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[center [pic http://78.media.tumblr.com/7ac0e6295b4b4ae942c2b42964a0a1b2/tumblr_p7ipbft9zc1ugma4co1_540.jpg]]
[I [center We are but simple circus folk who travel all around the world, though we may pick up a stray passenger here and there we never mean any harm and are only around to entertain, so come and enjoy the show for we are but the simple circus folk of the Fredbear Traveling Circus]]
They show up without warning once a year and stay in a random town for 2 days, they charge no money, they're quite entertaining, but they never leave a trace and after they leave town missing children reports go up. Nobody knows what this circus's motivation is and nobody quite understands how they operate but it is well known that the family continues to grow and that for many families of children who go missing they later find emancipation papers signed by them for said child leaving many to wonder how their child managed to gain access to these papers and manage to get them to sign them.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=150085 ROLEPLAY THREAD]
[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=400281 Fredbear Files]

[h3 [center ROLEPLAY INFO]]
~If it wasn't obvious this is a FNAF AU where all the 'missing' children really just ran away to join the circus there are no animatronics, just kids escaping from bad lives.

~If you'd like to join fill out the skelly below and send it to me with the title 'It's Me'

~Pictures are to be REAL please keep them site appropriate.

~Romance is allowed but please if your character is over 18 don't go for someone who is younger than 17.

~Each child goes by a code name which will simply be the name of a Fnaf Animatronic {ie. Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie Bunny, Boy Bloon, Freddy Pntm, Marionette, etc.} the only exceptions to this rule are children age 5 and under for they will be considered Bidybabs and Minirenas until they are old enough to develop skills and talents at which point they will be given a code name.

~OC characters are allowed but I would like to see a 'true' picture of your OC meaning a picture of what they would look like in the cannon universe. Characters like Candy{FNAC}, Rachel{FNAR}, and others from fan games can be considered OC's if you wish since they already have pictures and 'cannon' models, though if you choose to have a code name from a fan game please still send a 'true' picture just so I know who they are.

~The Circus when not 'recruiting' lives within a 'vail' of sorts that hides the children from the rest of the world allowing them to grow in a loving environment that focuses on them and their talents instead of preparing them for the pain of the daily grind.

~Children may leave the circus once they turn 16 and by doing so they give up their code name and re-enter the world under a name of their choosing along with all the paperwork they need to be able to attend college, get a job, and altogether just start their adult life, of course you may always just stay with the family and continue to help the new arrivals get used to life with the family.

~If you have any questions ASK

~More info will be added as needed.

[h3 [center Skelly]]

Birth Name: {First and Last} {Who did your parents believe you were}

Code Name: {Who are you in the Fnaf Universe?} {Freddy Fazbear, Old Freddy, Toy Freddy, Phantom Freddy, You get the idea} {If your character is five or younger you are either a Bidybab or Minirena do not assign yourself a codename even if you plan on being 6 within the first few posts of the roleplay}

Chosen Name: {Who do you want to be?} {This is the name you will be called when in the 'vail' and what all your papers will be under}

Age: {Newborn+} {If you're character is of an age in which they can't do anything independently please make another character to take care of them, after all a baby who can't walk can't run away from home.}

Preferred Gender Identity: {Male, Female, Agender, Gender Fluid, etc.}{If you don't know/are to young to care put Unknown}

Preferred Sexual Orientation: {Gay/Lesbien, Straight, Demi, Ace, Pan, etc.}{If you don't know/are to young to care put Unknown}

Picture URL: {Real Please} {This is the picture you use in the thread}

'True' Picture: {FOR OC'S ONLY} {If your code name is not a character from one of the 7 FNAF {Yes I'm including FNAF WORLD 1&2} Games please provide a picture of what the character would look like in the cannon universe. {8-bit models are accepted}

Circus Costume: {Please describe what costume your character wears during performances.} {Fursuits are allowed so if you're not that interested in the 'preforming' part just say 'My Character's suit' which means your character will have a costume that resembles the in game model/'true' picture.} {Bidybabs and Minirenas are exempt from this as they are to young to preform.}

Talents: {What are your talents?}{Painting, Ballet, Sillyness, Singing, etc.}{Bidybabs and Minirenas exempt}

Favorites: {Color, Animal, Candy, Season, Food, etc.}

Hated Things: {What Can't you stand this can include fears and people if there is someone in the family who you just can't seem to get along with}{Please don't go hating on someone until you actually interact with them within the roleplay this is supposed to be a loving environment and whomever decides to play BB won't necessarily be annoying}

Extra: {Is their anything else we should know about you?}

[h3 [center OOC Rules]]

~Keep it PG-13

~Keep Pictures Site Appropriate

~Please try to be active in the roleplay and not just use the chat

~Have Fun

~More Rules Will Be Added As Needed


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The sun is just rising over the horizon as the circus appears out of nowhere in the city of R͙̗̦̓͢e͆͌̓̐͐̂̋҉̨͏͎͓̟̗͕̠̼̩ḑ̗͖͈̙̼̻͚͚̈́̀a̷̪̯͔͚̰̣ͬ̇̃̍̓̒ͪ͟͞ͅc̷̢̡̺͙̹̊ͫͮ͊̿̓̔t̟͙̖̹̹̘̓͗ͧ͆͛̓͛̀̚ͅe̪̤͇̮̠ͤ̈͛ͯͫ͠d̨̠̜̱͙̺̺͓̭͕̊̓ͣ̐̽̉ͫ͠ the tent is quiet with no sign of movement until suddenly thousands of paper airplanes fly out of the tent going all over the city attaching themselves to telephone poles and slipping into the daily paper. The circus is now Open For Buisness.
  Baseic24824 / 275d 9h 29m 17s

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