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The Creature Inside Of Us
Modern Fantasy Vampire Dark Guest Starring Darius

Darius is a vampire Changed by a lover a few hundred years ago. He has never spawned another in his lifetime, he didn't care for the responsibility and could never bring himself to spread the curse of internal life. He lives his life for himself and by himself having ever taken on a Sirius companion.

One fateful night Darius stumbles across a freshly changed vampire, thier sire nowhere to be found. For reasons unknown to himself he takes the young Changeling under his wing.

The change is a difficult time it's not a full transition at once but rather a slow onset of hunger. If the hunger is not taken care of a changeling has been known to black out and feed on instincts, this is why it is so important but if sire stays after the bite to help with the transition. Changelings with out sires are often put to death this is usually do with the fact that a changeling cannot control their hunger and this often leads to small massacres.

Name; Anu Le Salvira
Age; permanently 24
Sex; male
Personality; bubbly, but manipulative. Anu is a bright and very intelligent being. He is also one who likes to play jokes quite often. He however clings to his old human life.
Who changed you; Akiros the Vile, The vampire that had changed Dracula

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Anu had heard Darius's words. They had across the park, down a bit of train tracks after hopping out of a taxi and from the tracks down a pathway to a river bank. It seemed Darius's words finally clicked the next meal was coming soon it seemed. He also could feel everyone's eyes on him as he walked by with Darius at the lead. Perhaps it was the fact they knew what Darius did? which means they knew what he did? Was that allowed for the normal humans to know about the vampire world? Anu's guess was only as good as it got, as it was a question he would never bring up.

Seeing the man missing a leg brought back a few memories of his own father, however Anu banished the thoughts away quickly as most of them were not very nice and those that were seemed to be far and few and even rare. He had lost his mother during child birth and it was that day that the man Anu would forever spend his life getting away from lost himself. The man drank almost every night and expected anu to just be there to take care of him no matter what it meant.

Having a sharp pain come from his arm Anu looked up to see the old man was all that was in front of him for a moment. Darius had forced him around and back out the tent they had just come in. A transaction had happened between the two of them, yet anu had been there for none of it in a sense. Stopping at the edge of the city he looked confused. Pulling his arm away from Darius's monster grip he saw fresh indent marks on the skin quickly healing. [b "If you wanted me to follow you that is all you had to say, not nearly take my hand off."]

Rubbing his wrist for a couple of seconds Anu looked around to see the lone tent off just a bit in the distance. [b "I take it the trouble maker person that man back there was speaking of lives there?"] It didn't take a genius to figure out that his question was a stupid one, but one that needed answering none the less as if he killed the wrong person both of them would be in trouble, well Anu would at least.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 3d 55m 53s
Darius had forgotten how great the hunger could be, he stood outside the complex and peered up at the sky in thought. He did not have to feast as much as this boy would need and so thinking up what his next meal would be wasn't all to simple.

There where places where vampires could go to eat but it was costly, not that money was a problem, the problem was bringing in a changeling and introducing him to the society he now belonged to. It was too soon especially when his real sire was out there.

"Well, I do know a place but you must play along with me," he informed. "Come on," he would flag down a taxi and it would be a quiet ride to the edge of town where the trains ran.

They would head to the train track and cross them and down a foot path. Soon they would hear the sound of people, the smell of alcohol and piss clear as they came upon a hobo hut city.

People would glance at Anu but seemed careful not to look at Darius as he headed for one well built tent in particular. He would duck inside under the low hanging tarp. There was a cot, a wheel chair, a cane and things to live off stuffed into the tent. A man sat up with a sigh as he spotted Darius.

"I was wondering when you might arrive," the old man grumbled as he tossed the blanket off revealing he was missing a leg. "Who is your friend George," the man asked clearly not knowing Darius's real name.

"An apprentice, I've come for a payment," he informed.

