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[center [Nunito Luna Lovegood. Looney Luna. Luna the Lunatic. The nicknames for her were never out of love, nor were they ever original. Nevertheless, they stuck and burned like hot glue. Every day Luna walked through her old school doors she was mocked. Taunted. Attacked. All because of that one school trip to the aboratorium.


Leaves scattered across the fake paving stones, the air humid and the aroma indescribable, changing as you walked through the various different trees. The chatter of the elementary school children was loud, however, tiny Luna, only nine, could easily block out their nonsense. She would not let them ruin this moment of peace.

Someone pulled on Luna’s sleeve, forcing the small girl out of her trance. She huffed and turned toward whoever it was, her mouth forming a straight line. [#DB7093 “What?”] She hissed, not impressed with being interrupted.

[#9ACD32 “Ms. Lafferty made us partners, remember?”] The boy who spoke was at least an inch shorter than Luna, with a long, freckled nose and devious golden eyes. His jeans were muddied, as if he was in the dirt, even though they were explicitly told not to stray from the pathways. [#9ACD32 “Letsgo, com’on!”] He pulled Luna’s sleeve again.

Luna didn’t pull away this time, following the boy as he dragged her up the hill. She didn’t know what he wanted, she just knew if she wasn’t stuck to his hip than the teachers would surely scold her.

[#9ACD32 “Here! Look at this big bitch,”] the boy ran up to the largest tree in the aboratorium, jumping up and down in excitement. He looked up at the tree with wide eyes, a plan forming in his head. Luna caught on.

[#DB7093 “I don’t think you should-“] Before Luna could say another word the boy leaned up, catching one of the first branches. [#DB7093 “Really, they said no climbing,”] She warned, looking up to where the boy climbed. He didn’t listen.

As the boy climbed the tree something caught Luna’s eye for a moment. It was... a face? Luna started to ignore the boy who climbed, her eyes taking on ever aspect of the tree. Her stomach ached as she continued her search of whatever she thought she saw.

Then there it was, hanging, face blue. A long rope wrapped around the bodies neck, pulling it to make it longer than it was. It was dead. It was a dead person.

Luna started to scream, finger pointing at one of the highest branches of the tree. She watched as the body started to swing, as if there was wind in the room. There was not.

[#778899 “Luna, honey, what’s wrong?”] A teacher was shaking her but still, she stared, finger out.

The body was no longer hanging, however, a rope still sat around the things neck, fashioned like a necklace. It started to climb down the trees, face never not looking at Luna. It saw her. It wanted her. She could feel its thirst, the rage.

[#DB7093 “It is going to kill me!”] Luna had attracted the attention of every classmate and chaperone, who whispered to themselves. Luna shook, confused to why no one was doing anything about the monster that was coming for her.

[#9ACD32 “What a freak,”] the words came from the boy who was previously climbing the tree, his arms crossed.[#9ACD32 “There is nothing there, looney!”]

The kids around Luna started to giggle at this, one even perking up at the sound of the word. [#CD853F “Like in Harry Potter! Looney Luna!”] One kid yelled. More laughing.

Luna was confused, heart beating violently against her chest. She stared at the body, which now was waving at her, mockingly. It laughed with the children.


A small ‘bing’ went off, alarming Luna to her iPhone and snapping her out of her very vivid flashback. She sat in her room, door closed, lights off, huddled under a single sheet. She shook her head, groggy and confused about who was texting her. They knew she was doing what they called a ‘seance.’ They knew not to bother her.

Her first instinct was to ignore the phone, to go back to the moment that was burrowed so deep in her mind. She decided against this, picking up the device and unlocking it.

[Teko [size20 oi. look at this. major weird. think we got our first real case.


Something in Luna didn’t want to click on the link, knowing Sylas, it could be just some prank. Last time he send her anything it was a picture of a stick, with the words ‘get this out of your ass’ edited onto it. Still, she opened the link, eyes widening in horror as she watched.


Luna and Sylas sat in the living room on opposite couches, each not speaking to the other. They waited patiently for the others, who they had just requested to meet them for a discussion. Sylas tapped his fingers against his thigh, singing an annoying tune that he knew got on Luna’s nerve. [#DB7093 [i Asshole, ]] was the first and last thing she thought before the others started filing in.
  Luna Adler / morbidity / 241d 23h 34m 37s
[center Sylas never used to believe in anything to do with the paranormal. Every ghost story left him bored, every myth warranted an eye roll. If someone had told him that their house was haunted a year ago, Sylas would laugh in their face and simply walk away. However, that isn’t the case now. Not by a log shot. Sylas sat up in his black office chair, the fancy one that could recline, his eyes forward, brows furrowed as he listened to the woman in front of him.

[#708090 “It started a year ago. Noises here and there, nothing too unusual. We would find items where they didn’t belong, doors that shouldn’t be open. Sometimes lights would flicker. We sort of thought the kids were just messing around, so we sort of dropped it.”] The woman drew in a deep breath, a panic in her eyes as she looked at the floor. Her tone was rehearsed but still shaky, as if she had told the story before. [#708090 “Then my son, oh God, my son. He started talking about these men who were after him. He said he saw them every night, and that they wanted to be his friend.”] The woman started to shake her head in disbelief, as if she didn’t believe what happened yet.[#708090 “I installed security cameras everywhere. I needed to make sure my family was safe. I thought I wouldn’t catch anything.”] The woman placed a tablet on the table, rotating it so Sylas could see whatever it is she captured on video. She didn’t dare look at the screen, instead watching Sylas to see his reaction.

On the screen was what looked like a dimly lit child’s room, walls covered in a muted yellow wallpaper with blue butterflies cast across it. The room was more feminine than male, however, that wasn’t the odd thing that was happening. In the middle of the room sat what Sylas assumes was the child, a small boy who couldn’t be older than six. The boy was playing with some toy, even though it was far passed an appropriate bed time for his age. For a while, nothing happened, that is until [b it] fucking happened. Three black figures appeared from the closet, smoke rising from their bodies and eyes matching the walls behind them. They stood in unison, hovering over the boy who was now looking their way. The boy waved at the figures, as if they were familiar. The screen turns black.

[#4682B4 “The fuck?”] Sylas’ stomach drops, his cocky demeanour fading slightly. The woman let out a tiny gasp as he swore and he quickly throws up his hands in defence.[#4682B4 “Sorry. This is my frien-“ ] Sylas stops himself. Luna wasn’t his friend, not by a long shot. [#4682B4 “This is my coworkers expertise. Can you send this video to my email, and write down your address for me?”] Sylas pushes a piece of paper and a pen towards the woman.

[#708090 “Does that mean you will take my case?” ] The woman looks surprised, however, a glint of hope was now visible in her tired eyes. She was serious about this.

Sylas gives her a nonchalant shrug, [#4682B4 “It isn’t up to just me, but...”] He gave a reassuring smile before ushering her to the door. [#4682B4 “We will probably be seeing you very soon.”] Sylas gave her a sly wink before closing the door behind her. ]
  Sylas Cross / morbidity / 242d 3h 35m 41s

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