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[center [h1 [size20 [Homemade+Apple [#602060 ⊰ Plot ⊱]]]]]

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[#602060 [Varela+Round From across the lands- wizards and witches gather together for a competition, that tests students and their teachers learning methods in witchcraft and wizardry through a series of trails to their limits; in order to seek out and evaluate the best and worst institutions worldwide, while praising students and teachers for better opportunities in the wizarding world. Now has come the time, where principals choose their best teachers to assemble a team with their ace students to participate in the hazardous games.

The national school tournament is much like the triwizard tournament. A life or death situation during any point and time in the trails. Though, instead of three schools competing against one another, all institutions are each other opponents. Not only that teachers don’t just stand on the sidelines as coaches, but act as leaders who also join the trails with their group of students who have been elected.

Rather you make it alive or not -doesn't matter. Your team's score is the true price. There’s an extra risk, which is the cost of losing your whole entire school through the shame that is brought upon by a low ranking.]]

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[center [b [Homemade+Apple Useful websites for the witchcraft & wizardry world:]]]

1. [https://www.pottermore.com/collection-episodic/wizarding-schools [b [size10 [Homemade+Apple Pottermore Website]]]] .

2. [http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-tree-astrology.html [b [size10 [Homemade+Apple Celtic Tree Astrology]]]] .

3. [http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hogwarts_subjects [b [size10 [Homemade+Apple Harry Potter Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia]]]] ]

4. Hogwarts has seven years of schooling. However, students may start at eleven (11) to twelve (12) years of age to attend the wizarding school. Meaning, for a first year -you should either be eleven or twelve.
|| Year | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
|| Age | 11 / 12 | 12 / 13 | 13 / 14 | 14 / 15 | 15 / 16 | 16 / 17 | 17 / 18 ]

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[center [h1 [size20 [Homemade+Apple ⊰ Character Application ⊱]]]]
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[tbl [size9 When filling out your application please note, that I want to see a diversity of individuals. Other words, do the complete opposite of others to avoid copy cating or having similar information. If someone is already playing a multi personality disorder character, who has attendance to go on a killing spree; make a character that doesn't have a split personality and instead of killing, have the character against blood shed. Make your character unique!

On the other hand, the only thing that is absolutely required to fill out is the name, alias, age, gender, species, institution, house, year, professionalization, favorite subjects, occupation, domesticated creatures, and the wand section. With that said, you may leave everything else blank.

However, I prefer you write in descriptions and explain the reasoning or elaborate on the topics, that are given for your character rather than listing. My reasoning to write more is to develop your characters, so people don’t just glance over your character's application and think nothing of them. Meaning your character seems boring because it’s just a list filled with nonsense words, that make the character seem unrelatable to reality with the readers.

Now that I'm done babbling on, I wish all those who had the patience to read this to take their time and enjoy developing their characters a little more. [size15 ☻]]]

[b Username:] [size8 ]

[center [b General Characteristics:]]

[size8 [b Name:]

[b Alias:] Example: Daniel Handler is better known as Lemony Snicket.

[b Age:]

[b Gender:]

[b Sexual Orientation:]

[b Species:]

[b Appearance:]

[b Biography:]

[b Personality:] A good example would be a character, who has been bullied as a child. This person might have become antisocial or shy when around others.]

[center [b Witchcraft And Wizardry Data:]]

[size8 [b Institution:]

[b House:]

[b Year:]

[b Schedule:]
●Core classes:

[b Professionalization:]

[b Incantations Specialty:]
● Spell:
● Charm:
● Transfiguration:
● Jinx:
● Hex:
● Curse:
● Modifiers:

[b Favorite Subjects:]

[b Occupation:] ]

[center [b Possessions:]]

[size8 [b ● Grimoire:]

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[b ● Other belongings:] ]

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[center [h1 [size20 [Homemade+Apple Introduction Post]]]]

A lot of you maybe wondering, where to start for your post. As of now, I have written below the scenario:

Write about your character receiving the notorious envelope, that declares you are a wizard/witch who has been accepted into Hogwarts for this year! You can include, how your character is presented with the letter and how it may be read to them . Now if you want to get into more detailed post, explain the time of day, year, and season, as well the place and emotions of your character is in during this moment.

