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In the year 2049, mechanized robots commonly called GEAR were developed for military application. Since then, their versatile functionality has led them to not only become commonplace in commercial use, but also spawned an entire sports entertainment industry. The prevalent use and popularity of GEARs has created a new academic field known as “Cenorobotics”.

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, you finds himself transferring to ACE Academy, a premier school for Cenorobotics studies in Japan. You struggles to find a team willing to accept you and your GEAR to compete in the intramural tournament. When compared to the sleek, robust, and advanced technologies of the Japanese counterparts, your search feels utterly hopeless. That is, until you finds a group of pilots just desperate enough for another member. This is where your story begins.

PM me if you would like to give it a try.

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Molly breathed a sigh of relief as she slumped into her computer chair at a quarter to midnight. The Red Death had been tweaked to her exacting specifications, and Tatsuya's Kerberos was just as ready for the tournament. While it took them longer than it should have thanks to the idiocy of her two former teammates they were at least able to get it done while her crew managed to spread their recruitment fliers to the outer limits of the city before dispersing for the night.

[b “I'm heading out, night boss”] Tatsuya said as he pulled on his jacket.

[b “Night,”] Molly said with a weak smile.

Once Tatsuya closed the door Molly slumped further into her chair as thoughts of the tournament raced through her mind. They may not have been as skilled as her or Tatsuya, but until their arrest they had been reliable workers. She knew she could find a couple of pilots given the fact that she was offering a chance to be on a competitive team, but it was the quality of the pilots she could find that worried her. If the best pilots she could find were Wataru and Hatsujo there was no real point in entering the tournament, as there was no way Tatsuya and her alone could handle the Golden Dragons.

Thinking about it was not going to get her anywhere though, and so she popped in a stick of sugarless gum and went to practice. While most Gears had a VR system installed for practice purposes, Molly had made sure to have a few dedicated training simulators in the hangar. Practicing in them would serve two purposes as it would mean no risk of damage to The Red Death, and it would make sure they were working for interview purposes tomorrow.

She only spent a couple of hours practicing against AI ghosts of the competitors from last year, but it was enough to clear her mind some. There was no reason to worry about something that was out of her control at this point so all she could do was go to sleep and see what tomorrow would bring. Which is exactly what she did after she made sure that the hangar was locked.

The sound of a loud expletive from a song pulled her back into the waking world after a short sleep. After a short fumbling around in the dark she was able to find her phone and shut off the alarm just in time to get a call from her assistant. [b “What?”]

[b “Um, boss, we're starting to get applicants and I need to know what you want me to do about it,”] Satsuki said almost too quiet to hear.

Molly pinched the bridge of her nose and took in a deep breath before replying. [b “You separate them into prospective mechanics and prospective pilots. Then have Ryosuke interview the prospective mechanics and Tatsuya interview the prospective pilots. I'll be down to help after I get showered and make some breakfast.”]

[b “Alright boss, um, I already got you breakfast it's on your table when you're ready.”]

[b “Good job,”] Molly said before hanging up.

While Tatsuya was not an experienced interviewer all he really had to do was get a feel for the personality of the potential pilots, as Molly was more interested in how well they did when they were put through their paces in the simulator. Ryosuke on the other hand was well experienced as an interviewer as he had been involved in the hiring process of all the mechanics for Team Devil Bats since he would be the one relaying orders when she wasn't available.
  Molly / Tesla / 342d 3h 35m 6s
Lilly pushed hard against the controls on her new gear as she glided perfectly, with the light hum of several thrusters keeping the hundred-ton gear mere feet off the ground, floating like a butterfly. "This is amazing," She laughed as she leaned and shifted the controls to bring Seraphim into a smooth landing next to her bother. Turning the thrusters off, she felt Seraphim settle into the sands of the training area. "He moves like he's walking on air." She said as a picture her brother popped up on the screen.

"That's what he was made to do." Jack smiled back. "Bill's idea about the thrusters was spot on."

"Well of course they are, it was my idea." Another voice interrupted as someone pushed Jack out of view and a man with wired rim glasses appeared in frame. "Seraphim would be too slow without them." Jack pushed back into frame as both men shared the camera. Lilly laughed at the two friends who had worked together to make Seraphim, a gear for Lilly.

