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In a post-apocalyptic Chicago, survivors are divided into five factions based on their dispositions: Abnegation, for the selfless; Amity, for the peaceful; Candor, for the honest; Dauntless, for the brave; and Erudite, for the intellectual. Each year, all sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test that determines the faction for which they are best suited. After receiving the results, test takers choose a faction at the Choosing Ceremony, no matter what their results were. Those who do not complete initiation into their new faction become "factionless" and are forced to live in poverty on the streets of the city.

Initiation into Dauntless is composed of three stages. The first involves learning how to handle guns and knives and hand-to-hand combat with other initiates.
The initiates enter Stage 2 of their training, which involves simulations similar to the aptitude tests. Initiates are forced to face hallucinations based upon their deepest fears. The simulations act in a hypnotic fashion and initiates forget their situation isn't real.
The final stage of Dauntless initiation gathers all their fears in a single simulation landscape. All the initiates, including the Divergents, are aware they are under a simulation and must use the skills they've learned in the previous stages to overcome each obstacle.
All standard ES rules apply.
Literate. As much as possible, please take your time in writing. I prefer quality over quantity. One or two paragraphs of a well-written reply always beats ten paragraphs in text speak. I will be imposing a minimum character count though. I prefer quality over quantity but I need something to work with.
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Romance will happen, but not right at first. It's something that has to be worked up too. Just like in real life, love at first sight doesn't happen.
Romance and Dauntless actions


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[+red "Who says i'm trying to hurt anyone's feelings hmm?....I'm just trying to make friendly conversation but if you want to see threatening I can show you threatening. … You just wait until training..starts your Abnegation ass ain't gonna know what hit it.."]

This girl, Sebastian didn’t even know her name, was getting all up in his face. She had just spun her head around and revealed some Satan like personality. What happened to the girl he had been flirting with and having a fun conversation with a few seconds ago? She was up in his face, threatening him. It seemed his teasing comment about being threatening hadn’t been well received…

The girl stormed out of the hall. His rose with thorns was gone. It left Sebastian looking around at the table. It was a tense few moments before a couple of guys burst out laughing.

[+green “Oh man dude, you’re gonna get your ass beat. I’ve never seen her so pissed off.”]

[+purple “You’re just not going to survive here dude. Picking a fight with Eric now Mel? You got a death wish?”]

The two boys laughed. One patted Sebastian on the back. It seemed they were adopting Sebastian into their group, as a sort of pet. Just to watch him and keep him around for entertainment. If they actually ended up liking him later, it would have been worth it keeping him around then. If he continued to be a pain, well they’d just handle him. The boys introduced themselves as Jax and Carson before telling Sebastian he was an idiot, laughing.

Sebastian cracked a smile. [b “I guess I am.”] He said, joining in the laughter for his own stupidity with a few chuckles. Jax and Carson, they seemed like a pair of bad news. But they were the closest things to friends Sebastian had now. He shook his head, eating more of his dinner. [b [I “What the hell is wrong with her? We were just screwing around.”]] He tried to shake it off but Sebastian just couldn’t.

Sebastian let out a breath as Jax and Carson chattered around him. He wondered where the girl had gone off to. He shouldn’t have teased that girl- Mel, so much without knowing her better. Sebastian was normally so much better than this. The transition of abnegation to Dauntless was overwhelming. This new found freedom was turning him into someone he didn’t like. He got up from dinner and followed Jax and Carson back to the dorms. Despite being in a group, he was in his head pretty deeply.

Once in the dorms, it seemed all it took was Jax and Carson to cause other people to start talking to Sebastian, giving him a second chance after his earlier stupidity. But others were fiercely loyal, not respecting the transfer that fought with Daunltess and was mean to Mel as well. After a few hours of being quiet amidst all the conversations and questions, it was time for bed. Sebastian sat on his bed in the corner of the room. He had washed his face and cleaned himself off. A couple of Dauntless born ran out of the dorms to go screw around during the night, Jax and Carson included. Others went to sleep quickly. Sebastian struggled to fall asleep. He took of his jacket and shirt, looking at his hands. How as he going to survive here in Dauntless? Questions and guilt were plaguing his mind.

That’s when the door opened, a minute later there were light footsteps and a plop on the bed besides him. Sebastian turned to see who his new neighbor was in the dorms. He had never expected it to be Melissa. Based on the scowl on her face, Sebastian knew she was still pissed. He wasn’t sure how to fix it. He didn’t want to leave it the way it was though.

