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[center [size11 The loud bass of the music pounded against Angelo’s ear drums, each measure like a heartbeat for the party. The blonde watched the desperate throngs of guests dancing around them all of them pathetic in their attempt to be sensual in their movements. Honestly the ones of the floor could hardly compare to the dancers that were hired to entertain that evening. The young man knew nearly all the dancers by name, save the few fresh faces, as he frequently lazed about in the establishment. His lazing was facilitated by the fact his current indulgence and boss owned the club. One of the many benefits of sleeping with one of the most powerful men in the city.]]
[center [size11 Normally Angelo would have been completely out of the older man’s league. The old gentlemen was greying, his frame weakening enough to shorten his height below six foot, and his stomach was slowly inching out. But it wasn’t his appearance that had drawn Angelo to the man but his power, wealth, and willingness to allow Angelo to pursue his true passion in killing.]]
[center [size11 Angelo on the other hand was only a few inches over five foot, and weighed next to nothing even soaking wet. Sure he was well built in his own sense, like a skater or a volleyball player, lean and small built more for agility and flexibility than overwhelming strength. Of course his peach complexion told anyone that he’d never had to work a day out in the sun. His gentle blonde curls gave the perfect nod to his holy name, with eyes just as golden as his hair he could turn just about anyone’s head. Tonight he was dressed in a tight fitting black shirt made of a sheer fabric allowing for all the contours of his chest to be visible and a keyhole in the back that showed off his perfectly smooth skin which was dotted with small moles, a silk blazer in a rich orchid purple, well fitted black jeans tight enough to make the pack of cigarettes in his back pocket blatant, and black leather ankle boots that had a slight heel.]]
[center [size11 The blonde was sipping at a Black Dahlia and giggling at some stupid joke one of his lover’s friends had said. He was distracted enough that he didn’t immediately notice Aston’s approach. Angelo had known Aston for about as long as he’d been sleeping with the boss, so around four or five years? Aston was posed to be next in line for the gang and it was easy to see why. The man was tall and had an imposing figure, very handsome and unfortunately very straight, with sharp eyes. He was smart and well liked but most of all he was a tactical thinker; he knew who to suck up to, who to challenge, and who to leave the hell alone. Angelo fell into the latter category, he was a hitman with power and money but little interest in the continuous game of chess that was the higher positions of the mob. So long as he got to rack up a body count he was content with his place in the organization.]]
[center [size11 “I had to break myself out, how rude would it be if I didn’t come to welcome our newest friends this evening?” Aston said, responding to something Angelo’s lover had said.]]
[center [size11 Angelo had to lean across the older man in order to be heard over the insistent noise of the party, “Well tonight would be the perfect night to stage a break out. I think half the police force is in attendance of this little shindig of ours. In a less, [i official] capacity of course.” At the young man’s statement the taller man looked around at the guests. Casting his own glance about at the room the blonde felt a little restless. He stood, using the plush seat as a stepping stone to get up on the table without having to do some awkward climbing into the surface. Shrugging out of his jacket he tossed it back towards the place he’d been previously sitting, “I want to dance.” Angelo knew that neither of the two men would be joining him but he didn’t really care, dancing was really just an excuse for him to find something or rather someone to keep him entertained.]]
[center [size11 It was easy enough for the small young man to maneuver the dance floor, so long as he just kept moving with the flow of the crowd he was fine. Passing through the crowd he saw many faces he recognized, politicians, celebrities, some high ranking police officers , a couple of prostitutes pretending to be people’s dates, and plenty of gang members. As he neared the other edge of the floor a man caught his eye.]]
[center [size11 Tall, with light chestnut colored hair, skin almost as flawless as Angelo’s own, and honey colored eyes. He was wearing a dark blue suit with a crimson tie and stainless steel cufflinks. He was drinking an amber colored liquid in a plain crystal glass. Probably scotch. Bot honestly it wasn’t his appearance that caught Angelo’s eye, at least not that aspect of it.]]
[center [size11 The man just looked so [i awkward].]]
[center [size11 He kept shifting his glance from his drink to the crowd of people dancing like a boy a middle school dance. He’d obviously tried to style his hair, emphasis on [i tried]. And that blatant red tie was askew, clearly the man didn’t have much experience with ties. Sure the guy was definitely attractive, strong jawline, broad shoulders, and obscenely long fingers. He also looked vaguely familiar, Angelo had definitely seen him before. He must have been under one of the captains, high enough up to snag an invitation to the celebratory party the boss was throwing that evening, but not high enough for Angelo to actually know his name. The more he mused on it the firmer the image in his mind became, the man did work under one of the captains; Julian who ran import and export . Well, with luck he was more interesting than he was composed.]]
[center [size11 Angelo practically strutted across the floor towards the man, he barely gave the other time to register his presence before he was reaching out and fixing the other’s tie. “First time?” The blonde posed, watching the confusion flicker across the other’s face, “At one of these parties.” He elaborated with a lazy turning of his hand in the general direction of the others. “Come with me for a smoke?” It was posed like a question but spoken like an order. The blonde began walking but the other was still stunned by the whirlwind, he cast his gaze back and rolled his eyes. “I’m not the kind of person who does rejection well, sweetie,” There was a dangerous edge to his voice.]]
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[center [size11 There wasn’t much need for Aston to lead the petite girl, she knew the steps well enough to keep up with the pace of the song though he could tell she didn’t dance too often. He had a way of reading people, it came with the job he would guess. With each movement her dress caught the few light there was in the club and reflected it back. She was practically shimmering as they danced. It felt impossible for him to take his eyes off of her. How a doll like her wasn’t on the arm of someone else was beyond him. He didn’t know a damn thing about her but hell if he wasn’t going to try to find out tonight.]]
[center [size11 Too quickly the song was over, the two of them breathing a little quicker barely a hairs space between them. “I may have two left feet, but I’m sure even a dewdropper could dance the Charleston,” Her smile was bright and her round cheeks flushed. “I’m Betty,” She dipped a little in a curtsey to him, “and it was berries meeting you.” And with that the young lady was turning to leave.]]
[center [size11 His smile dropped as she turned around, quickly he darted after her. Catching her hand he pulled her back so she faced him again. “Would it be alright for me to buy you a drink, Betty?” His smile back in place and an eager glint in his eyes.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/BoKnrQq.jpg]]

