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There are many things that can make one go insane, but for two young people, the asylum itself is what causes the insanity...but they manage to keep their sanity, or what’s left of it, intact until they can find a way to escape.

To join: please send me a pm titled [b Insanity Is Peace] with your character’s info and what their nickname is in the asylum.


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Elise backed up a bit more, her bare feet pattering against the concrete floor, and Thornton could tell she wasn’t going to come quietly, but before she could do anything, she was grabbed by three nurses and taken to a padded cell.
  Elise (aka “Zip”) / DoomGuy123 / 260d 19h 25m 18s
The alarms died down signifying the escaped ones had been caught and the boy stopped screaming and he sat up on his bed only to flinch in pain and he looked down at his body and noticed he was once again dressed in a dress and he screamed again before standing up and tearing off his clothes tossing the dress over the dolls, which had grown silent, then he crawled back onto the bed and started picking at the dried blood on his inner thighs waiting for the nurses to return to their normal duties and drag him wherever it was this hellhole thought was a good place for him to be today.
  Sam / TadKat_KanKyou / 266d 22h 1m 46s
My name is Elise...but you had a habit of calling me Zip...” she said, looking rather uncomfortable being near the psychiatrist that the little girl was sitting near. The one thing she hoped he wouldn’t do is inject her with something, as needles
  Elise (aka “Zip”) / DoomGuy123 / 267d 20h 35m 30s
[right [pic]]

[b “What a good girl...”] He mumbled, while grasping the keys into his palm. Putting away the object onto his keyring, Thornton then took the girls delicate hand as she lingered to the side of him. [b “Perhaps, it would seem we have a couple of escape artist today?”] The doctor asked with a frown, as he looked down upon the white haired child. Meeting eyes back up with the other young lady, he began to speak once more:

[b “What a shame, Ms-.”] He said pausing as he couldn’t remember the girl, who had escaped from her straight jacket earlier. [b “Please forgive, me. It seems- I have forgot your name once more.”] Thorn questioned her for the answer.
Upon seeing the doctor the small girl slid out of Tiger's arms and walked up to the adult before handing him the keys, then staying silent she grabbed the doctor's hand and went back to her resting position, staring blankly at the teenagers as she had before. Her face almost completely emotionless except for a glimmer of fear that could be seen every time the light swung over them.
  Anima {Bunny} / TadKat_KanKyou / 269d 19h 5m 6s
She looked at him with a horrified expression, her eyes filled with horror and fear. “Oh no no no...” she said, backing away from the group. “No....” she said with a shaky voice. She remembered the psychiatrist all too well, and he was the one that made her look insane to get admitted to the asylum.
  Elise (aka “Zip”) / DoomGuy123 / 268d 18h 45m 6s
[right [pic]]
Silently appearing from the corner of the stairwells, he stepped out onto the next floor. Only to find that some of the patients were out of their stations. Approaching the children who stood aimlessly in the hallway from the opposite direction from the other employees. He walked like a serial killer in 1950’s horror films. Walking with such a haste that made him appear to be moving so ever slightly. After each step he took, followed a loud thump against the tile flooring.

After about reaching halfway, he came to a stop before them, as they met halfway togethere. He glared at the kids as they came to a halt in their escape. It was at that moment, the doctor reached into his lab coat and began blocking their exit.

[b “Now- Where do you children think your going?”] The psychiatrist named Thornton asked them.
The child simply flinched when she was lifted but allowed herself to be carried the alarm was deafening and she clung to her bunny as she could hear the doctors and guards shouting as they got closer, they had yet to reach this floor, but if Eagle and Tiger didn't go now they wouldn't get out at all.
  Anima {Bunny} / TadKat_KanKyou / 270d 2h 59m 0s
She helped I’m surprise when she was grabbed by Lefty. “Eek!” She said, freaking out a bit, not used to being led like that towards the door. “Hey! Calm down on my arm!” She said
  Elise (aka “Zip”) / DoomGuy123 / 270d 3h 9m 16s
A boy about the age of 13 sat in a padded cell surrounded by plastic dolls and dresses the dolls were laughing at him and growing closer and the boy held his head in his hands and was screaming. [#5794FF "STOP IT STOP!! I'M NOT A GIRL!!! I'M NOT A GIRL!!! STOP IT!"] Suddenly his cell became tinted with red and a loud alarm sounded and the boy looked up towards the door only to see a figure standing there and he screamed bloody murder, his voice mixing with the others on his floor.
  Sam / TadKat_KanKyou / 270d 3h 44m 45s
[left [pic]] [b "NO, No!" ] Tom grabbed his forehead trying to block out the sound. He shook his head trying to rid himself of the sound. [b "We have to go Lefty Tiger." ] He told himself. [b "We have to go!" ] He dashed forward and scooped the smaller girl up into his arms. He took Elise's hand and tried to pull them both forward. [b "We have to go together!" ]
  KrisaCrab / 270d 3h 47m 32s
The child didn't move from her spot by the door and held the bunny to her chest [#F8BFFF "If want escape go now vipers coming fast garden fence not guarded only staff go there."] she said and just as she finished an alarm sounded that started lockdown and caused the children in the rooms next to them to start screaming and wailing and the child closed her eyes just as the red lights turned on and she started shaking and though it was probably an illusion brought on by the lights anyone looking at the girl would see blood leaking out of every bandage on her body.
  Anima {Bunny} / TadKat_KanKyou / 270d 3h 53m 13s
[left [pic]] Tom looked back over his shoulder. [b "I don't want to be in trouble." ] He whispered under his breath. He followed the two girls away from this place. He watched the girls and pointed at the younger girl's face. [b "Did they place you inside the room with the flashing lights too?" ]
He looked at Elise. [b "They did that to me. It was the worst."]
  KrisaCrab / 270d 3h 56m 23s
She looked at him, and she held out her hand to take the little girl’s hand. “Come with us...and you can get out of here...” she said and stayed there before she listened to her accomplice
  Elise (aka “Zip”) / DoomGuy123 / 270d 4h 11m 54s
The child blinked at the teens and ignored the boy's attempt to introduce himself as she pointed at the girl [#F8BFFF "Eagle."] she said then pointed at the boy, [#F8BFFF "Tiger... Tiger killed nurse big trouble."] she said then grabbed the keys from the boy and started walking towards a set of doors then she unlocked the door and opened it revealing the back stairway that lead out to the gardens and then she turned back to them and stood staring blankly again.
  Anima {Bunny} / TadKat_KanKyou / 270d 4h 16m 51s

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