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While driving home on a quiet backstreet spots a wounded creature along side the road having a soft spot for suffering creatures pulls over and scoops the animal up and puts it in the back seat of the car . drives home with good intention of nursing the poor creature back to health unaware that the creature is really a shape shifter. After making a comfortable bed for to sleep. heads off to bed. By morning is feeling better and they shift back into their human form just as walks in. tries to explain what's going on with out freaking out. According to shape shifter law owes a lifetime of loyalty. The thing is is in high school still and ends up falling in love with her and follows her around everywhere.

Accepted Skellies:

Name: Annamarie
Age: 17
Personality: shy and kind timid and caring
Bio: high school student living on her own not much else to tell


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AnnaMarie stares at the young girl animal thing and shakes her head trying to wrap her head around things.. she starts pacing and mumbling to herself. She stops and pulls out her phone setting it on the counter.. [i [+pink So who are you and what exactly is going on here?? Where is the bird that I rescued last night.. you have five minutes to explain yourself or I’m calling the cops... or would it be animal control?]] she mumbles the last part to her self
  AnnaMarie / CrystalDemoness / 125d 23h 13m 57s
Neera did not hear any reply to her quiet probing, the only answer had been total silence. Neera shifted from one foot the other, feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Even though she wanted to go and find the person whom she had scared, maybe that wasn't the best idea as that person might lash out at her. Neera wouldn't blame the person for lashing out at her, she was a stranger who had been a bird in their house.

But Neera wanted to get rid of the bowl. She didn't want to hold while waiting for the person to show up. It felt like dead weight.

Neera started to walk around, hoping to find the kitchen. There she could put down the bowl and not worry about it anymore.

She came up on a closed door, maybe this was the kitchen. Neera opened the door slowly, trying to make no sounds. Looking behind her first, Neera slowly looked into the room whose door she had just opened.

THe first thing she noticed was that there was a female looking at her. The second thing she noticed was the knife the female was holding. Neera stopped dead in her tracks, cradling the bowl against her chest. She could feel her heartrate spike up, booming inside her chest.

[+purple "Hi there"], said in a quiet voice and followed by a shy wave of the hand.
  Neera / NorthernWolves / 178d 15m 22s
Anna can her the girl walking through her house calling out as she goes not really know what to do Anna just sits there and waits debating on whether or not to grab her cell phone and call the cops or to call animal control.. [i [+pink what the hell do I do now? Who the hell do I call now??]] Anna thinks to herself as the footsteps get closer to the kitchen door. She stands up just as the door opens and grabs her cell phone and stands behind the counter and stares at her kitchen door still welding the knife in her hand.
  AnnaMarie / CrystalDemoness / 178d 18h 17m 45s
Trying to stand up on her two feet, that had been an extremely bad idea as she fell forwards. Luckily, she had managed to bring her arms forwards and avoid smacking her face into the floor.

The unfortunate side effect was that it made quite the noise, meaning anyone who was downstairs in this house would hear a thump through the ceiling. Considering that this wasn't her house, causing loud and unexpected sounds wasn't the best idea.

Neera slightly groaned, her head hurt from the quick transformation from a bird to her human form. She slowly stood back up, a bit shakily but her legs seemed to be doing better.

And then she heard a bowl clunk softly against the carpet, and a loud peircing scream that quickly diminished. Neera heard loud stomps that also faded away. She had just scared whoever lived here, the person who had saved her.

Neera walked up to the un-cracked bowl, and picked it up. It was so smooth, and its blue-white design was beautiful.

But there was a person downstairs who needed some explaining.

Neera slowly descended the stairs, looking around. Her footsteps were quiet, almost unnoticeable unless one listened for them silently.

Neera had finally descended the staircase, but there were many rooms downstairs. She called out softly, [+purple "Hello...??"]
  Neera / NorthernWolves / 180d 4h 43m 40s
Annamarie had just woken up and was down stairs making breakfast when she hears a small thump coming from the bedroom upstairs where the little bird was. She grabs her bowl of food and walks up stairs towards the room as she's opens the door she is stunned to see the bird standing on its feet she's about to walk in when suddenly the bird changes to a Stunning young girl she stands there with her mouth open for three minutes before dropping the bowl and screaming. She takes off down her stairs and into the kitchen slamming the kitchen door close and puts her back to it shaking.. what did I just see? Annamarie thinks to herself with her back against the door. She grabs a knife and holds it near her... [i what am I going to do!] she thinks to her self shaking..
  AnnaMarie / CrystalDemoness / 183d 14h 24m 26s

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