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Deep within snow covered mountains, a portal between worlds exists. Past it's glittering wall, a Kingdom arises, built of ice and snow. Walls made of crystal quarts illuminate the world around them natural. Here a king ponders. Alexi, son of Nicholi and Aura. Ruler of 5 lands including his own. Humans have entered his relm, murdering his people, bringing their illness and taking from his lands. Like paricites, they destroy his world as they do their own.

While in battle, he finds a young human girl lost among the dead. Out of place he brings her back with him, a slave to his whim. He keeps her close, observing her behavior and giving her the duties of a trusted maid. Little does he knew she is the daughter of the man who killed his family, his wife and unborn daughter.

As their relationship become more complicated, tension fills them. What will become the pair?

This RP is mature but not xxx.

A darker storyline.

18+ meaning only an adult can partner up because I am in my mid 20s.

This is my first time playing a male character. You've been warned :P

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Isabella stayed close to the male as they made their way through the corridors. The building still amazed her and she was sure that ever time she ventured around it, she found something new to fascinate her. On this occasion it was the way that the columns had been hand carved with beautiful imagery. When they reached his study she almost hesitated, not really wanting to cross over into his personal space but she knew that he would be expecting her to follow.

She inhaled deeply before stepping into the study. It was equally as grand as the hallways and she took a minute to look around, as though she had never seen it before. Isabella turned on her heel and closed the door behind her and took a seat opposite his desk when he instructed her to do so. Isabella played with her hands in her lap as she waited for him to speak so that she could distract her mind from the nervous feeling he always seemed to awaken.

[b "I think that you need to judge how the general is playing it. A man's sincerity is usually often to detect but both of us know that here is usually an ulterior motive with them. You should show your strength but make sure that you are prepared to be merciful if they truly want peace."]
  Isabella / d1gn17y / 337d 5h 32m 40s
The young man moved his way around the halls and corridors to a rather large study. Leaving the door open, he stepped through the threshold and into his seat behind a large stone desk. Leaning back he sighed, playing with a compass, twirling it in between his fingers over a large handdrawn map of his lands. Glancing upwards to the slender figure whom closed the door behind him. [b You may sit...] lazily but still with grace, he waved his hand over the the chair in front of him.

[b You would think th humans would know not to test me. Wasnt it I who killed their men once they passed my boarders? Wasnt it them who originally broke through my the crystal gate? They think they can take then plead for peace?] Alexi sat with closed eyes, fingers pressed against his temples. A booming pain growing in his head. [b Sweet Isabella... you must tell me, how should I deal with the human general tomorrow morn? Do I show mercy? Or... my strength?]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 338d 17h 19s
Isabella watched as his expression changed from somewhat stern to amusement, almost as though he found it humorous that she would be worried about his reaction to her delayed reaction. She dare not offer him a smile back just yet. She listened intently to his reasoning and nodded. It was true that other humans were deemed as greedy and ruthless but she had always been different, which was partly why she had been enslaved by them in the first place. Being outwardly against the actions of your own kind tended to get you in some trouble.

[b “No one should be allowed to take what does not belong to them. Greed is a disease that has plagued my kind for far too long.”] She said quietly, even though she did not really need to say anything in that moment. The king’s demeanour changed again, from light-hearted to something that could strike fear into the heart of anyone who could see the seriousness in his eyes. [b “Yes Your Majesty.”]

Almost as though that part of the conversation had been forgotten, he turned his attention back to her and she listened to his request. It had been quite some time since she had shared the company of another human and while the thought worried her, she would not defy her king. Although she was unsure of what her company might do, it was clear that he wanted her there for and reason. Soon enough, she was following him out of the door, ready to complete whatever tasks he required of her.
  Isabella / d1gn17y / 339d 6h 38m 44s
Smiling, the young man straightened his posture. Drawing the corner of his mouth upward, his smirk turned to a bright smile. [b Dear Isabella, am I that scary?] Walking around the room, his steps echoed across the walls. His distinct step a warning to his enemy's yet she hoped not to his beauty Isabella. [b Always so formal, even compared to the others that serve me. This is why, you're my favorite. You are nothing like your kind, the men who break through my crystal gate, and take what isn't theirs.] His had picked budding rose from one of the arrangements lining the walls. Admirings its beauty he smiled before his smile faded to a frown. Closing his fingers over the bloom, he crushed its delicately smooth petals. [b Though I favor you my dear, I cannot always protect you, less the others speak poorly of your character. And this I cannot allow]

