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[center [Reenie+Beanie [size20 Loren Weather's grandmother was his rock, and he absolutely loved going to her beachside house and spending the weekend. At LEAST once a month he would visit, bringing her gifts and spending time with her cats. One day, however, he got some of the worst news. His grandmother had died.

Fast forward a few weeks and Loren had inherited his grandmother's home, however, paying for it would become a large problem. He knew that in time he would be forced out of the home he loved and he wouldn't let that happen. He posted a few ads on Craiglist and talked to some old friends, and BOOM. He had enough money to live in the home... However, getting to know these new roommates? That would be some adventure.

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[center [b Saturday, June 2nd, 2:07 PM]

[+red "Whad'siit dat you want fromee?"] The chubby man strained against his bindings, cheap rope purchased from some home maintenance store or another, wherever Rat had gathered supplies last. Hide grew aware of the distinct smell of piss and exhaled annoyance into the back of his mask. Why'd they always have to piss themselves?

[+blue "300,000 U.S. dollars, cash. The money you [i owe] the Hawks."] Hide grabbed the man's bulbous hand, moving to the middle finger, the only one that still retained a nail. [i Not for long.] He slid the tip of a flat-head screwdriver under the man's fingernail and applied the exact amount of pressure he knew he needed to snap it away from the skin. The man grimaced and tried to scream as he felt his skin tear but his voice was too raw now. It hurt to listen to him.

[+red "A-A-Aren't you dad...da Black Reaper...or whadeffer, guy?"] The man squeezed out each word through his broken teeth and the blood that dripped from his mouth. He looked up to Hide with his only remaining good eye, the other overcome by the swollen left side of his face. [+red "Don'd you have your own people? Why are the Hawks using a thirr party?"]

[+blue "I've gotta make money somehow, you know."] Hide sighed and flicked his screwdriver, launching a small spray of blood across the room. [+blue "My girlfriend wants me to move into this new house with her, and I'm gonna have some serious bills to pay."]

[+red "I don'd care about your fugging life storeh."] The captive spit out a mouthful of blood, looking back up at Hide. Here it was, Hide finally sighed. The look that made it all worth it. That promising look of revenge. A revenge they will never realize. [+red "Dis world will spit you out like nuddin."] The man flinched with each word, as if each syllable rolling around his busted mouth caused him a new spike of pain. [+red "Dad girl of yourss'll get found oud, and your enemies will dooh exactleh whad you are doin to me to her."] The man grinned, and Hide's fingers curled around the handle of the screwdriver with a renewed energy. [+red "Bet she sexy, huh? If dat's da case, dey'll have demselves some fun first. But if she's wid you, maybe she'll like id."]

[+blue "Maybe. Probably as much as you'll like this."] Hide plunged the end of his screwdriver into the captive's relatively undamaged eyeball, puncturing it before giving the handle a hard twist and jerking it back, tearing the small organ from its owner's face. This time he managed to scream despite his throat being stripped, but Hide flicked the eyeball from the end of his tool. [+blue "Take this lesson with you into your next life,"] Hide said, feeling a squish beneath his black combat boot as he stepped onto the eyeball. [+blue "Be careful what you say about the person someone loves. It can turn an interrogation into a murder."] He plunged the end of the screwdriver forward into the man's throat, bursting through his Adam's apple and ripping it through his flesh, silencing him forever. Blood spilled over Hide's hands and the toes of his boots and he kicked the legs of the chair hard, knocking it over, watching with a sick satisfaction as the fat man's head landed in the spreading puddle of his own mortality.

[+blue "Rat. Get in here and clean this up."] Hide dropped the screwdriver onto the man's side and turned to leave, passing his short henchman who entered and sighed.

[+green "Again, boss? Hawks wanted him alive. Or at least the money."] Rat dropped to his knees, his rubber waders always sloshing around in the blood.

[+blue "The Hawks can bill me."] Hide opened the door of the small closet he reserved for interrogations, stepping into the hall of the abandoned business building he and his own had claimed for themselves after becoming something to be feared. [+blue "Or we can go to war. But my guess is that they don't want that. They witnessed what happened last time."]