The old man would not his head and sigh, "Oh yes, I guess it is time there's one down the bank, I had him move there expecting you, he is a mean one," the old man was now looking at Anu, "we've caught him doing things but there's no point to bring the pigs down here, we'd all be evicted," he tried telling Anu, Darius would got him off as he pulled out a wad of cash from his wallet and tossed it at the man. He grabbed Anu by the wrist and lead him out of the tent. "Another angel of death praise be," the man would mutter as they left and began to head out away from the camp.
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 5d 23h 33m 48s
Anu only nodded his head as his new master spoke words about his old one. The man was but a memory now, so the worry showing in Darius's eyes concerned anu. Why was he so worried? The man had only spent but a few days with the boy and Darius is being worked up like this creature could take him over in just a snap or his fingers even though he was never around? Listening to him the male followed closely behind his new maker.

Of course his maker had chosen this place it was a run down building and people popped up dead quite often in it usually from exploring parts of the building that were basically uninhabitable and crumbling down, so to see a body in that section was not unheard of even a child or two. Of course it was more that they would disappear for a couple of days and then show up dead. Anu first noticed this when he could hear all the heart beats when he was first turned, he didn't know what he was hearing and still couldn't after his maker had left, however with the man in the park he picked it up quick that he was listening to the heart beats of those who were alive.

On their travel's Anu's stomach seemed to pester him again to the point where the burning in his throat had started again. Pushing it down for a bit. About halfway through the park Anu called up to Darius[b "so when is the next meal? Cause I am starting to get hungry again."]
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 9d 21h 51m 50s
It was not surprising to see that Anu had not strayed far from his home. Darius would pause a moment to peer up at the pillars, he could recall when this building had first gone home, how this who street use to be as dense at the park and green. It was interesting to think how the world kept moving in even if he did not want to move on with it.

Anu was slipping in, Darius move to follow him after him. It seemed the blood had done him well, the boy move with grace and speed even if he did not realize it himself. This building would of not done him well though. It reeked of life, it was noisy, a consent buzz of body rushing about. If Anu had lost himself here it would be a very bloody massacre, he would not be able to spare children that played about.

They had arrived but as Anu opened the door Darius bulked as the scent of the room pressed to his nose. It was old, it was dead and rotten inside. It made the hairs on the back his neck still up and his fangs press down, he was stiff as he entered behind Anu.

Something about the smell made him feel defense, he found himself standing close behind Anu but he wasn't glancing at his shoulder but around the room as if some monster might slip out from the shadows. Anu would be able to surprise him as he popped up and declared he was ready.

Anu would be close enough to see how Darius eyes had narrowed, the golden hue bright and alert as he peered at Anu for a long moment not saying a thing.

"Anu, you understand I am master your now, if shall come across Sire do not look him in the eye or head his way," he stated slowly. "The one who made you has abounded you and he left you to die, he left you here so your hunger would grow and would feast on the living soul here, realize that and do not forget it," his words where harsh but his reality was harsh and Darius would not go easy on the boy but more importantly he was warning the male. The creature that had made Anu was far older then him and it was not often an ancient would spawn a new sire for any reason other then to be entertained.

Darius lingered a moment more before turning away and leading the boy out of his room, his apartment, and away from his old life. They would head through the park once more but only because this would cut the distance back to Darius home.
  Foreveryoung / 1y 14d 17m 36s
Anu had looked up at the man that would now take care of him. It was his face that had given away his expression of disdain. The visual prowess of the monster he had become had picked up on the still skin the milk white completion with a bit of a tan in it, but what it was that he had picked up most of all was the vivid colors he could now use to describe the man standing in front of him. It wasn't just that his hair was red, no more there were degrees of red to his hair starting from the roots which were almost crimson to a light red that the tips produced. Of course this was because of their exposure to the years of sunlight which lightened colors and darkened ones skin tone.

