about that one.

The coffee was good, bitter and sweet at the same time. It wasn't the same as the tea he was used to but he still enjoyed it. He paid for his drink and promised that he'd be at the cafe in the next few days to work before leaving. Once he walked out, he noticed that a fox demon was waiting across the street for him, he frowned at him but refused to take the bait and turned to walk away, toward the park, forcing the fox to follow him if he wanted to challenge him or try to threaten information out of him about the demon fruit.
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Zandria woke up earlier than normal. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and combing knots from her hair with her fingers. All she really knew is that she was dreaming about being chased but she couldn't tell what was chasing her.

Yawning she quickly went about getting a shower. Once out she slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank and padded downstairs with her laptop and quickly exited the house from the back door to find a quiet place to sit in the grass.

She found a nice spot under the sun and laid on the grass on her tummy propping herself up on her elbows as she went to work on editing music she'd been writing but a movement in the grass on the other side of the yard caught her attention. Peeking up over her mother's flower garden, a white head peered at her through the buds and leaves.

Zandria blinked as she watched it, it was definitely something she's never seen before, she frowned curiously. It had large ears, a long skinny tail with a something like feathers at the end of it. THere were red marks across its face and on the end of the tail. The creature reminded her of a mixture of a fox, rabbit, and squirrel.

[pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c8/1b/a9/c81ba918adba3eff89729a21055033c7.jpg]

Shaking her head, assuming she was imagining the creature, she went to turn her attention back to the computer, only now her curiosity was getting the better of her. First, she searched for 'strange animal hallucinations' but nothing useful came up in the search. Frowning, she went to search for something describing the creature that was still currently just creepy closer to her, sniffing in her direction. The only thing that came up was a myth but nothing tangible. The myth said it was a demon but that didn't make sense, demons weren't real after all.

Zandria went to search for images of demons out of curiosity and was taken by surprise when some pieces of art were scarily close to what she'd been spotting on the street watching her from dark corners. The creature crept up to her and sniffed her shoulder shyly before curling up nestled to her side. She twisted around to look at the furry little creature, it was obvious it didn't mean to hurt her and was just using her for a shady place to nap but she still didn't know what was going on with it.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 161d 3h 3m 47s
Haruto went off to his room, thankful that Nate had found an apartment fully furnished. It was weird sleeping in the human world though. Weird to sleep on such a modern bed. He wasn’t angry at it at all, it was a great bed. But the demon world felt centuries behind the human world in their customs, technology and certain their beds, clothing and attitudes. Haruto shut his eyes allowing sleep to catch him rather quickly after a crazy first and rather successful day of the demon fruit hunt.

The next morning Haruto was up and out of the apartment rather early. He started off his day by wandering the streets of their neighborhood some more, trying to get a grasp of the new environment as well as any conveniences or possible hazards in the area. Haruto learned that there was a large park not too far away. What gave Haruto a large kick though, was seeing how many dogs were on leashes and treated as companions. Haruto wanted to bring that story back to the human world and rub it into whatever dog clan members he could find.

Haruto thought it was a little slow though roaming around on foot. He dipped off behind a tree and shifted to his demon form, unveiling a set of a large, dark wings. The feathers draped behind him and the bottoms of the wings draped behind him as he walked. But this form was invisible to any human, however very identifiable to any other demon in the area. It was a risk Haruto didn’t mind though. He was leagues ahead of all the other clans at this point. He could spare an hour or two to indulge in a flight around the city for resonance.

With gush of wind under Haruto’s wings, he took off to the sky and started to roam. If he was lucky, perhaps he’d see a sign of the witch he hoped still existed. Perhaps he could take a trip back to the demon world for advice on how to proceed… That might end badly though if he approached his own clan considering that he was starting in fighting by competing for the demon fruit when his brother had already laid a claim and was in line for head of the clan… Haruto decided to continue to roam for a bit longer, staying high in the sky so that he wasn't easily identifiable.
  Haruto / WingedEyeliner / 172d 22h 8m 13s
Ana lied awake in her bed, rubbing her eyes. She stared at the ceiling, praying for relief. That was when she heard her sister awake and stirring. Her sister was playing a gentle and soft tune. It was so soothing. How ironic that Zandria brought comfort to her twin without even knowing. Ana briefly recalled stories of how Ana would cuddle her sister from a young age in a crib for comfort. It was an embarrassing memory now and could be written off due to being a baby. But now, Ana couldn’t help but feel her heart craving for her twin’s comfort once more like when they were babies.