[b “Look, I didn’t mean what I said earlier. I thought we were just screwing around, I misread the situation and misspoke. I apologize.”] Sebastian said bluntly, adopting his ways from abnegation once again. Mel could take it or leave his apology. Clearly trying to change who he was in Dauntless wasn’t working. He had to stay true to who he was. Quiet, speak when spoken to. It was hard to find out who he was though without his family. Transferring was proving to be so much harder than he expected it to be.

Sebastian laid down, ending the conversation. He said his piece, hopefully it had smoothed things over. If not, what more could he do but give the situation time to heal?

[size13 [I [center ~****~****~]]]

The next morning left Sebastian exhausted. He hadn’t really gotten a lot of rest despite sleeping thru the night. Concern for his family plagued him, worries about his future in Dauntless terrorized him, and lastly the threat of whatever being divergent was hung as a heavy secret on his heart. He glanced at the clock, seeing he had about an hour before training started. Sebastian headed to the showers before heading off for a quick breakfast. He kept to himself, sitting down and exploring the new foods on his own. As he ate, he ruffled his hair to help it dry but it got tussled around as he did so. Jax and Carson flocked to Sebastian to see if anything happened the night before while they were gone. They quizzed him on what happened between himself and Mel. Sebastian refused to talk about it though, not wanting to bring his own problems to be fodder for the drama mill. Instead Sebastian wondered what the first day of training would be like.
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Melissa looked up from her plate to see a plain looking brunette boy sitting across from her. He had just taken a bite from his hamburger from the looks of it shock flashed thru his eyes and features for a moment.She giggled watching him it wasn't hard to see that he was a transfer. Telling from the dried blood,swollen cheek and lip he must of been the one that got beat up by Eric on the train platform. [+blue "So, you a transfer too?”]

She looked over at him giving him this look like you must be joking right? Mel replied [+red "Do I look like a transfer to you?"] in that ruff dauntless way.He looked a bit put off by her sassy look and rough response before being witty back,[+blue "Guess not. You looked too nice to be, but that was before you opened your mouth. Now I know you have to be dauntless born. You're a rose with its thorns. Very sassy thorns."]

Sebastian said, teasing and flirting with the girl, an entertained smirk on his face. She grinned at him and rolled her eyes.[+red "What a witty comeback from a stiff."] Mel replied with a sarcastic tone in her voice.Sebastian shook his head, smiling.[+blue “I’m so happy I could make you proud. But what a disappointing comeback for a dauntless. Aren’t you guys supposed to be much more…. I don’t know, threatening? I’ve been called a stiff all my life, you aren’t hurting my feelings girlie.”]

Mel narrowed her eyes at him.[+red "Who says i'm trying to hurt anyone's feelings hmm?"] She stood up getting right up in his face.[+red "I'm just trying to make friendly conversation but if you want to see threatening I can show you threatening.."]Melissa growled.[+red "You just wait until training..starts your Abnegation ass ain't gonna know what hit it.."] She then turned around and walked away from the table and storming out of the dining hall.

Mel turned down the hallway towards where the training hall was located. She was steaming, who did this stiff think he was? At this point the only sound in the hallway was the echoing sound of the stomping of her boots as she entered the room. She wasn't the only one in the hall though both Zeke and Uriah were in there practicing too.

Mel sighed in relief to see her brothers. Seeing their sister both boys smiled over at her. It was a struggle but she managed a smile back. Taking off her boots she walked over to the mat, wrapping the tape around her hands she then stepped on, and started sparing with Zeke so Uriah could take a break. After awhile the anger completely left her body.The three of them spent hours in that room working on a range of techniques together, enjoying themselves and their time together.

When it was finally time to head back to the doors the feeling of sadness filled her body as she hugged her brothers goodnight. Putting her boots back on Mel made her way down the hallway down towards the pit again. She then went down another hallway towards the dorms. Reaching that door she stood outside for a few minutes just staring out at. Taking a few deep breaths before going inside the large room.

Melissa really did not want to go inside and she really did not want to see the abnegation boy again. She looked around after stepping inside and grimaced seeing that the only open bunk was next to his. Walking over to it she plopped down and stared over at him a frown on her face.
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The pit wasn’t exactly like Sebastian had imagined it. Certainly an unsettling area, but it was also so full of life. Of joy, emotions, people, it felt alive. In his home faction, it felt like a graveyard. The kindness he learned while there was something he doubted he’d ever forget, but life dragged. Joy and pleasure there were so muted compared to the daily life the dauntless experienced.