Stepping back onto the pathway they had come from Anu looked both left and right for a moment before heading across the street right up to an old Roman styled building. Drawing out keys Anu opened the front door. Flying up three sets of stairs in groups of two he lept and bound his way around. It was an old building crumbling down, but it was lively children running around with each other, peoples voices and tvs could be heard from most of the open doors, and those that were closed came muffled sounds.

Stopping at a door on the left of the four stairway Anu pulled another key and opened it up. At first everything seemed to not have moved sense he had come here, however it wasn't until he stepped inside that the smell of Death had hit his noise. Not like the fresh sent the man they had just fed off of, but earthy, old, almost rotten. It was the scent his maker had given off to him before disappearing. Drudging through the apartment Anu only called out [b "My room is this way."] going off to the left of the doorway and into a doorway it lead into a small room with a matress and window with a desk and dresser.

Digging through the desk Anu produced out a drawing pad and a brown leather case with the words Museum Aquarelle on them. Placing both items in a bag Anu then went to his make shift dresser and pulled out the bottom shelf and ripped up the floorboard with ease. Digging around he grabbed cash from the little hideaway along with a violin case. Standing up with the case in hand cash in his pocket the male turned around to come face to face only centimeters from Darius. [b "This is it."] he said with relative ease.

The items he chosen weren't anything that would keep him bound to humanity, but to himself and who it was he wanted to be, even if that man would no longer be possible.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 14d 22h 18m 53s
Darius had never been able to explain his instinctual need to make sure his prey is dead. It was simply something he had done since the first time he had fed in a hungry panic. Darius would watch now, with interest, as Anu reacted to his first feast. He noted how the boy kicked at the man’s rib cage. He wondered what the boy was thinking of in that moment, Anu’s feeding had gone a lot smoother than Darius. Darius had been alone, starving and trapped, they had thrusted an innocent victim into his cage and laughed as he feasted.

Darius frowned at Anu announced there where things he wanted. He wondered what it was that the man could ever long to cling to from his old life. It annoyed him slightly but he had been the one to make the suggestion that he could keep things.

The man pushed a hand through his hair and sighed, “Fine, I did offer,” he grumbled before looking the boy over. He was a mess and hand not clean up well. The man stepped closer to Anu, he suddenly grabbed the boy by his chin and tilted his head up, he frowned as he wet his thumb and rubbed it along his cheek. “Did you not learn how to clean your face as a child, you really are a boy aren’t you,” he shook his head and released him. Darius grumbled to himself as he shed his jacked and handed it to the other male. “Put it on, you will have to learn to eat properly as well or else I will make you start wearing a bib,” he threatened.

He sighed and gestured forward. “Well come on now, lead the way and show me this grand residence of yours that you wish to return to for a mere moment to collect relics of a dead man…”

They would begin moving and the only thing that would cheer up the sour man was the sudden thought that this would be a great way to make him disappear. “I guess it might work, make you pack a bag to seem like you left,” he pounder out loud as they walked.
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 16d 17h 26m 8s
Taking a moment to understand what had happened Anju watched as Darius snapped the man's neck. Had he really just killed the man? Didn't drinking his blood do that already? so why snap his neck? seeing the Handkerchief being offered Anju took it kind of slow even on human stands. Of course it was a solid red color what better way then to hide blood, dried on or not. Cleaning off his lips Anju felt that he had done more damage then what he wanted to, but couldn't get the man's face out of his own head it was stuck there now.

Anju used the handkerchief to wipe down his chin and throat as well as he felt the liquid had gone more then on his lips. Hearing something about the mastercard and pinging their location made Anju a little nervous a well, but he didn't dare run this was the man that had just taken care of him the very least he could do was repay him some how right? Either way Anju would stick with him.

