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Lauren looked up when she heard the front door open and Charlie squeal.... That meant Kane was home. She was in the kitchen making Burgers for lunch. [i “Kane just came home... Girls night out on the town?”] she texted all her girlfriends in the group chat. She didn’t want to be at home tonight... Not with all the awkwardness. She had no idea that Kane would be home today and tomorrow. She set the spatula down on the counter and place the lid on the skillet before turning around and seeing Kane. [b “Hey.. I didn’t know you were coming home.”] she said. [b “I’m making Burgers for lunch...”]

She smiled softly as she seen how happy Charlie was that her dad was home. [b “Hey. Since you’re home tonight and tomorrow... Do you want to have a daddy daughter night? The girls were coming over tonight... But I was thinking that I would just go out if you would watch her...”]
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Kane didn't sleep that night, he couldn't help but wonder if Lauren and Charlie were okay... or missing him too. He texted her good morning and good night even if he knew she wasn't getting them. She had either blocked his number or her phone was off... she would get them eventually... and know he cared enough to not ignore them.

It was a week later when Kane finally got a day off to go home. He got out of the SUV and walked to the front door, unlocking it. Rambo was barking at him as soon as he walked in and Charlie... she smield and hugged him. "Hey princess. Yep daddys only home for tonight and tomorrow but I'm yours now." He didn't know where Lauren was but he knew she couldn't be far from Charlie, she never was far from Charlie. He picked his daughter up carrying her into the kitchen, "Hey Laur." he muttered seeing her.
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Lauren needed an out. She needed time from Kane. She looked at Charlie who was snuggled up in bed with herself and Rambo. She was sleeping so peacefullly. When she asked about her Dad, she had just said that Daddy would be working for the next few weeks. She would let Charlie see him eventually, but right now, she just needed some time with her daughter.

She had come to the conclusion that Kane needed to get a grip on himself before he would be able to be that she needed. She didn't need someone how was afraid to be away from them, or who was always afraid that she would leave.

She had called Raelynn and all the girls and they were supposed to coming over later that night with Pizza and Chick Flicks, and Wine. Lots of Wine, for when Charlie went to bed the next night.

Lauren herself wasn't able to sleep. She had way too much on her mind. Her mind would not shut off. By the time she looked at the clock, it was around three in the morning before she fell asleep.
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Kane sighed watching her go, it was the saddest thing he had seen when his daughter looked at him and wanted daddy and Lauren said no. He sat down and cried when she left until Ryan, his drummer, found him. He couldn't talk... he loved her that much that it had broken him.

He sighed, "Ryan I gotta go home... I gotta go after her." he said through his tears. "I can't just let her go without me and not try to get her back. She said shes not leaving me but I don't feel right being here without them." Ryan shook his head, "Kane, stop... let her and Charlie have their space, they have Rambo back in Nashville, just give her time. She said she wasn't leaving, shes not leaving you. Just... take some time yourself. I mean it, you've lost yourself raising that little girl, shes amazing Kane but you need to come back to you."
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Lauren looked at Kane and shook her head. [b “Don’t.”] she said as she slung the bags over her shoulder. [b “Were either going to stay at a hotel, or were going back to Nashville. I shouldn’t have agreed to Charlie traveling across the country.”] she simply said. [b “Charlie is my number one. She will always be.”]

She carried the little girl out and waited for an Uber. She couldn’t believe that Kane had become so dependent on her. She didn’t have time for her. Her child was sick. Charlie needed her. Charlie was her sole responsibility. Kane was grown.

They ended up flying back to Nashville, and she had turned her phone off. She was so conflicted on what to do. She needed time. She needs time to figure everything out. It was early morning when they got back to the Nashville Airport, and she had called Cassadee and Ryan to come pick her up.
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Kane shook his head, "Lauren don't do this.... please. " He said not wanting her to leave. "I... I'm sorry." he said not even realizing what he had done other than wanting to protect his fiance and his daughter, he cared about them more than Lauren seemed to understand. " I love you both." he said as he watched her grab a bag for her and one for Charlie for the night. He knew it would be a long night.... he didn't know how he would get through it alone... he had been with Lauren so long now... and Charlie depended on him... he didn't know how to be just Kane anymore.

"Maybe we both need a night.... but Laur... I love you both and if I text you because I can't sleep... don't be mad at me... okay?" He asked softly with tears in his eyes. He was trying for his family. He had to be alright for his family.
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Lauren looked at Kane and simply rolled her eyes. [b “I’m twenty three years old!”] she said [b “I was on my own for five years, Five years that you weren’t with me, and I survived! I think I did damn good for my life. Kane. I’m not a little girl. I’m tired of you treating me like one! Damn. I’m not going to fucking leave you.”] she muttered. She looked at Charlie, who was sitting her bag of Doritos and watching a video on Lauren’s iPad, thankfully she had the head phones in.

[b “I’m going to need you to grow up, or this isn’t going to work. You wouldn’t even know about Charlie, if it wasn’t for me.”] she muttered as she walked back over and picked up Charlie. [b “I’m going to a hotel... dont follow me tonight, Kane please.... I need a night.”] she muttered.