"How do they work, Bill? I know most gears have thrusters, but most only use them to jump a few feet. Why does Seraphim use them to move?"

Bill's smile widened. "Well that's because, by default, Seraphim is too heavy. You may not feel it right now, but he is probably the heaviest gear in the school."

"Really? No way!" She exclaimed wide-eyed.

Nodding, Bill went on. "It's true, and Seraphim is about forty years outdated too. My father made him as the answer to the need of a heavy mech in the military, however he was so heavy that most smaller gears could easily outrun him and keep just out of his range. Plus, this was around the time shielding became a big deal, so he was quickly pushed out of the way."

"But doesn’t shielding only work well against laser weapons." Lilly asked tilting her head a bit.

"Yes, but gears also got smaller and more maneuverable so most designs went to light and medium gears with high shielding. As Seraphim fell under neither category he never got past early development and his plans got scrapped and his frame was put into storage."

"That was until I found him." Jack said, adding his own smile to the mix. "See, shortly after working for Bill's dad I found Seraphim in a warehouse and after days of convincing him he let me have it. But only under the condition that If I ever got it working that I would show him." Bill nodded in agreement. "Soon after, I met Bill and told him about my plans about building a Gear for you."

"Knowing that normal movement would never work for a gear of his size and weight, I came up with the brilliant plan of using thrusters as his primary way of movement." Bill said pushing up his glasses.

"But how does a normal power core relay output so much power? Most Gears only have one or two power cores to support both boosting and shielding. I don’t understand how you are getting so much power out of the core." Lilly asked, her face twisted in confusion, as she tried to think of a way that it could work.

Jack answered this one. "Well that's because it doesn't use a power core. We tried but they don’t have a high enough output for what we were looking for. So, I went looking for something that could give me the power that I needed. After days of researching, I found something that would work: magnetohydrodynamics. However, like the frame itself, it's old and outdated. I won't bore you with the crazy stuff but just understand that with the help of a turbine engineer I solved the energy problem."

Lilly looked stunned. "That sounds amazing! How did you learn to do that?"

Jack laughed a bit. "A year of trial and error led me to finally getting it right. However, this uncovered a few drawbacks. The first being because of the two powerful engines you generate a ton of heat using your thrusters. At first this doesn't seem like that big of a deal but it is for two big reasons. One, a heat seeking missile will have no trouble locking on to you. If you run out of flares you are going to be left defenseless against them and it doesn't matter how good your armor is two or three of those and you'll be knocked out. The second is every thirty to thirty five minutes you will need to vent the heat to prevent the engine from overheating and shutting down or worse damaging the engine itself."

"How long does venting take?" She asked seeming a bit concerned about this. Most team fights could last a few hours and if she was down for a long time it could be bad.

"Don't worry, it only takes around a minute to vent the heat." Jack went back on explaining. "However you can't use your thrusters during this time but the rest of the gear's movement works just fine so you won't be left helpless."

"Phew, that's good." She breathed a sigh of relief, and leaned back in her seat.

"Another problem is you have very little shielding, as you know most Gear run shielding off of their Power core. Well because Seraphim doesn’t I had to find another way to give him shields and the best method I could find were batteries. They can't take much and will drain fast under fire. Your best bet would be to let your armor do its job and only use the shields when fighting someone with a laser weaponry." Lilly nodded in understanding. "Last but not least is maintenance. He's not easy to fix and keep tuned up. The biggest problem is not many people know how to fix his engines leaving only me and Bill at the moment that know how to fix him. Second, he takes two kinds of fuel, jet fuel and salt water."

Lilly looked a bit shocked. "That seems like quite a bit of work to keep up with. I don’t even have a team yet and I already feel bad for them."

Jack laughed again, "Don’t worry Bill and I will be doing most of the maintenance on him. Plus, I don’t want anyone else touching my hard work and breaking it. Now that we have covered the cons let's move on to good stuff. First up is your speed and armor, you have the best armor around and don’t really have to worry about anything smaller then a 30mm against your frontal armor. You are also just as fast as any middle-class gear to date. He can also deal quite a bit of damage with over forty missiles containing a mix of heat and laser guided. He can carry up to four guns at a time. We got gatling guns, battle rifles, shotguns, energy swords, pistols, and sniper rifles. Right now I'm working on a surprise that should be ready in a few weeks or so. Lastly your targeting computer is very high tech, it will keep locked on a target even at high speed. That's because of the AI that Bill made just for you."