Looking down at the now dead man Anju made a few jabs at the man's ribcage only to hear Darius's voice pull his focus from the dead man. He was not only going to take care of the boy but let him live with him also? How bad was this going to come crashing down around his head? even worse came the thought of home. Did he really need anything from that place as it sat? Jumbling through his head as the blood gave him a rush it seemed to go by quickly. [b "Just a couple of things."] Of course he doubted Darius would allow him to have anything from his humanity until he could control his urge of blood, which seemed to be resurging already back to burn his throat.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 22d 22h 14m 31s
Darius watched as Anu’s instincts kicked in, there was some things Anu would no longer have control over. Satisfying one hunger would be one of those, eternal life another. The boys aim was good, his fangs hit the mark and soon the squirming man went limp.

Darius did not avert his eyes as the smell of crimson filled the air, this was Anu’s first feeding, a bloody birth of a monster. He embedded this moment into his mind, reflected on the first moment his teeth broke the skin of another living being. His own first blood had come from an innocent victim, at least he had been able to spare Anu this.

He chuckled to himself as Anu stopped to breath, it wasn’t needed but it was a habit most vampires could never kick. “You sure were thirsty,” he teased before lowering his mouth. He ran his tongue along the preexisting puncture marks lapping up the blood as if to test it. He would let Anu see the way his canines slid back and fangs slid down like a snake. It always hurt but you got use to it after a few years.

He would fish off the man, breaking his neck to make sure he was dead. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped down his lips before offering it to Anu. He then pulled out his phone and made a call. He grumbled as he pulled the phone back and pushed one.

“Yes, Yes, 8004, ping my location, yes charge the mastercard,’ he grumbled shaking his head. He was quick to hang up and stuff the phone away. “Come on Anu, let’s go show you your new home,” he purred seeming to be in a better mood now that he was fed. The man lead the way back to the bath, lighting up a cigarette he had dug out of his pocket. “Oh, yeah you’re living with me now. You don’t need anything from you old place do you,” he asked as he strolled along as if nothing had happened.
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 30d 20h 13m 56s
anu had watched as Darius stood up. Of course the boy didn't expect him to stay long, or well slow down really as the traveled down the pathway they had just come from, stopping a little down from the split off the couple earlier had taken. It was as they drew close to the area that his noise had picked it up. It wasn't the scent normal humans could pick up, or if they could then they had some sick sense for it really. That smell was Fear, and it came off like a perfume to Anu and potentially Darius could pick it up far better.

It was then that Anu could hear it also the rustling within the bushes still yes several dozen yards away. He had super hearing, smell, and even sight. What was next superman reflexes? It was then that the pair had stopped at the bush. Darius just said something about being caught with the man's pants around his ankles. It all happened even in a flash. The had come out of the bush his pants still around his ankles and the women's dress torn up to rags.

Anu's eyes focused on the male, however it seemed he didn't notice Anu was even there as he was more focused on the older of the two, of course the man commanded presence he was after all the more lethal of the pair in Anu's mind. Darius dove for the man who pushed the women away expecting his knife to make contact with the red haired male who was previously in front of him. Of course he was far from it he had come out behind the man his wrist now in a lock behind him the knife in the ground.

The women had run away, but Anu was more focused on the silver of the knife that now stuck in the ground. It was the words [b "Come on Anu, Eat up, You'll need all your strength."] that escaped Darius's lips that had drawn him in. Stepping closer and closer to the would be assailant. Drawing him close Anu looked first to Darius before pressing the man's throat near his mouth and without even thinking about it bit down hard. It wasn't for but a few seconds before Anu realized what he had done. He had hit a sweet spot, The left ventricle artery and if not sealed the man would bleed to death, that was if he wasn't drained of life first.

The crimson tide was also a disgusting topic for Anu especially sense it was previously connected to women's menstruation cycles, however for some reason the same wording came to mind as he drained the man of life. Stopping only once for air and to allow Darius to also feed off the man. Perhaps the life of a monster wasn't so bad. If it meant killing criminal to survive he could do it, it was like he was a weird super hero, but had their dark twist.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 32d 21h 8m 31s
The man turned his bright green gaze to his left to peer at the black space that swallowed the pathway. He could hear rustling in the thicket, he wondered if Anu’s senses were far enough along to hear it well. If he listened hard enough he might hear the excited beat of a heart, in the distance Darius could catch the faint sound of a feet pressing to the path, they were coming around the bend. The scene was setting up, there was a man crouching in the bushes, a jogger coming down the path.

