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[Center A centuries old tale hauntingly sweeps the salty shores of Evangline, a quaint and rainy island tucked quietly far away in the corner of Hawaii. The cause of their seemingly constant thunderstorms and random disappearance of ships set out to sail, all done by the menacing, undead pirate ship seeking souls of the living.]
[Center One tragic afternoon, { ___ }'s best friend's ship is found abandoned and wrecked with no Earthly signs of how it occured. It was always his dream to work on a boat like his deceased father and though warned countless times by { ___ }, he did it anyway. Now with a hopeful heart, she made it her mission to go out to sea and retrieve her best friend from the ghostly captain she knew indeed existed.]
[Center [Pic http://i67.tinypic.com/f2ojdg.jpg]]

[Center i n f o :]
1.) Illustrative/anime pictures. Nothing too basic please. You can look at my pictures as a reference to what I like!
2.) You can choose to be the girl or the captain, I'm cool with playing either.
3.) The plot's pretty loose so we can come up with the craziness along the way. Do expect blood and some gore - they're not nice pirates. I'm also sorry I didn't make the RP look cooler/prettier.
4.) I do expect some romance, but later on. We can both control the best friend's character and I'm down for us having other characters.
5.) I expect for the best friend to have a sort of Stockholm syndrome. So if you ain't about the gay this RP isn't for you lol.
6.) PM to request to join with your character and title the PM your favorite color so I know you read everything.
7.) Please don't leave me hanging with posting. I post pretty fast so if I got someone who did too that would be cool. But I understand you have a life and so do I.
8.) Let's have fun! Don't let me be the only one coming up with stuff. Anything can happen, so post freely!
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A menacing grey fog rolled across the slapping of waves against Eric's ship, the sky above creeping darker by the second. He prepared himself for the storm about to hit, swallowing the irrational fear building up inside him.
"[i Please don't go, Eric. You know the stories are true...]"
Eric tried to shake Heather's heeding out of his head, though it wouldn't stop lingering in the back of his brain. That tale was nothing but a myth, only the lunatics believed in the captain. And his best friend.

A thundering ghust of wind rocked the ship abruptly, Eric's face meeting the deck with a [i hmmph]. It began rocking back and forth violently, slinging his body with it. The grey had transformed to a howling black, constant lightning the only source of being able to see.

"[i Your soul... I could hear it from the depths of the ocean.]"
The Captain.

[Center _______________]
Two weeks passed and Eric contributed nicely to the crew. He became the captain's shadow, following him whenever he allowed it.
"Eric, do you feel that?"
Kieran, the tall and brooding captain only spoke about in whispers among mortals, leaned against the ship's railing. Crystallized eyes peered into the distance, the simple look from the captain causing a crack of thunder. Eric stood next to him and he could practically smell the desire radiating from the young man.
"[i I definitely feel something.]"

Kieran dismissed his comment with a glowering side-eye.
There was a soul's song tickling his ears, light as a feather but almost as ferocious as the rain pounding against the water's surface. It was calling out to him, almost begging for him to capture. It was unlike any soul that inhabited his massive, undead ship.

"We set sail!" Kieran roared, his entire crew instantly jumping to his command. A devious smile danced across his lips, the bright soul's song guiding them to it.
"I can't wait to have you. You [i will] be mine."
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