[center [size14 It felt like a whirlwind, one second she was with her cousin and her date and the next she was on the dance floor in the arms of a handsome stranger. Luckily he didn't have to lead her too much, even back home they had little shindigs once a month, and dancing was something she had taken to like a horse to water. She just didn't do it very often because she didn't like people staring.]]
[center [size14 But dancing with him it was like no one else was in the room. His intense grey eyes held her baby blues and everything just seemed to melt away. Betty had known the city was going to be exciting, she just hadn't expected it to be this exciting so soon.]]
[center [size14 "I may have two left feet, but I'm sure even a dewdropper could dance the Charleston," she said once she found her voice again after the dance ended. "I'm Betty," She said with a little curtsy and smile. "And it was berries meeting you." Betty turned to leave, sure he was done with her now that he had his dance, and searched for her cousins red dress in the sea of people in the speak easy.]]
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[center [size11 The girl turned slowly to look back at Aston, she was a tiny little thing with a sweet doe eyed stare. Her face was made to look a bit round with her dark locks cropped above her shoulder and curling in along her jaw. Jewel red lips parted as her winged eyes darted up to his face. “I’m not much of a hopper, sir. But If I do dance one dance tonight I could make sure it’s with you,” Those sweet lips turned to a smile as she said this to him.]]
[center [size11 Taking her words as an invitation he reached out and took her small hand in his own, pulling her along with him towards crowd of dancers. He could still see her from the corner of his eyes and honestly it was hard for him to keep his eyes faced forward so he wouldn’t steer them into another couple. The light was reflecting off the dangling fringe of her silver colored dress like crystal tear drops raining on her delicate frame. “I find that hard to believe, a dazzling gal like you must spend a year’s worth of time dancing with admirers,” He flashed her toothy smile, so white it practically glowed in the dim lighting of the club.]]
[center [size11 Finding a space large enough for the two of them out on the dancing floor Aston turned ‘round to his partners just as the holoband began to play a song. A swing beat, nice and smooth and sure to get everyone in the mood to move. “Sounds like a perfect song for a fox trot. A doll like you surely knows how to dance a one step.” His arm snaked about her waist with his hand resting on her lower back and pulled her in closer to him, “But if you don’t, then just follow my lead and you’ll pick it up quick as a lick.” He gave a sly wink before he began dancing.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/BoKnrQq.jpg]]

[center [size14 When Betty's cousin had phoned her and asked for the girl to move to the city with her she had been hesitant. She had liver her whole life on a farm and the city was for tough folks, people who knew what it took to survive. Betty knew how to do laundry.]]

[center [size14 In the end the allure of the flashy night life and the opportunity to be more then just a farm girl won over and she said yes. Betty said good bye to her parents and bought the first bus ticket into the city. The tall skyscrapers and flashy new cars dazzled her as her cosuin showed her around.]]

[center [size14 "You're going to love it Bette," the girl assured Betty. The two of them were getting ready for a party that Claire had been invited to. It was Betty's first city party was a little nervous. "That parties are always the bees knees and anyone who matters is there."]]

[center [size14 The thought of being in a room full of powerful people was as intimidating as it was exciting. She has longed dreamed of the day when she would meet a man who would sweep her off her feet and romance her. The men had tried back home but there was something unappealing of a man who only had another farm to offer her.]]

[center [size14 "I don't know Claire," she said looking at herself in the mirror. "Don't you think it's too dolled up?" Betty was wearing a new silver dress with arm straps so thing they were essentially pointless and the entire thing was fringe. It was fun to twirl in though, it would definitely make doing the Charleston fun. Her hair had recently been cut short in a fashionable bob and was held back with a fancy jeweled band.
Her lips were a painted a bright red and her eyes lined with dark charcoal. The girl from the country was drowned by a right flapper. "I look like a flour lover."]]