Ana shut her eyes and let the last few minutes of her sister’s music drift through the walls and lull her into a sleep. This time it was more restful. Anastasia found herself sleeping like a rock. It was hard waking up the next morning.

When Ana did wake up, she glanced at the clock on her nightstand and was shocked to see she had slept in. It was a rare event. Ana pulled the sheets on the bed closer to her, snuggling in the warmth. She cherished the last few moments of peace before yanking herself out of bed. She started the day off with some light stretching before pulling her hair up into a bun and wandering down stairs, her mom was awake and watching some reruns on TV. It looked like a pretty lazy Saturday for at least the two of them was in store.

Ana wasn’t sure where her sister was, so she curled up on the couch and started checking her phone. Social media drew Ana’s attention with all the possible events to do for the day. Ana spent a few moments scrolling thru her phone, enjoying the slowness of a Saturday midmorning in her pajamas.

  Ana / WingedEyeliner / 172d 22h 18m 48s
Ignatius considered what Haruto told him about the stronger demons waiting for now. It made sense. Why jump in now when they benefited from watching and learning more about the girl. He sighed to himself as he took a bite from one of the snacks. It had a curious flavor he wasn't used to but it wasn't bad either.

His violet eyes turned up to Haruto again as he announced that they needed a witch, [b "You're kidding, right? A witch would sooner kill us than help us."] he mumbled. He didn't know of any witches currently but despite that they were rare, he was sure that they were still around somewhere. Nate just wasn't sure he wanted to deal with one.

He nodded in agreement when Haruto stated that the weekend would be interesting. He already knew that somehow he'd have to find Ana without her spotting him or getting suspicious of him at least. He needed to make sure she was out of danger for the weekend but he wasn't exactly sure how to do that. [b "Yeah. I'm going to get some rest too."] he said and stood before trudging through the apartment to his own room. One thing was for sure, he'd have to find a job of some sort to keep up appearances so that was where he planned to start in the morning.
  Ignatius / CrazyCasey / 213d 12h 1m 5s
Zandria nodded in agreement with Ana's excuse for their being late and quickly bounded up the stairs after her twin before her mother could start asking more questions.

Instead of just climbing into bed and passing out like her body was screaming at her to do, Zandria took a quick shower and changed into her tank top and sleep shorts, then she sat in front of her new keyboard on the bed. She knew she was too tightly wound to sleep just yet so she thought she'd play herself some soft music to help her mind relax from the crazy night she'd had.

She tapped out the keys to one of her favorite songs by a modern pianist. Usually when she played at night, she kept headphones on to keep from disturbing the rest of the house but the song she played as soft and soothing, almost like a lullaby of sorts and this was the new keyboard her mother had given her for her birthday, she wanted them to hear the music.

After about an hour of playing, Zandria fell asleep curled up beside the keyboard where it lay on the bed. She'd been too exhausted to crawl under her sheets or even to move the keyboard.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 213d 12h 9m 13s
Haruto was shocked to hear Ana was attacked on her first night. It wasn’t good for her to be attacked but it also wasn’t a good sign that the girl couldn’t take care of it on her own. Then again, she wasn’t the demon fruit and probably didn’t know what she was dealing with. At least that’s what Haruto thought.

He was thankful that Zandria hadn’t run into something like that. The guy at the club had been annoying enough to deal with. But at the same time, many demons wouldn’t try something in the presence of so many people. Perhaps that was to Zandria’s benefit. But it was the weekend, how was he going to keep her safe unless she was around other people. That was going to be a challenge. The crow demon popped his head back towards Nate, shrugging at his question. [b “Just wandered around. I found a club and watched the humans screw around for a bit before I got bored and left for snacks.”]

Haruto’s mind was wandering as Nate grabbed one of the snacks off the table. He was leaning back into his own chair, falling deep into a train of thought when Nate’s question pulled him out to the current situation. Haruto nodded and thought for a moment when Nate continued the conversation about demons flocking to the city. [b “Not yet. But the most powerful ones aren’t going to want to be seen. They’ll watch and learn from younger and weaker demons before coming in. I’m sure the power players are lurking and observing.”] Haruto couldn’t help but assume that was what his own brother was doing.

