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Mason was shocked that the fae didn’t care about being kissed. Well, if lore was true most fae didn’t care about such things. They were very, what was the best word for it? free?- with their bodies. He didn’t look amused when she asked what he was thinking about. All he could think about was trying not to drink from this girl. Thankfully, things seemed less tempting as she put her wings away.

[b “I don’t know- I’m not making promises. But I’ll try.”] Mason assuring her he’d do his best to help her. Though when she accused him of using a glamour, he shook his head. He actually chuckled at the moment. What kind of Fae couldn’t tell a glamour from not? She challenged him to call her an idiot one more time.

[b “Yea, I can help you, Idiot. I’ll try my best.”] He said as he put his hand on her back and urged her forward out of the alley way. [b “Let’s go- and you’re not really in any place to be making demands. Nor to use such derogatory language towards someone who could snap you in half and drain you in a minute.”]

Mason started walking, letting the girl decide if she’d follow like he urged her to or not. [b “But- if you have to know, my name is Mason.”]
  Mason / WingedEyeliner / 1y 170d 22h 52m 45s
She noticed his look and smiled sheepishly.
"What are you thinking about...?" She asked the vampire. "C-can you me?" Then she noticed the comment about her wings.
"Sorry..."she muttered and used her magic to put her wings away. She smiled almost daintily and blushed ever so slightly.
"You're using...a glamour, aren't you?" She asked the vamp. "Well, I do have to say that it makes you look...charming." She shook her head. "Wait...did you idiot?" She laughed. "That's a first."

She looked up at the sky. It pleased her to see that the sky in this world was almost as pretty as the one in her home world. ALMOST being the key word.

"Call me an idiot one...more time..." she stuttered but without any conviction in her voice. "What's your name, bloodsucker?" She spat that last word out, as if the mere word made her sick.
'WHY IS HE SO DAMN HOT?!?' she thought to herself once more. 'GODSFORBIDWHYISHESOHOT???'

"Look," she whispered, "can you help a Fae out here? Or not?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 1y 173d 44m 0s
Mason looked at the girl shocked him, revealing she was a fae. If the rumors were true and fae were real, this girl had to be a real idiot to admit it. Although, that is exactly what he asked of her. Mason recalled childhood stories saying that fae found it rather hard to lie, was that true now that they were real? Did the not like iron too? Did they capture humans and force them into servitude? Sex slaves? Toys? Mason recalled so many different stories about Fae- but never one about them being stuck in the human world.

He learned her name was Faithlynn, sounded pretty fairy like to him. She seemed to be staring at him with a look of adornment, maybe glamours did work on fae after all? She was shouting at him now, proclaiming her race and begging to die. Mason glanced around the alley in a panic. Vampires from miles away would hear that scream, start smelling her scent and come running. Bystanders had already stopped and were looking in trying to figure out what was going on.

Mason smirked, his heart racing as he started putting on an act. [b “Just a little foreplay, this shit really gets her going.”] Mason shouted to the people looking on in alley opening. He forced her up against the wall, pinning his whole body against hers and kissed her roughly. A kiss would shut her up and finish out the scene he was putting on to send those bystanders away. His long k9’s meant for draining blood pricked her a couple of times causing sweet drops of her natural elixir into his mouth.

He groaned in absolute delight, moving to kiss her neck, dragging his fangs on the nap of her neck tempted to bite. She wanted to die, she wanted this. The groans of jealously from the bystanders along with their footsteps told mason he was free to drop the act. He pulled away from the girl, just barely being able to restrain against draining her.

[b “Lock your lips and keep your voice down Faithlynn, got it? You’ll have every Vampire in New Orleans hunting for you if you keep it up.”] Mason growled, now standing on the opposite side of the alley from her. There was only about 10 feet between them but it was enough for Mason to regain a bit of control. He was adjusting to her scent, coming down from the high. [b “Cant you put those things away?”] He asked, motioning to her wings. Fae had to have some way of disguising themselves, be It a glamour of their own or just an alternate form.