[+green "Right, boss."] Hide knew Rat wasn't exactly fond of him, but the money was too good to maintain anything but friendliness and obedience. [+green "I'll have this taken care of. Enjoy your new home."]

[+blue "I told you not to eavesdrop."]

[+green "Sorry, sir. Not exactly a Gameboy or anything out there I can play with while on guard duty."]

By the time Hide left the nondescript building they used as their base, he had changed from his black trench coat, black jeans, and black combat boots into a blue sweater and jeans, his feet safely confined in a pair of beat-up black vans. [i Gotta have black somewhere. Reminds me where I come from.] He grinned to himself and pulled his smartphone from his pocket.

[i Ah, fuck.] He missed a text from Alessa. [b Be there soon. I love you.] He stared at his phone for a few long moments before erasing the second half of his message and hitting send. Sometimes he felt like pretending. Sometimes he didn't.

After finding the address with his phone's GPS, Hide turned on the aural instructions and placed headphones in his ears, straddling his 21-speed bike before pedaling away from his place of work. It wasn't long before he arrived at his own apartment, where he filled three duffel bags with the belongings he actually cared about before shooting Rat a text with the Go-Phone he purchased a few years ago from a convenience store and still loaded with minutes every month. [b Torch the place. Good work today.] Within seconds came the response. [b Aye aye boss Give your girl a kiss for me.] Hide shook his head. Tomorrow he would receive news that all of his belongings had gone up in flames and he would react in mock surprise. As he left, Hide used his Go-phone to call in an anonymous bomb threat, biking away as he noticed the building's super sprint out of his office and begin evacuating the other units.

It wasn't long before he arrived at his new destination, the home he knew meant the world to Ales, who in turn meant the world to him. It was time to pretend things were alright again. He rubbed his eyes and stepped off of his bike, dropping it into the building's front yard haphazardly. He didn't care much to take in the majesty of the building. He had been in many pretty buildings in his line of work, and spilled blood in at least half of them. He glimpsed a truck in the driveway and wondered who it belonged to before pushing through the front door, calling out for Alessa. [+blue "Hey, sweetness! Sorry, no matter how hard I try, some of those kids just can't understand something as simple as long division."] He ran a hand through his black hair, his heart beginning to beat faster in anticipation of seeing the girl who always had this effect on him. He wished that she felt the same.
  Hide Akihira / RedComet / 150d 17h 25m 17s
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[left [pic]][center [Cutive+Mon [ ♫]
Freshly disowned in some frozen devotion,
no shortage of sordid, no protest from me.
With her sweetened breath, and her tongue so mean,
she's the angel of small death and the codeine scene.
[hr ][size14 [b Saturday, June 2nd, 02:38 A.M.]

A glowing cigarette hung out of pursed lips, burning slowly as smoke curled up towards the dark sky. The air was warm in the back of the old truck, comfortably so, combined with the blankets piled under the small woman's body. A man's voice crooned from the radio as the woman hummed along. '[i [#ff6347 Only a few more hours...]]' She thought as the cigarette slowly burned out, and her eyes closed, the sounds of the night lulling her into sleep.
[hr ]
[b Saturday, June 2nd, 13:54 P.M.]

The night had not been a kind one to Nina , as anyone could tell by the dark bags under her eyes. She sighed heavily and lit another cigarette, taking a drag from it with one hand as she shifted gears with the other. '[i [#ff6347 Rev, clutch, shift, gas. Rev, clutch, shift, gas.]]' She thought. The phrase was like a comfort blanket to her, something she could repeat to calm her down if the cigarettes weren't working. Right now, neither the cigarettes nor the caramel frappé sitting next to her were working. The anxiety of moving into a new house and meeting five new people was getting to her. Add that to the absolutely [i horrible] sleep she had, and Nina became a recipe for disaster. Her dark brown hair was in a disheveled bun set precariously on the top of her head, and her graphic tee was wrinkled with a ketchup stain on the front. The glasses she was wearing were smudged and the dark grey sweatpants she was wearing were just as rumpled as her shirt, but Nina didn't particularly care. There were other things to worry about, like if her new roommates would like Apollo, or if they would even like [i her]. She reached a hand over to the passenger seat and scratched the glass of Apollo's tank gently, grateful that he was there with her.