He could see markets, some sort of hotel like rooms that had illegal vibes exuding from them, tattoo parlors, some people training. Sebastian was sure there were much other little areas of the pit he had yet to see.

Eric lead the group to an area he called the chasm. It was unsettling, the water would be deafening if ever given a chance. The rocks had been beat into smooth yet jagged surfaces. The smell of water was calming, but the roar of the water caused a sharp awareness in Sebastian’s mind. He listened as Eric spoke, explaining the chasm. Some people jumped from this area Eric explained. Though, Sebastian doubted that it was for pleasure or fun….

He followed the group along, being careful with his steps and to stay out of Eric’s sight. Being the object of Eric’s wrath was not a goal of Sebastian’s. The brunet was shocked when Eric pushed great big doors open to reveal a room full of Dauntless. Hundreds of people were cheering or shouting. They were standing though, celebrating and greeting the initiates. Sebastian cracked a smile, feeling an odd sense of welcome. A couple of the people near Sebastian roared and hollered back, enjoying their new found glory. Sebastian cringed though, feeling like he’d lose hearing in his ear if he ended up standing next to a whooping initiate again.

Fellow members of the initiate class took note of the situation and hurried off to empty spots among the large dining hall tables. The scramble to find a seat left Sebastian scanning the room looking for a seat himself. He found one, snatching it and sitting down. People around him were gobbling down food as if they were starving, others at least seemed personable and ate with dignity. Sebastian glanced at the food, not seeing anything he recognized at all.

Looking for hints onto social ques, Sebastian glanced to those around him. There were a few other initiates around him, one was a girl sitting across from him. She had stunning dark features contrasting her lightly freckled porcelain skin. He stared for a moment, taking in her features before looking at her plate and filling his with similar foods.

Eric was up on a table, formally introducing himself. Sebastian turned to focus and listen to the rules of training. It all seemed simple enough. Little did he know, not all the initiates would make it out alive or be accepted into Dauntless. It seemed like a secret they were keeping from most of the initiates at this point. Sebastian went back to trying to figure out what the hell to do with his food.

[b “So, you a transfer too?”] Sebastian asked to no one in particular, trying to get some conversation going. He looked to the person next to him- no response. Then, to his other side, still no response. Sebastian rolled his eyes, giving up trying to talk. Throughout most of the tour of Dauntless, the initiates had befriended at least someone. The dried blood and swelling cheek and lip must have been a put off for most people. Initiates had either heard or been told about the idiot that fought Eric before even being in Dauntless for an hour. Sebastian had nearly forgotten all about it by now.

He chomped into his hamburger, shock flashing thru his eyes and features for a moment. This was amazing! Meat was so much more flavorful than plants and tofu. Sebastian looked around his plate, eager to decide what to eat next and start tasting everything he could.
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After about 10 minutes all the initiates had either jumped or been left behind as a factionless at the top of the roof. Eric stood near the net, putting his hand in the air demanding silence from the crowd.It took a few minutes for the Dauntless-born portion of the initiates to quite down and then he spoke.[+purple “Initiates! Follow me.”] The group consisted of about 50 of them, a much larger number then in the past.

Mel was at the front of the group as Eric lead them down one of the many hallways that made up part of the headquarters. He lead them down another hallway reaching a door he kicked it open , letting the teens see inside for a moment. [+purple “There’s ya dorms. That’s where you live now. Everyone gets a bed, clothes, pillow. Play nice with each other, alright?”] Melissa giggled and smirked at Eric's comment about playing nice.It was ridiculous that was one thing Dauntless didn't do.

[+purple “Well, what are you waiting for? Go in and get changed all of you. Meet me back out here in 5.”] Most of the Dauntless-born stayed out of the dorm in the hallway and messed around. Mel was one of them, she and a few other Dauntless-born found a clear area in the hallway. They each took turns trying out different gymnastic moves, Mel sprinted down the hallway doing some handsprings and somersaults as they waited.She really wasn't very picky about what bunk she got and where it was so she would just pick between the empty ones later.

After the five minutes were up the group gathered around Eric again.[+purple “Great, everything you just left behind in that room- it’s as good as gone. It’s being burned later tonight. There are no longer transfers and Dauntless born, as far as I’m concerned you’re all initiates to me. You’ll live together, sleep together, eat and train together. Get used to it. You complain about it? I don’t care.”] Eric shrugged his shoulders, smiling a bit enjoying the panic and fear on a lot of initiates faces, even some of the dauntless ones seems unnerved by him.