Lilly's eyes lit up as he explained everything to her. The different loadouts she could use and even an AI to help with some of the smaller stuff was amazing.

"Countermeasures include around 360 flares to counter missiles and smoke to cover your allies. However, my favorite is the custom setup of your cockpit."

Lilly's cockpit was one of a kind, instead of sitting upright similar to the seat of a jet, she would be seated much more akin to a motorcycle. The two joysticks rested where the handles would be and instead of pedals she would lean the way she wanted go. Plus, the joysticks had twice as many buttons as most others to help pick up the lack of other controls. It had taken her a few hours to get used to it all, even now she still hits the wrong buttons occasionally and did things she didn’t mean too. "This is amazing, it sounds like I got a lot to learn before I can even think of mastering him."

Both Bill and Jack nodded. "Yep however we both have full confidence that you can do it." Bill said. "You can always practice here or in the VR room simulator instated into any gear. All you need to worry about is learning how best to pilot him and finding yourself a team. Leave the smaller things to me and your brother."

Lilly's smile couldn’t get any wider if she tried. "Thank you, both of you for everything and the chance you're are giving me. I won't let you down and I'm gonna become the best Gear pilot around."

"Just do your best and have fun, that's all I ask." Jack said. "Now get going we talked enough, you need to keep practicing and remember to vent in around ten minutes."

Nodding, she said goodbye and closed the link while pushing the controls forward. As if waiting for the command Seraphim sprang to life. For ten minutes she boosted around the training area, weaving in and out of cover and jumping from low to high ground with ease. Suddenly an alert popped up stating the engine was about to overheat. She quickly stopped and the gear came to rest at a point that was overlooking the countryside. She reached for the vent button, it stood out from the rest of the controls as it was clearly added on after production. When she pressed it, she heard the sharp hiss of steam as hot air came out of several exhaust ports to help cool the interworking. As she was waiting she noticed that a few other groups were also training and didn’t seem to be paying her any attention. Smiling she clenched Seraphim's fist and looked out over the land scape. "Finally, I can show them what I'm really made of."
  Lilly / Mended / 343d 15m 42s
[center [size30 [b [#ba5e5e ◤Kai◢]]]]
[right [pic]]
Robbing his sister of her bento box, Kai pranced from the girls reach.

[center [b [#9cc99c “Hey!”]]]

Pouting at him as usual, she folded her arms and puffed her cheeks up like a pufferfish; as she reclaimed her seat at the dining room table. [i A sign- the girl was easily ceasing in the face of failure…]

Sauntering over to red from behind, Kai lingered onto her shoulders like a pet sloth. With his arms wrapped around her loosely, Kai graced his little sister’s cheek with a peck. He then spoke in a modest tone: [#ba5e5e [b [i “Thank’s, little red~.”]]] At that moment, Kai had expressed his gratitude to the girl before him.

Although- Kai humbly apologize, he was still teasing her as always. With that, he couldn’t help himself to snicker a bit as Kai (-himself) strolled off.

Heading to the front Genkan, the young adult could hear his sister vexed on his laughter in the backdrop. -Without delay, his little sister began hounding him down. Trailing after him, while she exclaimed in many inquiries across the rooms with such phrases as, [b [#9cc99c “What’s so funny? Kai!"]] and what not... She had chased him to the doorway, as she overexerted herself for a response from Kai.

Despite all of her effort’s, Kai didn’t reply or even budge; he was too focused on the task at hand.

Returning to public schooling wasn’t going to be as straightforward from the aftermath of last year. Kai doubted, that everyone else in the world had forgotten the ‘accident’ twelve months ago during the intramural tournament. Who wouldn’t remember the tragedy, that lost the life of a young pilot and the limbs of another on the field; due to the so called mishaps of one engineer’s maintenances check and crappily designed manufacturing skills.

Of course, not a single soul believed that the situation was a mere misfortune on Kai’s end. But, rather intentionally planned by Kai to disable the pilots -just as the victims had claimed. Nevertheless, Kai’s mind was bent on settling the score with his former team who condemn him for their under placement.