Nina missed the driveway that led to her new home about... three times before she finally identified it and drove in. There was another vehicle leaving already. Weird; one would think the residents would stay a while to meet their new roommates. Oh well. One less person to worry about for the time being. Nina pulled into a parking space at the side of the house and sat in the truck for a moment, marveling at the view. They had a pool that led directly to the beach, private beach at that. The scenery would probably make a nice poem. Apollo let out a loud, indignant squeak, pulling Nina out of her thoughts.

"[#ff6347 Sorry little guy, you're probably gettin' kinda warm, huh? I'll get you inside.]" Nina said softly, looking apologetically at the tank. She pulled off her glasses, stowing them in the console, and slid out of the truck, making her way around to the passenger's side to move Apollo. She picked up the tank gently, muscles straining, and waddled to the front door. She prayed to anything and everything it was possible to pray to that the door was already unlocked, and her prayers were answered. With a relieved sigh, she opened the front door with her elbow and entered. The home was lavish, in a humble way, and Nina took her time walking through the foyer and to the right, immediately into her bedroom. It was bare, though that was to be expected since she hadn't moved anything in beforehand. Nina set Apollo's tank on the desk and returned out to her truck to grab the rest of her bags. It wasn't much, but hopefully it would be enough to make this house a home. She dropped her bags off in her room and grabbed a book of Sappho's poems from her overnight bag. It would be a nice way to break in the new place, reading in each little reading nook. Nina figured she [i could] start with the outside terrace, but it was a bit too sunny for her taste, even with cover, so she decided to start with the living room. She cheerfully stuck her nose in the book of poems and walked slowly into the living room. She glanced up for a moment to make sure she didn't run into a coffee table and - oh no. Someone was there. Some [i girl] was there. Nina felt her cheeks grow hot and suspected that they were as red as cherries by now. The girl was pretty. Oh no. Oh no. She would have to make conversation. Shit. She stowed the book quickly - but not quickly enough, she suspected - behind her back and waved awkwardly to the stunning woman sitting on the living room couch.

"[#ff6347 Uh, hey, hi! I'm Nina! I guess we're roommates, huh? That's cool! You're way too pretty to be roommates with someone like me! Haha, okay, I'm gonna go back to my room now!]" Nina laughed awkwardly again, before waving to the [i very] pretty girl for a second time and turning on her heel to make an exit. However, the Fates were not on her side this time, and she ended up tripping on the very coffee table she had been trying to avoid. The fall was not graceful, and was punctuated by a loud, "[#ff6347 [i Verdammte scheiße!]]" Nina sat up slowly and stared at the mystery girl in a daze, the book of poetry sprawled, forgotten, on the floor three feet away.

"[#ff6347 Sorry about that, haha. I'm so clumsy,]" Nina said, looking apologetically at the woman. She kicked herself mentally for looking so stupid in front of a pretty girl. Not that she ever looked not-stupid in front of a pretty girl.
  n i n a / ouroboros / 156d 4h 28m 6s

[center [Dosis

[b [size15 -SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND, 2018. 11:37 AM.-] ]

[#006400 "What is this, my liakáda?"] The frail, wrinkled hands of Leda Biros wrapped around the edges of the book, squinting as she tried to make out the graphic content that was strewn about on the front page. She had just interrupted her granddaughter, Alessandra, who was raving about the new place she was renting. Two females, half-naked, straddling each other was displayed on the cover, looking pretty good, if Alessandra could say so. She couldn't though, not now. Not while her grandmother sat, staring at the lewd image before her with her tired eyes. The old woman's eyes were widened in horror, [#006400 "This is filth-"]