[+purple “Alright! Let’s keep it moving ya maggots.”] Eric led the pack of teens further down. Mel whispered with some of the other Dauntless girls giggling all the way down the hallway.They talked about "the pit" hoping to make some of the other initiates nervous.At the end of the hallway the group entered the an underground cavern so huge you can’t see the other end of it from where this hallway, at the bottom. Uneven rock walls rise several stories above. Built into the stone walls are places for food, clothing, supplies, leisure activities. Narrow paths and steps carved from rock connect them. There are no barriers to keep people from falling over the side.

A slant of orange light stretches across one of the rock walls. Forming the roof of the Pit are panes of glass and, above them, a building that lets in sunlight. Blue lanterns dangle at random intervals above the stone paths, similar to the ones that lit the Choosing room. They grow brighter as the sunlight dies.People are everywhere, all dressed in black, all shouting and talking, expressive, gesturing. Eric stopped again and faced the group.

[+purple "Here is the pit."] he sneered.[+purple "This is where the extent of daily life happens here in Dauntless."] A group of children run down a narrow path with no railing in front of them, Mel could here some gasps come from some of her surrounding peers. [+purple “Jeez..Don't look like you're all about to faint initiates.There is more to come."] He turned around and started walking again heading across the pit floor.

Reaching the other side of the pit he headed right leading the group towards the chasm. The group of girls including Mel squealed with excited, they knew exactly where Eric was leading them. The floor now ended at an iron barrier, Eric stopped again letting the group get up to the railing.There was the sound of a roar coming up from the chasm the combination of water, fast-moving water, crashing against rocks. Looking over the railing a person could see that the floor drops off at a sharp angle, and several stories below us is a river.

Over the roar of the river Eric spoke again.[+purple “The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy!”]he shouts.[+purple “A daredevil jump off this ledge will end your life. It has happened before and it will happen again. You’ve been warned.”] Without saying another word he could see the fear in a lot of faces and just let it all sink in. After about five minutes he spoke [+purple "One more stop Maggots.Follow me!"]

He walked back across the pit floor towards a gaping hole in the wall. The room beyond is well-lit enough that you can see where your’re going: a dining hall full of people and clattering silverware. When we walk in, the Dauntless inside stand. They applaud. They stamp their feet.

They shout. Mel hoots and hollers back with the other Dauntless-born. The group finally breaks off to go retrieve some chow. After getting her plate Melissa sat down at an empty seat. She couldn't see her brother's anywhere and that was very disappointing but she could see Eric scanning the room. Mel moved her eyes down to her plate of food,picking up the hamburger, and taking a bit.

A few other Dauntless-born took most of the empty seats around her and chowed down. There was the seat right next to her that was still empty.She laughed and chatted with them enjoying yet another Dauntless meal.Mel looked up once again to see Eric standing at the front trying to quiet the whooping dauntless.[+purple "Listen up initiates!"] he shouted.

[+purple "For those of you who don’t know, my name is Eric,”] he says. [+purple “I am one of five leaders of the Dauntless. We take the initiation process very seriously here, so I volunteered to oversee most of your training.”] He scanned the room again stopping just to stare at initiates.[+purple “Some ground rules,”]he says.[+purple “You have to be in the training room by eight o’clock every day. Training takes place every day from eight to six, with a break for lunch. You are free to do whatever you like after six. You will also get some time off between each stage of initiation.”]

[+purple “You are only permitted to leave the compound when accompanied by a Dauntless,”] Eric added before stepping down and all the noise floods the room again.Melissa went back to eating her food, her thoughts had changed now to training distracting her from all the conversations happening around her.
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[google-font] [Raleway
Sebastian was panting, not from exhaustion due to running, no it was from the exhilaration of it all. The adrenaline left his heart buzzing at 100 miles per hours. He was sitting down in the train when he heard chattering and giggling coming from further down in the car. Sebastian felt blood dripping down. Cautiously, he reached up and touched his eyebrow, it had been split open by a ring on Eric’s finger during the punch. His lip was bleeding a bit too from the harsh impact onto the ground after. Sebastian wiped at the blood, trying to get it off but head wounds always bleed a lot making things look worse than they really were.