[center [size14 "You know you look fine. Now lets go the dimbox is here." Betty sighed and followed her out the door to the cab.]]

[center [size14 The party was held in a speakeasy, filled with flappers and the rich men they were there to impress. Betty had never seen such a flashy and extravagant place before and was easily enthralled by all the sights around her.]]

[center [size14 “Don’t suppose you’d spare me a spot on your dance card, miss?” Betty was caught off guard and turned around with a little gasp. Surely this gent wasn't talking to her. He was easily one of the most attractive men in the whole place and here he was asking her for a dance. Was this real life?]]

[center [size14 "Oh I'm not much of a hopper, sir," she said with a small smile. "But if I do dance one dance tonight I could make sure it's with you."]]
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[center [size11 Aston walked leisurely across the wooden floor his grey brown eyes flashing over red velvet curtains that were being peeled by tight looking young men all dressed up in a white shirts and black slacks with shining shoes that clacked against the equally polished floor. The curtains pulled back to reveal a world unlike any other. Loud voices drunk on equal parts laughter, lust, and alcohol. Perfumes of sex reeked on every woman who sparkled in their short dresses.]]
[center [size11 As the guests danced, and drank, and did just about everything that they could dream of while the light of twilight rained down through the panoramic windows that lined one of the walls giving them an orange glow from the sun which now seemed below them from the height of their skyscraper. The lively jazz music of the holo-band seemed to flow from every orifice the room had. Hands reached towards him grabbing at the smooth black fabric of his suit, nearly tearing the garment from his body as he made his way across the extravagant party.]]
[center [size11 “There you are Aston, here I was thinking you’d gotten locked away,” The warm, enveloping voice of Aston’s boss barely carried over the crowd but had a sense of command to it. Easily the most powerful man in the city and he barely reached six foot, and now leaning down with a scotch he seemed so much smaller sinking down into the wine red leather of his booth seat. A mobster and a madman he looked far too old and letting on weight to be in power much longer.]]
[center [size11 At his side was a familiar face in the gang, Rosario Angelo Leone, the banker’s boy. A petty little thing, as friendly and flirtatious as any of the dime girls who were dancing up on the various stages around them and cozied up to the boys from the gang and men in city council. But unlike the dancers Angelo was far more dangerous for under those soft blonde locks and feather duster eyelashes was an unquenchable love for spilling blood. Barely twenty and certainly not legal but everything was legal behind closed doors wasn’t it? Angelo seemed to be laughing at something while he sipped at his drink, a joke that Aston had missed perhaps.]]
[center [size11 “Oh, I did. I had to break myself out, how rude would it be it be if I didn’t come to welcome our newest friends this evening?” He joked merrily picking a glass of some concoction of sorts and bringing it to his lips.]]
[center [size11 “Well tonight would be the perfect night to stage a break out,” Angelo piped in, leaning over the boss to be heard over the roaring party. “I think half the police force is in attendance of this little shindig of ours. In a less, [i official] capacity of course.” Aston cast a glance about though he already knew he couldn’t distinguish the guests in their drunkenness. There was a clatter from outside his view, he glanced over towards the boss and Angelo to see that the blonde was now standing on the plush seat, he took off his orchid colored suit jacket and tossed it back towards the boss revealing a tight fitting long sleeved shirt that seemed to shimmer under the dim light of the speak easy with a large keyhole in the back that showed off nearly every inch of his skin. “I want to dance,” The blonde proclaimed with a smile that made one’s hair stand on end, in a broad step he stood up on the table and gracefully crossed the table only to jump off his retreating form merging into nothing more than the pale expanse of the young man’s skin.]]
[center [size11 “At times he looks every bit a daffodil but then he smiles in that way that makes you want to check to see if he stuck a knife between your ribs,” Aston said turning his attention back to the boss.]]
[center [size11 “That’s what makes him so exciting. You ought to find something like that,” The boss gave a heavy handed gesture of the guests about them.]]
[center [size11 But Aston only laughed, “I get enough of that kind of excitement at work.” The dark haired man lifted his glass to the older man, “To a good election year!” With a single movement he threw the drink back before he moved off to greet his other associates and business partners.]]
[center [size11 Within half an hour he’d downed another three glasses and was deep in conversation with a friend when a bright red flash across the room caught his eyes. “Isn’t that the good senator and his mistress? The little secretary he keeps for rainy Sundays? The skirt in the red dress.”]]
[center [size11 “Ha, yeah. She young enough to be his daughter wouldn’t you say?”]]
[center [size11 “That she is. But,” His eyes slowed as they traced a smaller figure near the senator and his date, “who’s the dame next to them? She looks a little lost, and I don’t see any friends of the senator on her arms.”]]
[center [size11 “Don’t know, you gonna go over there?”]]
[center [size11 “Yeah, I think I will,” He was near halfway across the floor before the last word slipped past his lips. He kept his eyes on the girl even as he handed his drink off to a service man. She was faced away from him when he finally reached her. “Don’t suppose you’d spare me a spot on your dance card, miss?”]]
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