[b “What we need is a witch.”] Haruto commented outloud before cursing himself for doing so. [b “But those are a dying breed.”] Haruto mentioned, trying to back pedal. A witch might be willing to make some wards to protect Zandria. But Haruto never heard anything good about Witches, and why would a witch get involved with demon affairs. However, trying to find one might be good for future reference the more Haruto thought about it. For all Haruto knew, witches could be extinct. No one in the demon world had mentioned one for decades…

Haruto munched on some other snacks, enjoying the mix between salty and sweet. [b “It’ll be an interesting weekend, that’s for sure. Open season of all demons out for the fruit.”] Haruto commented before standing up, [b “I’m gonna crash though. Been quite the long day.”] Haruto mentioned, putting a hand up to bid good night before ducking back into the hallway to his own room.
  Haruto / WingedEyeliner / 222d 21m 40s
Ana turned to look at Kimiko, frustrated that Jay had brought up what happened with her sister but then wouldn’t let her discuss it either. However after a few minutes of driving, exhaustion started setting into Ana’s bones. Did it really matter what her sister had been doing? She’d find out tomorrow, as long as they were both safe that’s what mattered. She leaned back into the chair, sinking into comfort and the temptation of sleep pulling at her eye lids.

Next thing Ana knew she was awake for a moment seeing her sister rub her own arm. Again in the next moment, Ana was half asleep. Her adrenaline had faded from her system. Somehow, Ana managed to wake up just as Jay was pulling infront of her house. She smiled, looking at Kimiko who was fast asleep then wave good by to Jay. [b “Thanks Jay,”] Ana tossed out, patting his head before climbing out of the car slowly.

She caught up to her sister at the steps. Once the door was open, Jay pulled away feeling the girls were safely inside at this point. He’d take Kimiko to his home so her parents didn’t see her drunk or hungover the next day either.

Ana’s mother was awake and concerned. Ana tossed up her hand in hello, [b “Traffic was pretty bad. I’m sorry.”] Her mother couldn’t even get a chance to yell at her daughter before Ana had ran up the stairs to flee from the possible fury. Ana dove onto her bed, tempted to fall asleep right then and there. Somehow she managed to pull herself up again and clean off her face and change into some pajamas before passing out onto the bed. She had hoped for a restful night of sleep… but she was unlucky and didn’t start off with anything restful. Instead, nightmares and fearful moments from that night were relieved through her dreams as Ana tried to rest. She tossed and turned, unable to calm down. After about 30 minutes, she woke up and rubbed her eyes. Exhaustion was in her body but her mind still couldn’t process the events of the night to let her sleep properly.
  Ana / WingedEyeliner / 222d 23m 23s
Nate glanced up when Haruto came in through the door and shrugged [b "A nightmare demon got a hold of Ana. It's dead but it's a pain in the ass either way."] he said with a sigh. At least now he knew she was the real thing.

He glanced at the bag in Haruto's hand and nodded, [b "that's a good idea."] he admitted before snatching and interesting looking bag of chips from the bag curiously.

[b "So where else have you been? You've done more than shop for groceries."] he said before looking up at him. He could only tell because Haruto didn't smell the same as when he left him. It could just be that he'd been around humans but he smelled of the demon fruit but it wasn't the same as Ana's scent.

He raised an eyebrow when he said that demons were flocking the city and sighed, [b "That makes sense. Have you seen anything that might be a nuisance to us? Anything that can actually compete with us in a fight?"] Really anything trying to attack Ana was a nuisance especially since she didn't know what they were and thought she was crazy. He was either going to have to confess his real reason for being there and what he was, or handle it without her attention but since he couldn't be there constantly to help her, he wasn't sure he could do that.
  Ignatius / CrazyCasey / 235d 7h 58m 10s
Zandria eyed her sister but she accepted Jay's explanation. She wasn't sure it was entirely true but she'd take it. She sighed and turned to glance out the window just as Jay blurted out that she'd just been standing with the new teacher and she shot him a glare.

Just as Ana began to question her and before Zandria could explain what happened, Jay turned the music up and she scowled at him, [b "Hey, if you don't want to listen to an argument, don't blurt out things like that."] she mumbled though she wasn't sure if he could hear her over the music.