[#DB7093 "Nononono, Yia-Yia, you shouldn't look at that,"] Alessandra practically leaped across the coffee table, frazzled and a bit miffed that her grandmother had gone through her purse. She couldn't get too upset, however, her Yia-Yia was a nosey little thing. [#DB7093 "That's not mine,"] She quickly said, shaking her head as she calmed her nerves. She let out a calming breath, knowing well that if she freaked out she could out herself at that very moment.[#DB7093 "H-Hide, I got that for him. It's one of his things," ]The words fell out of her mouth quickly, her face reddened by this moment she was having with her Grandmother. This wasn't the first time she had to throw together some lie, and it wouldn't be the last. [#DB7093 "I'm so sorry, Yia-Yia, you shouldn't of had to see that,"] Alessandra bit her tongue to prevent her from going any further, really wanting to say something to the extent of 'You shouldn't go through my things you nosey-cunt', but she would never say that. Not to her Yia-Yia at least.

Leda Biros shook her head and handed the book to Alessandra, a look of disapproval written all over that face. [#006400 "That just isn't right, you know?"] Leda had finally stopped shaking her head, but the look of disgust was very present as she continued on with the conversation they were having earlier.[#006400 "Anyways, my darling, I am so happy you found a place. Is there room for young ones yet?"]

That, to Alessandra, was her cue to leave. She threw the book into her purse, secretly cursing Loren- her new landlord and roommate- for helping her pick out the smut. Of course, Loren thought it was for Hide too. Poor, poor Hide. [#DB7093 "I know. And no, Yia-Yia, we aren't even married yet,"] she gave her kindest, but fakest smile to her grandma, who couldn't see that well anyway. [#DB7093 "I'm much too young, you know that."] Alessandra gathered her things before moving towards Leda and gathering her into a loving hug. [#DB7093 "I have to go though, I don't want to be the last person to arrive at the new place! Please, be good to the orderlies, okay? They mean well."]

[#006400 "I'm sure they do. I love you, my liakáda. Please be safe," ]The feeble woman hugged Alessandra as tight as she possibly could, making sure the girl knew that she cared deeply for her.

Alessandra let out a sigh and kissed the forehead of her grandmother, [#DB7093 "I love you too, Yi-Yia."]

With that Alessandra was out of the room, bidding farewell to the nursing home's orderlies and making sure they had everything they needed to take care of her grandmother. It was expensive, the place Alessandra moved her grandma in, however, it was worth it to see how well she was being taken care off.


[b [size15 -1:45 PM, SAME DAY.- ] ]

A leather jacket hugged tightly against Alessandra's curves, accompanied by a black bralette, high-waisted blue jeans and fire engine red pumps that perfectly matched her plump lips. Her black hair bounced off her shoulders as she exited the cab, excitement and fear welling up in the pit of her stomach. A small, seductive smirk crept onto her face as she turned towards the trunk of the vehicle, not surprised to see the driver already there gathering her things. The man seemed to be in his mid-forties, skin damaged by the sun. His smile was yellow and wide, with a few teeth missing. Alessandra assumed it was due to drug use, but she didn't think too much about it.

[#DB7093 "I can do the rest, no worries,"] Alessandra gave the man a convincing enough smile, extending the money she owed towards him. The man took his time grabbing it, his eyes floating down towards Alessandra's chest. She rolled her eyes and started to gather her things, waving away the man. [#DB7093 "Thanks for all your help,"] her tone was sarcastic, although he did help her, not caring that the man was still there in the first place. She gathered up all of her bags and walked towards her new, gorgeous home.

It had seemed to Alessandra that she was the first to arrive, letting herself in with the key Loren gave her a few days ago. She waltzed into the foyer, her bags dragging behind her. She had seen the house already, however, she was still in awe of every little detail. It was surreal, to say the least. Alessandra had no clue if anyone had gotten there before her, however, the click of her heels against the tiling would surely announce her to anyone in the home. She grabbed her cell from her pocket, writing a quick message to Hide:

[VT323 [size20 Hurry. I'm here. Love you!!!! xxxx]]

Alessandra pressed send before pulling her things to the living room so she could rest a little before heading up the stairs.
[#DB7093 [i Why the fuck did I wear heels? ] ]


[b [size10 OOC: My pills kicked in halfway through the post. Let me know if nothing makes sense. I will re-read through it when I wake up. ] ]
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