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Riku was once a strong and powerful. He was well known across the lands. People fears him, he liked it that way. He had gotten into many battle always came out victorious. One day he got into a battle with a very powerful priest that sealed away his powers making him nothing more than a weak house cat. Riku hated this, he was liked sitting bait now that he as weaken. He couldn't fight anymore. He end up getting dragged to a church which made his power even weaker. He hated it, he hate to get out of that place.

Once he did mange to get free. He had to be careful even thought he had been locked in that church for many years. Demons and other creatures still sought him out. As Riku lurked around in the shadows trying to find a safe place to start a new life. He ran into a human? Demon? Vampire?

The male that he ran into found him to be adorable. He just had to have him close. Riku being weak, feeling like a sitting duck. Agreed to got with the male. He was finally happy to have a new life. Life never seem to work out in his favor. The male that took him in wasn't mean but he never let him go out side. He said it was too dangerous. Riku hated being trap in the house. He wanted nothing more than to be free.

His master told him that it wasn't safe. Although the two fought a couple time, he found himself running to his master side. [#fe790b

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Saya (Sasayaki) was the only family Shadow had left. His mother died when he was young his father never was around. The only way he met his brother was because his mother reach out to him brother before she died. They weren't full brother they had the same father. The two became close, until one day. Shadow got a little be cocky. His brother had dragged him into the family business, slaying vampire. Those creature were just scum. Infecting people left in right like a virus.

Shadow had gotten bitten by a vampire. Unfortunately the bite didn't kill him. It only mutated him into a hybrid creature a mix of both wolf and vampire. When his brother found out life became quiet difficult. Shadow was beaten endless by his brother. He was torture for hours on end. His brother was pissed but also hurt that his beloved brother was one of those things.

Screams could often be heard from that large fancy house. In the basement of the house was small bared windows. Hiding behind the dirty-dusty bared window was now Shadow room. He was often tied down while his brother torture. He though at first his brother was really trying to save him. Sadly it was game to him.

The pain he felt made him want to die. His brother was cruel and did some cruel things to him. Injecting him with strange medicines that were supposedly meant to kill vampires. It was painful none of it seemed to work. When that didn't work his brother would beat him. He would never kill him but he would beat him to the point to were he could barely move.

His brother did other horrible things. Fondling him in such places, piercing not only his ears but his chest, and navel. His brother had a bit of playful but it wasn't like it was enjoyable. Shadow slowly started to hate his brother. His brother was the reason he screamed, the reason he cried.

A day just like any other, started off slowly. Until he heard the sound of people out side. Then a heavy knock at the door. He wonder who it was. It wasn't like he was allowed to leave the basement. The sunlight still hurt but did wouldn't kill. Shadow slowly stood up from the small matter he had been laying on. He peeked out the small dirty windows trying to get a glance at who might of been their at the door. His wolf like ear were perked up as he listen for voices.
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