Even if your a student who isn’t a first year, this could always be a flashback.

However, if your not a first year student; perhaps you want to skip that part entirely. If so, you may move onto gathering your school supplies and boarding the train as perusal. Though it’s much preferred that everyone goes shopping before jumping on the expressway, for a better chance of character development. As you find yourself wondering diagon alley, be sure to collect the appropriate school supplies for your character's class needs.

-At this point in time of the role play, all character enter reactions start. With that said, your character might bump into somebody, they may or may not know. This could even be the starting of a good relationship or a negative one. So be sure to collaborator on post. ;)

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Roleplay Responses

[tab] Easily slipping through the traffic, Nik follows the trail he knows by heart. His feet carries him to the familiar pet store and is greeted by the mixture of smells from the animals. If Nik could have his way, he would be taking most of them home but as his father put: [b "We're lucky you got to bring Bastet to Hogwarts in general, but I am pretty sure the others can't come and you know your mother won't approve of any surprises while you're gone."] Which made the teen chuckle at the thought but also shiver at the thought of his mom being angry with any surprises left by his companions. For a small woman, she could terrify any man.

[tab] Automatically he stops in front of the snake cages and lets Bastet talk to the others. Feeling Bastet moving to his collar, Nik snaps out of his thoughts as he started hearing snippets of the snakes' conversations and Bastet looking at him, impatient. He turns to her, raising an eyebrow. [b [i [#2a1256 "Yes Empress?"]]] Almost sarcastically and says it softly, remembering the first time he spoke Parseltongue in public and gotten stares of fear. He still never understood the fear of it, but then again some things of this culture will probably never make sense to him.

[i [b "Hurry up and get our mice. Too many smellss in here and I talked to the otherss already."]] He chuckles lightly, petting her head. She flicks her tongue at him.

[b [i [#2a1256 "Yess Yess, I will. Just settle down."]]]

[tab] Earning a nod from the black snake, Nik turns to the supplies for the snakes. He grabs the bag filled with the mice Bastet prefers and gets a different bag for Ebony. He checks his list for any things he may have forgotten otherwise for his girls and some treats for the fox he knew was waiting for him at Hogwarts.

[tab] He grabs owl treats before checking out at the cashier. He pays for the food and places it into his bag, thankful for untraceable Extending charm. He pets Bastet's head, thanking the cashier and hinting at Bastet to hide once more. Reluctantly, the snake hid once more and coils against his neck.

[tab] Fixing his collar, Nik steps once more into the crowd. Now without the badgering of Bastet, he spent some time looking around and stopping at some booths and stores. After buying what he could see won't cost too much, he checked off his list before heading towards Flourish and Botts.

[tab] Stepping into the bookstore, he wasn't surprised by the crowd in the bookstore. He did wish sometimes it wasn't so chaotic. Using his height to his advantage, Nik moves through the crowd as his eyes darts around to see if there was anyone he knew. He moves towards the second floor, leaning against the railing.

[tab]His dreads' beads clanged slightly together as Nik moves them to clear his view of the crowd bustling around, scurrying to collect their books. Luckily this spot he was at wasn't so cluttered, making it easier to people watch. He had time to watch before his family came to join the crowd he thinks since he hasn't spotted or heard anything yet to indicate they were there.
  Dominik Quattrocchi / Farideh3 / 1y 27d 12h 45m 26s
Molly was thankful they got there as early as they had given how long it took them to get to the front of the line. Especially with how heavy the pile of books was starting to feel in her arms, and only one of the books was going to belong to her. Still since it made it easier for Katie to keep the kids wrangled it was well worth the pain.