A scream would break the silence. They would be the only one to hear it, Darius didn’t hurry or rush as he rose and dusted himself off. “dinner time,” he announced as he moved along the path. In the depth of the forest it was pitch black to mortal eyes but they could see. There was graceful speed in his movement as they moved along to the pair wrestling in the bushes, they were almost there when the second muffled scream was heard, he was already veering off the path homing in on their prey. He said nothing to Anu, he figured the male was smart enough to keep up.

The pair wouldn’t even see them, a young woman trapped underneath the blundering oaf of a man. “Caught with your pants around knees, that is one way to go.” His smooth voice silenced the pair, the man would grab the woman's shirt and force her up, a knife pressed to her throat, his other hand still around her mouth but it was awkward position made hard with him being on his knees.

“Stay where you at or I kill her,” the man hissed making the woman become still in fear. Anu would see the smile that crossed Darius face, the excited look as he lunged forward. The mortal man who throw the woman to the side, she would waist not time darting away as fast as she could, escaping. The man turned his knife on Darius, it sliced at air as Darius easily reached out and grabbed the man's knife hand. With one simple maneuver Darius would have the man's arm pinned behind his back, the man spit out all kinds of curses but Darius was ignoring him. With his free hand Darius grabbed a fistful of the man's hair and yanked his head to the side exposing his neck.

“come on Anu, eat up, you'll need your strength,” he declared.

The man began to panic, even cry pleeing. Darius could of knocked him out but he wanted Anu to fully understand the monster he had become.
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 33d 10m 41s
Anu looked at the man confused. During their walk they had decided instead to sit on a bench in the park. Perhaps this was but a method to the meal? no that wasn't it at least not to Anu but how would he know he hasn't even fed once sense becoming this...this thing and even that was still freaking him out a bit. Watching Darius and how his gaze went down the street to what seemed to be a newly got together couple anu just wondered.

Perhaps this man had a love interest after all? maybe even at one point or another he was just like the man in the couple. They however seemed to stand there to long debating which way to go down to get home. Of course they took the safer one, even if it meant going a few extra minutes around the park. It was lit and they didn't have to worry about anything going bump in the night to one if not both of them. That was when the realization had hit.

Anu watched as the couple walked down the path and out of sight when Darius spoke up. [b "Yes I got it."] of course anu wouldn't slow down for someone like him either this world was kill or be killed and now Anu was apart of the top of the foodchain it seemed. higher then humans even and that couple would be dinner. while the idea appalled him just like when he first turned and nearly killed someone, however the burning in his throat had all but taken that feeling away just to have the pain stop.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 33d 21h 26m 18s
Anu, Darius met his gaze, his brow arching as he took in the man's name. Anu, it wasn't bad, it was a name he would get use to. Darius pondered nicknames other than A, given enough time he would think of something.

Anu declared that he wasn't dead, he was living, breathing, alive. “not everyone gets a funeral when they die Anu,” he pointed out. Once more they would begin to move until they had settled on a bench drenched in the darkness of the thickening night. He would take a seat here deciding this was the perfect spot to wait for dinner.

He no longer paid attention to the others, instead he turned his gaze to the side peering at street lamp positioned further down the path. His gaze lingered on the couple who had passed under it reaching the fork in the path. Their pulses pounded hard with excitment caught up in thier own private moment.He could see them lingering deciding which path to go down, hear them whisper and discuss which way was safe, it would be the female who convinced the male partner to take the path to the left. The path they were settled on was dark disappearing into the small forest swallowed by the night. To couples left the path had been brighten by lights, there would be a pound further down and plenty of benches for them to settle and cuddle and enjoy the delight the joy of their mortality.