[b “If you’re stuck here, it can’t be permanent. Have you thought of that? Idiot.”] Mason asked before muttering the last part under his breath. [b “I’ll take you to the oldest vampire I know, they’ll know how to get you back.”] Mason explained, making it sound like orders instead of an option. Mason cracked a thought, having a great plan already moving in his head. If he kept this girl alive, the Fae society would have to pay him a life debt. He could trade this girl back into the fae for a supply of fae blood, or fae charms, whatever he wanted. Sounded like a pretty good deal if he could manage to keep his fangs away for that long.
  Mason / WingedEyeliner / 1y 173d 1h 30m 0s
Faithlynn gulped again.
"I'm a F-Fae..." she whispered softly. "Y-you're a vampire, are you not? I fully accept my fate..." She shuddered visibly, her translucent wings quivering. "G-go ahead...drain me..." she said, gulping once more, this one more audible. "I'm F-Faithlynn...but you did not ask for my name, did you? N-never mind..."
'He's kinda hot,' she thought to herself. 'For a vampire, that is...'
She started fanning her wings gently. Her crystal-blue eyes met the vamp's fearfully. 'Why isn't he killing me? Is he...going to...nah, he wouldn't spare me...he IS a vampire, after all. But why isn't he moving? And why must he be so damn cute?!'
"U-uh..." she stuttered fearfully as she gazed deeper into the vampire's eyes. "Y-you're...not going kill me? I-I'm a Fae for crying out loud!!! JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!" She shouted, surprised at herself. "WHy aren't you moving?! Drain me; I know you want to!!! JUST FUCKING DRAIN ME!!! I...I don't wanna be trapped here in...this world."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 1y 173d 4h 21m 9s
Mason wasn’t sure how to react. The girl crying and panicking really pulled him out of his daze from her scent. He still felt good but not as much as before. His heart hurt. Most of the time, Mason’s demeanor charmed humans into giving him a drink, if that failed a glamour- aka vampire hypnotizing also worked rather well into getting consent from a human.

But this girl clearly wasn’t even human, he wasn’t sure if a glamour would work on her. While she wasn’t human, she was more scared of him than any other human Mason had approached before. But god she smelled so damn good… His fangs were pricking into his lips, causing a slight pain as nearly all of his being was demanding Mason drain this girl and never ask questions. Mason trying to hold himself back, it felt like telling a lion not to eat the piece of raw meat in front of him.

In an attempt to regain his senses about him, Mason covered his mouth with his hand and stepped away for a moment. He was breathing hard, groaning from the physical pain of denying himself this delicious girl. [b “What are you.”] Mason growled out, pissed he was letting his conscious drive him forward. He slammed his hand back against the wall next to the girl’s head, pinning her once more. He glared down at her, hunger in his eyes struggling to maintain control.

Older vampires would be ashamed. A conscious is nothing but a burden for a vampire. They’re demons, sick creatures that prey on other beings, they didn’t need one. All a conscious did was cause pain and deny meals and pleasure.

Mason increased his distance between himself and the girl. But he didn’t let her go out of his pin. He wanted her cornered between the wall and himself, his still palm next to her head. [b “You better start talking. What the [I fuck] are you. Tell me why I shouldn’t drain you here and now.”] All of his charming gentlemanly demeanor was gone as he struggled to tame the beast that lived along inside of him.
  Mason / WingedEyeliner / 1y 174d 8h 48m 19s
Faithlynn noticed all too late the man approaching her. "What...who are you?" She demanded in a snippish, Fae-like tone. That was when she noticed the fangs and her mind went into panic mode.
"Ummm...y-you're a v-v-v---" She stuttered before trying to lift herself off the ground with her wings. It was no use; her wings refused to work. Her eyes closed tight in fear for herself, she backed against the wall and started to cry. "P-please don't...don't..." She sobbed brokenly, waiting for the rather roguish and handsome-looking vamp to either bite her and drain all of her blood or to leave her alone. The latter really was not very likely, as she knew of vampire thirst for Fae blood.
Look... she told herself,'s all going to be over shortly. He's going to drink from you. There is absolutely nothing- not a single thing- you can do about it now. Just get it over with.
"" she whispered to herself rather frantically. "This isn't happening...this cannot be happening to!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 1y 178d 5h 37m 46s
Mason was on his way to the club when he saw sparks of light coming from an alley way on the streets of New Orleans. Being in the French quarter, a lot of tourists vampires and humans alike frequently would stop to take pictures or whatever. Mason himself had been a fan of them when he was human. But now, well his appearance had changed so much and his old family and friends would hardly recognize him now. He had dropped all contact with, what was the point when he’d likely outlive them and couldn’t bare the shame of his new life.

