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His face went red, and he was flustered, smiling a bit, and he decided to play with her for a moment, to try to get comfortable with her, and soon it went to full on mating. After a while of having their fun, Link laid next to the zora princess, holding her tight
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 119d 18h 3m 0s
"W-well..." Mipha's face was red again as she looked down at herself, and certain 'scales' were receding off of her and revealing some things to Link. "I d-do believe Z-Zora mating is about the s-same as yours..." She said, the 'scales' having fully receded now.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 119d 18h 5m 18s
He smiled and followed her to her own room, and soon he was taking his armor off, allowing her to see him in all his unclothed glory. “ should we start to do this?” He asked, not familiar with zora anatomy
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 119d 18h 13m 47s
"O-okay...I'll d-do it." Mipha told the Hylian as she smiled a little, still blushing madly. She held his hand as well, firmly yet in a comfortable way as well. The Zora princess led him up to one of the lookout points in Zora's Domain, letting him see everyone moving about below where they were. Soon, it was night, and quite dark outside save for the luminous lights keeping a form of brightness in the Domain. By then, she was leading Link back to her room again.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 119d 18h 15m 46s
He smiled. “I’ll do my best...that’s all I can promise you with this...” he said, and held her hands gently as he smiled. “It would make our bond even stronger as well, given we actually can try it.” He said, still holding her hands
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 119d 18h 18m 59s
The female's blush reddened more and became deeper, as she looked towards her spouse. "L-Link, I've n-never done that b-before...are you s-sure you'd be p-prepared for that?" Mipha asked gently and a bit nervously.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 119d 18h 20m 59s
He smiled a bit, nervous because he hadn’t ever gone that far in a relationship. “Well, I have one idea...” he said, and he whispered to her that he was hoping to have some fun with her later when they were alone.
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 119d 18h 22m 55s
Soon, the ceremony was finally over, and many Zora were shouting out encouraging messages to Link and Mipha as they walked down the steps out of the throne room together. "S-so...what should we do now that we are wedded, love?" She asked, blushing when she called him 'love'.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 119d 18h 28m 29s
He smiled and nodded in agreement, his cheeks still a rosy red from blushing brightly. “Yes, it’s very nice to be able to rest for a while...” he said, and he looked around the area they were in, taking in the amazing sights of the luminous plants and the sight of his wife
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 120d 17h 20m 28s
The Zora princess kissed back, leaning into it for a few moments before it ended. "T-thank you...I feel the same way, Link." She told him, a blush still on her cheeks. "We will have to go out and save the parts of Hyrule still in peril...but for now, we have a moment to cherish and give us faith." Mipha said happily.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 120d 17h 28m 47s
As the ceremony continued, the two were officially declared as each other’s spouses, and Link smiled at her, very happy that he was finally with her. “I’m glad that this happened, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.” He said, and he gently kissed her again, but not on the cheek this time
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 120d 19h 6m 10s
Mipha felt the kiss and blushed, smiling as she looked towards him some more. "I n-never expected this day to come...but I'm so happy it did." She told him, wrapping her arms around the Hylain Champion and hugging him close. A couple more happy tears formed in her eyes, and she sighed pleasantly as the ceremony was leading up to the moment where they would officially become spouses to each other.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 120d 19h 19m 36s
Link smiled and he held Mipha’s hands while they celebrated, his face filled with joy, and he did something that would change their day, he kissed her gently on her cheek, turning bright red when he did.
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 120d 19h 21m 46s
The female didn't expect the ceremony to begin so quickly, but she wasn't going to complain about it. Of course, after the wedding was over and things had settled down, they would have to get back to work traveling across Hyrule to help out the other Champions with their beasts...if they were still alive, that is. Mipha hoped her friends would be alive, and that they were faring well despite the Calamity's rule still being over their areas. However, now was not a time to ponder those thoughts. Now was a time for celebration, and she looked around at all of the Zora before looking towards Link with a joyous smile.
  Mipha / AskTheStaff / 120d 19h 26m 26s
King Dorephan smiles gently and hugged his daughter with fatherly love. “But Of course it may!” He said, smiling at them. And soon the wedding ceremony began, and all the Zora came to witness the marriage of the Hylian and their princess
  Link (BOTW) / DoomGuy123 / 120d 19h 29m 53s

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