With their purchase made they were able to check off the last of the supplies the kids would need for their first year at Hogwarts. Along with a copy of the latest release by Alice Quinn on magical theory for Molly's library. After splitting everything up into the kids bags they got ready to go their separate ways.

[b “You sure you don't need me to help escort them back?”] Molly signed with a quizzical look.

[b “You've done enough for us already, this was supposed to be your vacation,”] Katie signed back. [b “Especially with how much you've helped out after my uncle got sick.”]

[b “After all your family has done for me it is the least I could do,”] Molly signed before sidestepping a train of children.

Katie made sure to pull the kids away from the crowds and get their attention before signing to them. [b “Now what do you say?”] Katie signed with a firm eye on the kids.

[b “Thank you Molly,”] both children said in a louder than normal voice.

[b “Not a problem kiddos, now be good to your cousin Katie,”] Molly said and signed with a smile.

Katie shepherded the kids a few feet before turning around and giving a few quick signs. [b “Meet up at the sweet shop later?”]

[b “I'll see you there,”] Molly signed back before watching them disappear into the crowd.

Now that she was alone she was quick to pull her headphones back on and start up her music. The sight of her headphones was enough for most of the people to give more than a glance in her direction, but she made sure to keep a friendly smile on her face despite the looks. She got similar attention from the muggles when they noticed her combat boots, or other more eclectic attire. It was a bit comforting knowing that society is similar whether it was magical or muggle.
  Molly / Tesla / 1y 81d 1h 48m 27s
The summer was nearly over, it had been rather uneventful. After the horrific car accident last year, Nate had gone all summer without another incident and was thankful for that. He'd spent his summer just going to work, keeping his magic life hidden. At night, alone in his room, he’d crack out his wand and practice his magic. More than a couple of times over the summer, Nate had shown off his skills to his parents. As always, they were absolutely amazed. The countdown to school was no longer weeks but days and hours. He needed to be practicing his magic now more than ever. Magic had never come naturally to him before until last year, and now he couldn’t get enough of it.

But to be able to go back to the world of magic, it required preparations. A full summer’s worth of work as a life guard had paid off. Picking up extra shifts meant a deeper tan for Nate, but also more money to contribute towards his stash for school. So, that left a sun kissed Nate walking out of Gringotts with a little pouch full of freshly transferred money.

His parents hadn’t come with him to Diagon Alley this year. Being there was always such an awkward experience for muggles like his parents. It was overwhelming to them and often lead to a sense of guilt for Eric and Evelynn Parker. Nate was fully aware that his parents felt guilty for not being able to give him a more deeply ingrained life to the wizarding world. The alley was overwhelming to them because it was fascinating but also because it was something they’d never understand. For Nate, his fascination would never die. There was such a life in the alley that the muggle world just could not seem to match. Nate surely bore the marks of the muggle world though, his jeans and white shirt left him standing out in a crowd.

Nate pulled out his letter from Hogwarts with a list of supplies for what he’d need for his 6th year. The list of books was typical, but the requirement for dress robes stood out to him. What could they possibly need dress robes for? At least that was something he could purchase in the muggle world. Right?

He walked along the path, trying to keep out of the way of all the other anxious students flooding for back to school supplies in the Alley. The new brooms in the windows were always tempting to Nate. He stopped to look for several moments before pulling away, promising himself he’d look again once done with errands. The blonde haired boy turned off the alley way, stepping into Flourish and Botts. The line was unbelievably long for books. He shook his head, letting out a breath before beginning his long wait to be helped in the store. [b "This is insane..."] He whispered under his breath, looking around at all the families crowded into the store. He glanced around, wondering if he'd see any familiar faces in the store today.
  Nate Parker / WingedEyeliner / 1y 82d 14h 16m 37s
The dark-skinned teen leans against the doorway towards the living room as he watches his mom, Calina, calling out in her native tongue in hopes of hurrying his siblings from the dining table. Dominik chuckles a bit as he felt Bastet slip her head through his robes to peek at the show.