His new life had gifted him with the ability to descend fangs at will as well as during times of high emotions, stress or fear. In addition, he bore the scars of his turning. Was his maker proud, cocky, over indulgent when turning him to leave so many bite marks that would never heal during the conversion process, Mason was never really sure why she had done it to him. His hair faded from a brown sugar hue to midnight black. He’d grown stronger over his years as a vampire. Gained a couple of piercings. It was a lot of new and different things.

Speaking of different, this particular flash of light in the alley. Ahh yes, this one did seem rather different. Mason peaked his head into the alley, following his gut instinct. That was when he smelled it- her actually. Amongst the vile smells of vomit, sweaty humans, and other disgusting substances, this alley way instead was flooded by an intoxicating smell coming from the frantic girl no more than 15 feet away.

The smell was the first thing he noticed, but in hindsight the god damn wings should have hit him over the head much faster. Mason stepped into the alley, blocking the way out as another circle of light sparked and then faded all too fast. She certainly seemed frustrated. Quickly frustrated turned panic, her wings beating faster matching her racing heart rate.

Mason felt intoxicated just being near her. He took no more than 3 strides and crossed the distance between them. His teeth were growing in length with a hunger and desire to drink from her. [b “What is your rush to leave little lady? New Orleans not treating you well?”] Mason reached up and touched his steel cross earring as he smirked, approaching closer in hopes to back the girl up against the wall. [b “You look like you don’t belong around here, need a hand?”] Mason cooed, his teeth peeking thru his smirk. Drunk on just the scent of her. Fae blood provided a high for vampires as well as improved their healing and sensing abilities. Mason was having a hard time focusing on anything more than her smell and tempting her into a free bite. His mind was clouded with the high of her scent. Such a rookie vampire move, older vampires would know a fae when they saw one and not question it or get high just on the smell alone.
  Mason / WingedEyeliner / 1y 179d 23h 37m 58s
Faithlynn stood before a portal, infuriated. She was trying to use the portal, but to no avail. She kept trying frantically, knowing that if she couldn't get through the portal, she'd be stuck in a world with both humans AND vampires. She knew the stories- about how valuable Fae blood was to the vampire communities and how badly they wanted it. She cast around frantically, trying to escape before she was noticed.
"No..." The fairy whispered and tried again. "No, no, no!!" She squeaked. "However am I going to get back?!?"
She kept trying, beginning to really panic. Her sea-blue eyes were full of unshed tears, and she was hyperventilating. "Noooo!!!" She kept saying to herself. "No, no, no...I'm doomed!!! They'll be here shortly, once they know a Fae is trapped here..." she told herself sullenly. "I'm as good as dead now...if they don't kill me, they'll drain me little by little...This is so unfair." She beat her wings quickly in frustration, but it was little use. She was as good as dead.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 1y 180d 3h 37m 1s
The sun had just set over Lafayette, a neighborhood of New Orleans Louisiana. Mason had been craving to go out for a drink all day long. Life as a vampire was different than Mason expected. It was surprisingly normal in a way to be an infected? Not completely normal, but after 2 years of being vampires, things were as normal as they seemed capable of.

Mason slept or roamed the tunnels/underground of New Orleans during the day. How vampires managed to get a secret city under such shallow, instable ground in one of the largest party cities in the world—he didn't have a clue. It seemed like magic to him. But alas, despite the existence of vampires, as far as Mason knew nothing magical existed. There were rumors of fae and other magical creatures, but those that whispered of them were often taken for crazy among the vampires. Of course there are a few elders- some of the first vampires to roam the earth- that keep their life knowledge a secret. Or perhaps Mason was just too young to know such things. After all, most young vampires were too reckless to make it past age 10, often getting staked by a human, killed in court or killed by their maker.

Mason stepped out of his hotel room made apartment, making his way to the ground floor. The moonlight was delightful on his skin. And off Mason went on a stroll thru the silver moonlight off to find some human stupid enough to try their luck with the vampires at night. Honestly, it was becoming a thrill to the humans, to go to vampire night clubs, get bit or maybe even turned. After humans found out about vampires though, vampires had become much more selective in who they picked to turn. How Mason was turned- well that was a story for much later.
  Mason / WingedEyeliner / 1y 180d 7h 3m 14s

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