[right [b {PART:1}]]
  Ace Academy / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 349d 23m 59s
The hangar was filled with the sounds of power tools and fast paced rock music that blared from a variety of speakers. A work environment that had been forced on its inhabitants by the young boss of the place who was currently positioned on a custom creeper doing work on a large red Gear component in a corner. Despite this the energy was good as the team worked to prepare themselves for their upcoming challenges by working on the various Gears stored in the hangar.

The mood changed when the music suddenly cut off as a trembling young girl attempted to get the attention of the leader. Molly was quick to slide out from under the part she was working on and stand up to her full height. Despite being a few inches shorter than the girl in front of her it was clear by their stance who the boss was in the relationship.

[b “Boss, I have some bad news,”] Satsuki said with a shaking voice. [b “Kenta and Yohei were just picked up by the police.”]

The room went silent as everyone waited to hear the boss' response. [b “I'm gonna fucking kill them.”] She managed to get out several more expletives before her mechanics got hold of her. Along with several more expletive laced rants as the mechanics struggled to hold her back from carrying out her threats.

[b “Alright here's what we're gonna do, Satsuki you and the mechanics will go to the print shop and make copies of a flyer I'll e-mail to you. We're going to need two more pilots, and at least one extra mechanic wouldn't hurt with all of the work we'll have to do getting the Gears ready for them,”] Molly said as she rubbed at her temples after she finally calmed down. [b “Tatsuya and I can finish up here tonight since I'm almost done with the Red Death, and getting his Gear into shape shouldn't take the two us too long. No point in customizing the other two for pilots that aren't fucking here, right?”]

[b “It means you'll all be on the clock until midnight. I've got a favor to call in though so you fucks won't be alone at least,”] Molly added before dismissing everyone.

Once they were gone she set to work on her computer with her left hand while dialing up a number on her smartphone with her right hand. Despite the late hour a groggy voice picked up with a scratchy greeting.

[b “Kuroda! You know that long list of favors you owe me? Of course you do, well, I'm calling one in so get your gang together and head over to the copy shop by my hangar,”] Molly said in a cheery voice. [b “Oh, if you would rather I, alright, I'm glad you see things my way.”]

The odds of them managing to find even one good pilot this close to the tournament was slim at best, but given her rival had already confirmed her participation Molly had to do what she could to bring a team together. One small comfort was that she only had to replace Kenta and Yohei as they were only really part of the team to fill the roster. Sure they were skilled pilots, but their major value over a replacement was the fact that they already had field experience together. She could hope that she would find a couple skilled enough to make that experience unnecessary, but even just a couple of warm bodies would be better than a disqualification.
  Molly / Tesla / 356d 15h 43m 33s
Lilly rolled into her living room a little past 8 o'clock and noticed her brother sitting on the couch. "Hey Jack" she said after rolling over to him. Jack looked over at her and said. "Hey Lilly. How was school?" Jack had been taken of Lilly since there parent had died in a car crash. Lilly had been with them and had lost the ability to walking in the crash. Even thought they could get the surgery to fix it they couldn’t afford it. Jake had to drop out of school to get a job to help pay for things that they need.

"It was okay. Had to do some boring stuff with paper work set up the new year classes." Lilly said settling in. "How about you how was work? Your home early today." Jack smiled. "Well that because I have a surprise for you." He said pulling out some paper and passed them to her. She took a few second to read them then looked over them again, and again. "This can't right this is for..."

"The pilot program for your school I know." Jake finished for her. Lilly looked at confused. "but that doesn't make any since I don’t have a Gear. Even if I did I couldn't' pilot one without my legs." Jake smiled grow. "Well unless someone to made a Gear that didn’t need to use feet to pilot them then someone who was crippled could us it. However, because of that you would have to learn how to thrust using your elbow instead."

Lilly mouth hung open as she looked at her brother. "That easy but how would one even get a gear like that. Let alone afford it." Jake smiled reached it pike. "Not unless someone build it over the last seven years and put part of his paycheck to it each time." Lilly shock her head. "No way you did that." Jake then throw over a set off keys. "Congress Lilly this year you are going to me a Gear pilot at your school."
  Lilly / Mended / 358d 10h 19m 12s

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