She tired so hard to make sure Kane’s mental and emotional health were okay... but she had been skipping on her own.
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"Sacrifices aren't made when those demands take me away from my daughter. Lauren I love you and Charlie and I'm not leaving both of you for that long. What am I supposed to do out there? worry myself to death because I don't know whats going on back home or if you and Charlie are safe here alone. Yes you have Rambo but hes about as helpful as a broom against an intruder." He said sighing, "I'll go but.... limited dates because I won't be away from my family for that long."

Kane knew they had talked about having a baby and he knew how much he and Lauren both wanted it but with his career right now he wasn't sure if it was the best idea... it scared him to leave them alone. He, Kane Brown, was scared. "Laur... I'm scared to leave you and Charlie here alone... I'm scared that you'll find someone else... "
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Lauren shook her head as she heard him say that he was going to tell her no about the international tour. [b “No. You need to tell them yes. Kane, it’s not just us anymore. We have Charlie to think about, we have Charlie that we have to take care of. You make bank on International Tours... you have to go.”] she explained.

[b “Me, Charlie and Rambo will be just fine at home. Kane I was without you for five years, I think I did a pretty good job. I can handle my daughter and the dog.”] she wasn’t trying to be a bitch about anything, she honestly wasn’t. But Kane didn’t want to do anything by himself anymore, and she wasn’t going to be able to be around all the time, so he needed to get out of that. They weren’t the only family that got spilt due to tours. They would be fine.

[b “Family first is fine. But when your kid is sick, you have to make sacrifices.”]
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"Charlie comes first... thats why I wanted to talk to you about this... it means me missing a lot but like you said you work on your stuff and have more time at home with Charlie and I'll be making the money. She needs both of us but with our careers both isn't something we can so all of the time... I mean we're getting married and we have a daughter. What am I supposed to do Lauren?" He asked her worried. "I don't want to miss any of Charlie's life but at the same time this is everything I've worked for but she comes first and I will tell them no. I will tour here for my family."

Kane was speaking with the intelligence of a man many years older than he actually was...he was remembering things his grandpa had told him... family first... everything else can wait. "Family first, everything else can wait." He muttered and he knew Lauren would remember his grandpa saying it.
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Lauren glanced up at Kane as Charlie continued to munch out of the messy chips. [b "She doesn't need all this junk food, Kane."] she said. [b "She's going to make herself sick with everything."]

[b "International tour?"] she asked. Woah. Kane hadn't even performed his first concert on this tour and they were already working on the international side of it. [b "We... I...Ka- Kane, we can't go."] she said [b "You need to go, because you singing, means money. And you making money means that I can continue to take time with my own music and bond with Charlie. We can come visit, just like we're going to do with this one. Plus, her immune system. I don't want her being oversea's all the time.."]

She could feel a fight with Kane coming along. But it wasn't about them. It was about Charlie. She had to come first, now matter what now. Charlie was first.
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Kane nodded, "And after daddys done singing we will go and get ice cream in the dressing room. I know you love ice cream." he said kisisng Charlie's forehead and the little girl nodded. Kane had never thought that he would have a kid let alone a daughter that he loved and adored and would do anything for.

"Laur... I need to talk to you about an international tour... my manager wants me to go international, that would mean traveling for weeks at a time on a lot of planes... so I want you and Charlie to go with me. I don't want to do it without either of you." Kane said sighing. This would be a huge step for his career if he went with it but it would also mean a lot of time on the road and a lot of time away from his fiance and away from their daughter. He wasn't sure if he could handle that.
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Lauren's head shot up as she heard Charlie ask if she could go on stage with the two of them. She looked at Kane before she shook her head. [b
Not this time, Charlie. Another time. I promise. Once you're feeling a little bit better."] she said. She knew that Charlie would be disappointed, but she didn't feel right having Charlie out there before they had released an official statement regarding her. [b "Next time, my love."]

[b "You're going to hangout with Bella and Nikki while Mommy sings the song with Daddy, and after that, we're going to scream for daddy louder than anyone else in the arena."] she said.

She looked over at Kane and smiled softly. Once Charlie was feeling better, they would have to surprise Kane by walking on stage while he was performing. Kane thought that this would be the only concert she and Charlie would be attending.
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Kane chuckled, "I don't know she is my daughter now and I'm pretty sure I could devour that and then some." he muttered kissing Lauren on the cheek gently. Charlie nodded, "I sing too?" Kane's eyes widened...he didn't want her out on that stage in front of all those people. He wanted to keep her safe and protect her and out on stage with him wasn't the place but if his princess wanted to sing he would take her out there with him even for a few moments.

"I don't know Char... you'll have to ask momma if thats okay." He said smiling at Lauren. Charlie immediatley started begging her. "How about What Ifs since your going out there too Laur... she can be out there with us and I'll sing with her and so will you, make it a family thing." He muttered holding her hand as he waited on her to answer him.
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Lauren nodded softly as she listened to him. She did want to keep Charlie out of the spotlight, but she knew that if she didn't get some sort of press release out there for Charlie, the press would never leave her alone. They would always be there looking for some kind of picture. Always lurking around. [b "We have to do something. I'm not going to let anything happen to her okay. You don't need to worry about us when you're away."] she said.

She watched as Charlie marched over to sit down beside Kane, along with her family size bag of Doritos. She just grinned and shook her head. [b "You know its just her medication, right? I really don't think a two year old girl can normally devour half a box of fruit snacks, and a family size bag of Doritos usually."]

She sat down on the couch after she grabbed a bottle of water from a cooler. [b "Charlie, are you excited to see Daddy sing?"]
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