He glanced around the car. If he were home right now, his mom would have been bandaging him up and calling him and idiot for fighting. As much as the two disagreed, Sebastian felt a stab of pain thinking about her. He might never see her again… Sebastian spotted several families together celebrating their children choosing Dauntless. Then the families started getting up, looking outside the door for something. Then, nothing. They jumped straight out the door from a running start.

[b “What the hell…”] Sebastian questioned, getting to his feet as more and more people started running out of the moving train car. A couple of people screams with pleasure as they jumped, enjoying their adrenaline high. Sebastian’s heart wasn’t ready for the next thrill just yet, his head could hardly comprehend the desire to jump out of a train. But the car was emptying out and Sebastian found himself at the near front of a line he hadn’t notice forming. He could see out of the train car, platforms rushing by quickly under them as a large roof stood across from the moving train. A lot of Dauntless were already on the roof cheering. They were a lot higher up than where they started from….

It was Sebastian’s turn, so with only a moment of hesitation he let his adrenaline steer him. He ran straight out of the car and jumped, weightless for a moment. God how could he have possibly ever hesitated? This was fantastic! All too soon he was crashing down, rather roughly into the roof below. He hissed in pain, not appreciating the hard crash landing. Thankfully there was no more bleeding, but a couple of bruises promised to show up tomorrow due to this impact.

A scream loud and painful enough to rip a soul from the body erupted from a girl not too far away from him. She was sobbing. Sebastian got up, trying to figure out if she was okay. The dark haired girl seemed fine. He saw blood on the edge of the roof closest to the train platform. A poor decision followed as Sebastian glanced over the edge, seeing the dead body the girl was mourning down below. [b “Holy Shit…”] Sebastian’s mind went blank. Someone had just died. How could the Dauntless do this to their own people?

Across the roof, a man was standing on the edge shouting out an introduction. Sebastian felt a bit shook up. Not enough an hour into being a Dauntless member and there already was a death and a fight on Sebastian’s hands. Max explained that initiates would have to jump their way into the Dauntless compound. No way in hell was Sebastian going to jump first. A girl with dark and slightly curly, or perhaps it was windblown, hair volunteered to go first. She nearly did a back flip over the edge of the building.

Well, considering that there was no sound of bones crushing and instead just cheering from a few other Dauntless members down below, Sebastian assumed it was safe to follow suit. He waited for a few more initiates to jump before he volunteered himself as tribute. He stepped up to the edge of the room, heart pounding out of his chest. He couldn’t even see the bottom of the hole, it had to be at least a 10 story jump down.

[I [b Breathe….]] He reminded himself. [b [I Jump before they push you off… don’t let fear take hold. The worst that happens is death, and that’s not that bad.]] Sebastian made himself crack a smile from his dark sense of humor. His legs felt like lead but he forced himself to jump. He screamed the whole way down, panicking from the freefall. It was much longer and windier than the brunette boy expected it to be.

A net caught Sebastian, nearly hitting the floor from absorbing all the velocity Sebastian had gathered on the way up. The net sprung back up recoiling from the change in energy, throwing Sebastian back up into the air by a foot or two a couple of times before reaching a balance again. Sebastian laid in the net for a moment before laughing. He had to be insane to be doing this. Seeing the crowd of people around him wiped any laughter off of Sebastian’s face. He climbed down out of the net and stood next to the other initiates. No one was really cheering for him. Instead they stared, rumors starting already about the stiff that had told Eric to piss off.

After about 10 minutes all the initiates had either jumped or been left behind as a factionless at the top of the roof. Eric stood near the net, putting his hand in the air demanding silence from the crowd. [b [+red “Initiates! Follow me.”]]

Sebastian followed in a group of around 50 teens, a lot for one faction in a year it sure seemed like. He tried looking for anyone he recognized from school but no one stood out to him. Granted he wasn’t exactly social in school in the first place. So he shifted his attention to instead the Dauntless compound itself. It was so vast and amazing, red and black painted the walls. Tattoos and piercings lived on nearly everyone he saw. The way children ran around with no supervision, playing with wooden swords or fake guns. It was absolute chaos in here. How did anyone manage to navigate down here?

The further they walked, the less populated the area seemed to get. Eric led them down into a hallway, he kicked open a door, letting the teens see inside for a moment. [b [+red “There’s ya dorms. That’s where you live now. Everyone gets a bed, clothes, pillow. Play nice with each other, alright?”]]