[i [b "You think your mother would be usssed to thiss by now.]]

[i [b [#2a1256 "Yes, but this time of year alwayss make her act this way.]]] He replies softly, watching his father pick up a half-asleep Wren. No matter how many times they prepare for Hogwarts, it felt nice to know this routine was the same within his family. Calina turns her head to Dominik, after letting the house elf, Rei, take care of the dishes.

[b "Nik, you have your list for supplies, yes? And anything you may need for Bastet, Ebony, and Orion?"] Her english was better, but still held her russian accent. He nods as Andrei and Chris rushes over, brushing off their robes. [b "Then Alanzo, apparate there to Diagon Alley and we shall meet you over by the Leaky Cauldron. Nik will go first before Chris and Andrei."] Alanzo chuckles before nodding.

[b "Of course, dear, we will see you guys there."]

With a loud pop, Nik counts it as his turn to go through the Floo. After a quick warning to Bastet, he calls out Diagon Alley before disappearing into the green flames. As the familiar smells and sounds of the busy market fills his senses, he walks out the fireplace, not wanting to block the incoming members. Not long after he steps out, Andrei follows with Chris on his heels. Alanzo walks over once spotting them with Wren, fully awake. Calina steps out, easily removing the ashes from the robes before handing Dominik his bag with the money in it.

[b "Knowing you, you will wander but will get what you need correctly without causing trouble, yes?"] She raises an eyebrow, knowing full well of his behavior. He smiles sheepishly and elbows Andrei when he heard a snicker.

[b [#2a1256 "Da, I will [i try] not to cause much trouble and get what I need. Do you want to meet at the book store?"]] She nods reluctantly.

[b "Da, since I can't trust the three of you alone and not to cause trouble, we will meet there after we get their supplies. Don't even ask, Chris, because you need help with some of the supplies and Andrei, do I even need to give a reason?"] Calina quirks an eyebrow with the two defeated looks. Nik snickers and ruffles their hair, earning a hit from Andrei and Chris mumbling about messing up her hair.

[b [#2a1256 "Okay, I will see you guys there."]] He sticks his tongue out and kisses Wren's cheek. He smiles before easily disappearing into the crowd. He places the bag in his pocket and walks around. Some things caught his eye before he mentally decides on to check it out later. Pulling out his list, he heads for the pet store for supplies for his animal companions. Last thing he needed was Bastet badgering him about him forgetting something for them and the slight judging look Ebony somehow mastered.
  Dominik Quattrocchi / Farideh3 / 1y 84d 11h 20m 0s
[p When having his future predict by a fortunate teller, Asriel seeks out a secondary wand for when his blackthorn wand is destroyed by a possible rival in the near future, who is said to defeat him in battle due to the lack of power.]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/44NAgc8.png?2]]

Asking without looking, the wandmaker started a conversation: [b “It would appear, that you haven’t broken another wand?”]

[b [#82173b “Not quite yet, sir...”]] Asriel said with a light chuckle as he bowed his head with a nod of shame.

In the intervening time, he applauded the shopkeeper with his blackthorn wand in the other hand.

The wandmaker paused in his tracks as he turned his cheek to Asriel. Questioning his response, the wandmaker became trouble when hearing an undefined future: [b “Yet?”] An in anxious tone that sounded almost indignant, the wandmaker stepped down from the ladder.

At that moment, the old man placed his hands upon Asriel’s shoulders and looked him straight into the eyes: [b “Nothing-"]

When shaking the student a little bit, the wandmaker spoke with seriousness: [b "And, when I say nothing! I mean there is absolutely nothing set in stone, my boy.”] As the wandmaker did so, he gave Asriel a pat on the shoulders before by passing the young man through the narrow aisle.

Asriel now stood well aware in one of the many wand sections as his mind began to decypher.

  {~The Power~} / KB-TheBearWhoMauls / 1y 83d 23h 42m 16s

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