Zandria decided that she'd just explain what happened later, she moved to zip up her jacket before Ana noticed the revealing top she wore or even before their mother noticed.

She stared out the window, absentmindedly rubbing her arm where the guy from earlier had grabbed her. She sighed again and ran a hand through her hair before yawning. It had been a long night and while she wasn't looking forward to the arguments that were bound to happen at home, she very much did want to get a hot shower and crawl into her bed.

When their house was finally in view and Jay had stopped in front of it, Zandria quickly exited the car with a, [b "Thanks for the ride, Jay!"] before turning to head up to the steps. She waited at the door for Ana though before going inside. It was late and she didn't feel right leaving her sister outside alone.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 235d 8h 11m 38s
Haruto watched to make sure Zandria got into the car alright. Right before she had stepped into the car, he had caught a blush on her cheeks. He smirked before turning away and heading home just as the car took off.

The walk home was a long one. The smell of demons was growing stronger in the air. More and more families had to be sending out hunters now. Haruto took his time walking back though, the bag of groceries hanging on his arm. His mind wandered, wondering if that person he had pulled off of Zandria was demon or not. If a demon had found her, well that truly wasn’t good…

When Haruto arrived back to the apartment, he forgot all about Nate. So it was a bit of a shock seeing him there leafing thru Anastasia’s file. [b “How did you night go?”] Haurto asked, not wanting to give away that he was off doing his own adventures.

He sat down in the room on a chair near the couch. He laid down his haul of human food from the store. [b “If we’re pretending to be humans, I figured we might as well try their food.”] Haruto explained as he laid out all the snacks and drinks he had bought.

[b “Demons are starting to flock to the city, there’s more now than there were this morning. People must be picking up one the scent.”] Haurto commented, trying to just be a bit friendly and start conversation with Nate. It really wasn’t Haruto’s nature to be chatty, but between the two of them it seemed Haruto had more social skills and had to pick up the slack if the two were ever going to get along.
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So Ana got into the car, Jay was trying to get some answers out of Ana but nothing was slipping past her lips but lies. She couldn't tell anyone what had really happened. Despite the marks on her neck, she'd have to keep with the story that she had just been dehydrated and passed out. However, the worst nightmares of her life still haunted her. That creature had been real. She wasn't crazy, no matter how much she doubted her own mind.

The drive was quick to go get Zandria. Her sister was with someone Ana didn't know but Zandria seemed familiar enough with. Ana was curious, the two seemed to be talking pretty freely. Ana opened the door to the car just in time to see the blush on her sister's cheeks. Who was that man making her sister blush?

No time to think too much on the matter though, Zandria was firing off questions left and right. Ana's heart started racing. How was she supposed to lie to her twin? Zandria was going to know thru twin instinct or something odd like it. But Ana couldn't tell the truth either. Well... Zandria was just going to have be okay with the lie then.

She forced a smile, staying covered up in with her sweater to hid the revealing outfit underneath. It only took a moment once Zandria was in the car to tell that Ana didn’t feel safe. No matter the face she put on, she was still shaken by what happened. She opened her mouth to start telling lies to her sister, but Zandria had already directed her attention to Jay.

Ana used her hair to cover up the mark on her neck now that she had the chance. Meanwhile Kimiko was just trying to stop the world from spinning around her. Her few moments of sobriety had faded away now that Ana was safe, Kimiko was now back to fighting off the alcohol in her own body. Her head was resting against the window while the twins and Jay started a discussion.

Jay glanced back towards Ana to see her shaking her head subtly at him- that was his que to lie to Zandria. Jay tried to be friends with both of the girls but his loyalties did lie with Ana. [r “She just had a rough night. Got separated and panicked a little bit.”] Jay assured, telling a mix or a lie and truth to Zandria.

Ana let go of a tense breath, thankful that Jay didn’t tell too much to her sister.

[+red “The better question is what happened to you. Wasn’t that the new homeroom teacher I saw standing with you?”] Jay asked. Ana whipped her head to look at Zandria now.

[b “You were out with a teacher?!”] Ana demanded.