The way Eric told the teens to play nice with each other didn’t sound like he meant it.

[b [+red “Well, what are you waiting for? Go in and get changed all of you. Meet me back out here in 5.”]]

Sebastian stared for a moment before following orders and running into the room with the others. He picked a bunk near the wall and got changed. It was odd. Privacy was at least something Abnegation had. And surely it wasn’t acceptable to be changed with the opposite gender in the room. Sebastian faced the wall, peeling off his gray clothes and tossing them onto the bed. His toned muscles were exposed to all, his height had him standing as nearly one of the tallest in the room. He donned a new set of loose black training clothes. From what he could tell, everyone was getting practically the same outfits.

Outside again within five minutes. [b [+red “Great, everything you just left behind in that room- it’s as good as gone. It’s being burned later tonight. There are no longer transfers and Dauntless born, as far as I’m concerned you’re all initiates to me. You’ll live together, sleep together, eat and train together. Get used to it. You complain about it? I [I don’t care].”]] Eric shrugged his shoulders, smiling a bit enjoying the panic and fear on a lot of initiates faces, even some of the dauntless ones seems unnerved by him.

[b [+red “Alright! Let’s keep it moving ya maggots.”]] Eric led the pack of teens further down. Whispers of the pit started to bubble from the teens. Sebastian wasn’t sure what “the pit” was but it didn’t sound good. ]
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The results of the aptitude test the day prior kept Melissa awake that night thoughts going around her head at a million miles an hour. It had to be that..her test just had to come to that..Divergent.An automatic death sentence in Dauntless if anyone found out. Fate had produced this Dauntless-born and fate be destined her for the path of divergence.

Mel groaned softly rolling over to look at her alarm clock. The glowing face read [b 2:00 AM]. She rolled back over attempting to at least get a little bit of sleep before the Pedrad clan needed to be up and getting ready for the Choosing ceremony in a few hours. All she could hear at this point were the sounds of her two brother's snoring. Mel was the middle child of three children.

Ezekiel was the oldest and most recent Dauntless member of their family. He had gone through initiation a little over a year ago as the time rolled around again as the middle child, a year younger then her older brother, it was Mel's turn.The youngest was Uriah, who was a year younger then her and two years younger then Zeke. He would be the final sibling to become a member when the Choosing Day came around.

Melissa turned over for the third time putting her pillow over her head. She was going to sleep and that was final she decided no matter how loud the boys were. The pillow helped and she finally drifted off into sleep not peaceful but at last sleep.
The ceremony was long and the Dauntless were loud. The normal state of how things happened around here. Then it was over just as it had started Mel was among the large group of Dauntless, right where she belonged and the choice she would always make.The pain of the deep slice in her hand meant nothing now as the cheers of the Dauntless filled her ears.A deep and scratchy but booming voice shouted over the rowdy crowd. [+purple "Let’s get going!”]

That sent the crowd bursting through the doors taking the stairs in the Hub two at a time as they descended. The whoops,shouts,laughter, and dozens of thundering feet all moving at different rhythms were music to her ears. Mel was in the middle pack with her brother's by her side. [+red "Whooo!!"]she yelled as the pack burst through the front doors of The Hub. A rush of excitement filled her veins as the train platform came into view.

Mel could hear Eric's voice from the front of the pack as they came to a stop.[+purple "Welcome to Dauntless initiation!"] Black clothed figures started making their way up the structure and onto the platform as he continued talking.[+purple "If you are truly brave, this should be easy for you. If you can't handle it, I recommend heading towards the factionless sector of town."] Mel had heard it all before she was more focused and giddy about getting to her turn.

Reaching the head of the crowd she started the climb with Zeke right on her tail. Mel stood on the platform a wide grin spread across her face in a crouched position as the train rounded the corner. As soon as she could see Zeke and Uriah sprinting up ahead Mel started making her way down the tracks at her little brother's heels.She could see Eric a head talking to what looked like a transfer. From the looks of it Eric had clocked him.

Mel stopped to watch the interaction for a brief second, she had never liked Eric. He had always been a real dick to her brother and just a dick in general. Before she could say anything to the transfer it had seemed that he had gotten to his feet already. Mel started her spring again she looked up to see Zeke's face peering at her from one of the train cars up ahead. She picked up her pace taking his hand pulling herself the rest of the way into the train car.