A deep sigh fell from his lips as he watched them take the lighted path. No one ever went down his way willing, it was almost as if they could sense him sitting there and waiting.

“who you once where is dead Anu, someone killed you and in your place a monster has been born, it's best you accept that now.” He looked towards the other. “I will not sugar coat your fate, I will not take it easy on you or wait around. You must keep up if you wish to survive. Do you understand?” He watched and waited intently for a response
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 34d 21h 37m 28s
He died? Of course he didn't die he was still living and breathing, so how would this man know he died? How would this man know what had happened? Had he gone through it himself? As they were walking along Anu noticed the man had stopped and allowed him to catch up with him. Kindness perhaps? or maybe the feeling of responsibility to look after Anu? either one did not matter to the boy as his hunger seemed to be what drove him out of his hovel at this point and it would be his drive to keep going. That and his human nature screaming for him to live.

Darius, that is what the man had said his name was, or well that is what he said to call him anyways after asking his own name. [b "Anu, many people just call me A."] stopping next to this new man Darius he looked him in the eyes. He seemed to watch and look around like he was on the hunt for something, or more specifically someone, but who that was the man was giving no sign of a hint. [b "There is no way I could be dead though. I am alive, I am breathing, I'm here."]

holding his arms above his head then out to his sides to form a T shape and dropping them back to his side he looked the man in the eye still. [b "Its not possible that I died, I would have been....I would have been put in a grave."]
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 34d 23h 2m 21s
Darius could hear him rising, following after him, it seemed her had sealed his own fate by taking on the male. He did not glance back as he heard the question posed to him. How sad, the males own fate had not even be fully explained. He began to wonder what had happened, who had changed him and left him in the darkness.

The male was no longer following, Darius did not stop to wait. He kept on and soon enough he heard the other hurrying up to follow him. “you died,” he responded as if this was a simple fact, like discussing the weather.

He stopped to let the other reach him, “What is your name,” he asked. Once more he began to head forward, his thoughts were on their next deeding. He wasn't in desperate need for the flesh of another but the stray would have to eat.

The park would be a perfect hunting ground, night would settle in and the mortal monsters who prayed on this own kind would come out to play. It was easier to feed off of criminals, no one ever missed them.

"You can call me Darius, you'll have to cal me something I guess," he let out a soft sigh reminding himself of his troublesome choice, what had he signed up for. He had never owned a pet before but plenty of people in the world do, it couldn't be too hard.
  Darius / Foreveryoung / 1y 35d 4h 57m 21s
the man had called him something. What was it? a Stray? Anu had become something far worse then just an animal in his mind he had become a monster that would end up killing to survive, while not much different then humans now he would kill humans to survive. Before he could speak up however about his first feeding the male was looking away paying attention to something else it seemed. to Anu he was hoping in some part the man would leave him be, but the human side of him clung to life. Perhaps it was the thirst or the word dinner that had forced Anu up from his crouching spot. His safety net, his...his cage really.

Slowly behind the man Anu followed him not going to close as this man seemed to know what it was that was going on with him. That is what intrigued him. Catching up to the bright red head Anu spoke in soft tones. [b "Do you know what is going on with me?"] It wasn't exactly explained to him by his maker, he had been around long enough to make sure Anu survived the initial turning of a human death, even being buried in the earth and emerging out of it, but after that he was a rare sight until his complete disappearance.

Seeing that the sun had set, but anu could see as if the sun was still shining brightly in the sky he looked around at the colors all still vividly clear. The grass a dark shade of green of mid summer. The trees in full bloom of their leaves and even the small bugs crawling on the bark came in crystal clear to the young boy. Stopping for a second Anu was stunned, however hearing the man's foot steps grow farther away he was once again in toe a few feet behind him.
  Anu Le Salvira / Colorful_insanity / 1y 35d 5h 21m 43s

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