Jay turned up the music in the car, [+red “Alright- before a fight breaks out, how about everyone just chill while I drive back. Seems like everyone had an eventful night.”] Jay suggested, hoping that the girls wouldn’t be going at each other trying to get the truth from one another. It was going to take about 20 minutes to get the girls home, hopefully they wouldn’t kill each other by then. He could drop the girls off and let their mother be problem together.
  Ana / WingedEyeliner / 235d 9h 5m 50s
So she went by Ana instead of Anastasia. He smiled politely, [b "Nice to meet you, Ana."] he was realizing he still had a ways to go before he learned how normal teenagers spoke.

He listened to Ana's side of the conversation as she spoke with her sister and raised an eyebrow when she lied about what had really happened. When she finally got off the phone he looked at her, [b "Your sister?"] he asked curiously. He needed to find out more about her though he didn't think he'd have the time.

When the car drove up to them, he stood and watched as she interacted with her friend. He nodded to the two of them, [b "I'm just glad she's alright."] he answered. He waited for them to leave before walking down the sidewalk again.

He quickly headed back to the apartment before plopping down on the couch. He knew now for a fact that Haruto was right and Ana was the demon fruit and he knew he'd have to do better at looking out for her. He'd have to question the crow more when he got home.

Nate picked up Ana's file curiously and began leafing through it, trying to learn what he could about her. She was smart and she had a sister in the same grade. Did that make them twins or just really close in age? He found out she was on the lacrosse team but, he didn't know what lacrosse was.

He frowned to himself and sighed, [b "I need to find out more about this world.."]
  Ignatius / CrazyCasey / 242d 7h 55m 41s
Zandria laughed a bit when he rolled his eyes at her comebacks. For some reason she enjoyed teasing him, maybe because he was her teacher and didn't just ignore her sass like the one before had.

Once she got off the phone with Ana, she quickly texted her the address of where she was at, [b "Well my sister and her friends should be here soon."] she mumbled. She wondered where they had gone and why they were still out so late. If they didn't get home soon they'd be snatched away by the search party their mother sent out for them.

She smirked at his comment, [b "I didn't need a protector to begin with. I would have been able to handle it if I absolutely had to."] she said smugly. Zandria was the one who'd broken the nose of the bully who'd been mean to her sister when they were in middle school after all. She'd been suspended for it but it was worth it.

She looked up when the car drove up and quickly stood up, [b "Thanks for keeping me company, Mr. Haruto."] she said before pausing and blushing at his comment. She shook her head and got into the car, [b "Thanks, Jay."] she said and turned to look at her sister in the backseat, she opened her mouth to ask what they had been doing all night only realize that her sister looked shaken, [b "What happened to you??"] without giving her sister enough time to answer she turned to Jay, since Kimiko was not in any shape to be scolded, [b "What happened to her??"]

Any fear she'd had left of the guy who'd attacked her was replaced with worry for her sister. Zandria was sure her arm might be tender the next few days, if not bruised, but she wasn't worried about it. It wasn't the first time she'd been grabbed by a creepy stranger, but it was the first time he'd tried to drag her away and had to rely on a teacher to save her.
  Zandria / CrazyCasey / 242d 8h 12m 46s
Haruto rolled his eyes at both of Zandria’s sassy comebacks. It was interesting to hear how her mother was protective of her daughter. He did wonder why Zandria worried her mother more though. Haruto hadn’t had time to meet the other sister and learn her personality, but Zandria didn’t seem to be too troublesome either.

Haruto was thinking about just offering to walk Zandria home when she finally got a hold of her sister. Glancing around the crowd at the club, Haruto was starting to notice a few faces that looked familiar. That wasn’t a good sign. For a moment, Haruto feared he might have seen his brother in the crowd but it was just his imagination.

He listened as Zandria got thru to her sister, requesting a ride from her. He smiled at Zandria once she was off the phone, [b “Looks like you’re not going to need a protector for much longer.”] Haruto explained, grabbing out a fizzy fruit drink from his bag from the store. He opened it and started sipping on it, shocked by the flavor and bubbliness of it all. It was nothing like the tea of the demon world. It wasn’t half bad though either.

Haruto stood guard of Zandria for maybe 10 minutes or so before a car pulled up. [b “They must not have been too far away,”] Haruto commented to Zandria. He kicked himself for not working in some more conversation during the wait for the car, but it was fine. He had plenty of other times to get to know the girl more later. [b “Be safe for the rest of the night, don’t make your teacher into a shining knight now, it doesn’t suite me.”] Haruto teased before letting the girl get into the car and walking himself home for the evening.
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