At a jolt of the car Mel fell into Zeke's chest and just burst out laughing. She could feel the strong arms of her brother wrapped around her. His chest has heaving from laughter as well as he squeezed her tight. There was a strong beyond between the three of them, that was something she would never take for granted.

The two of them sat down next to Uriah and Shauna against one of the car walls. The breeze coming through the open door brushed against her face as they speed down the tracks. It felt of the freedom and normalcy that was Dauntless. The car filled with constant chatter and shouting until the time came to exit. This meant serious business the arrival at Dauntless Headquarters. A person would either end up factionless or dead.

Everyone starts standing up and forming a line near the door. One by one or two by two each dauntless takes the leap and makes the landing onto the rooftop below. Zeke stood in front of Mel in the line and all she could hear from him as she launched himself out was a loud[+green "Yaaaaa!!!"]. Of course he stuck his hand all Dauntless did.

Next Mel stepped up the edges of the door beneath her hands. On the count of three she launched herself from the speeding train arms flailing in the air. The weightless moment in the middle sent her adrenaline soaring sky high.Her feet slam into solid ground a slight oomph sound escaping her lips.Pain prickled through Mel's shins briefly. It took her a moment to regain her balance before she could stand up straight and make her way towards the rest of the group.

[+orange “Listen up! My name is Max! I am one of the leaders of your new faction!”] shouts a man at the other end of the roof. He is older than the others, with deep creases in his dark skin and gray hair at his temples, and he stands on the ledge like it’s a sidewalk.This is Max, he is well known by all who belong to this faction.[+orange “Several stories below us is the members’ entrance to our compound. If you can’t muster the will to jump off, you don’t belong here. Our initiates have the privilege of going first.”]

Mel felt a pat on her back she turned her head to see her older brother grinning down at her. Looking back at him she grinned back, he knew her he knew her well.Probably a lot better then she knew herself sometimes and he already knew she would be first jumper. He was first jumper and it just ran in their blood. The three of them are known to be part of a group called Dauntless thrill seekers.

When know one stepped up to go it was Mel who made her way up to the front. Max stepped aside, clearing the way for the courageous Dauntless-born initiate.Melissa stepped up on the ledge she turned to face the large group with a grin on her face. [+red "See ya!."] She shouted launching herself backwards off the ledge into the huge hole in the concrete.

Mel screamed with excitement on her way down the wind whipping against her tight black clothes. She dropped into the darkness landing in the middle of the large net. It curled around her, wrapping her in the strong threads.Bouncing a couple times it settled with her in the middle giggling. Mel could see a few hands stretching out to her at the edge of the net, she grab them as they pulled her off.

She landed on the wooden floor surrounded by cheers from her fellow Dauntless.As her eyes adjusted again she could see them pumping their fists in her honor. Mel merged in with the group and watched as the rest of the initiates make their decent.
  Melissa Pedrad / HirokoKyo / 1y 151d 19h 31m 18s
[google-font] [Raleway
The day prior- it had left Sebastian in a whirlwind. He had already known what faction he wanted, but yesterday had complicated things. Divergent? What did it mean? Was he broken? Was the test broken? The girl testing him sure made it sound like he was in danger because of those results.

The events of the aptitude test was leaving Sebastian questioning of the choice he had made years ago. Ever since he was young enough to truly understand the factions and the people in them, Sebastian had been determined to be a Dauntless. It was something he had never mentioned out loud; but his parents had picked up his desires all throughout his youth, in his personality and more. Dauntless had been such a clear choice, to transfer and leave his family behind with hopes that his younger siblings would follow in the year after. Now the lines were blurred all while the world spun with confusion around him.

His father hadn’t spoken to him at all today. Sebastian had received a letter a few days ago from his older brother, Jace, wishing him well and explaining his hopes in a way that Sebastian would follow suit and transfer to Erudite. Sebastian had thrown it away, he had never responded to his brother’s blackmail very well. Sebastian’s mother? Off crying somewhere about another of her baby boys leaving her. She hadn’t even asked Sebastian about his results yesterday, she had just assumed it matched his heart’s desires: Dauntless. That left the twins. Annie and Christopher. Sebastian caught a look of his younger siblings. He stepped by them, whispering in a hushed tone so their father wouldn’t hear, [b “It’s just a year ‘til you have your chance. Keep each other safe. I’ll be counting down the days waiting for you.”] He cracked a gentle smile before it crashed into the ground like bricks falling from a 10 story building.

