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Butch: aw, babe, you had a crush on me? thats embarrassing.

Jamie: we're married.

Butch: still.
  Emine / 252d 6h 5m 15s
Roanna and Morrigan: No Boys Allowed


Roanna and Morrigan: Son Boy Allowed
  Emine / 264d 4h 51m 24s
Arcade: ive been on the run living in fear since childhood bc my father was Enclave

Marley: this is so sad ED-E play Jingle Jangle Jingle
  Emine / 268d 9h 46m 2s
Julebox: No place like home, sweet home~

Vault dwellers: sigh in relief



Entirety of Vault 101: S C R E A M
  Emine / 269d 13h 30m 41s
John Mulaney Salt and Pepper Diner joke Fallout 3 version with

Jamie as John Mulaney, Butch as his friend, the Overseer as the guy who screams "GOD DAMNIT" and Amata as the seemingly indifferent staff member with the other Vault dwellers in the bg.

Instead of seven Whats New Pussycats and one Its Not Unusual its seven Civilizations and one Way Back Home.
  Emine / 269d 13h 33m 8s
Jamie: im so glad im out of the Capital Wasteland and i get a break from all the assholes there

Maxson: hi

Dr. Li: hi

Jamie: why wont god let me die
  Emine / 281d 13h 30m 6s
Jamie: hey i bought your contract off that asshole

Charon: is that so


Charon: okay lets go

Jamie, sincerely: we're gonna be great friends
  Emine / 284d 12h 42m 25s
Both James and Amata gang up on him for months about forcing Hamie to go bc Jamie??? Doesnt want? To go? Its dumb and awkward and just UGH and he cant even dance with or kiss a boy so?? The vault can shove it with their dumb prom?? But eventually he goes, WHATEVER, but actually has a pretty good time? Maybe a great time? Maybe he feels normal for once, taken out of the usual decorum of the vault, and is able to relax a little more, and so what if he has some fun with liquor? Everyone else is, and it makes him feel funny? And his indignant anger at James for DARING? To get mad at HIM? When he didnt want to attend to this dumb thing in the first place!? Them bother angry shoving blame at each other, not articulating very well the growing gaps of lack of communication between them, the love lost, the wounded pride

  Emine / 285d 15h 31m 51s
Amata: Jamie, can you do me a favor?

Jamie: i would die for you, but go on.


Amata: we have got to talk about you starting your sentences that way.
  Emine / 287d 14h 12m 32s
Jamie, wants to kill the Overseer to vent anger about his dad's death and get revenge for Jonas: yeah ill talk to your dad.

Amata: please dont hurt him tho? for me?

Jamie, instantly caving: okay.
  Emine / 289d 11h 19m 39s
Me, waking up in a cold sweat: i love Jamie and fo3
  Emine / 289d 11h 22m 34s
Mother Giselle: dont tell Dorian his father sent a letter

Saoirse, stomping up the library stairs .5 seconds later: DORIAN HOLY FUCK--
  Emine / 302d 17h 24m 59s
Saoirse: blessed are the meatbeaters champions of the nut.

Ryder: thats nOT HOW IT GOES, YOU HEATHEN!!!
  Emine / 307d 8h 30m 14s
Roanna at the beginning of Awakening: fuck you Howe your father was a traitor and a murderer and im glad i killed him!!!

Roanna at the end of Awakening: i will kill anyone who looks at Nathaniel wrong.
  Emine / 307d 9h 8m 56s
Jamie: i truly have no will to live and i want to die i hate waking up every morning and going through the motions knowing ill have to do it all again the next day i hate this

Amata: Jamie you're a good person even if you dont think so and you dont deserve to die i love you and ill always be here for you and its hard right now but i promise day by day it will get better

Jamie: shrugs

Butch: if you die you'd never nut again


Jamie, holding back tears: youre right Butch you always know what to say

Amata: oh my god
  Emine / 310d 13h 12m 46s

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