Dropping the petals into the crystal pot he wiped his hands upon a white cloth and turned his attention back to the young woman. [b I would like it of you would accompany me this night. I have a rather annoying guest joining me in the morn. He is of your kind. He speaks of peace, but I know well not to believe at face value.]

Sighing heavily the young King turned and walked out the door, [b Follow me Isabella. You will be helping me.]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 339d 16h 44m 10s
There was once an ocassion where Isabella would have been a prisoner to those who were meant to live in peace amongst their own kind but here she was, saved by a king who used her as a slave. While she had more freedom than when she was imprisoned, free was not exactly the word she would use to describe her status now. As she stayed amongst the other servants she very rarely found herself in conversation with them. Many looked upon her with distain because of the fascination that they king had shown towards her but she knew that they only think special about her in this case was the fact that she was a human and he was interested by her. Nothing more.

She had lost track of time in the quarters and although she had been called for, the fact had left her mind. While Isabella was usually a good servant to the king, lately she had found herself lost in memories of her past. Flashes of her imprisonment and the way she had been treated passed by her mind and affected her effectiveness.

The last thing she had expected was for the king to [i actually] invite himself into the common room of the servants. She hadn’t even noticed to begin with but the way the rest of the servants seemed to react told her that she should turn around. The moment she laid eyes upon the king she instantly placed her hands over each and pursed her lips.

[b “Please accept my apologies Your Majesty, I- I lost track of time. Of course I am at your beck and call. How might I serve you on this day?”] Within a better of minutes the two were left alone as requested and Isabella avoided his gaze as much as she possibly could. He always made her feel nervous and it wasn’t just his status that made her feel such. His angelic demeanour and his perfect features were also part of the reason she felt nervous.

[b “I hope you can forgive me.”]
  Isabella / d1gn17y / 339d 23h 29m 37s
High in the sky a pale moon glowed. For hours the prince had been awake as other slept soundly. He sat upon his throne, his elbow resting upon its arm, his chin on his fist. Whisps of his long white hair fall gently around him. With a deep sigh, he waited. It was only moments ago he called upon one of his caretakers, a young human whom he had saved years before. There wasnt many whom the young prince enjoyed in his company, yet this young female was in a word, amusing.

It had only been a few years since he had picked up that poor pathetic creature. He remembered clearly what she looked like. Ragged with her face covered in dirt. Her gown torn to shreds at her ankles, feet bare and wrists chained. She a prisoner to her own kind. Scoffing at the memories which filled his head, the angelic male leaned back with hands now gripping elegantly carved arm rests. His feet planted firmly on the cool hard tile. Large slabs of marble with deep black veins covered the entire kingdom. His steel toe boots clanking loudly against it.

Pressing his pale pink lips together, he began to grow impatient. It was unlike the woman tho ne late when called. Clentching his teeth behind closed lips he Alexi finally stood. [b I will find you myself than my dear] With hands gracefully placed heind his back he started down the long pathway from the throne room to the servants quarters. A raging red aura surrounded him. As he walked the help of the castle plastered themselves against ice like walls. Keeping their eyes low, away to keep from misunderstood glances. Once to the common area he stopped. Head held high and shoulders back he watched amused st his newest servant. [b Are you ill? Hard of hearing perhaps? Did I not call for you half within the hour?] Peering eyes watched the new girl as the others whom he presumed were all on break stood quiet. [b leave us] Alexi's voice echoed.
  Alexi / LunaLucisCaelum / 340d 2s

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