Sebastian stopped in his tracks, giving up all subtleties of his now forbidden interaction with his siblings. A new bruise on Christopher’s face was all it took to send Sebastian into a cloud of concern. [b “Christopher…”] He breathed, before whipping his head around, looking for their father. The cloud of concern was rolling into a storm of fury, directed at his father. Christopher grabbed Sebastian’s wrist, [+blue [I “Don’t.”]] His calmer younger brother ordered before cracking a smirk. [+blue [I “Not worth it, I gave him some of his own.”]]

[center [b [size15 [I ~***~]]]]

It was over…. Every 17 year old in the city had picked their factions. The ceremony had flown by in Sebastian’s eyes. Yet at the same time it was something he’d never forget, pledging his blood to Dauntless. The way his blood sizzled in the coals. The look on nearly all of Abnegation’s faces, none of which were surprised. Some were thankful he was gone. Sebastian hadn’t managed to catch Jace’s eyes during the ceremony, but god he wished he had. It would have been amazing to see how much it pissed his brother off. It left him here, sitting with his new faction holding his palm and applying pressure to calm the bleeding. Bleeding or basic first aid wasn’t anything new to him though, not after spending 17 years with his father.

[b [+red “Let’s get going!”]] A deep and scratchy voice shouted over Sebastian’s head. He had been sitting a chair, so deep into his head that he hadn’t even noticed people were beginning to file out of the building. He shot up to his feet. Several other transfers, and there really weren’t that many of them, did the same. Together, they followed the back of the Dauntless pack out of the auditorium and onto the streets.

Sebastian took a deep breath of his new found freedom as he took his first steps outside as a Dauntless. He couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement and panic. Excited to be gone from his family, excited for his own choices, for freedom, to be reckless, to be somewhere where his courage would be accepted and appreciated. Panic though, what of his siblings? What had Jace meant in his letter? Would the twins be okay without him? What the hell did Divergent mean?

His thoughts were causing Sebastian to fall further behind. Everyone in front of him were picking up their pace, starting to run and screaming in joy or to incite fear- he couldn’t tell. [b “Shit.”] Sebastian muttered under his breath and sprinted a quick 100 feet to catch up to more of the middle of the pack. Before he could even understand where they were running to, it seemed they had already arrived. Black clothes all around him were climbing up the structures that led to the train tracks above.

[b “What the fuck?”] Sebastian asked, seeing nearly everyone start to climb up to the tracks above. He could hear a train coming along from behind not quite far enough for comfort in the distance. His heart was pounding, he was confused but somehow he loved it all. Sebastian dug his foot onto a bar and started climbing to the tracks above. Once he was up there though, his fear of heights smacked him the gut to remind him as if he had forgotten.

He glanced over the side, seeing they were about a story and a half up into the air. Sebastian quickly locked his brown eyes forward to see what the rest of the Dauntless was doing. They really were like a pack of wolves weren’t they?

The tracks underfoot started shaking and the pack in front of him started running, a few people behind him even started to pass him as Sebastian stood still in admiration. His first day and he’d be going to jump on the moving trains? Were they not taking it easy on the transfers or what?

The same voice from earlier ran past him, an older man, probably upper 20s or low 30s, with a lot of piercings, short hair and tattoos, [b [+red “If you get left behind, its not my fault. Just means you weren’t cut out for this life stiff.”]]

Sebastian glared, [b “Piss off,”] He shouted back. He started running but was quickly met with a punch to the face by the older man he just yelled at. The man had stopped running just to punch him. The force had knocked Sebastian back and onto the ground. His head rang from the impact and he had nearly fallen off of the train track. He grabbed onto the metal under him for support. [b [+red “I am Eric- a leader of Dauntless- and you [I don’t] talk to me like that [I [u Stiff.”]]]] Eric’s foot pushed onto Sebastian’s chest keeping him down. Sebastian wondered if Eric could feel his beating frantic heart through his boot.

Sebastian glared up at Eric but nodding once stiffly. Eric took his foot off just as the train rounded the corner. A group of people had stopped to stare at their interaction but now they were off running again trying to match the speed of the train. The train started to pass them and one by one, people jumped up to open doors.

Sebastian picked himself up off the ground, heart still racing, face slightly bleeding. He started running again with a newly in check attitude. It was cutting it close, but somehow Sebastian caught up with the others and hoisted himself into the moving train. Once inside, he sat down and caught his breath, panting. His head was reeling trying to comprehend the day as well as recover from the blow Eric had dealt him.
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